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Wife Tries Something New


First allow me to describe my wife and myself. I am 43 years old, 6' tall and weigh 170 pounds. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. My wife is only 26 years old. She is petite; 5'2" tall and weighs 110 pounds. She has long flowing dirty blond hair that reaches the middle of her back. She has beautiful blue eyes, an ass to die for and her tits measure 34C. She uses her beautiful body and youthful appearance to her advantage. I fully realize how lucky I am to have someone so young and sexy.

It was Saturday night and I found my wife between my legs softly stroking my cock. She loves to tease my cock which never fails to make me so incredibly hard that I feel like I'm going to explode. One other side effect of her gently teasing my cock is that it makes me horny as hell. She will slowly stroke just the head of my cock until it is a deep shade of purple and I am about to go crazy. While she is stroking me she looks up at me and asks me, in the most incredibly teasing tone, questions about what is happened. She just finishes gliding her hand down to the base of my cock when she asks "does that feel good, honey? Well does it?" I'm nearly in pain from her torture and manage to barely tell her that it feels so good. "Would you like me to suck this big hard dick", she asks. Now I love having dick sucked more than anything else so I readily agree. As she continues to stroke my cock she says "well then let me hear you ask nicely." I look straight into her eyes and plead, "please suck my cock." She continues stroking my dick and says "now that wasn't so hard, was it?" I must respond if I want her to slide my dick into her mouth. I quickly agree that it wasn't hard. She then moves her mouth closer to my cock and puts just the head inside her mouth. Not in her mouth, with her hot wet lips touching me, but within her mouth, not touching me at all. Still keeping eye contact she tells me "oh it is very hard and I am going to make it even harder." She then closes her mouth around my dick as I moan loudly. I feel as though I'm going to blow my load right now.

She continues her slow deep movements up and down my cock alternating between gently caressing my balls in her hand and stroking the remainder my cock. As I come close to cumming, she stops and lets the sensation die. She works her mouth up to the top of my cock and swirls her tongue around my fat purple head seeing how badly she can tease me. The hornier she makes me the more willing I am to do whatever she wants. As she takes my dick into her mouth, she releases my cock and balls. She just holds my dick with her mouth. She has never done this before so I am a little confused but at the same time hopeful that this means she is going to suck me off. The next sensation I feel is a cold, wet, thick gel rubbing against my ass. She has lubed her finger and is teasing my ass with it. She has never touched my ass before. I tense up, not wanting her to touch my ass. It actually felt relaxing but I didn't want it to. Straight men don't have their ass played with and they most certainly don't enjoy it.

She releases my cock from her warm mouth and wraps her hand around the base of my cock. After making eye contact, in one slow steady movement she takes my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. At the same time her finger eases deeper and deeper in my ass. My wife is a great cock sucker but she has never been able to deep throat my cock. Even though she couldn't get my entire dick into her mouth, she did get her entire finger in my ass. I let out a loud involuntary moan at the double sensation of my dick being in her mouth and her finger in my ass. With that, she moans around my dick. She knows I love it when she does this. The combination of her cock sucking and her lusty moans of enjoyment of having my dick in her mouth is just too much.

I meekly protest her finger in my ass but she will have none of it. She tells me in her teasing tone of voice "you love having me in your ass. You can't lie to me. I felt your cock swell as my finger slide in your ass. I heard you moan like you've never moaned before. You loved it." She returns to sucking my cock and working her finger in and out of my ass. She was actually fucking my ass. The worst part was that I loved it. It was humiliating to be loving it so much. She continued sucking and fucking me until she asked me "does it feel good?" I tell her "yes, you know you are a great cock sucker and I love every minute of it." She replies, "no, I mean the ass fucking. Do you love having your tight little ass fucked?" Again I try to say no but I was out of breath from the pleasure of what she was doing to me and getting more and more humiliated from the pleasure I was getting from being fucked in the ass. She just taunted me with a giggle.

She mockingly agreed and said "let's see if you really do hate it." She started to ease her finger out of my ass and asked "do you like this?" When her finger was almost out of my ass she paused and asked "or do you love this?" With that she buried her finger in my ass. I screamed out with pleasure. I couldn't believe how incredibly good it felt. My dick even involuntarily shot a small amount of cum out. Not pre-cum but thick creamy cum. I was in trouble and she knew it. She knew she had control of me and she knew I loved what she was doing to my ass.

She started to gently laugh; sweetly, teasingly. She said "I won't even ask which you liked best. I know by your reaction without question which you liked best. You like having your ass fucked better." I didn't say a word. I was just hoping she was keep sucking my cock. She slid my cock back into her mouth. Her effort was met with an approving moan. She continued her cock sucking a time or two more then said "tell me you love having your ass fucked." Again I said nothing. But she wasn't about to give up her new found power over me. "Say it if you ever want me to suck your cock again." I had no choice. I was so horny. I was so close to cumming. I just blurted it out without even thinking. "Yes, I love when you fuck my ass." She said "I didn't quite hear you." I knew she did but I needed to cum so I repeated it even louder. "I love when you fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass!" Her smile was from ear to ear. She had total control and she was going to love every minute of it.

She put her mouth around my dick and I exploded in her mouth almost instantly. I can't remember when I had cum so hard or long before. She hungrily moaned as each steam of cum shot from my dick. When she finished swallowing the last drop of cum from my dick she looked up at me and said "Wow, that was the biggest load you have ever given me. From now on, if you ever want your cock sucked again you will have to beg me to fuck your ass." I pleaded with her not to put that condition on the activity I enjoyed most of all. I told her I wouldn't do it. She laughingly replied, "oh yes you will. You love to have your cock sucked and I know just how much you love having your ass fucked. We'll just see what the future holds. Just keep this in mind; the longer you wait to beg me to fuck your ass, the worse it will be on you."

Streaks of white hot electricity shot through my body. I rolled over on my side to fall asleep. I knew I would have to give in but the humiliation of loving it and the fear of what else she had in store along with my still hard and throbbing dick haunted me for the rest of the night.

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