tagErotic HorrorWolf Ch. 04

Wolf Ch. 04


"So Jen, mom tells me that a few of you kids are going camping, do you need any money?"

"Nope don't think so, but I'll raid the cupboards just a little, granola bars, drinks, some soup n' sandwich fixings."

"Just leave my stash of Ho Ho's out of this," and he shoved a twenty in my hand.

"Did I ever tell you how much I like you being my Pop, you're the best."

Jen loaded the dishwasher without being asked, and picked through the pantry, for food and snacks for the next couple of days, packing cans and dry items into a milk crate, she went to the garage and took down a smaller cooler, for pop and juice, lunch meat, and ice. When all was ready she packed a few clothes, some for cooler evenings, it could frost in the high country this time of year. She called Theresa, and let her know all was okayed and a go for tomorrow. Then she called Abner.

"Abner, my mom and John go to work at eight, everything is set, T said her and Eugene got some tickets for a concert in Boise, and they will be gone until Sunday afternoon. I got sleeping bags, and duffle bags, and packed some food and a cooler."

"Your, really primed, like camping much?"

"Nope, like being with you."

"Nine in the morning? He followed with, "I could help carry your bags out, and then we could pick up a few things I need from the store."

"Okay, miss you till then."

"Little white girl, I could be there in a half hour, and in a whole hour I could be inside you, fucking your brains out, burying my cock nut deep, ramming till I bottomed out in that hot sweet pussy." He groaned. "Want me to come over."

"Your bad, Ab, behave, you make me want you."

"That's the point, I am bad, I do want you, but I'll be patient and wait for tomorrow. Get a good night's sleep, I'll be there at nine sharp."

She closed the phone, and stuffed it into her jacket, peeling off her shoes she turned out the light and lay down, finding it hard to sleep, for several hours.

I wasn't at nine, but at eight-forty he came, tapping on the door, ringing the bell, and tapping again. When she opened the door, he swept her into his arms, picked her up and twirled her about kissing her, she wrapped both legs around his waist, kissing him back. Setting her down he looked into her eyes, she could see golden glints in his black eyes, how fascinating, her hand rose to cradle his cheek.

"Let's get my stuff, come on I'm downstairs."

He followed her a few steps behind watching her ass sway from side to side, he was mesmerized by that swing, in her room, he pushed her to the bed, turning her in his arms as they both fell, kissing her lips, licking them apart, and filling that void, he tore at their clothing, stripping them in record time. He pulled her leg up to his hip and pushed himself inside, she arched her back and buried her hands in his long hair, he pinned her to the bed, bouncing the springs with each thrust, head lowered to take her nipples, one by one into his mouth, he whipped his ass in a frenzy, not letting up, relentless, pushing himself up to angle into her more, with golden eyes he gazed down into her eyes and came.

"Mine," He roared. "All mine, Jen, fuck sweetness, did I hurt you?"

"No, not really, but I think, I got a little left behind."

He smiled at her, "Then let's just catch you up."

He moved down the bed, and dropped between her legs, long black hair brushing her thighs as he dove on her slit, tongue lapping, pussy sucking, he made her squirm, she cried out almost afraid of his exuberance, then cried out again because she tightened and screamed. Still he did not let up, sucking her clit, pushing fingers into her pussy, roughly pumping his fingers into her wetness, her legs stiffened and she begged him to stop, he slipped a wet finger down and found the star closure of her asshole, and pushed it in. She squirmed up the bed away from him, and his invading finger. He just laughed at her and pulled her back, pushing in again, stretching her butt. He had his middle finger in her butt, his thumb in her puss, and his mouth sucking her clit, and when she exploded she shook her hips in mindless fervor, whipping her ass free of his teasing fingers and mouth. She had tears running down her face, she sobbed, and she shook. He did the only thing her could, he held her.

They both lay there locked I an embrace, not speaking, he occasionally touching, soothing her flesh, kissing her temple and hair until close to ten am.

"Come on, get dressed we need to get up the mountain."

"Yes, sir boss"

He took her bags out to the truck, and returned to get the kitchen box, while she toted the cooler. She sat beside him, snug, and felt a twinge of moral gilt, her parents didn't know she was going camping with someone they didn't know, someone several years older than her, they might not approve of him, but if he asked her, she might tell him yes.

"So where are we going?"

"The RES for sure, thought we might go way up, several hour into the back country, Moccasin Lake, deep pine forest, black bottom lake, fishing is good and fires aren't restricted, we could stay at Tee Pee Rock."

"What's Tee Pee Rock," she giggled.

"It's a natural rock formation, a couple of huge boulders holding each other up, big enough to sleep six."

"I gotta see this."

They went to the store and she picked up some fruit, and veggies. He grabbed some jerky, and beer. Then back in the truck, they gassed up again and left, they drove along rural roads until they became dirt, and dirt until they roads became rocky bits of hell. Slow going up the rocky switch backs, he pointed out deer, a water fall, a porcupine, and some big horn sheep. The trail became smoother, once they began a decent back into the pines, and between two big piles of rock, she saw the lake, crystal blue water stretch for a half mile filling the valley, a small dock made from scavenged wood sat next to a gravel boat ramp. He stopped the truck.

"Look, see the outline of the mountains," He pointed to the other side of the lake, "That's the sleeping chief."

