tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Submitted By Intruder

Wife Submitted By Intruder


My wife had not been sleeping lately, I knew something was on her mind, I knew in her own time she would eventually come around and discuss it with me. What caused the change? I did not know, I could only associate it to a weekend away about two months ago. She had traveled to Cape Cod alone to take a weekend class, upon her return I noticed something was different.

Just last weekend, we returned from dinner, backed the car into our garage. As I exited the car, I heard the motor to our garage door as it closed the two of us in. I turned to her. She glanced in my direction she began to lower her pants till they fell around her ankles. As I walked toward her, she turned her back to me, as she leaned forward at the waist she reached, one hand on the exterior mirror for balance, the second reached back spreading her cheeks inviting me to enter her.

That was not the only change I observed, sex in the bedroom changed. The theme she desired was more about me dominating her. She wanted to be held down, taken against her will. I noticed how turned her on this made her. I could hear it in her breathing, I could tell be her response to touch, her nipples began to harden to the touch and her juices flowed freely as I met her desires.

The other day, she had an unexpected request.

"I need a new toy," she said in a shy but wanting tone.

I am no prude. I have bought all of my wives toys for her. The most recent was a realistic shaped penis and her favorite vibrator she refers to as her Lelo.

"Don't you have everything you need?" I asked of her.

She sat there staring back at me. I could tell she was in thought.

"No," she answered..."I was thinking."

She paused, I could tell she was questioning herself, wondering what my response would be to her request. Then she hit me with it.

"I want another dildo" she said, "I want a big, long, thick cock shaped dildo."

I actually found her request quite surprising. The realistic 6.5 inch dildo she already owned did not get much use that I knew of. Now she sat before me desiring another realistic cock, this one, bigger, longer and thicker.

When she realized that I was not offended by her request I think she felt free to share her naughty desires with me.

"I want you to mount it firmly on something," she said.

"What do you have in mind?" I inquired of her.

She turned her head off to the side of out bed and stared intently.

"Find a way to mount it on my AB-Glider," she said.

An "AB-Glider" for those of you who don't know is an exercise machine that one kneels on, it has a leather-padded cushion that supports your body, you reach forward and grab two bicycle like handlebars for support and then you twist your body from side to side as you glide back and forth on the leather cushion.

"I want to be able get on my knees," she said.

My wife got off the bed and straddled the AB Glider, not in the normal fashion it was designed for. She was backward with her firm ass facing the handlebars. Kneeling on the floor with the metal frame between her legs, she bent forward resting her elbows upon the leather padded seat cushion.

Once in this position she demonstrated to me what she had in mind. Slowly she began to glide back and forth, her upturned ass now moved away from the handlebars and then back toward them. As her ass moved closer to the handlebars her cheeks were reaching the frame of the AB-glider. I watched as she did this several times, her elbow comfortable resting on the leather pads supporting the weight of her body.

She suddenly stopped her brief demonstration, she looked over her shoulder and spoke.

"Back there," she said. "I want you to mount it back there on the frame."

It was obvious to me that she had been fantasizing about this for a while. It was obvious to me that she desired to get fucked from behind by a large, long thick cock and 6.5 inches was not going to do it.

My once proper spouse was now sharing her hidden fantasies with me, the sexual beast was now awake within her.

I did not know why, but I suspected in good time that too would be revealed.

Several nights later she arranged for the two of us to be alone. She prepared a romantic meal. After dinner I cleaned up as she poured us each a glass of wine.

"I got something to tell you" she said.

She then motioned to join her in the bedroom.

We turned the lights out in the kitchen, grabbed our glasses of wine and retired to the confines of our bedroom.

"I have to talk to you about the weekend I went away" she said.

My wives expression spoke many words to me as I sat there listened carefully to every word.

"OK," she said, "let me explain."

"It was Friday evening," she recalled. "I had just arrived and checked into the hotel, I was hungry from my trip and went to the lounge for some dinner." As I sat at the bar, I people watched noticing the majority of people were couples," she said

"I was sad you were not there" she said to me.

"Before retiring for the evening I drank two martinis." "I felt a little tipsy," she explained.

