tagNovels and NovellasYou Just Been Angela'd Ch. 04

You Just Been Angela'd Ch. 04


The envelope found itself in the mail picked up by William he had been out of town and had ran past the post office. Throwing it in the seat next to his he was ready for getting back home. Living alone for the most part he was excited for the solitude he was enjoying more and more.

Making some instant coffee he finally sat down looking through the bundle one envelope caught his eye a cream color velum envelope. He broke the seal and the most intoxicating scent permeated the air. Elegantly written all it said was "You've been Angela'd". Raising it back to his nose he could only think what a beautiful creature Angela must be.

Running through the other mail he kept looking at the cream color envelope wanting answers. Running through his past he knew he never knew an Angela. He blushed at the name of his first girl he had had. Shirley somebody he kept that for an enjoyable moment in life when he felt a little down.

Firsts were special they carried you onto more experiences you learned from them. You relived them in times of anxieties. They seemed to be able to break through your thoughts at their whim. The phone rang bringing him back from reminiscing about his early teenaged triumph.

"William speaking." William spoke all business.

"Are you William that builds beautiful furniture?" I asked knowing he was.

"I build furniture, yes I'm the one." William said a little taken back.

I enjoyed his being off balanced by my call. I knew he was a craftsman I also knew he was the man I wanted.

"May I come to your shop I am looking for a special piece to be built?" I said with sincere tones. I knew he was a master builder.

"Sure what time would be good for you?" He asked.

"I can be there in about thirty minutes. Would that be okay?" I asked knowing he would agree with me.

I hung the phone up hearing him asking me what was my name? My name wasn't the issue yet at least. I truly wanted him to build me a hutch. I drove up right on time. Time meant a lot to me it was common courtesy foremost.

I saw him standing in front of his shop he was proud confident, handsome and looked very friendly. Sexy was icing on the cake. I had seen pictures but first face to face was much more exciting for me.

"William's my name and yours?" Stanley asked sincerely.

"Angela." I said watching his face soften.

"Angela from the envelope?" He asked clumsily

"Yes, I did send you an envelope I guess you got it?" I asked knowing he had.

His body was so masculine so well muscular. His handshake was firm not a dead fish to deal with. His eyes were riveting smile was sincere.

"So what do you really want Angela?" He asked determined.

"You William." I said firmly. 'That and a large hutch."

He walked towards me took me by the elbow helping me into the shop I was wearing four inch heels. Once inside I was enthralled by the magnificent work that sat all around me.

"Who are you Angela?" William asked solemnly.

"I'm a woman that wants you. Not just for building I must admit." I smiled he was quite inquisitive more than any other was.

I knew he would be he was a man with a desire for knowledge. Questions stirring in his soul. I found him interesting beyond normal men. Opinionated I loved men with the zest that made them reaches out for answers. Intelligence will get you far with me.

"So do we have a deal William? I have dinner with you? You build me a hutch I get you?" I asked knowing he was going to agree.

I reached into my bag and handed him a box it was exquisitely made. Intricately Made he broke into a smile it was the box he gave Shirley so many years before.

"I will see you Friday William hope you enjoy hot Thai cuisine?" I turned disappeared without a trace.

He was left with more questions than answers. First where on Friday was he going to find me? Where did I get that box he secretly gave to Shirley? Hot cuisine food was his all time favorite. And Angela herself she was beyond beautiful a body to absolutely worship. She wasn't offering that though. He could feel that deep inside of his guts.

Building a hutch to what dimensions? William was boggled by all the questions he needed answers. His next four orders and a trip to the shop in town made the next three days fly by.

Friday was upon him. Coming down the drive he found a wonderful odor coming from his kitchen. There hadn't been a woman in the kitchen for so long he walked Slowly inside I stood there cooking his favorite Thai cuisine.

"I didn't expect this Angela." He sincerely spoke.

"Well, I needed to serve you your favorite foods. Why don't you shower you have time." I said.

William looked backwards as he walked back of the house. By the time he came out candles were lit. I was dressed in a floor length sari tied with fresh flowers around my hips. Flowers were scattered around the tabletop. The flowers floated in bowls of water.

There were finger bowls, dishes kept covered, dimly lit room. Pillows of different shapes sitting around the table. The perfect liqueur that enhanced each courses.

Spice-Rubbed chicken with Kumquat-Lemongrass dressing. Peruvian with its vibrant ceviches, crispy spiced rotisserie chickens, and packed with flavor empanadas.

Honey-Thyme Ice cream with caramelized pears and caramel syrup. We ate and discussed politics books and life. Building his loves his passions I knew them all without this but he shared so easily. I studied his motions; I found his lowering of his voice when he wanted me to lean into him.

I found his eyes enjoyed looking at my cleavage with lust filled eyes. His self-assured ways brought me pleasures. We were talking late into the night before I mentioned the predicament we faced.