"Oh my god, it does look like he's up there just taking a nap."

"Tent or Tee Pee Rock?" he asked.

"Tee Pee Rock," she answered.

He started the truck and drove right along the shore, up to a big pile of rock , it looked like many people over the years had found this place. Two large boulders held each other up, and the space below, looked just like a Tee Pee, in front someone had dug a fire pit and brought up a grill to place over the rocks around the pit. They turned and started unloading the truck. She place the food stuffs by the fire pit, he gathered some pine needles and packed the floor of the rock cave with them to make it softer, then put a tarp to cover them and a sleeping bag over that.

"Home sweet home."

"Caveman", she accused.

"Zug Zug, Baby or fishing for our dinner?"


They picked up all the fishing gear, and walked down to the shore, she baited a hook and cast out as he looked on with admiration. The girl knew how to fish, within minutes she had set a hook, and was reeling in after her first bite. Then she put it on a creel line and put it back in the water, and began to 'drown another worm'. After catching a few fish both felt content to dip their feet, and pitch rocks at the camp robbers, scavenger birds, that flew in to beg a meal. He cleaned the fish, placed the entrails on a rock for the birds, and they returned to cook their fish. He pike the fish over the fire, while she chopped some veggies and put them in foil to steam, after eating, he buried the waste, and put the food into a tree, and sat down next to her with a bottle of beer, it had turned to dusk and was getting harder to see the lake and it's surroundings, there were two other camp fires on the lake, they sat in jackets and cuddled in the darkness watching the fire die down.

"Time for bed, Jen your not too tired?"

"And if I were, to worn out, to play?"

"Then we would sleep, but I'd know what I wanted for breakfast."

He kicked dirt around the coals, to keep the fire controlled, turned back toward her, and held out his hand. She stepped up to him, took his hand, and smiled up into his eyes.

"Zug zug Caveman?"

"Mmmmm, Zug zug, baby."

He swung her up in his arms, and carried her to the sleeping bag. He pulled off her shoes and hung them on two sticks he drove in the ground, telling her it keeps the snakes and other crawlers out. He did the same with his moccasins. Shedding his clothes, he burrowed under the top sleeping bag and zipped it up, he kissed her, pushing her clothes away from her body shoving them to the bottom of the bag, they would be warm in the morning. He kissed her lips and looked into her eyes, they were just showing signs of golden glints.

"Little white girl, what you do to me, feel me, touch what you've created."

She reached between them and grasped his hardness, slid her small hands over the skin of his cock, she leaned into him and flicked his nipples with her tongue, nipped them with her teeth and kissed up to the nap of his neck sucking his pulse, giving him a love bite. Mean while he stroked her hips and waist, letting her have her way. She brought her leg over his hip and caressed him with her inner knee. Unable to withstand her teasing, he leaned up and over her pressing her into the ground, his hair curtained their faces as he kissed her sucking her tongue into his mouth, pressing her hands above her head, he rocked his pelvis into her the valley of her spread thighs, she moaned and pushed up against him, her sex wet, delicious smells rising from her body. He rubbed his cock along her sex, wetting his cock, before sliding it in, he set up a rhythm of in and out, each time stretching her pussy a little wider, shoving his cock a little deeper, sweat dripped off his chin dropping onto her cheek, he leaned forward to lick it off, short gasps, came from both of them, she wrapped him inside her legs and arms, lifting her hips to catch his fire.

"Awe Jen, I'm so close baby, your so good, take it baby, let it go."

"Abner please, fuck me, fuck me good."

He levered up over her, hands planted by her shoulders, and buried his cock in her pounding her hard, jarring her core making her shake, she began to claw at his back, and bite his shoulders, he whipped his ass harder, and spread her legs with his knees, he began to shake, and when she screamed and stiffened flexing, he growled and held her in a crushing grip, spilling inside her. He fell to the side, and spooned to her back, pulling her into his arms, they fell into an exhausted sleep.

She woke slowly to the sounds of birds singing, and a breeze whispering through the pines, she felt around behind her, but did not find Abner, pulling the sleeping bag down past her chin she surveyed the area. She finally found him down by the lake, sitting in lotus on a big boulder, without clothes, she almost called to him when he morphed, turning into the wolf. He began to lope along the shore, smelling the brush and hiking a leg to pee, was he marking his spot, claiming territory. She was still under the sleeping bag when he returned, still in spirit wolf, he lay down next to her, and lowered his head to his paws. She reached out slowly and scratched his ears, What beautiful black fur he hade, he rolled to his side, and seamed to enjoy her petting. His body began to shiver, and he morphed back into human form and rolled to her.


He flipped her on her stomach and pulled her hips up, he bit her shoulder, hands stroking her breasts, pinching her nipples, tweaking them. He thrust against her ass, then put his cock inside her, pushing in fully, she moaned and pressed her cheek to the ground and spread her thighs as wide as she could, he jammed as much as he could as fast as he could, frequently popping her knees off the ground, balls slapping her clit exciting her more. She moaned and whimpered, fully going submissive under his pounding, her vaginal muscles gripped his cock in a vice like hold, fluids seeped out around his cock and dripped down her legs. Both their muscles tensed at the same time and she screamed herself hoarse.

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