tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 04

You Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 04


Thank you for taking the time to read this set of stories and I hope that you're enjoying them. If you do like them you might want to read some of the other stories that I've written and posted on Literotica. While this series of stories is totally fiction there are several other stories posted that are true or are at the least based on events and reality.

Once again you may want to go back and read the first parts of this story, but it shouldn't be necessary to enjoy this chapter.


After Karen's last exposure we spent many hours discussing what had happened and how it had made her feel, and how I felt about it. While I did enjoy the that men were looking at my naked wife and enjoying her body from a distance I was a bit concerned with her comment that she would have had sex with all of them if they would have come over to where she was laying in the sunshine.

She explained her feeling were caused by the whole sequence of events, and not that she was looking for a "gang bang" or even to have sex with any other man. What caused her feelings that day was the combination of the length of her nudity by being exposed to strange men over a period of hours and the fact that I was there watching her and being part of showing her off that she found extremely exciting. However, she would not have acted on those feelings unless I would have somehow encouraged her to do so.

We were able to come to an understanding about past events and an agreement about the future so we started to plan for another chance to show her off before the weather got too cold. I still had some more car parts to sell and since the picket fence created a barrier between her in the backyard sunning in the nude and anyone watching her from the driveway she was willing to try it again.

I still had my ad running on Craigslist for car parts but hadn't gotten any calls so instead of waiting for someone to come to me I called someone that I knew who could use the parts. I'd known Bob for many years, but Karen had never met him so I felt safe with him as a choice for the next person to see Karen nude.

I set up a time for him to come by the house on Saturday afternoon and take a look at what I wanted to sell. I told him that he could make me an offer and as I wanted to clean out my garage. He would bring a trailer and I'd help him load up all the parts he wanted.

I quickly explained my plan to Karen and since she hadn't met Bob before, and would never see him again she agreed to expose herself to him. We discussed what could happen, what she should wear, what she would do while in the sunshine and made plans for Saturday.

We were both impatient the rest of the week and the anticipation of what we had planned for Saturday was getting to both of us. We'd always had great sex after she'd been exposed to someone, but this time we found that the anticipation of what was going to happen also created some very hot discussion and sex.

Saturday came and Karen was dressed in her little micro-mini string bikini waiting for the Bob to call and say that he was on the way. Unfortunately when he did call it was to say that he was running late and it would be an extra hour or so before he would be at our house.

This created some problems as the later in the day the less sunshine there was in the backyard. This meant that Karen would have to move closer to the garage and fence than she had before and although she would still pretend that she wasn't aware of us it would be obvious that she was intentionally naked. I offered her an out and told her she didn't have get naked but she said she really wanted to do it no matter what.

Bob arrived about the time he said and although it was still mid-afternoon the shade was already taking over a good part of the back yard. Karen was dressed in beach cover up that was sheer enough so that Bob could see how tiny her bikini really was. After I introduced Karen and Bob we all went out into the backyard and left Karen by her lounge chair as Bob and I moved into the garage.

I wasn't sure how much Karen was going to show, we had left that up to her to decide at the moment and if she was going to take off her bikini. But as Bob and I went into the garage she had already taken off her cover up and as she bent down to put in by the chair she gave us both a clear view of the little string running up the crack of her naked ass.

Bob stopped for a moment and looked at her ass so I explained that Karen really enjoyed lying out in he sun and I hoped he didn't mind the tiny bikini that I had bought for her to wear. He eagerly said he didn't mind and offered that he really liked it! I told him that it was good that he wasn't offended since sometimes she'll even take it off to get a more even tan.

We spent the next half hour looking through car parts and Bob took almost everything that I had left to sell. After the sorting we haggled a bit over price and finally made a deal. I told him to back into the driveway so we could load his trailer and as we walked out of the garage I could see that Karen had taken off her top and was laying on her stomach.

