tagFirst TimeWould You?

Would You?


As she sat on the bus absently running her over the laptop case doubling as a night bag she wondered how she'd gotten into this situation. She thought back to the text that had started it all.



"Hey, what's up?"

"I'm horny."

She'd gotten this text a million times from so she just paused trying to drum up a list of people she could give him to text but she couldn't think of anyone and she was sick of having this conversation.


"What do you want me to do about it?"

"help me."

"I don't have anyone for you to text." She quickly wrote tossing the phone back on the bed.

*Buzz buzz buzzzz* the phone vibrated loudly across the bed she snatched it quickly getting aggravated.

"No you help me send me a pic." That brought her up short her mind went into rapid fire. The words, "Danger Will Robinson!" flashed in her head. He didn't, he wouldn't, he couldn't have just asked her that. This was her son no not in the literal sense but she did play a major mother role in his life for over 6 years now, since they were both kids but there she sat on the bed considering it. She'd just be helping a friend out, right it couldn't go beyond that right. Right she decided reminding herself this was her best friend's ex.

"Fine." She conceded walking across the hall to the bath room. "What do you want?"

"full body, thanks." She rolled her eyes quickly stripping and snapping several pics until she found one she liked and sending it. She walked back across the hall and laid down wondering what sort of can of worms she'd just opened. It got worst a pic a day most days several starting and stopping sexting it all started the same way.




"Fine,... what do you want?" It'd snowball from there pic after pic of her pussy, telling him how rough she liked it. The third the bomb dropped,

"I'm a virgin." She actually sat blinking at the phone for a minute in disbelief.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah would you?"

"...I'll think about it."


That's how she'd ended up here on this bus clear across town, "What have I gotten myself into," she muttered pulling the phone from her black bikini top.

"You almost here," it read. She looked out the window down the street; yep she pressed the stop button.

"Yeah, getting off the bus now."

She saw him standing across the street and quickly averted her eyes scared if he still looked the same she run and jump back on the bus too reminded of the child who'd stolen her heart. She hurried across the street where he was waiting getting close she looked up shocked by how much he'd grown over the summer being only 5ft herself she was all leg 3 ½ feet to be exact, Tony was all everything. A quick hug was exchanged and they walked the block back to his house. She dropped her stuff in the living room. "You ready to swim?" he asked wracking his eyes over her long peasant blouse and tights stopping at hips. They were her pride and joy big even for a black girl measuring a solid 46' accentuating her 35' waist and coke bottle shape perfectly. She didn't notice as she started unbuttoning the long blouse she looked up.

"Sure," she said. He reached next to her grabbing his swim trunks. She frowned down at her breast once the blouse was open, extremely small in her opinion for 38C's. She started to wiggle the tights down exposing her long legs. Tony instantly felt his cock stirring watching her round ass bounce from the side of the couch as she slid the leggings down he excused himself to get towels mainly to cover his growing hard-on. As he came back in the room she walked past with growing confidence taking one and throwing it over her shoulder. Tony's eyes instantly glued to her hips again as she walked to the back door, no walk didn't cover it he decided, this girl danced when she moved he decided watching her hips sway to the back door how hadn't he noticed it before. He walked up behind her pressing his chest against her back as he unlocked the door.

"After you," he said. She pressed back against him slightly before walking to the patio. Tony licked his lips, "Damn," he breathed. Dominique smiled slowly before turning around.

"What?" she asked innocently. He blinked slowly letting his eyes roam back up wishing he could fly across the patio and kiss his way up and down her body instead he stuttered nervously jerking his eyes away.

"Nothing." Dominique set her towel on one of the outdoor barstools as he went about turning on the pool lights. She stepped in settling back against the wall. "How's the water?" She looked up floating with her head resting on the pool deck and nodded it was fine. He dived in narrowly missing splashing her. She couldn't help but laugh giving him a thumb's up. He surfaced and swam toward her the blue light giving his bronze skin an ethereal glow. She bit her lip wanting to wrap her legs around him but he swam just out of reach. They chatted happily about nothing circling just out of reach of each other until Dominique reached out stopping him.

"You ready?" she asked inclining her head questioningly. Tony licked his lips before nodding. She smiled at his shyness before climbing out the pool she grabbed her towel before turning around to watch her prize do the same his flat chest and six pack glistening deliciously she picked up his towel wrapping it around him before opening the door they toweled off in the living room Dominique untying her bikini top putting her blouse back on they walked down the hall before turned around looking down at Dominique. He reached over opening the door just ahead of his.

"Can you wait here? I put the dogs in my room." She walked in shutting the door quickly she heard claws on hard wood and yelling then the plastic grate sliding closed over the dog door. She waited patiently for him to come get her. The door opened and she walked toward his silhouette but he stood firmly she backed up letting him all the way in. "So what do we do?" he asked walking to the center of the room. She chuckled softly.