"Expecting to hear from you I returned to my room, awaiting your call." "As I waited I called room service for more towels." "They told me that they would send some to my room shortly," she stated.

After her shower she dressed in a yellow tank top and matching panties. The yellow top has always been a favorite of mine. Its shear thin material alway clung to her body and emphasized her firm, round, breast. Her petite hard nipples always strained the material making it almost transparent and see-through.

"I was unusually horny after the shower," "probably the martini's." "I turned on the television and ordered an adult movie," she said.

"I waited for your phone call, I was feeling relaxed," "I brought along some toys to entertain myself as I laid upon the bed."

Without realizing it my wife soon drifted to sleep.

"I awoke to a knock at the door." "I threw on a pair of shorts, cracking the door slightly." "I expected to see room service with my towels" she said.

As she cracked the door slightly ajar a tall figure burst into the room forcing her back from the doorway. Caught off guard she did not even had time to react, not even a scream for help as his hands quickly covered her mouth.

"Close your eyes," "close your eyes" the intruder yelled loudly to her.

"I was so scared" she said. "I just did as I was told."

The intruder advised her that he would not bring any harm to her as long as she followed his instructions.

"You will be fine" the intruder said. "Just listen" the intruder repeated.

"I quickly peaked at the clock, I then closed my eyes tightly not wanting to offend the intruder." "I knew you were going to call me any minute," she said to me.

As she told me her story I could tell she was reliving the experience over in her mind.

As the fear in her body rose she soon began to shake uncontrollably. The intruder blindfolded her and placed her on the bed. Strangely she could not recall his face.

The intruder sensed her fear, to calm her he spoke in a softened tone.

"I will not hurt you" he said. "I just need a place to hide for the evening."

My wife laid there gathering her thoughts as she attempted to bring calm to the situation.

"Will you let me go in the morning?" she said to the intruder.

"As long as you listen" the intruder replied.

Several things raced through her mind. She thought about screaming, but what if know one heard. Could she fight him off? She asked. Quickly she dismissed those thoughts recalling the way he manhandled her. Clearly she was no match for his strength as he effortlessly opened the door forcing her into the room. She remembered the power in his large hands as he grabbed her arms. For now she felt helpless, and weak.

Minutes passed like hours, her mind raced, it was then she heard the elevator door open at the end of the hallway. Footsteps could be heard getting louder as they approached the door to her room and stopped. Although blindfolded she could hear the intruder stand as he also realized that someone was upon them.

The intruder grabbed her by the arm pulling her off the bed and to her feet. He took a position behind her, holding her tightly against his body. Slowly he inched his way toward the door holding her tightly in his grasp. One arm draped around her body maintaing a powerful grip, with his other arm he firmly covered her mouth preventing a call for help.

Quietly the intruder spied through the peephole. Outside he saw a housekeeper standing there with an armful of towels.

"Why didn't I just peak out the hole?" she asked of herself as she continued to recount her story to me.

He continued spying through the peephole, she could sense fear from the intruder. It was nothing he said, it was the intruders body language that spoke many silent words to her. She could feel the tenseness of his body as he held her body against his.

My wife could feel his hot breathe as he quietly whispered into her ear.

"Its room service" he whispered.

The housekeeper knocked persistently on the door.

"Room service" the housekeeper repeated.

The intruder warned her not do anything stupid. He instructed her to tell the housekeeper to leave the towels in the doorway.

Her desire to escape was overridden by the fear she felt within. She nodded to the intruder attempting to let him know she would obey. Slowly he eased the grasp he had over her mouth, he never quite lowered his hand, as he did not trust my wife would not scream for help. Trying to sound as normal as she could she thanked the housekeeper through the closed door and asked if they would leave them outside the doorway. Quickly the intruder cover her mouth again as he leaned forward trapping her body between his and the door as again he peaked through the peephole again.

My wife listened as the footsteps faded away down the long hall, she could hear the housekeeper entering the elevator and the door closing behind. Again, she felt the intruders body language, he felt safe now as the intruder eased his grasp upon her.

