tagInterracial LoveYvonne's Awakening

Yvonne's Awakening


Yvonne was a happy attractive 29 year old woman. She had been with Phil for over a year now and their relationship was great. Sex wise things had always gone well apart from Yvonne's lack of confidence in herself, appearance and ability to be sexy. Now Yvonne was by no means a skinny mini, she was a curvy sexy size 16 with 38c breasts that were as firm and perky as 18 year olds. Her bottom was shapely and sexy with a seductive wiggle when she moved.

Phil was always telling Yvonne how sexy and gorgeous she was and as time went on she started to believe it.

Phil and Yvonne's sex life had always been experimental including lots of toys and porn used in and out of the bedroom.

Yvonne had noticed that Phil's porn interests mainly settled around interracial cuckold porn and after a little bit of badgering Phil finally admitted to enjoying the idea of Yvonne being taken roughly by 3 big black guys.

Now Yvonne had admitted that even though she had sex with a black guy when she was younger she was drunk and didn't really enjoy it or fancy black guys that much.

Even so as Yvonne loved Phil she indulged his little fantasy and occasionally during sex she started talking dirty about how she wanted to fuck black guys and pretending dildos were her black lovers. Immediately after the moment of climax Yvonne would stress that she was not interested in acting out these fantasies. Phil hid his disappointment but vowed to keep chipping away at her!

For Phil's Birthday they went shopping to Brighton and decided to visit a sex shop to look for a new dildo as Yvonne's were very tired, overused and small! Whilst browsing in the sex shop they came across a 9 inch long 6 inch diameter black cock with a suction cup base. Yvonne agreed that they could get the dildo to use in their fantasy play to imitate a black lover for Yvonne to fuck. As soon as they got through the door they tried out the new toy which dwarfed Phil's average penis. Phil had always been self conscious of his size he was 6 inches long and 5.5 inches diameter which Yvonne was happy with but it couldn't compare to the monster dildo they had bought. Yvonne stuck it against the wall and after slipping into a sexy purple chemise and 4 inch heels she started to ride the big black cock hard and fast. Phil was busily jerking his cock for all its worth whilst she did this as it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Whilst she was riding it she started telling Phil how big and hard it was and how much better it was than his small dick which really turned Phil on to the point of tipping!

She then got on her knees and started alternating between sucking Phil and her 'black lover', whilst doing that she stopped sucking Phil and told him to wank as she was busy with her black cock. Phil's hands were a blur he was wanking so furiously, and he came almost instantly as his sexy girlfriend was cuckolding him with a big black dildo.

Yvonne then re-iterated that she didn't want to act on this fantasy and that how it should stay which really bothered Phil he had seen the hottest experience of his life and here it was being labelled as just a bit of fun that would go no further!

The weeks passed with no more mention of the fantasy or anything remotely interracial orientated happening in the bedroom, until one night whilst lying in bed Yvonne decided to watch porn to find out if anything else turned her on to experiment. They started watching a girl tied to the bed helpless being fucked by a fuck machine which Yvonne admitted turned her on greatly, she was turned on by the idea of being helpless. They went through a few other films until they came across this video of a white girl being gang banged by 5 very well hung black guys.

Yvonne started to become more and more turned on and begged Phil to rub her g spot with her vibrator .When Phil got his fingers down there Yvonne was so wet she had made a little puddle on the bed sheets, which aroused Phil a great deal, as Phil was dildoing Yvonne she started asking him if he wished it was her being fucked by those black guys which he could only weakly mouth yes as he was so horny. Phil then proceeded to give Yvonne 2 mind blowing orgasms which made the bed and Yvonne's legs dripping with her juices.

After she had returned the favour she said how much she enjoyed it watching those black guys fuck that helpless little white girl and it made her so wet!

Phil thought to him has she finally come over to the dark side?

A week went by and Phil put it to the back of his mind until one night he came home from football and found Yvonne wearing a sexy corset stockings 5 inch high heels and no knickers. Phil's level of surprise was almost matched by his cock straining to get out of his pants.

At the end of the room there was one of the garden chairs. Yvonne told Phil to sit in it which he wasn't going to say no too. She then proceeded to tie Phil to it and gently tease him with her hands and mouth to the point Phil almost came everywhere.

She then stood up to Phil's dismay and went and picked up her phone dialled a number and said its time! There was a knock at the door and Yvonne walked out to the hall to answer it, Phil was puzzled his hard on was clouding his thought processes what did she have in store for him?

Yvonne then walked back in followed by 3 of the biggest blackest guys he had ever seen they all had a good laugh when they saw the small dicked white cuckold tied up! Yvonne then explained to Phil after her dildo and watching that video she had to have some big black cock to satisfy her needs, needs that he could not satisfy with his pathetic little dick.

