She was on her back, him high above her as he plunged his prick into her once more, her wrists tied loosely but firmly above her beautiful head to the bed head board, the gag tied around her mouth preventing her from screaming out loud as she had when he had first taken her in her own bedroom.

She wasn't a willing partner in this love scene, she had been taken against her will, she had fought him struggling all the way, screaming out for help but none would be forthcoming, their house was too distant from another.

He had slapped her face, not too hard, but enough to stun her into momentary silence while he ripped her clothes off and tied her to her bed.

He was too strong for her to resist anyway, she being only 5ft tall maybe not even that, and weighing only 7 stones or less, he was over 6ft and weighing about twice of her.

He was a handsome man, she had always thought so from the first day they had met, good looking would be a better way of describing him, distinguished grey hair adorned the sides of his head and a thick head of dark hair above that.

His blue eyes looked down at her as he fucked her with an intensity she knew, was only because it was her he was fucking helplessly.

Masculine in every sense of the word, a mans man, always fit, always hard at work doing something, he was wealthy even if he wasn't always on the straight and narrow, he had always been good to her until this day.

He had always seen to their needs, even sometimes unbidden he had provided her house and home with things only his money could have bought, but this wasn't why he was fucking her, it was because he was unable to contain himself any longer, she had always known he had wanted her, a woman knows these things when she sees a man looking at her in a certain guarded way, even if he tries to disguise it as something else.

Karen was a beautiful young thing 21 years old to his 44 years, she was a small auburn long haired beauty, though her size was tiny, her proportionate body was perfect in every way, from her toes to the top of her beautiful soft haired head everything was matched to total symmetry with all she was.

Her sensuality was evident in every smooth action she took, she glided and floated, never walked, glanced, never looked, her eyes would catch you so unaware she would mesmerise a man, her long soft hair would swirl gently about her head as she moved, always landing in the exact spot that emphasised her beauty.

She was always the kind of girl that would defer to others, but usually always getting her way because any man she met wanted to please her for no other reason that he was charmed by her looks.

And this is what had driven him to the action he was now taking, he hadn't wanted to do it, but his cock and her glance at him that morning had spurred him onwards, so he had followed her upstairs when she went to get something and had just plain captured her.

She was getting turned on despite herself, any girl would feel the same as his superb cock began to subdue her resistance, she knew it was wrong, he did too, but now it was too late to go back, it was happening and neither could stop it now, least of all her because it was her that was tied down and helpless.

He leaned in now as he rodded her and pulled the gag off he attempted to kiss her hoping she would kiss him back, she turned her head away to stop him, he instead kissed her at her neck and shoulders, she tried to twist away but couldn't as he was already at it.

She felt her nipples started to harden and thought to her self, 'if he sees them Im done for!'

That's when he probed his tongue into her ear, she yelped in surprise and the utter confusion that scrambled her brain by that one action, he immediately understood it for what it was, and attacked her ear with gusto, sucking, licking and kissing it, she did manage to turn her head away, but he just captured the other one, he had found her weak spot, or one of them any way.

'Please,' she moaned as if it was someone else speaking, his cock was plunging in and out severely hard now, his mouth covered her ear completely as he sucked it into his mouth, this was how she had thought being fucked should be like, and it was turning out to be as good a fucking she had had for a while.

Her resistance was waning fast; she couldn't stop her legs from climbing over his back to help him on his way to the conquest of her body, even though she didn't know she had done it until she glimpsed her feet in the air.

He was up on his elbows completely in control, he was an experienced lover and knew how to please almost any woman, and he was learning fast how to please Karen underneath him as a glazed look started to come into her beautiful brown eyes.

That's when he went for another kiss and she weakly responded, it wasn't a full kiss from her but she couldn't refuse or turn away either, he had won, he gave a smile of satisfaction that she was bodily responding, she was unwittingly starting to hump back at him too.

It made him as happy as he had been for a long time, then she came as he had passionately hoped for under him, in a grunt and a mewling growl her body stiffened in it's throes, her head lifted from the pillow as it raced through her, he had wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her, but she was married now and he knew she would always be off limits, but not any more.

She gazed up at him as he lifted his lips from her, he smiled at her now, she whispered, 'you fucking bastard, you know shouldn't be doing this to me!'

'Kiss me right now you lecherous cunt,' she ordered him.

He laughed and happily did so; she kissed him as hard as she could from the position she was in.

