tagGroup SexWife as Young Woman Ch. 02

Wife as Young Woman Ch. 02


After Saturday my week seem to have flown by. I had seen Gregg a couple times on his balcony and I had waved but he would just point to his watch. I thought that was kind of weird but didn't think much about it.

Saturday afternoon Gregg showed up at my door and asked me what time I would be over. I told him around eight that night. He smiled again which made my pussy wet and left. I began getting ready about six. I dressed in some black spiked heels, a short black skirt and a black bustier. I put on some make up and tied my hair back in a ponytail to avoid getting cum stuck in my hair. I put on some bright red lipstick grabbed my small black purse and heading for the door. Before I left I checked myself in the mirror and smiled. I did look like a real slut. Slut yes, but I was determined to get my photos.

I walked up to Gregg's door after hear a few whistles from some of the younger boys in my apartment complex. Before I knocked on the door I listened and could hear a few voices inside. I could also hear a porno on his TV. This was going to be fun. What the hell, I will enjoy myself. Then I knocked on the door.

Some guy I had never saw before answered. He asked are you the entertainment tonight. I just nodded while admiring his body. "My name is um...Ted."

I asked smiling "is that your real name?"

He grinned and said "I don't think anyone here wants you to know their name, come in."

I walked through the door and found about six guys sitting in the living room watching the porno on TV. They were all black men and about the same age as Gregg, thirty something. A few of the guys turned to me and I heard various comments like; "look at those tits, nice lips, I cant wait to get under that skirt." I smiled at the attention. Gregg stood up and tried to cover the tent in his shorts.

He said 'guys meet Suzan, Suzan meet the guys." Gregg as always asked if I wanted anything then I noticed one of the guys was hitting a joint. "Can I have a hit of that?"

The guy smiled and said "sure if I can see your tits."

I laid my purse down on the counter and pulled my top down to show my tits to all these men. They were probably all married but what the hell they all had huge boners and there was no turning back now. All of them clapped and that one guy handed me the joint. I took a long drag and started to relax.

All the guys were in a semi circle around the TV so I went to the middle facing them.

I heard one guy say "Gregg you were right this bitch is fine as shit."

I smiled and could feel the cool air on my exposed breasts. I looked at each guy sizing them up and I did notice a few wedding rings. Grinning a dropped to my knees and said "well it looks like you guys are ready, huh?" I never saw so many shorts fall to the ground so fast. A line quickly formed.

The first guy had kind of a funny smell but I took his cock in all the way. His hands grabbed the back of my head and forced it all the way in. This went on for about 3 or 4 minutes then the others started to get a little anxious.

"Move out of the way we all want some of that."

I heard Gregg's voice "we have all night."

The first guy moved and two more took his spot. I alternated between the two. I was going to be in trouble because these guys had some big cocks. I stretched my mouth around both of them and heard some cheers and comments once again talking about what a good cock-sucker I was. I had heard that many times before though.

Gregg said "lets bend her over the arm of the couch that way she can get fucked and suck at the same time."

I stood up and pushed my skirt down and my black g-string. I bent over the arm of the couch with my knees on the couch and my head waist high on some guy already. I then felt the first cock being shoved up my pussy hard. I moaned.

"Yeah bitch, you like that huh."

I nodded and a cock was shoved into my face. I chocked a little as the big dick hit the back of my throat. I heard a few of the guys laugh and call me more names. I honestly like being called names during sex. I get really turned on and start to fuck more than just being fucked.

I started to cum quickly and the guy fucking me said "easy you are trying to break me in half." But he just kept fucking me. My head was spinning nothing is better than a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. When I finished cumming the guy behind me moved off and another took his place. His cock was a little smaller but still felt good. He slapped my ass making it sting a little. "Bitch, I am going to fuck you hard." I just moaned. The cock in my mouth started to twitch. I heard the guy I was sucking on grunt and felt his cum fill my mouth. He pulled away and some cum fell out of my mouth.

I heard one of the guys say "Swallow that shit, bitch." I did. They all cheered.

Then the guy in my pussy said "I am going cum."

One of the other guys said "do it in her mouth so she doesn't get sloppy."

He pulled out of my pussy and walked around to the front of me and started shooting his wad in my face. Another cock was in my pussy before he was even done Cumming.

I licked my lips and Gregg moved to my face. "Suck my cock again, bitch." I smiled because I could feel another orgazism quickly coming. Gregg invaded my mouth again.

The guy fucking me said "Next, I don't want to cum just yet."

Older guys have such discipline. Another guy entered my pussy. His cock seemed just about the right size because almost instantly my pussy got even wetter. I could feel my cum running down my legs. Gregg as usual kept calling me names and forcing me to almost swallow his cock.

The guy fucking me said "MMM, I am going to cum." He moved around to my face and told Gregg to move.

Gregg said "hell no shot it on her cheeks because I am going to cum also. Gregg pulled out and I had both cocks in my hands jacking them off hard. All the guys were watching and smoking pot. Gregg said "drink our cum bitch."

I grinned at him. Both cocks started shooting cum all over my face. The other guys cheered a little.

I could barely see through all the cum on me. When they were finished I asked "has everyone cum yet?"

One guy walked towards me and said "I haven't yet."

He was right I would have remembered him. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen. At least 12 inches and as big as my wrist. I opened my mouth and could only get about 4 inches in my mouth. I jacked the base of his cock with my one hand and cupped his big balls with the other hand.

