You're An Animal


He dragged his cold steel claws across her hard taut nipples and kissed her roughly. She was naked and her ankles and wrists were bound to the bedposts by rope. She moaned loudly and pleaded with him. He only threw his head back and chucked.

"Logan, please.... ohhhhh logaaaan." he smiled at her seductively and bent down his head to kiss and lick his way down her neck to her breasts, giving her a few bites here and there. "Ahhh!" she screamed. He chuckled again and continued to ravage her breasts with his mouth, sucking and nibbling. He retracted his claws and began to knead her large, supple breasts and tweak her erect pink nipples. "Ohhh Logan... Logan..."

"Louder!" he demanded, scraping his teeth across her left nipple.


"Haha good" he laughed. He licked slowly down her abdomen and dipped his tongue into her navel as she watched wide-eyed, and groaned. She was extremely wet and wanted more than anything for Logan to taste her snatch. He reached Jean’s open legs and her neatly trimmed red pussy hair and inhaled deeply. "Mmm.... I bet you Scott doesn’t enjoy this as much as I do,” he taunted. Jean could only whimper. His tongue snaked out and tasted her cunt slowly, licking it from bottom to top. It was dripping wet and he was further aroused by it. Jean closed her eyes and moaned. Logan only smiled. "What do you want, Jean. Tell me what you want"

"Logan, yes, please"

"Say it, Jean. Beg for it"

"Please, Logan.... Ohh, I'm at your mercy. Give it to me"

"Give what to you?" Logan asked innocently, rubbing her clit between his finger and thumb.


"That’s what I like to hear" Logan began to pinch Jean’s clit and thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into Jean’s pussy. Jean’s eyes were closed and sweat was dripping from her forehead. Her body was writhing as he delved deeper into her dripping hole. He thrust his tongue harder and faster into her body as he felt her tense up. He worked her clit roughly with his fingers and watched her bite her bottom lip. He knew her orgasm was coming and he slipped two fingers inside her. Her walls started to contract and she screamed loudly.

"LOGAN! AHH! GOD YES!" her juices flowed into Logan’s mouth and he sucked them up greedily. Suddenly her juices squirted out onto his nose and he moaned in surprise. Jean blushed and brushed her long red hair off of her face, muttering an apology.

"No, don't worry about it, Jean. I like it" Logan growled in a gravelly voice. He crawled up onto the bed, hovering over Jean and supporting himself with his elbows and legs. He kissed her roughly and Jean tasted herself on him. He wiped her juice from his face and brought his fingers to her face. She was all too happy to oblige and slowly licked and sucked his fingers clean, never leaving eye contact with Logan. Logan. Jean loved the taste of herself and was getting wet all over again. Logan groaned and sat up on his knees between Jean’s legs. Jean noticed his rather large and stiff erection poking its head out through the elastic band at the top of his boxers.

"Ohhh......" she moaned and licked her lips unconsciously. Logan followed Jean’s gaze down to his penis and smiled.

"You like that, red?" she nodded. "Do you want it?" Jean tried to sit up but was restrained by the ropes.

"Logan... please?" Logan laughed again. Suddenly his claws shot out and in four quick swipes, Jean was released from the bedposts. She got up and kissed Logan passionately. Logan responded, running his hands through her long, red hair. He pushed her down on the bed and pulled off his boxers. Jean was turned on by Logan’s dominance and looked at his lengthy, thick penis longingly. She reached for his hard cock and ran her finger from the base to the tip, rubbing the tip a little and circling the head.

"Ughhh" Logan groaned, closing his eyes. She felt him get harder in her hand and stroked a few times until precum was oozing from the tip. She leaned down and licked it off, drawing another loud groan from Logan. She gave his dick a kiss on the head then on its side and began to lick it down, then up its bulging vein. She slipped its head in her mouth and was beginning to go down further when Logan stopped her. She gave him a questioning look. "Turn over" he said in a low voice. Jean was intrigued and did as he had asked.

