tagGroup SexYokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 04

Yokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 04


The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet through one of the swinger personal sites. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure together. Part 3 was Saturday with our first threesome. Part 4 is Sunday's hot fun with 3 black US service men. This has been co-written by Angel and myself.

By Sunday morning both Angel and I were starting to count up all the "firsts" we had experienced together and wanted to try to extend the list. From a previous contact Angel had made on the Internet, we tried to find a swinger's bar referred to in Japan as "Couplakissa's." After checking for websites and calling her contact we were unsuccessful. I suggested that we should try repeating some of the things we had done the day before to see if we could find a couple of willing participant's.

Our first stop was to complete Angel's new wardrobe. Yesterday we had bought the semi-see-through top that showed off her nipple rings and the string of pearls I had given her to link them together. We had also bought the short black micro mini skirt. Today with the skirt, she wore black nylons and a black garter belt, which in combination with the rest of the outfit looked absolutely stunning. To top (bottom) the entire outfit off, we wanted black, spiked high heel shoes.

We found our lucky shoe salesman at the same store where we had purchased the pearls and rest of her outfit. I think we were beginning to get quite a reputation there!

The shoe store was well equipped with nicely padded stools that were fairly low to the ground. After sending the salesman to get a couple of different shoes for Angel to try on, I had her sit down. After some repositioning of the stool, not only did I have a great view, but many of the customers passing by did too. The stool was also close enough to one of the mirrors, so that anyone in the shop glancing into it could have an interesting glimpse.

The salesman got his first look when he went down to help Angel off with the shoes she was wearing on entering the store. His immediate reaction was to momentarily stare at her womanhood, and then quickly look away. From that point on he was a bundle of nerves. It took almost 20 minutes for him to adjust the straps on the black 6-inch spiked heels that Angel had selected.

Angel did her best to give him every opportunity to get an even better look at her open pussy, but I guess it is part of a shoe salesman's training manual not to stare at a ladies crotch. Of course I don't think panty-less, shaved pussies were in the training manual.

After spending some quality "pussy" flashing times at various locations around the mall and Yokohama train station, we decided to go to a restaurant known as "TGIF," (Thank God it's Friday) which was right across from our hotel. We were becoming used to the glances by now. Angel turned a lot of heads as we headed for one of the tables in the bar area. As she lifted herself on to the chair, she gave 3 young black men sitting at the bar quite a view.

As we drank our rum and cokes, the eye contact between Angel and the 3 guys continued unabashed. Actually it was more like she had the eye contact they had the pussy contact. Angel told me she wanted all 3 of them to fuck and suck on. She asked me what she should do to make it happen. I told her she had already made a great impression with her pussy, so to just go over and start talking with them.

She quickly downed her drink and sat down beside the one closest to our table. Within minutes I could see the guys exchanging words and grinning from ear to ear. Just like the Cheshire cat in the fairytale of "Alice in Wonderland." I walked over and sat next to Angel, starting to converse with them to put us all at ease. I found out that they were navy service personnel and had only been in Japan for 5 days.

After some small talk I asked them if they wanted to take up Angel's offer to come back to the room with us to "party." All three readily agreed. The way Angel looked in her sexy, revealing outfit; I did not think they would say no.

Once in the room, I did the same as the day before. To break the ice, I pulled her top off over her head so they had an unobstructed view of her lovely breasts. Once they had recovered their breath, I unzipped her skirt and pushed that down off her slim waist revealing the most gorgeous cunt I think they had ever seen. One quick description about Angel that I had not revealed till now is she has the whitest, almost translucent skin I have ever seen.

I mention this now as in a few moments these three horny black men were running their hands all over her skin, quickly surrounding her body. It was quite a contrast. One of them lifted her off her feet and laid her gently on the bed. His were the first of many fingers and dicks in her moist, open and willing pussy that evening.

As I was snapping photo's the other two guys quickly stripped, revealing their long, thick black dicks. I could see Angel's surprised but elated reaction on seeing them for the first time. She reached out for their throbbing members, sucking first on one, then another. In the meantime the first guy removed his clothes. His cock was most definitely the longest and thickest of the three.