Phil's dick stood up like a rocket anticipating the scene unfolding before him. Yvonne got on her knees with one guy behind her and one either side; she then asked Phil if he was ready? To which he had no reply other than yes baby!

Yvonne then proceeded to take out each big black dick and suck them, each of these dicks were about 10 inches long and as thick as Yvonne's wrist.

Yvonne proceeded to suck each cock to full hardness only stopping to ask Phil why you can't have a dick this big. Phil literally had no answers to any questions other than to mutter sorry!

One of the black guys then picked Yvonne up and then sat him down on his massive tool; Yvonne squirmed down on it and to Phil's surprise took almost all of it. While she was bouncing up and down she kept sucking the other two guys in turn, telling Phil that her pussy is only for big black cock and his pathetic little puny white dick was never going in her black only love whole. Phil's dick was so hard it was almost hurting he was desperate to wank but the handcuffs and ropes prevented that.

Yvonne was getting slammed in her previously tight pussy while sucking and wanking the other guys all the time telling Phil how pathetic he is and can't compare to her big black lovers.

The black guy that was fucking her instructed the other guys to get some lube from a bag which he did and they proceeded to drench Yvonne's arsehole and pussy. Which started to arouse but shock Phil, as Yvonne couldn't take his cock in her arse what chance had she of taking theirs? As they were doing this Yvonne realised what they had planned and started to protest, but she was silenced very quickly after being told your our little white fuck slut we will do what we want to you , and there is nothing your pathetic little cuckold boyfriend can do! One of the guys sat on the sofa and Yvonne squatted down on his cock, her pussy eating inch after inch of the monster inside her.

Then another guy positioned himself above her head and told her to lick his balls and arse like the little slut she is! Which she did with absolute gusto, then came the part she had been dreading the third guy nudged his massive cock against her tight arsehole she bit her lip in terror and anticipation to receive his giant black snake! He didn't go gently as she had hoped he rammed it in and she screamed half in pain half in pleasure and started screaming at her black lovers to fuck her hard take her like the little black cock slut she is! Phil couldn't believe his beautiful girlfriend was acting like such a slut especially for big black cock but he loved it! The feeling of powerlessness he had as his sexy woman was being used and abused by three hunks to which he could not compare!

Yvonne started to squeal and moan and bucked her hips rhythmically against the two cocks in each of her holes, while still licking the black guy's salty balls and arse. Phil could see Yvonne was about to cum and then she let out an almighty scream and gushed all over the guy's cock that was rammed balls deep in her fuck hole! The guy having his balls licked turned to his mates and said guys I think we have converted another little white slut and winked at his compatriots.

Phil was dying to cum and was straining at his restraints to get a hand free but it was no use.

The guys continued to fuck Yvonne in all three holes for what seemed like forever with Yvonne only stopping to breathe or scream some more humiliation at Phil. Things like why can't u be a real man like these guys and that she was only going to fuck black guys and he would have to watch and enjoy it!

Phil started to have his first pangs of jealousy but as he realised he had pushed the issue so it was his own fault!

When the guys had fucked Yvonne red raw they put her on her knees and started wanking over her. Their big black cocks all glistening with Yvonne's juices and lube. One by one they all unloaded their thick black cum all over her gorgeous face and breasts and Yvonne lapped it up and sucked their cocks dry!Yvonne thanked all of the guys for showing Phil how to fuck a woman properly and that she would be in touch very soon to get fucked again!

Each one got dressed and kissed Yvonne hard and squeezed a part of her anatomy on their way out , Phil turned to Yvonne after they had left and asked to be untied and to get a blow job to which Yvonne scowled at him that his pathetic little white cock doesn't deserve any attention.

Phil started to beg to which Yvonne called him pathetic and said she had a surprise for him!

Yvonne untied Phil and told him to lie on the bed which he did rather speedily anticipating his reward. Yvonne came into the bedroom sporting an enormous strap-on around her waist; Phil was shocked and demanded to know what that was for she said that as he was now her bitch she was going to fuck him like one! Yvonne then lubed up the strap-on and lifted Phil's legs in the air and entered his tight virgin arsehole! Phil didn't want to admit it but when the pain subsided it felt really good, his cock was rock hard again. Yvonne told her little cuckold to wank his tiny cock and make himself cum for her, which he did whilst she was fucking his hole! Phil then came all over his chest which Yvonne scooped up in her fingers and licked.

Phil asked Yvonne if she really meant what she had said was she really only going to fuck black guys? To which she said "well honey you know what they say, Once you go black you never go back!"

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