"William will you please come back to the USA with your furniture I would love for you to see where it will stand?" I asked without knowing the answer.

"I'm not sure I can just fly off Angela. I have commitments when would it be?" He asked interested.

"Friday." I answered

"Angela I am..." He stalled.

"Married?" I answered for him.

"Well yes in a peculiar arrangement." He stumbled.

I wrote a check handed it to him he looked at the amount saw he was getting the amount of twenty times the amount. If delivered on Friday.

"Are you kidding me?" William asked impressed.

"No William I never kid about six figures. I never kid about what man I want. One doesn't buy the other William." I will be leaving at noon tomorrow.

"Will I see you? Hopefully so." I whispered.

I left him with the check, the place was being cleaned he was standing there feeling intoxicated by what he felt. He left the house dark went into his bedroom and fell into a quick sleep. Moaning with desires, knowing the money was going to be the factor for his business.

He was going for the whole Angela experience. He was hungry for a woman to touch him. Snuggle him, intimate touches knowing touches. His body was aching so badly. He had little contact unsatisfied to his manliness.

He knew pleased he would be flying off his Island flying to what he wasn't sure. He knew Angela was going to make him ecstatic in being a man.

I was alerted he was coming and made arrangements to be his every desire from lingerie to his desires. The hutch was beautiful sit in a place of honor filled with towels, soaps, bowls of bath salts, luxury robes many sexual toys well covered in beautiful alabaster jars. I adored the way it was center of the space. He would notice I had many pieces of his furniture amongst my other furniture.

As he waited for the door to open he couldn't quit thinking of how I stroked his arm. How I pulled his hand into mine leaned into his lips so he could speak to me in my ears. How I so gracefully walked towards him allowing him to feel he was the only man alive. He was so ashamed of how hungry he was for a woman's touch. I was a sexual woman but I was more I was sensual. I knew the touches that ignited passions to full flames. His heart began to pump out quicker than his head could keep up.

Then the door opened wide William's eyes looked upon a vision of femininity at will. I stood in a long sheer blue on green print off the shoulder robe. It was clear that what was under wasn't meant to cover me but to tantalize his senses. He smiled wide as I stepped back to allow him inside.

"Well you are here and on time. Please come in I've been waiting for you I have your favorite drink waiting." I said self-assured.

He walked towards the inner living room seeing the glass-serving tray with the wine flutes chilled perfectly. His eyes seemed to be in sensory overload but he stopped short when his eyes fell upon an old rocker chair.

"What? I mean where? Is this for real?" His voice was cracking.

He walked closer rubbing the finish it was the exact chair he had remembered so fondly. He should have remembered it was the chair he lost his virginity in. Shirley was on his mind her scent, the thrill the excitement. Turning to look me in my eyes said everything without uttering a sound.

"Well of course William it's the chair. What did you think happened to it? I mean I assumed the action you placed upon it might have needed reinforced." I laughed

"It's in mint condition though go on sit on it. See how you fit, see how it feels to you now." I continued smiling. 'It's what over a hundred years old isn't it?"

William walked to it timidly sat down eyes closed and his mind took off her beautiful yellow cotton dressed. That hugged her hips and ass so tightly. I enjoyed the pleasure I was secretively watching. He was reliving that moment Again I could tell not for the first time either.

Eyes opening he smiled looked at me with many questions hanging between us with nothing being spoken. Standing up he looked at the fireplace looked as though he was a deer in headlights. Two custom made hutches he had made many years before banked either side.

Eagerly he looked the room over seeing tangible beauty every corner. His focus was upon the interior. I walked so close my presence caused him to shiver a little. To make sure he knew I was in for the long enjoyment of seduction at sensual speed. I leaned in whispered ever so softly. I allowed my lips brush his ear.

"Shall I remove my robe William?" I turned so he could see my body in full sight.

"I would love taking it off of you myself." William said seductively.

He walked towards me the instant he touched me the lights dimmed and a beautiful bluish green hue feel upon us. His mind was being bombarded with sensations. As it fluttered to the floor falling down around our feet the strings of music 'As I watch you move across the room..' came out to sing us into a realm Of ethereal proportions we swayed we traveled... Tonight I need your sweet caress tonight I would need you to relieve my sadness.

The music stopped but we didn't we had went past the touches of no return. I had still had my corset on which he traced ever so softly around my cups. His fingers playfully brushed upon my bare skin. My nipples stood erect they ached so hard they had become so hard I was almost in tears. Biting back tears William took my hands and we walked towards the center of the room. I felt his hard body it was overpowering mine.

"Stand there please." William spoke with excitement.

I did what he asked after all he was the one in control. He undressed I was enjoying the layers being peeled away. Noted he was very well endowed and very uncircumcised. I was standing there enjoying his strip tease; I was in that cradle of pain/pleasure.