The intruder guided her back to the bed sitting her upon the edge. She sensed him looking around the room. The distinctive sound of the zipper on her suitcase broke the silence. Obvious to her the intruder was now rummaging through the contents of her suitcase. It got quiet for a moment, and then she heard the distinctive pulsating noises that all so often brought her pleasure. My wife knew he had it in his hands, she heard the sounds of her Lelo, as the intruder cycled through the different pulsating modes.

Maintaining her silence, my wife did not say anything, nor did he. My wife was not embarrassed by his find, she was concerned over what the intruders reaction would be to his discovery. Then she remembered the muted television, that too had been discovered as the sounds of sex projected from its speaker.

"Stand up!" he said, in a commanding tone.

As she began to stand from the bed she felt him grasp her tightly by her upper arms, his hands were large and powerful, his fingers wrapped the circumference arms. He pulled her toward the bathroom. The intruder closed the door close behind them, she could sense his presence, hear his breath, and smell his manly cologne.

The bathroom was large, a double sink, large stand up shower and a Jacuzzi tub.

"I need to shower" he said.

In his powerful grasp he lifted her feet from the floor.

"Sit here," he said.

The intruder sat her upon the cold hard marble surface surrounding the sink. The coldness of the stone against her buttocks sent chill throughout her body.

While sitting there she sensed his closeness, she felt his breath as he instructed her to relax. The intruder placed her hands behind back, she felt the coldness of steel, she heard the clicking noise as he secured her hands with handcuffs.

"I never knew how scary handcuffs could be," she said to me.

As the shower came on, she could hear his cloths drop to the floor as he began to undress. The bathroom was well lit, she could sense his movements, he cast a shadow upon her as he moved about the bathroom. She was extremely concerned for herself knowing the intruder was now standing naked before her.

My wife recognized the squeak of the door as the shower door open, she could hear the splash of the water. For the first time she felt safe even if it were only the glass shower door that separated them.

The shower stopped, the door squeaked opened, again she sensed the intruder standing before her, his shadow cast upon her.

Panic quickly came upon the stranger. Unexpectedly the outside door to the room opened. The housekeeper announced her presence, she was there to turn down the beds.

Before she could yell the intruder grasped her with his wet hands, he covered her mouth. His hot breath came in contact with her ear.

"Sshhhh," the intruder whispered to her ear.

The intruder then thanked the housekeeper through the door. Hidden from the housekeepers view the intruder held my wife captive. Holding her tightly in his arms, her hands restrained firmly behind her back, he pulled her tightly against him, for the first time she felt his nakedness, his wet skin dripped upon her body. Reality set back in as she heard the housekeeper close the door leaving her to his nakedness.

The intruder did not release his grasp on her right away. She could feel his breath when he spoke to her, quietly he told her what a good girl she had been. When he spoke his lips brushed against the side of her face. His facial hair tickled her as he spoke, she smelled his scent again.

Earlier that evening she recalled sitting in the bar, finishing a drink when a tall muscular man sat in the stool next to her. He was at least 6"-03, 225 pounds, very handsome, short dark her and a neatly groomed goatee with a similar cologne. Quickly she dismissed that thought, handsome men don't do these things.

She started to feel uncomfortable, the intruder continued to hold her in his arms, the housekeeper was gone, and he no longer was in danger.

"You follow directions well," he whispered. "Are you married?" he asked.

He continued to restrain her against him.

"Are you married?" he repeated in a demanding tone.

Hesitantly she responded, "Yes"

"Good," the intruder replied as he released his grasp.

The air was thick and humid in the bathroom, her clothing soaked from sweat and the contact she had with the intruders' freshly showered body. He opened the bathroom door, cool air from the air conditioned room contacted her skin, she felt goose bumps forming upon her skin, she also felt her nipples stiffen against the thin yellow material that protect her from the intruders eyes.

He walked her over to the bed sitting her on the edge. She listened as he walked around to the other side of the bed. Being blindfold she relied on my hearing more. All she could hear now was sounds of sex emanating from the television.

She felt the intruder crawl upon the bed, this cause her great concern. She felt him grasp her hands, she could hear the jingle of keys, it was then she felt him release her from the confines of the cold metal.

