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Witches Brew


I was 18 and probably the least popular kid in high school. I was the new kid in town and didn’t have any friends so I spent most of my time reading and playing video games. At school I hung out near the back of the property line, just by the fence and near to where the freaks gathered. I guess they wanted to be close to the park so they could run off and get high in between classes. I kind of admired the freaks, with their strange hair and clothes. They didn’t seem to care about what any of the other cliques in school thought of them and there was one girl in particular that really caught my eye. She was short with long, jet black hair that seemed a tangled mess most of the time but when she tied it back, it showed what a beautiful face she had. She often wore black peasant dresses with doc martin boots which made it difficult to see what kind of body was hiding under all those gothic clothes.

I was sitting with my back against the tree out there on the fringe one afternoon when I heard her sweet voice close to me. I looked up stunned to realize she was talking to me.

“You. New kid. What’s your name?” she demanded

“Edgar.” I answered suspiciously. “What’s your name?” I asked feeling a little more confident. She smiled at me briefly and looked hard directly into my eyes.

“I’m Lilith. The witch.” She added and grinned showing her beautiful smile. The other two girls with her just giggled nervously. “This is Bunny.” She gestured to a cute blonde beside her. “And this is Rachel.” She pulled the red-haired and reluctant Rachel by the arm and the three of them sat down beside me. I shifted uncomfortably at the sudden attention of these three lovely little goth hotties and wondered to myself if they weren’t up to some kind of prank.

“We want to use you for an experiment.” Lilith eyed me carefully. “We want to perform a ritual on you to see if it will work but we need a willing participant. Do you think you might be up to it?” she rested her hand lightly on my arm.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked still caught a little off guard.

“What do you want?” She asked me suspiciously. I could tell that she wanted me to do this thing for her desperately but I wasn’t sure how far she was willing to go and I didn’t want to push my luck.

“How badly do you want me to do this?” I suppressed a chuckle. I could see in her eyes she was anxious about it and I was even more surprised what she blurted out next.

“My friend Bunny here will give you a blow job.” I looked at Bunny and she shyly nodded her agreement. She was cute if maybe a little over weight but again it was so hard to tell by the clothes they wore.

“Ok. You got a deal.” I said, not believing my good fortune and I proceeded to unbutton my fly. Liliths’ hand shot down over top of mine and she smiled slyly.

“Not here. And only after you do this thing for us.” I smiled my agreement and enjoyed the feel of her smooth hand against mine as she held it and pulled me towards the woods.

They led me to a small clearing deep in the woods. They laid out their instructions for me and told me to return before midnight that night. I went home a little troubled about what I had got my self into but by the time I was ready to go, all apprehension had faded and I was excited about getting my first blow job. I had a little trouble finding the clearing and congratulated myself for leaving early as I was almost late. When they saw me approach, they quickly gathered around me and led me to a large flat stone that I somehow hadn’t noticed was there before. They laid me on top of it and pulled off my shirt and boots. I was wearing my jeans and nothing else now as per their instructions.

There was a small black cauldron near the fire and they had obviously been cooking something foul. It was bubbling and steaming and I felt a twinge of queasiness when I realized that they expected me to drink some of the noxious brew. It smelled horrible; rotten fish and sulphur among other malodorous scents. Another long look at Bunny’s mouth and the thought of her lips wrapping around me and I decided what the hell and sucked back as much as I could from the cup they handed me. It actually didn’t taste as bad as it smelled, kind of chalky and fruity and even a little sour. I managed to get most of it down with out gagging too much and I relaxed back down on the stone slab.

They began chanting and dancing around me while every once in a while flicking some kind of dust into the open flames of the little fire. It sparkled whenever they did and I found it mesmerizing. I was so focused on the multi-coloured flames dancing inside the fire, I hadn’t even noticed that all three of them had stripped off their clothes and were prancing wildly in the open air, under the full moon. I was amazed at how lovely all three of them were. Bunny wasn’t as fat as I had initially supposed. She had curves all right but I never expected her to be proportioned so nicely. Her tits were big and firm and her waist was narrow enhancing a gorgeously plump ass. Rachel was very thin and slender and slightly taller than Bunny. Her breasts weren’t nearly as large but they were beautiful nonetheless and her pointed nipples just screamed out to be sucked.

Lilith, the raven haired beauty was by far my favourite out of the three. She was the shortest but also the most sexy. Her breasts were smaller than Bunny’s but larger than Rachel’s and her wide hips accentuated her narrow waist and perfectly shaped ass. Her full red lips were somehow even more desirable in the flickering light and I felt myself wishing that it was her that was going to take my cock into her mouth instead of Bunny. I’m not sure how long I watched them dance but it was only when they stopped that I realized how hard I was. They gathered their clothes together and quickly got dressed much to my disappointment.

They stood over me and chanted quietly for a few minutes and I think I must have blacked out for a second. When I opened my eyes again I felt very strange. They were all looking at me with very concerned looks on their faces and I couldn’t figure out why. Lilith sighed in relief when I spoke.