He was still working his prick in and out and they were both now coming to a final climax together, he powered his wonderful prick into her, because that was how she was thinking of it now, one final time and he came with a thunderous roar that stunned her, it sent her right over the edge with him in another stupendous orgasm.

He sort of collapsed on top of her while they recovered, after a while he kissed her lovingly, sensually wantonly, softly, powerfully, tenderly, their tongues mingling in a swirling pool of loving after glow of love.

He rolled off her slowly his prick deflated now and lay at her side with his arm holding her to him, 'now for the inquest,' he thought.

'Untie me please Jack,' she said.

He looked at her hesitantly and complied.

She immediately threw herself on top of him, straddled him and started punching him about head and body, he let her get it out of her system, her punched were light to him, but some did sting, eventually she tired and stopped, not only because of her onslaught but also because of the fabulous fucking she had just been put through.

She leaned forward now and kissed him passionately, she couldn't help it, how could a woman not be grateful for a love session like that even though it had been unexpected, unwanted and unasked for?

'That was fantastic you fucking twat,' she mumbled into his mouth.

'I have never been tied up before it blew me away, and how did you know about my ears?'

'Just by trying to give you what turns you on the most,' he said.

She had her arms wrapped about his neck kissing him lovingly, any thoughts of revenge or get back was gone now, she wanted more of what he had to offer, even if it was wrong.

Her husband was at work earning the money they were saving towards a new house, and here she was being taken, fucked, defiled, and raped really, but it was done now and now she was a committed partner to the crime.

She reached down and felt for his prick, he moaned when she grasped it and squeezed which pleased her, 'you like that Jack?' she whispered at him.

'Oh God yes Karen I love it, don't stop honey,' he said as she worked her magic.

She slid backwards down his legs and straddled his left thigh, holding his sticky prick in her right hand and his hairy balls in her left, wanking him slowly and crushing his balls gently, she peered up at him through long lashes and said alluringly, 'you want me Jack Mmmm, you really want me?' she teased, as she scratched away softly at that sensitive bit men have between their arses and balls.

'I've wanted you forever baby,' he murmured.

'Yes I know Jack, you've wanted me from the moment you met me haven't you?'

'I have always known Jack, I know when any man wants me, I can tell just from a look.'

'You have known I have wanted you all this time?' he said incredulously.

'Yep, you are easy Mr, you men are all the same, I have your number Jack,' she laughed.

His cock was growing in her soft hand as it worked it's way up and down his shaft, her caressing of his balls was adding to his internal excitement, she suddenly bent her head so her mouth was directly over the head of his prick, he sucked in breath in anticipation of what she was about to do.

'You want me to suck you off Jack?' she gleefully whispered, knowing it was she who was in charge of the situation now.

'Yes Karen I do, I really do,' he laughed, knowing what she was thinking, 'you don't know who you are tangling with baby,' he said to himself, happy to let her believe that she was the boss.

She bent her beautiful head and gathered in the prick that a few moments before had devastated her and sucked it in like a woman hovering her carpet, she set about cleaning his pipes like they had never been, he was ecstatic, he humped along with her suctions and he was treated to a blow job to end all blow jobs, he felt his balls tightening and knew in a few moments he would come, he shot his load powerfully into her loving waiting mouth, after Karen had taken it all down he pulled her off her knees and into his arms.

She happily accepted his love and snuggled into him, 'Jack you know we shouldn't have done this don't you?'

'You shouldn't have done this to me, and you shouldn't have put me in this invidious position now,' she told him.

'Yes I know Karen and really I feel sorry about it, but I couldn't contain myself any longer baby,' Jack said.

'I do understand Jack, I know you have felt this for a long time, the problem you have now is, how are you going to keep me happy, because if you can't I may have to look elsewhere now?' she said knowingly.

This shocked him, this hadn't been in his thoughts, he couldn't possibly have her looking elsewhere for relief of any sort.

'Why did you marry him?' he asked.

'Because he is safe, dependable, trustworthy and kind; treats me right, he loves me, and the kind of husband who won't stray no matter what temptation is put in his path.' Karen said.

'But you will Karen, you will stray, is that what you are saying to me now?' he proffered.

'Well Jack, you have started the ball rolling so to speak, I would never have looked anywhere else until this day, we have been married 12 months now, and nothing until you raped me would have had me looking at another man,' she said.