Angel was too engrossed in her ministrations to the other two dicks as they alternated between rubbing themselves over her face and having her sucking them off. I think her reaction to feeling the biggest one that was now forcing its way into her wet love channel was one of shock and a little pain. However, within seconds, she was thrusting and bucking her hips upwards to get every bit of his shaft into her as deep as possible.

Her moaning around the dick she was sucking on caused the first load of the night to fill her mouth to overflowing. As he withdrew, the guy on the other side shot his load all over her face, covering her with his hot seed. It ran from her mouth down the side of her face ending up in her already sweat- drenched hair.

The guy fucking her flipped her over so she was now on top laying on his heaving chest as he pounded his dick into her quivering pussy. The first guy that had cum in her mouth was already coming back to life and positioned himself behind her and between his buddy's legs. He slipped first one then two fingers up her tight anus, using the juices pouring from her dripping pussy that was forced out by the pounding she was getting from the unrelenting cock still pumping its way in and out of her like a piston.

He then removed his fingers and pushed his now rigid pole against her tight opening and plunged it in to its full depth, an almost animalistic look of raw lust on his face. Her movements urging him on, it wasn't long before he was screwing her for all he was worth. Fortunately for Angel, his dick, although long, was not nearly as thick as the one in her pussy. As I watched this hot double penetration action I could hear her moaning taking on a more urgent tone. She looked like a rag doll with the two dicks pushing her back and forth, both of the men grunting as they violated both of her openings.

The guy in her back door was the first to cum. As he did he pulled his still spewing dick out of her ass and sprayed his remaining hot cum all over her ass cheeks and back. I don't know how he did it, but the guy fucking her pussy was still going at it and showing no signs of tiring. The third black dude quickly took his turn with her now sloppy asshole. He was much larger than his buddy so it was fortunate that she had the benefit of the sperm inside her anus to aid in the second raping of her ass.

I am not sure how many times my sweet Angel came. But it was as if the more she came the more she wanted. She was now urging them both on to fuck her ass and pussy harder. This had an empowering effect on both of her lovers. The two of them started moaning and thrusting their rampaging dicks harder and harder into her willing orifices. I could see and sense that Angel was cumming harder than I had ever seen her. This caused the two guys fucking her holes to cum as well.

They did not withdraw for at least five minutes. To see my Angel so full with dicks, their cum leaking out from the suction made between their embedded cocks gradually beginning to shrink in her pussy and asshole was a sight I will never forget. She will not forget either as I snapped as many pictures of this wondrous sight as I could for her.

They left us alone after a quick clean up and a drink of beer I had offered to each of them. Angel had not moved off the bed. She was still breathing heavily, and I could see her shudder as if still having miniature orgasms. She looked over at me with such loving eyes as she mouthed the words "I love you." The sight of her covered with their combined cum dripping out of her well fucked ass and pussy made me think I had finally found the woman of my dreams.

I lay down beside her and gently kissed her. I could taste their cum on her lips and in her mouth. As my hand roamed down her violated body, I could feel the thick, sticky cum cooling on her alabaster skin. I brought my now cum soaked hand to her lips and she greedily sucked and licked my hand and fingers clean.

When I was the official cameraman my thoughts were on the task and not on fucking Angel. Now, however, I was filled with an overpowering urge to lick every bit of their cum off her lovely body, out of her seeping holes and to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass as hard as I could. Once I was finished licking, cleaning and ravishing her, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Some of the readers are probably thinking that Angel is a real slut, but so help me God, I actually fell in love with this woman. She is the first woman in my life that I feel totally open and comfortable around. We think alike, are both always horny and want to experience all that life has to offer us, both in and out of bed. Our last night together will be continued in Part 5, which was again a "first" for both of us. We finally got directions and information on the swingers bar " Le Grand Bleu." What a wonderful way to end our first weekend of passion together and with others.

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