I sucked him for about 5 minutes and he stopped me and said "Now I am going to give you something to remember."

I smiled and said "You think?" He then pulled me to my feet and told me to lay on the coffee table on my back. I did. He put my legs over his shoulders and I still had my stiletto shoes on my feet. I relaxed and knew that I had never had such a big cock before.

Then he pushed his cock in. I screamed out "Please no, it hurts."

He said "shut up I paid just like the rest and I am going to get my moneys worth out of your ho ass."

My head rolled back as he started pulling his dick out and shoving it back up my pussy. All I could do is moan as he stretched my pussy to its' limits. He said her pussy is still tight.

Another guy said "Any bitches pussy is tight on you."

I was doing it, and believe me it was quite an accomplishment. As he would slam his cock into me my tits would bounce. All I could do was moan. As painful as it was I was getting ready to cum again for the fourth time. I couldn't clamp my pussy down on him and my head swam with lust.

I felt some hands on my tits and heard the guys chanting "Fuck her hard." I thought I was going to pass out, but I hung in there. He had sweat on his forehead and a weird looking fuck face. He was breathing hard through his white teeth and I could tell he was close. He pulled his massive black cock out and started to stroke it over my chest. Globs of cum splashed on my boobs and I heard a snap.

I looked towards Gregg and saw he had snapped a shot of me with cum all over my body. I smiled. Gregg said "That one is for my private collection."

Gregg then said "Go get cleaned up for round 2 bitch."

I stood up and walk to his bathroom. I turned on his shower and got in after taking my shoes off. Gregg came in as I rinsed off. He said "Good job and you have almost worked off $600."

Frowning I said "Is that it?"

He said "Yeah but the guys are willing to pay another $600 for another round." I thought what the hell it was only 8:45 and I did all of them in about 45 minutes. I then asked "Can we only go one or two at a time."

He chuckled and said "sure."

I finished rinsing off and stepped out of the shower. I walked to the counter naked to get my purse. Most of the guys had put their underwear back on and were watching sportscenter or something. They all had various comments and a couple of them slapped my ass and pinched my tits on the way by. I hurried back to the bathroom to reapply my make up. Basically I touched up my blush, eyeliner and lipstick. Once again applying the bright red lipstick. My lips where numb but I looked good once again. I didn't even bother to put my clothes back on since they wouldn't be on long anyways. Gregg yelled in from the living room. "Suzan just go into the bedroom and a couple of us will be in soon."

I headed for the bedroom. I got on the bed which smelled like a scented fabric softner. Gregg was kind of an asshole, but a clean one. I laid back then I heard voices in the hallway. Two of the guys came in.

One said "I want some more of that pussy."

The other said "I am good with fucking her in the mouth again."

I smiled and moved down the bed. One guy pulled me over to him. I laid on my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed and my knees bent ready to get fucked again. My pussy was still wet.

The one guy getting ready to fuck me stuck a couple fingers up my pussy and said "this bitch is still ready for a good fuck."

The other guy came over to my face and said "open your mouth."

I did and he shoved his cock in my mouth. He was actually fucking my face hard. His balls kept slapping me on the forehead and my nose. The other guy shoved his cock up my pussy hard causing me to moan in delight once again. I felt one of the guys squeeze my tits. I started to cum again. The guy I was sucking on started to twitch. I swallowed all his cum. The other guy pulled out and started cuming on my tits. I rubbed his hot cum in as the other guy pulled his cock out of my mouth.

When I looked around I saw the other four guys in the room with us. They were all stroking their cocks as if trying to relieve the pressure I caused in their balls.

Gregg said "Get on your knees on the floor bitch we are all going to cum on your face again."

I got off the bed and dropped to my knees. I was more than willing since my pussy was on fire. I was well fucked. I pouted my lips and licked each cock head as the other four guys jacked off.

Gregg said "put these on baby" and he handed me some black sunglasses. The ones I am wearing in the picture above. I thought they were all close to cuming soon. I kept sucking different dicks for about 5 or 10 minutes. I actually felt totally in control. My lips were numb but I didn't care. I was close to getting my portfolio paid for. I wrapped my tired mouth around the big guys cock. I then thought to myself I didn't know any of there names and got more turned on in a way. I had done a couple circle jerks before and knew that they were messy but they kind of turned me on more. I took as much as I could in my mouth but he had a hold of my ponytail and just kept pulling my head up and pushing it down on him. He pulled his cock out and cum hit my face and glasses with a splat. The other guys with the help of my hands and my mouth shot cum almost at the same time on my face and tits. I was covered in cum again. Most of the guys were getting dressed to return to their wives as I licked cum off my nipples and lips.

Each paid Gregg as they left and none of them said a thing to me. I had been used in a bad way. I felt like a total slut sitting on Gregg's couch naked with drying cum all over me. But I was very satisfied and I didn't think I could fuck anyone for a couple weeks. I glanced at the money in Gregg's hand as the last guy left. He definitely had more than $1200. He smiled and said he had to pay to clean the mess up with the extra.

I frowned at him and said "it aint going cost that much."

He said "maybe you are right, you did swallow most of the cum." He then handed me a hundred and said that the portfolio was mine when I wanted it done."

I then grabbed my things and got dressed. "I need a bath" I told him.

He smiled that sexy smile and winked at me "sure, and I will see you soon."

As I left I thought to myself he is a real asshole but the good photographers usually are.

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