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Woman Named Tiss


This is the story of a woman named Tiss. Now, Tiss was a luscious 38DD-28-32 blonde bombshell, and quite an avid nymphomaniac. Tiss loved her men. All of them. Every night, Tiss was at her favorite lounge, scoping out new prospects for a little action. Tiss would spot a likely subject, work him over with her feminine charms, and before long Tiss had him eating out of the palm of her hand at her favorite hotel room. All men were potential playmates. It didn't matter if they were rich or poor, young or old, Tiss loved them all.

One night, not long ago, Tiss was at her usual hang-out, scanning the crowd for potential prospects for her evening's romp, when her eye quickly caught that of an elderly gentleman sitting in the rear corner of the bar near the pool table. His neatly groomed salt and pepper hair and pinstriped business suit told her this was the one. Tiss wasted no time in setting herself to work. Her long delicate fingers snaked slowly around the stem of her glass, and she raised it toyingly to her generously glossed lips. Tiss eyed the gentleman over the rim of her glass, her thick mascara laden lashes lowering and flitting as she slowly sipped her white wine. The gentleman returned her gaze, and Tiss slipped off the stool one leg at a time, carefully allowing her long slender thighs to part the hip high slit in the side of her lavender evening dress.

Tiss' eyes never left his as she sauntered catlike towards the gentleman, her curvaceous hips swaying from side to side like gently rolling waves of the ocean. She eased her glass to the table, and with one polished nail, Tiss slowly slid the right strap of her evening dress off her shoulder. Tiss tossed her long wavy hair behind her and snaked one long silky leg over his. She brushed her inner thigh against his, starting at his knee and carefully inching her way upward as she settled slowly into his lap. Tiss brushed his hair aside and blew lightly into his ear, purring softly as she pressed her body tight against his. She could feel the manly heat in his pants throbbing against her thigh as her breasts settled into his chest. Tiss lightly kissed his lips, and she could hear the quivering in the gentleman's breathing as she whispered softly in his ear, "How would you like to have a little fun tonight?"

Tiss could not keep her hands off the gentleman as they stepped from the car. She carefully withdrew the room key she kept on a long chain around her neck from between her breasts and unlocked the door, all the while her lips working hungrily up and down the gentleman's neck. Clothes started hitting the floor as soon as the door was opened, and within minutes, the bed was ablaze with the heat of passion. Groping hands were everywhere, and the moans and groans of serious lovemaking filled the air.

In one swift move, Tiss threw her long leg aside and pushed, rolling herself on top of the gentleman without losing a stride. Tiss drove her tight ass down hard against the gentleman's pelvis, moaning and groaning louder with every thrust. She raised her hands high above her head and ran her fingers through her hair, her massive breasts bouncing as the gentleman's hands dug deeper and deeper into her flesh with every stroke of her dripping wet pussy. Tiss worked her hips faster and faster back and forth, up and down, rolling them in little circles at the bottom of each stroke as she rode the elderly gentleman like a runaway train. Higher and higher their passions rose, and at the moment of triumph, the gentleman let out a scream of satisfaction, then died...

The next night, Tiss was back at the bar, scoping out her next playmate. She had just ordered a White Russian, when a softball team came in to celebrate their victory in the local championship finals. Tiss immediately spotted the captain of the team and set herself to work. Tiss crossed her long slender legs and slipped her shoe from her ankle, letting the red pump dangle from her toes as she slowly rocked her foot back and forth. The ice cubes clinked softly as she picked up her glass and swirled it around, her long moist tongue hungrily tasting the rim of the glass as she eyed the young stud sitting in the middle of the room. The young stud winked back at her, and he could not take his eyes off from Tiss as she slipped down from her bar stool and sauntered catlike towards the table.