As he went to the truck I explained to Karen that Bob wasn't leaving just going to get his truck and trailer, and that if she wanted to give a show he would be backing up the driveway in a minute. She just waved at me but as his pickup came into view she rolled over on her back so that her naked breasts were getting some sunshine and being exposed to myself and Bob.

When he got out of his truck and started to walk back to me he stopped completely and just stared at Karen's bare breasts and the tiny strip of pink cloth that covered her pussy. He looked for a minute or two and then shook his head and moved back to load up his parts. I helped him carry out the heavy pieces first and after a couple of trips I noticed that Karen had untied the sides of her bikini bottoms and it was just laying on her tummy loose.

I don't know if Bob had figured it out yet so I motioned for him to look over at Karen. Since her bottoms were untied and they were a bit loose and it was clear to both of us that she was completely shaved. He said that he'd never seen anything like that in all his years, and was it ok for him to look.

I explained that while Karen likes to be naked I also like for her to be seen by others while she was naked. He shook his head again and muttered "takes all kinds I guess". I asked if he'd prefer she covered back up and he quickly mumbled something along the lines of "do what you want" and went back into the garage for more parts.

Karen had heard all of our conversation since she was only about 30 feet away from us and it was obvious that she was also watching us from behind her sunglasses because as soon as Bob entered the garage she pulled off the bikini bottoms and dropped one foot alongside her lounge chair.

When Bob came out of the garage and after he unloaded his armful he turned to head back in and in doing so faced Karen directly. He once again stopped in his tracks as this time Karen was laying in the sun totally nude. Her legs were parted and she was exposing not only her tits but also a very wet shaved pussy. He admired the view for a couple of minutes and again shook his head and went back for the last load.

This time I followed him into the garage and asked if he was willing to stick around for a couple more minutes, have a beer, and see what happens. He said sure so as he grabbed the last parts I picked up 3 beers and after handing him one also walked over to Karen and offered one to her. She lifted her sunglasses and smiled at me before sitting up to take the bottle. As I walked back to where Bob was standing she took several big gulps of beer and after I was on the other side of the fence she put it down and picked up her bottle of suntan oil.

I told Bob to enjoy his beer and I was sure that we would also enjoy the show. Karen and I had already agreed that if things were going well she would give me a big smile and then see how far she was willing to go to show off her body.

Bob and I watched as Karen squirted oil into her hands and started to rub it onto her body. She made certain that she covered her breasts with a liberal amount of oil and then began to oil her legs before she lay back on the lounger. What happened next was what we had hoped could happen but neither Karen or I, and certainly not Bob, thought it possible.

As she lay on her back she squirted a liberal amount of oil on her belly and started to rub it in ever increasing circles around her navel. By the time the circle had gotten big enough that her hands had reached her tits and pussy she needed more oil and this time squeezed the bottle directly over her shaved mound. As it glistened in the sunshine she began to rub it in and around her pussy with her right hand as her left hand kept massaging oil onto her tits.

Karen quickly spread her legs wide open and within a minute had pulled them both up so her knees were by her shoulders. I knew that she wouldn't last long and in just seconds she started to shudder and twitch as her knees clamped together and she tightly squeezed her hand holding it tight to her pussy.

Bob and I stared in silence and even though I had seen Karen have an orgasm many times I had never watched it from several feet away, and certainly never watched her masturbate in front of man whom she had just meet that day. Karen relaxed after a few minutes and although she told me she was embarrassed at that point she covered it up well as she just reached down and grabbed her beer and after finishing it off collapsed onto the lounger.

I told Bob the show was over and as he turned to leave I noticed that he had a large wet spot on the front of the pants. He managed to walk back to his truck and after rearranging his pants a bit he started up it and drove out the driveway with one last look over his shoulder at Karen.

Karen later told me that she had also noticed the spot on his pants and she was quite pleased that she could make a man cum in his pants without even touching him. She also asked if that counts as sex since both of them had an orgasm at about the same time. I told her I didn't think so, but I she wanted to try more I was happy to see what I could arrange.

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