You're Late!


I first want to apologize, I was going to get my long story up but I screwed up. I have to rewrite much of the story, so it won't be posted for another long while, I guess it gives me a chance to rewrite some of the weaker parts.

Anyways, here's another short story to take it's place.


"Hi honey I'm home!" I said while shutting the door behind me. It was dark inside the house. I waited for a response but didn't hear anything. I set my briefcase down and slowly walked into the kitchen area. There was a light glow from the candles and my loving girlfriend sitting. She was sipping some wine; actually it looked to be a lot of wine. She didn't look happy and I knew why.

"Hey baby, I'm sorry I'm late," I said, "work just got the better of me. I first looked at the clock and said to myself, 'oh good, I can work another hour and go home.' But that turned into 4 hours." I waited for a response, but again nothing.

"Seriously babe, I'm really sor-"

"-You should have called," she barked.

"I know I should have but like I said-"

"-But nothing!" she hissed. I knew she was tipsy, if not drunk, and I knew better than to get on her bad side when she's like this. I went to sit down. We had planned a very nice intimate candle lit dinner for this evening. I had been real busy with work the past couple weeks and knew she deserved this, but unfortunately being the workaholic I am, I lost track of time again.

I tried putting my hand on hers but she pulled away quickly. "Come on babe, I said I was sorry..." I pleaded.

"That's what you said last time..." her mood changing. I watched as she took another gulp of wine, finishing off this glass. I wasn't sure what else to say so we sat there in the dim and fading light quietly.

Carry grabbed for the wine bottle, I now saw it was over half gone, and poured herself another glass. I knew if I had tried to stop her she would've flipped out, so I let her pour. I instead thought for a moment and was about to speak, but I caught her eye and she glared at me. She knew I was going to say something about her drinking so I stopped myself again.

We sat there quietly again until she finished this glass of wine too. I just merely watched the candles burning away until one of them burned itself out. It was eerie just sitting there. I knew what I had done and knew that there wasn't much I could do or say to help rectify the situation. That only meant that we were sitting here because Carry was thinking of some way to punish me, or at the very least get back at me.

I sat there nervously thinking about what might happen in the next few minutes. Carry always gets horny when she's drunk, and by now she's drunk. My questions were answered sooner than I had expected.

Abruptly Carry stood up. She had a bit of trouble balancing herself but she managed. She put out her hand and I knew to take it. Carry led me to the living room and sat down, making sure to assert her dominance. I stood in front of her standing.

I stood and waited until she motioned for me to get on my knees. I obeyed like a good boyfriend and did what was expected of me.

She parted her legs, exposing her crotch to me. I knew this to be another command and scooted forward until I was at the edge of her seat. I could barely see anything but I knew she was extremely excited from the wine. There was some shuffling and then I felt her hands on my head. She put pressure on my head and I followed her movements until I felt the warm pole sticking up from her crotch. Without any hesitation I opened my mouth and descended all the way down to the base. She was a big girl, nearly 9 inches, and her girth was impressive as well, causing me to open my mouth completely.

We had done this many times in the past and I fought right through my gag reflex. I swallowed her entire womanhood with little problem. Her hands were still on my head and she soon ushered me to do my work.

I bobbed my head up and down her lengthy shaft making sure to work my tongue as well. Carry moaned out and kept her hands on my head.

Soon she was thrusting her hips into my mouth and knew she was getting close. The familiar sounds of slurping and gagging came from my mouth as her movements quickened. Moans kept escaping her lips and her thrusts became more and more urgent.

She finally groaned and stopped all of a sudden. She kept her hands on the back of my head and pushed me down, all the way down, almost hurting me. I thought she was about to pop but she didn't. Instead, she lifted me off of her meaty cock and stood up. Her cock showed its impressive length opposite her flat stomach. She grabbed at my waist and turned me around. Within moments my trousers were to the floor and I was bent over. My hands were on the seats of the couch supporting me while I felt her nudging along my butt crack.

Without giving any warning Carry plunged in. I screamed in pain when she broke through my sphincter. It was unbelievably painful. Normally she took her time but tonight was different. She was mad, and I mean mad. After her initial plunge she went at my little hole, giving me no time to adjust to her meaty cock. Within seconds she was plunging in and out of me with her womanly strength.

