He lay above her, his weight resting on his arms, his forehead rested gently against hers. With his thighs pressed intimately between her two, he lay nudged against her heat, needing only one thing from her. Leaning down to brush his lips against hers, he pulled back and locked eyes. Dropping a gentle kiss on her nose, he asked softly, "Yes?"

Code for them, code that they had developed just before this meeting meant to be used when she went home. A simple email from both of them indicating whether this meeting was what they expected, hoped for, needed. Lazily bringing her hand from the middle of his back to his shoulder and down again, she smiled, the barest movement of her lips. "Yes."

It was all he needed, all he had waited for. They had been so incredibly patient, needing to make sure the timing was right. For what could have been either an hour or five minutes, they had lain beside one another, hands moving over skin, slowly, gently. No pressure, no rush, no expectation. Living in that moment, every single breath was intensely felt, every movement communicating what they held off from saying out loud. At her softly whispered yes, he tangled his fingers with hers, resting it against the pillow beside her head. Pressing gently forward, sliding slowly into her, he felt her breath leave her on a gasp.

Beneath him, she was stunned. For years, she had known him, loved him. She had written and rewritten this meeting so often in her mind that she had given up on it ever being a reality. But a few months ago, they stopped dancing around what was right there all along and made the conscious decision to see what the future held for them. Hours of conversation spent trying to dissuade one another from the need so strongly felt failed. In those few months, they were more honest than in any of the serious relationships that either of them had been in for the entire six years during which they'd known each other. Confessing to things that anyone else would keep carefully locked away and forgotten, admitting past misdeeds, even owning up to loves had and discarded. For six years, she had felt more comfortable with him than anyone else, but never truly believed the love he felt for her was real. The last few months had started to really make her long for her 'home' with him and now, with him moving so slowly, carefully inside her, she felt herself hurtling toward him in a rush, loving him with everything she had, her whole world narrowing to just the two of them, creating a place where only they existed. Home.

Sliding her ankles to the back of his thighs, and raising her head to press a kiss against his neck, she drew him further inside. They had to move slowly, thank god. They couldn't rush this if they wanted to or he would hurt her.

Bit by bit he moved into her, kissing her lips, cheek, nose, chin. Whispering over and over again how beautiful she was, how incredible she felt around him, how much he loved her. Sliding his hands under and behind her back, he anchored himself with her shoulders, pulling her tightly against him before kissing her deeply and pushing himself to the very depths of her body. Pulling back from her mouth long enough to make sure her moan was one of pleasure rather than pain, he bit softly into her bottom lip while pulling himself slightly out of her body, then harder as he slammed himself back into her.

Lost in the complete submersion in sensation, she could do nothing but feel. Her body tight around him, full; her mind a blur, she felt her body expand as though it might explode. More than just the sex, him inside her; she felt completely full of him as though he had moved not just inside her intimately but emotionally as well.

His patience gone, her need at a record high, they let go of the desire to move slowly. She began to pull herself upward to meet his thrusts; he began to slam down against her. Soft sweet moans turned almost guttural as they moved their bodies every way possible to make the other gasp, moan, eventually explode. Rolling her hips beneath him, her hands a constant movement on his skin, she whispered to him, begging him not to hold back, telling him how incredible he felt inside her, how completely full of him she was, how much she loved him; harder, deeper... more.

He knelt up from her, sliding his hands under her hips to lift her tightly against him. As her legs locked around his back, he let go of the years of need and poured all of that into every thrust, every single hit of skin on skin. Fucking her almost hard enough to leave bruises, he slipped his hands further up her back, near her shoulders. Lifting her to sit astride his lap, he wrapped his hands around her shoulders, pulling her down onto him as he thrust up, hard.

As brutal as his claiming of her body was, she could barely moan. Every noise she made seemed forced past an airless throat. There were no words, no discernable sounds. Only the noises of a woman being completely possessed. Nails leaving deep red trails over his back and the occasional bite mark were the battle wounds of a need denied far too long.

Soon he lay back, pulling her over him so her breasts were a mere breath away. Catching a nipple between tongue and teeth, he fucked her more slowly, both of them struggling to breathe, so intense they had been. Pushing her to lean back , hands against his thighs, he held her hips and rocked against her before moving his hand to flick his thumb over her clit, sending her breath even more ragged. On a silent scream, he felt her body grow excruciatingly tight then beautifully wet around him. He kept rocking within her till the clenching stopped, holding his own breath, forcing himself not to come too soon.

As she regained herself, she fell forward, her hair a cocoon for them to hide in. He kissed her deeply then whispered to her again how beautiful, how intensely erotic, incredibly sensual. "I love you" he whispered.

"Yes" on a soft moan, "yes yes yes." Satisfied and still hungry, she rolled her hips against him again. Nibbling his neck just above his collarbone, she whispered, "I want to feel you come inside me. I want everything."

He shuddered beneath her, gripping her hips and plunging himself deep twice, three times before her body clenched tight again (or in the same intensity from before) and he lost the battle. With a sound from deep inside, he let himself go, poured every ounce of himself into her body, felt her pull him deeper, heard her murmur of pleasure. For hours (or was it really just seconds) he came into her, completely overwhelmed with every single sensation.

Pulling her down to rest against his chest, running his fingers over her spine, making her laugh softly, he whispered again, "I love you."

Smiling once more, she wrote "I love you" on the skin of his chest with the tip of her finger then, dropping a kiss on his lips she said, "Yes."

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