Tiss slid her slender velvety arm around the team captain's neck and leaned towards him, bending forward so as to provide the young stud with an ample view of her bountiful cleavage. She bent down to blow in his ear, squeezing her shoulders together and pushing her chest upward to allow her left nipple to slip above the hem of her dress. Tiss slid her other arm around the young stud's neck and pulled him to her, kissing him full on the lips as she settled slowly into his lap. She could feel his manly heat throbbing against her crotch as she worked her ass cheeks slowly back and forth. Tiss leaned back and set her glass on the table, reaching in such a way so as to allow her left breast to rise from its satin nest. She turned back to the young stud, pressing her bare breast against his chest as she whispered coyly in his ear, "You think you hit your last home run of the night? I know where you can score another one."

Tiss let the young stud drive her Camero Z28 as they left the bar. Once inside the car, her hand quickly found his zipper, and in no time, her moist lipstick laden lips were sliding up and down his stiff rod. The young stud exhaled a long moan as Tiss' head bobbed and twisted, her tongue swirling around his pulsing hardness and her hands carefully cradling his quivering ball sack as the young stud struggled to operate the pedals. Faster and faster Tiss worked up and down, until her mouth was filled with his hot juices. Tiss swallowed deliberately and licked her lips, withdrawing the key from between her breasts as the car pulled to a stop in front of the hotel room. The young stud did not even bother to zip his pants as he stepped to the passenger side door and carried Tiss from the car. He slipped one strong hand around her ass and the other behind her shoulders, carefully lifting her to his waist as he walked up the steps to the room. Tiss' free hand kept pumping the young stud as she unlocked the door and pushed it open. The young athlete laid Tiss softly on the bed, and within minutes, the room was filled with the intense heat of passion.

Tiss moaned with delight as the young stud entered her. Her long silky legs wrapped tightly around his waist as his throbbing rod pressed into the back of her dripping wet pussy. The young stud's hands dug deep into Tiss' breasts as he drove into her, softly at first, then rising to a raging fury of fiery animal passion. The bed began to creak and moan as Tiss and the young stud continued their wild lovemaking, both of the them groaning louder and louder with every carefully choreographed thrust of their hips. Faster and faster the young stud hammered, his balls smacking loudly against Tiss' ass cheeks. Tiss began to scream with the throes of orgasm, and the young stud arched his back and groaned. He exhaled a deep sigh of relief, then collapsed onto Tiss, never to rise again...

The next night, Tiss was once again at her favorite lounge, scouting out playmates for her evening frolic. She ordered her drink, a raspberry daiquiri, and promptly spotted a well dressed middle aged man sitting at the other end of the bar. Tiss placed her drink on the bar and set herself to work. Tiss drew the man's attention with a sly wink and a toss of her hair, smiling coyly as she watched him gnaw hungrily on a cheeseburger and plate of fries. She caught a twinkle in his eyes, and sauntered catlike over towards the man. Tiss flashed a smooth thigh and a little cleavage, wrapping her arms around him as she whispered in his ear, "How about some dessert to go with that burger?" Tiss ordered a salad while the man finished his meal, and before long, she had him at her hotel room for a night of hot steamy passion. Tiss had her way with the man, rolling and twisting in a heated frenzy of animal magnetism. She teased and toyed with him, taking him to incredible heights, where he, like the others, died in the throes of orgasm...

And so it went for the next couple of weeks. Night after night, Tiss would pick up a man at the lounge, take him to her hotel room, engage him in hot passionate sex, and the man would die. After a while, the County Coroner became suspicious of Tiss, and notified the police department of his concerns. Why would men, twenty of them in all, die after having sex with Tiss? The Detective agreed, and set out to bring Tiss in for questioning.

The Detective picked Tiss up at her apartment and brought her down to the station. He sat her at the desk in the interrogation room and began to ask her just why men seemed to die after having sex with her. How did she chose her victims and how did she go about her business? Just what was it about the investment banker, the young athlete, the retired factory worker, twenty men in all, that intrigued her so much? What possible explanation could Tiss offer that would justify such an unlikely and tragic turn of events? After heavy police questioning and intense heated demonstrations, the homicide Detective's report read as follows:

"It is the finding of this department, that in the matter of the death's of the twenty men found at Lakeside Hotel, there is no wrong doing on the part of the woman in question. It is simply a matter of fact that the men in question could not handle the rigors of more Tiss."

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