“What’s wrong?” I asked trying to sound casual.

"We thought you weren’t going to wake up.” Bunny seemed very shaken.

“I guess I blacked out for a sec.” I said calmly.

“A sec?” Rachel seemed almost angry. “You were out cold for 2 hours. She said frantically.

“Well it was a very relaxing nap.” I smiled and Lilith chuckled. Rachel looked over at her and scowled. It was the truth. I felt completely relaxed and even invigorated. I felt great.

“See. I told you it wouldn’t work.” She lightly slapped Lilith on the arm. Bunny leaned over to me and put her hand on the side of my face, as though she were comforting me.

“We don’t really know yet though do we?” she smiled and I liked the feel of her soft hand.

“What exactly is it you were trying to do to me?” I asked feeling somewhat foolish for not asking earlier. They all exchanged glances with each other and giggled slightly.

“We were trying to turn you into the perfect guy.” Lilith smiled sheepishly at me through her long black hair. “We tried a spell to change you into a guy that knows how to treat a girl, make her feel special, make her feel like the sexiest woman on earth.” She blushed a little.

I sat up and realized that my hard on hadn’t gone anywhere and was in fact harder than ever. It was uncomfortably squashed in my jeans and I popped the buttons to free it and relieve some of the pressure. I don’t know who was more shocked when that monster sprung out of my pants. All of us just stared at it with open mouths. It was huge. I didn’t have a small cock before but this thing had to be 9 inches long and a good 2 inches wide. Now I know most guys would be very happy but I was still in shock. I looked up at the girls and they were all still staring at it in awe. And I wasn’t even completely hard yet.

“I think part of your plan worked Lilith.” I said quietly. She must have snapped out of her trance and she looked me in the face.

“You weren’t that big before?” she asked suspiciously. I laughed nervously.

“No. I was never this big. This is completely new.” I was still stunned. Bunny licked her lips and moved closer.

“Can I touch it?” she asked nervously.

“You can do anything you want with it.” I grinned and the thought of her mouth trying to take that huge cock in made it twitch and grow slightly more. She giggled nervously and reached her hand down to caress it.

I closed my eyes as her hands encircled my throbbing meat. She couldn’t quite get her hand all the way around it but with two she managed to get a nice grip. She started sliding them up and down slowly and I moaned. It felt so good. I could almost hear Bunny getting more and more aroused as she stroked my stiffening cock. I opened my eyes and looked at her in awe. I could hear her getting aroused. I could sense her feelings precisely. I knew how wet she was getting and how hot she was. It was like I had a private window into her emotions. I was imagining my hand cupping her breast and licking her nipple slowly when she gasped and grabbed her tip in her hand.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“N-nothing it’s just that…I could feel someone sucking on my tit.” She stammered her face flushed. I was astounded. Had she reacted to what I was thinking? Could I force my will upon this lovely little blonde? I decided to try an experiment.

“Baby…don’t stop.” I smiled at her and she resumed her stroking. I closed my eyes and imagined my tongue flicking over her nipples lightly teasing them and she moaned. I sensed her state of arousal and willed it to increase and she started swaying her hips as she bent down and started to kiss my rock hard dick. She struggled for a moment to get it into her mouth but once the head was in she relaxed and started to suck. It felt so incredible and I instinctively pulled her head closer to me. I could now clearly see her erect nipples poking through the thin fabric of her cotton shirt and I decided to try something else. I thought of her dripping pussy and imagined a big wet tongue gliding softly against her; up and down her spreading lips. Her scream was muffled by my raging cock in her mouth but I knew she had felt it. I continued to make her squirm and shudder with delight until she could no longer concentrate on my cock. She let it slip out of her and she fell to the grass, legs splayed open and fingers clawing at her dress.

I looked at the other two girls who had been transfixed by the sight of Bunny trying to devour my huge cock and they looked back at me with sheer astonishment. Bunny was yelping and fingering her now exposed pussy for all she was worth. I sensed her climax approaching quickly but I held it off. She was so amazing to watch in a state of unrelenting passion. She was now pumping 2 fingers inside her with one hand and furiously rubbing her clit with the other while mewling loudly and writhing on the grass

“What did you do to her?” Rachel’s’ voice held an accusatory tone. I studied her up and down and realized that she was pretty aroused herself. In fact, she had always lusted secretly after bunny and the sight of the object of her affections rolling around on the ground with her wet pussy in plain view was making her intensely hot.

“I didn’t really do anything.” I lied. “She’s just really horny.” I grinned. But Rachel wasn’t happy with my answer and she came right up to my face. “You stop it right now.” She demanded. I was a little shocked but I knew what she needed. It was very bizarre but I just knew what was in her heart. I knew what she really wanted more than anything else. So I decided to give it to her. I looked her in the eyes and said to her almost quietly

“Get down between her legs and start licking Bunny. Lick her hard and fast and when she comes you’re going to come too.” I wasn’t really sure whether it would work. I knew it was what she wanted to do but couldn’t allow herself to admit it. To my utter shock she did exactly what I told her to do and within seconds Bunny was clutching her red hair in both hands and pulling her hard against her gushing pussy. I inflamed the sense of arousal Rachel was feeling which was already pretty high and I turned my attention to Lilith.