Catching my pain wanting his touches He moved back towards me caressing my hair.

"I love long hair. Well, you know that I'm sure." He was teasing with his voice.

We started walking towards the chair I could I knew what was coming now. He sat down left me room to sit upon his lap. His eyes sparkled he took both hands brought my face to his and kissed the air right out of my body. I had never been kissed with such intensity.

Lips went numb mind went totally blank. I lost track of every involuntary reaction to my body. I want him to kiss me that way again. I leaned in for another he leaned towards my lips but licked my right nipple.

"Ahhhhhhhhh Nnooooooooooo Willllllllliammmmmm" I shouted into his shoulder I knew I bit him but he didn't flinch.

His tongue cradled my swollen nipple with such electricity undercurrents I felt the surges overwhelming. I was his he owned me I wanted nothing but to die in this chair being fucked by William. His technique was so insane in the assaulting then soothing combinations.

My mind just happened to hear the music "Stuck on you" by Lionel Ritchie it was playing for us. His wanting to give and I wanting to respond in kind was making us both so empowered.

Great sex was more than anything than an orgasm tapped at the end of fumbling. It was a fine tuned well orchestration of intimate touches and prior knowledge's of your partners' deepest desires. To serve them them reaped benefits for one self.

"Angela you are a temptress I knew I thought I knew you sometime in my background. Then now tonight this moment. I couldn't have I wouldn't have let you go. This all this senses are tantalized. Sight is absolutely beyond anything I'm breathless nothing has been left out.

The whole time he was tweaking my nipples causing me pain/pleasure. You have brought me so much pleasure. His tongue changed nipples I squirmed immediately. His instant realization for this made him toss his head back laugh deeply.

"Hmmmm so it's left for you?" He whispered in my ear.

I blushed refused to answer wanting him to suck it harder. Pressing it into his mouth making him take it in I started rocking hips in a circular motion. With a full circle he felt my pussy grinding down onto his pubic bone for clitoral friction.

"Oh fuck go for it Angela use me. Just down right abuse me love." William shouted.

We were in perfect sync we had made ourselves perfect fucking machine. His mouth and hands were exploring me. I was tossing his hair framing his face kissing his lips with passions ignited.

As I finished every two circles I leaned back he would brush my clit I could feel the thunderous orgasm come tearing through me.

"Come on go for it Angela. I can see your tummy bouncing. I can feel your pussy squeezing me with force. It's right there, I can see the needs in your eyes." William coached me.

I felt it explode I felt myself take flight I had flown into sub space. Nothing was making sense to me I felt like a million particles yet so very intense my body was coming together. I was cumming I heard somebody screaming. Then I realized it was I.

"AAHHHHHHHHh Williammmmmmm No! No! No! This isn't posssibllleeeee!" I whispered.

William grabbed me pulled me to his bare chest. The wetness was running down both our legs. Saturating us both.

"Come on let's do it again." William said enthusiastically.

My hips started making circles each one focusing on the pressure his cock needed to cum by. His cock was being sucked, milked, squeezed, grabbed and his hips were being pushed up to accept more of my pussy. I eased off a little placing weight on my knees I slowly swallowed that cock. Pussy milking him inches by inch his resolve was fading. He felt the milking motion turning him into a man with cumming on his mind.

"Angela what's happened?" William was alarmed.

I laughed so hard he had to slap my bare leg it hurt him.

"No fucking what's wrong?" William was more afraid.

"We have gotten trapped William. My pussy has trapped you my pelvic floor has prolapsed upon your cock." I explained without emotion.

"No I don't think that's a good thing Angela." William was off the chart in panic.

"Good or bad it happened." I said not smiling.

"Well fix it." William said sincerely.

"The more you panic it will stay this way. We need to relax. Come here lets cover up with the chamois shawl. Now isn't this nice?" I asked trying to keep a relaxed voice for his sake.

"MMmmm this is nice. Lay your head here on my chest let me snuggle to you. How long will this last?" William asked quietly.

"Well its been recorded for hours. Mere minutes. Some longer times too." I avoided telling him the twenty-four hour record. By the way when we release your orgasm will knock your socks off my dearest one." I added that because he will never know an orgasm like the one he was going to deal with.

I fell asleep to his touches. To his lips in my hair near my temple we had no idea how long we had laid there. When I felt the freight train shearing out of nowhere his body spasms his heels dug into my carpet.

His cum splashed out like an awakened volcano. His body twisted jerked, he was in another realm. I held him tight helping him to ride it out. Screaming tossing making me feel so content. His mere touches of his cock upon my body made him shout. His cum filled me to over flowing I enjoyed this being full of cum from knowing what I did.

"Oh fuck Angela. I am this is no no no no no no don't let me wake up." William spoke with such emotions,

Our relationship kept going he became a great friend.

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