"Mmmm look at that ass,” Logan groaned, straddling her thighs and squeezing a handful of Jean’s firm, round ass. He gave it a little slap and Jean cried out in surprise. He laughed and positioned himself above her. Logan rubbed his hard manhood between Jean’s buttocks and gently stroked her cheek with one hand, the other hand supporting his weight. Jean spread her legs in response. "Good girl" Logan said as he grabbed his dick and directed it toward Jean. As the tip of his penis touched her wet entrance, Jean moaned. Logan teased her by rubbing himself against her wetness in a circular motion.

"Oh..... Logan please" Jean pleaded. He chuckled once again and began to push his pulsing cock into her. Jean whimpered and clutched the bed sheets. Logan had really large cock, though a little shorter than Scott’s, it was a lot thicker. Just as she was sizing him up in her head, he roughly thrust the rest of his rock hard cock into her cunt. "OH!" she screamed.

"How does that feel, Jean?" Logan asked as he thrust again.

"UH" was all Jean could answer. He continued to thrust.

"What do you think of when I do this? Do you think about Scott?" Jean couldn't answer. She was in a state of speechlessness. His cock inside her felt so good, so right. She knew this didn't feel like Scott at all. She tried to say no but only incoherent words spilled out of her mouth. Logan only laughed and tried to thrust deeper into Jean.

He was really fucking her hard and fast. She had never been fucked like this before; Scott only made love to her gently and barely ever from behind. She was tensing up and Logan was getting faster. Her walls tightened around him as her body tried to milk him of his white cream. Logan groaned loudly but he wasn't ready to cum yet. Jean screamed out his name over and over again as she came, pulling on the bed sheets as her juice dripped all over his balls and onto the bed.

She was panting and trying to catch her breath when Logan pulled himself out of her and pulled Jean up by the hips so she was supported by her knees and upper body on the bed - cat stretch position. He shoved his still hard cock back into her juice-covered cunt and thrust even harder than before. Their bodies were making smacking noises every time he thrust into her. And soon Jean was moaning consistently again and Logan was fucking her at an alarming speed. He was giving her long, hard strokes. Pulling almost all the way out and pushing all the way back in. he was also clutching and working Jean’s hips back and forth for more impact. Sensing that Jean was close, Logan released one of her hips and reached for a breast. He started pinching her nipple and Jean just couldn't take it anymore. She collapsed onto the bed and started squeezing Logan with her contractions again, screaming, "YES! LOGAN! OH LORD YES!"

When her orgasm died down, Jean noticed that Logan was still hard in her. She was about to say something when Logan interrupted her by pulling his cock out of her pussy with a loud, sucking noise and getting back on his knees. Jean was confused until Logan began to stroke his cock and moved forward. She hadn't read his mind this entire time and she didn't need to now. Jean knew what he wanted. She pressed her breasts together with both hands and waited patiently. Logan’s teeth were bared and his eyes were shut tightly. Soon white ropes of cum began to shoot out and Jean immediately sat up a bit and opened her mouth. Logan’s cum could shoot amazingly far and there was quite a large amount of it. A few streams hit her in the face, some in her mouth, and a lot over her creamy tits. She licked it off as best she could while Logan lay down, panting. Jean lay with him and they kissed slowly.

"Jean-" Logan started.

"No. Shhhh.... don't speak." Jean interrupted. She was trying to make the best of this wonderful moment.

Jean Grey awoke with a sheen of sweat covering her semi nude body. Her silky red hair was matted on her neck and forehead. Her pajama top clung to her breasts and her hard nipples poked through. Her panties were soaked and she could smell herself in the room. She sighed and got out of bed. She was having yet another dream about him. "God, now I need a cold shower," she said, walking into the bathroom. She stripped, turned on the water, and got in.

"Jean? Hey Jean! You in here?" Logan yelled as he knocked on the redhead's bedroom door. He tried the knob. It was unlocked. "Hello?" no answer. He heard the water in the shower and was just about to leave when his sensitive nose was disturbed. "What’s that smell...?" Logan thought to himself. "Smells like......" Logan’s super hearing picked up on something coming from the shower

"Oohhh.... ooh....." Logan’s eyes went wide. He knew exactly what the smell was. Scott was on a trip. And Jean was.... Jean was in the shower. Masturbating. An idea entered Logan’s head and he headed stealthily toward Jean Grey's bathroom.

"Ohhhh, JeEaAaan........."


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