Lilith was watching in fascination and when our eyes met I could feel her get tense. She was a little frightened. I smiled warmly and patted the stone beside me urging her to sit. She did and I turned back to Rachel and Bunny who had switched into a sixty-nine position all on their own. Bunny was about to burst I think and I decided to let them both come. I turned to Lilith and kissed her deeply just as both girls erupted into screaming, and shuddering. The simultaneous orgasm they shared was mind blowing and they just held each other, half naked on the grass, trying to catch their breath.

Lilith eyed me suspiciously and subconsciously licked her ruby lips. Kissing her had made me stand at full attention again and my cock was waving proudly in the cool night air.

“What did you do to them?” she gestured to Rachel and Bunny who were quietly stroking and kissing each other.

“I made them feel good.” I struggled to find the right words.

“I know but how?” she pleaded.

“I don’t know exactly. I just knew what they wanted and imagined them getting it. And then they did. I can’t really explain it. Besides, aren’t you supposed to know what you did to me?” I wrapped my arm around her sensing her internal confusion.

“Well, we didn’t know exactly what would happen. The description wasn’t very clear in the spell book. And some of it we didn’t understand. We just knew how to perform the ritual. On how to make the perfect man.” She looked hungrily into my eyes. “Do you feel different?” she asked. I looked down at my hard cock and grinned at her. “I mean besides that?” she smiled playfully and I noticed her gaze lingered down there for a moment.

“Yes. A little I guess. I feel stronger, healthier. My senses seem to be a little sharper. I can smell your hair for example. Very nice. I stroked her silky hair and breathed in the fragrance of spicy fruits and little smoke from the fire. I wanted to taste her lips again and as I leaned forward I didn’t even have to will her to kiss me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I lifted her effortlessly up and onto the stone slab. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and realized for the first time that hers was pierced. I liked that a lot and my hard cock lying on her belly liked it too. She stopped her tongue from swirling hungrily against mine and put her hand against my chest.

“Am I feeling this way cos of you?” she squeaked nervously.

“No.” I answered sympathetically “I wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to Lilith. I really like you and I guess I owe you one. Big time.” We both laughed and then she dove for my tongue. I could barely restrain myself she was so hot and aroused. She was pulling at me with her nails, clawing my chest and kissing and sucking all exposed skin. I flipped her over onto her stomach and hiked the dress up to her hips. I slid the head of my huge cock up and down her already wet lips a few times and then slid the head into her spreading hole. She moaned and then I slid it in as far as I dared. She screamed and then held my leg still so I didn’t move for a second. I could sense her tensing up as the huge member stretched her tunnel and I relaxed her slowly and increased her arousal intensely.

Then I realized what the quickly fading pain had been. She was a virgin and I had just popped her cherry. She started pushing her ass back against me struggling to accommodate my immense girth when I was struck by a sudden thought. I imagined flooding her with come to help lubricate things up and then it happened. My cock was spurting hot cream deep inside her and she orgasmed almost right away. I wasn’t nearly ready to stop though. I was still painfully hard and I wanted to fuck her hard. All that come floating around inside her did the trick and I could slide a little easier in her hot tight hole. I began pumping into her harder and she still bucked against me driving it deeper into her. She was panting frantically and I grabbed her luscious tits and squeezed them while hammering into her furiously.

I thought of a wet tongue licking her clit and then another in her mouth and when I opened my eyes Bunny had slid under us and was giving Lilith a good old fashioned tongue lashing. Rachel had also moved into position and was kissing Liliths open mouth and tweaking her ultra sensitive nipples. Lilith put a finger inside Rachel’s’ dripping pussy and Bunny was rewarded by two of Rachel’s slippery fingers. I was getting close to blowing when I realized that I could link all our orgasms together and we could all go off at the same time. Why not give it a shot I said to myself and I concentrated on holding on just a minute longer. I could feel they were all ready to explode and hear them as well. These were not quiet girls. They were moaning and groaning loudly. I tensed slightly and pounded hard into Lilith and she gasped in ecstasy. When I couldn’t take it any more I blew my load and allowed them all to join me in an incredibly intense orgasm. It was much stronger than I expected and I almost lost my balance. As I slipped out of the sopping Lilith, my glistening cock fell right onto Bunny’s’ mouth. Without batting an eye she took the hardening monster and licked it clean. She put as much of it in her mouth as she could and sucked. I couldn’t resist and I shot another hot load of come against the back of her throat. Her eyes widened in surprise and she swallowed every drop hungrily.

There was something different about me. I felt stronger, smarter and even wiser. In fact everything seemed to feel better. I could smell, hear, taste, see, and feel everything more intensely. I wasn’t sure about how much control over them I really had but I genuinely wanted to make all of these girls truly happy. I had a strange a deep affection for them all and I realized that there was much to learn, not only about them but myself as well.

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