As he released her hands he leaned over her and whispered, "Cold?"

For the first time she felt naked, she knew what he meant, she could feel her erect nipples pushing through the wet transparent top."

Her lack of response to his inquiry drew anger from the intruder. "When I ask you a question, you will respond," he said. "Next time you will be punished!" "Do you understand me?" he yelled.

"Please don't punish me," "I'm sorry, I understand!" she said to him, pleading, not to be punished.

It was then that the phone rang. Unconsciously she began to reach for it. Stretching across the bed she reached out to the phone. The next thing she felt was his body landing upon The intruder reached over her body taking control of the phone. His body was heavy, his weight pinned her beneath him, trapping her. She screamed angrily at him explaining she was waiting for a call from her husband. The intruder did not like her response causing him to lash out in anger. The intruder swiftly rolled her over onto her stomach, he held her firmly to the mattress. With his powerful grip he tore away her bottoms, his fingers grasp her panties and pulled them down the length of her legs. Her flesh now naked and exposed for his viewing.

She felt a stinging crack, pain set in as the intruder spanked her naked flesh.

"Do you understand who is in control?" he asked.

No wanting to experience another painful slap my wife bowed to his control. Quickly she told him that he was in charge.

The pain she felt hurt so badly, she felt humiliated and decided then that she would do whatever it took to survive this ordeal.

The intruder placed her phone down on the nightstand at the opposite side of the bed. Teasingly he told her if she behaved he might allow her to answer it, but he sternly warned of what would happen if she did not.

Then intruder did something she had not expected. Wanting to gain control of the situation, and not wanting to wait for me to call her again the intruder instructed her to call me back. She reached across the bed again, she felt the weight of his body as he lied upon her. The intruder covered her mouth with his large hand again. He reminded her of who was in charge and what would happen if she did not behave properly.

He then held the phone to her ear as his body lied upon her.

"Act normal" he said to her as he hit redial.

When she finished talking with me he hung up the phone. She now became aware of his naked body was upon her. She felt trapped and tried to push him off. Reaching for his chest she felt his muscles ripple as he met her rejection with force. He got off her body and moved to the edge of the bed. She then felt his power as he dragged her towards him. He muscled her upon his lap easily holding her down. Feeling helpless and exposed she lied there waiting, expecting more punishment. She could feel his eyes examining her flesh. Then she felt it, heavily his hand fell upon her flesh punishing her for her bad behavior. She begged him to stop as tear welt in her eyes.

"Don't spank me anymore!" she pleaded.

"Why don't you behave?" he said to her.

He tested her resolve and ordered to her kneel on the bed. He commanded her to bend over. She heard his orders and submitted to the intruder. As she lowered her head to the mattress she felt so exposed. No longer did she dare to refuse his commands.

The intruder climbed upon the bed and laid next to her. She felt his breath as he whispered to her. His lips came in contact with the flesh of her cheek.

"Are you a naughty girl?" he asked.

Not wanting to get spanked again, she told the intruder that she was not a naughty girl.

"No, I am not a naughty girl" she replied.

When the intruder heard her answer once again his large hand struck her skin.

At first it stung her, then her skin felt warm and tingly. As the pain faded from her exposed flesh she sensed the intruder reaching. Then she heard the familiar pulsating sound of her Lelo. Noticeably the television got louder. She could hear sounds of pleasure, moaning as people fucked on screen.

The intruder unexpectedly placed something in her hand, as she clenched the object in her hand she immediately recognized it shape. It was her cock shaped dildo that he placed in her hand.

"You lie!" he yelled.

She felt his stinging hand again as he slapped her red swollen flesh.

"You are naughty" he said, "Naughty girls want porn," "Naughty girls play with toys" "ARE YOU NAUGHTY?" he again asked.

She knew what the correct answer was now, as he spanked her flesh resulting in pain. Before the pain subsided she blurted out, "Yes," "I am naughty." "I am very naughty," she said" "I was going to get myself off" she confessed, "I was going to fuck my pussy" she cried.

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