'Karen, if you put a foot wrong I won't allow you to get away with it, you know that don't you? I can and will prevent it!' he said.

Karen laughed at him, 'Oh yes and how will you do that Jack? I don't belong to you!'

'Yes you do honey, you are mine now and no one else will ever fuck you apart from me and him.' He bellowed.

She giggled and said, 'yes I know, I am just annoying you Jack, don't worry,'

After he had rested and between words of love and endearment he roughly grabbed her and forced her over onto her stomach, he had his knees either side of her and sat on her arse, this scared her and she begged 'Jack please what are you doing?'

Forcing her arms above her head he retied her face down to the head board again.

'Please Jack stop, I'm sorry, I didn't mean all that, let me go I promise I will be good, I'm not that sort of girl honesty.'

'You need to be taught a lesson girl about how to play with the big boys, I play fair but rough, you need to learn your place baby, and now I am going to show you just where you are in the pecking order.' He growled at her.

Her mind was in turmoil, all her life she had been treated with reverence because of her beauty, even when she was small, and the into her younger years and teens, boys had wanted too protect her for some reason, she was the ultimate cutie, then a beautiful woman, she was a fragile china doll to everyone it appeared.

She had always wanted someone to be forceful with her, someone who would say, 'no you can't, or yes you will, and that's the end of it!'

She had tried to entice her husband to be a bit domineering in bed, but he would say, 'I'm frightened of hurting you darling.'

Well her unsung wish was at hand, here was someone being domineering with her, forcing her into seduction, making her do what she didn't want to do, and she didn't like it, she didn't like it one bit!

No, she absolutely fucking loved it, it was fantastic, even if she was being scared out of her wits.

'Jack please, Im scared of you, please stop,' she begged, but she didn't mean it, the words just came out of her mouth.

Now securely fastened down, he began to stroke her body, he told her she was the most fantastic fuck he had ever had and was not stopping for anything or anyone, including you, least of all you!' he told her.

He scooped some of their love juice from between her legs and smeared it around her arse and prodded some in with his finger, this made her squeal as she had never had her arsehole interfered with, the sensation of his finger wriggling inside her bum hole made her want to shit!

But it was a shit she knew she would not have, his finger continued to probe and feel her, she mewled at him as big tears dropped from her eyes, in some little pain, arousal and a lot of shame.

Then placing his knees between hers he lowered himself onto her and began probing her arse with his now fully erect powerful prick.

She begged him not to go any further, she would do anything he ever said, but please don't go there she begged tearfully and fearfully.

'There is a lesson for you here Karen, and it's this, you don't mess with the best when the best don't mess!'

He pushed his arms underneath her and felt for her nipples, she couldn't stop the moan of arousal escaping her lips as he squeezed and twisted them.

He thrust his cock into her arse in one heave, it split her apart, or it felt like it, she gagged and tried feebly to get away but there was no where to go, she was a prisoner, a captive and helpless, he held her in place as he took her virgin arse from her.

As he defiled her further and further, she began to feel different, she couldn't quite grasp what it was until a ripple raced through her pussy, she was submitting and accepting her arse fucking and starting to feel pleasure from it, she turned her head and whispered to him, 'Oh Jack oh Jack, please make me cum?'

He did, and then he came in her arse and exploded his load deep into her, she felt her arse must look like a car tyre the way she felt it expand as his cum filled her.

She was laid face down, her head buried into the sweat and tear soaked pillow, she felt him untie her but didn't have the strength to turn herself over, he gently gathered her in his arms and turned her toward him, where they shared a gentle loving kiss.

Karen kissed him softly and lovingly, and told him she didn't ever want this to stop, 'you started it Jack and I won't let you finish it now, you have taken me, and I will accept it all forever.'

'I will always be around you Karen from this day on, don't ever worry baby, nothing can ever keep me from loving and wanting you, you are the perfect woman as far as I am concerned, I wish I had met and known you first darling,' he whispered into her ear.

They made love later in the day once more, this time it was soft and gentle, the way she knew most, but it was different with Jack, they rest of the time was spent in each others arms, kissing and loving.

She now knew she had fired her cupid's arrow at the wrong man, she had hit her intended target, but sadly it was a mistake she didn't know she was making, a mistake that her husband would never be aware of, she would continue to be his wife no matter what, but she knew unerringly now that she should have aimed the arrow squarely and truly and hit Jack her husbands Dad!

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