"You're such a virgin," she said leaning up to kiss him he responded with such zeal she had to catch her breath. She slid down tugging his trunks along the way her breath hitched he was pushing 8 inches and not even fully hard yet he was thicker than her wrist too she began to suck eagerly wanting to see it in its fully hard glory not being able to take all of him she wrapped her hand around him pumping in time with her sucking and licking. His hand tangled in her hair but he didn't push her he began humping her face lightly until he was hard enough to fuck her. As he pulled back she whined softly. Tony smiled instructing her to lie down she did as he laid on top of her she quickly undid the buttons ripping the shirt slightly where one button wouldn't give tossing it with his shorts. Tony leaned in immediately attaching to her left breast sucking and licking his teeth grazing her nipple before kissing his way to the other giving it the same treatment her fingers danced at the back of his neck offering gentle encouragement. As he kissed lower her breath hitched he drug her panties off with his teeth before sucking her clit she bit her lip her eyes closing. He began to lick and suck lower she'd never had a more talented tongue down there he kissed each lip before licking the outer edge of her hole fast making her writhe hard before shoving his tongue in deep sucking hard she almost came right then out of all the guys she'd slept with 4 had been willing to go down and he put them all to shame just that fast she bucked softly against him begging for more silently. The words danced on her lips but she couldn't form a coherent thought to push them out. She tried to say faster but all that came out was "faaaaaa,"She felt him smiling before licking lower she moaned loudly feeling hi tongue dancing and teasing her ass hole he began fingering her now dripping wet cunt. She hooked her finger under his chin bringing him up kissing deep. He stared at her intently, "you ready," he asked stroking his cock a few times making it even harder. She leaned in biting his in response he lined up lifting her legs over his shoulders practically lifting her in the air and bending her in half at the same time he shoved in slowly hissing from how tight she was around him he pulled out and slid back in 3 times before he was in all the way he fucked her furiously the carpet digging into the space between her shoulder blades. She pushed back against him with equal vigor he paused before leaning down kissing her to still her body. Her legs began inching their way off his shoulders in order to push back harder and he froze shoving as deep in her as possible hitting her G spot and several other spots she didn't know she had causing her to arch hard against him locking her legs back in place. "Just let me do this you might push me out," he said looking down at her she nodded panting hard. He went deeper making her see stars her eyes falling half shut and flying open every time he hit a new spot making her mouth open in a silent scream. He backed up slowly sliding out, "where's the lube?" She looked around dazed.

"In my bag." He practically ran to the living room grabbing the small bottle of astroglide from her bag.

"Bend over," he said already applying some to his ragging hard on. Dominique rolled so she was on all fours and felt his fingers gently probing her ass loosening her up his lubed fingers fighting against her muscles he bit, licked, and sucked her perfectly rounded checks as he worked her loose. Her face was roughly pushed into the carpet as she had to reach back and spread her ass for him. The tip slid in agonizingly slow stretching her farther than any man ever had. She could hear him drawing back and the first blow landed *smack* it didn't sound like a gun going off like she was used to but it was amazing. Her ass shook and jiggled under his spanking as he pushed further and further into her tight hole finally getting majority of his hard shaft in. He leaned over her his chest pressing into her back he reached around grabbing her tits gently squeezing them driving in deeper with each thrust her back almost a perfect "C" arch. "I'm so close." She looked back honestly surprised he'd lasted this long. "Lay down." She slid off slowly taking her original position he lined up again sliding in a little easier he drilled her like a jack hammer leaning into her raising the bar on what a real kiss is sliding his tongue up and down hers they took turns biting each other's lips she reached up dragging her nails down is chest and stomach causing a deep shuddering moan he drew back. "Don't do that," he implored; her smile widened. He quickly flipped them over taking both her hands so she was riding but she wasn't going fast enough for him. He pulled her down, "no don't kiss, just give me your tongue." She complied and immediately squealed into his mouth feeling him sucking her tongue massaging hers with his. He broke away smiling cockily; he pointed between them, "if you can work that I can work this," he ran a thumb over her lips she instantly started going faster and deeper. He fell back moaning loudly and she couldn't help herself teasing her nails down his body again inciting the same shudder she found so enticing. "Up," he breathed turning her around and pulling her flat against his chest pistoning up into her. He bit her neck from behind nibbling her ear until she turned kissing him hungrily while he drove her to new heights. He finally gave her a light tap on the ass signaling for her to get up she sat on her knees while he jerked his cock finishing the job she swallowed it all milking his cock for all it was worth until he pulled back falling next to her he took her face in his fingertips kissing her gently this time before they both laid down. She wrapped her legs around his as he pulled her against his side.

"Five minutes?" she asked looking up

"If that," he chuckled.

"No way in hell you're a virgin," she laughed snuggling closer. It was going to be a long night.

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