Her heavy cum filled balls slapped against my perineum along with her hips against my butt. She was clearly on a mission and soon was moaning her approval. "Fuck you're so tight!" I groaned and winced with each of her brutal thrusts. I was sweating for some reason, even though I wasn't doing anything. My pathetic little cock dangled and swayed with her thrusts and was slapping against my stomach. It really was pathetic, just four inches hard. Fortunately I found the best girlfriend; she doesn't mind how small I am.

I was brought out of my daydream by a loud moan from Carry and then I felt her plunge into me as deeply as she could. The familiar swelling inside my rectum was soon followed by the hot sensation of Carry spilling her love into me, well in this case her anger. She stayed buried inside me until she was completely drained and then pulled out. She slapped my butt and told me to get dressed, "I'm still mad at you by the way." She left and I dressed myself.

I found Carry in the kitchen heating up our meals in the microwave. We sat down to dinner and ate quietly, only the clanging of silverware was heard. We finished and Carry left me to do the dishes. I saw her leave and heard the TV in the other room. I finished my duty, trying to alleviate her anger, and made my way to the living room. She motioned for me to kneel in front of her and I obliged. Again, she parted her legs and her large cock popped free, I didn't need instruction and engulfed her cock. My throat slowly adjusted to her size and girth and I was soon gliding along her long shaft.

Wonderful moans slipped from her lips. She grabbed my head and guided my speed. It wasn't long before she was grunting and throwing her hips into my face. Her heavy balls slapped against my chin and soon squeals were flowing from her lips. She kept face fucking me hard and fast and then she swelled inside my mouth. With one finally grunt, she buried herself all the way down my throat and pumped me full of her cum. Six ropes of thick creamy cum surged into my mouth and I swallowed every last drop.

Carry held me there until she patted my cheek and I pulled off of her. Her cock glistened with my spit and I dutifully licked up the juices. "I don't want to see you now," is all she said. I stood up, totally defeated, and walked out of the room.

By this point I was tired and started to clean up. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and got ready for bed. It was still relatively early but I was tired from a long week. I climbed into bed and drifted off to a restless sleep.


I woke up to darkness. I surveyed to see what woke me and it was Carry. She was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me. I looked up to her and she still looked disappointed. I checked the clock wondering what time it was, it was 12:17 in the morning or evening I guess. I slept for about an hour and a half.

In moments Carry was changed and under the covers with me. She spooned me, with her being the big spoon. I felt her hard throbbing erection on my butt and knew I wasn't finished for the night. From what I could tell she already felt slick, she must've already prepared herself.

I waited and waited for her to enter me but nothing really happened. She kept nuzzling her nose in my neck and gently glided her hand through my hair. Until finally I felt her. Her bulbous head prodded at my quite sore asshole. My mouth was sore and my asshole was sore. Sure we had sex a lot but never this brutally, she was usually gentler even if she was mad.

There was no surprise when she pushed her meat all the way in with little mercy. I gasped at the sudden discomfort. She stretched my abused hole and my eyes actually watered, which had never happened before. Her hand came round and covered my mouth. She then gave me the most brutal fucking I'd ever gotten in the year we'd been together. It was unbelievably brutal despite the spoon-styled position we were in. She rammed and rammed her thick cock in and out of me as fast as she could. The sheets became a mess and the bed was creaking loudly.

One hand made it to my hip under the covers and she slammed her hips into my butt, making the slapping sound quite apparent. She grunted and groaned with each of her plunges and was become more violent as it went on, which I didn't think was possible.

She fucked my brains out, I almost felt like I was going to pass out. My little pathetic cock got hard and she noticed it, having wandering hand-itis. She grabbed me and stroked me furiously. I didn't last long at all and moaned almost like a little girl as I began spurting all over the sheets. I knew now I was forgiven.

She let go of me once she knew I was finished and grabbed a hold of my hips. She slammed her entire length into me and within moments was grunting out my name, "Oh Tom!!!!" I felt her explode inside of me, the hot cream splattered my insides.

We stayed close together until I heard her, "That was great..." she whispered. God I love makeup sex!

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