tagInterracial LoveZebra Games Ch. 02

Zebra Games Ch. 02


By some of the comments received from Part 1 I can tell that there is a definite divide in this website when it comes to interracial sex and the sweet art of cuckolding. Well I love controversy so here comes Part 2. For those of you that enjoyed part one I hope you find part two even more erotic. In this part the fiction really starts to come out. As stated in Part 1 this is a sexual fantasy. There are no rules regarding reality in a fantasy. People can rise from the dead and become ghosts, aliens can make you fly and If there were Stephen King and Anne Rice would be fighting for control of the same street corner so they could sell pencils instead of being the famous writers that they are today.

As for those of you that were so abhorred at having made yourselves read the first part of Zebra Games, well I guess I should apologize in advance. You are going to hate this part so much you'll want to stick your little units into a Waring blender and turn it on to purify. That's okay though. Instead of putting out the usual "don't read this type of story if you don't like it" warning I know you can't resist so go ahead, plug in the blender and delve into the story. You flannel shirt wearing freaks are kind of fun to piss off anyway. Unfortunately the usual rules apply and your comments will be deleted if they don't relate to the story or make any sense.


The personality of Avery Ave. changed quite a bit over the 18 months since that infamous Fourth of July party. Several homes changed hands and new neighbors arrived and I said goodbye to some old friends. Most prominent among them was my closest friend Joe. He decided to move in with Caroline. She owned a rather nice loft downtown. While I missed my friend I knew a black man was better off living with a white girl in a more liberal part of the city. Unfortunately along with Joe went his Fourth of July party. There were actually some people standing in front of his old house on the night of the first fireworks display the first year after Joe moved. I guess they were expecting a party but the young couple that had moved in just didn't get it so the neighborhood's most festive night went away with my friend, Joe.

The big change for me was that I had gotten married to Lis. We had gotten past what had happened that night after the party. One night Lis had told me the truth regarding her experience. How it had actually felt to be with Maarq. Still she wanted a life with me and that was good enough. I found that I loved Lis far too much to let her go. There was enough blame to go around that night and we decided to move ahead. Besides that night was the last time we had seen Maarq and that helped a lot. Lis and I concentrated on each other and six months later we got married.

Meanwhile the other significant home sale was at the end of Lowell St. A couple moved onto the most opulent house in the neighborhood. Daniel Crainer was a banker in his mid fifties and his wife Catherine was in her early fifties and a psychiatrist. They had no kids and seemed to be quite wealthy. I had seen Daniel only a few of times, once when I was introduced to the couple at a party and a couple of times when he was out doing yard work. He had an extensive travel schedule. It was Catherine who had gotten to know everyone in the neighborhood. She was very outgoing and a beautiful woman. She was the kind of older woman that I used to fantasize about as a young boy.

It was cold when I awoke. The kind of day where a choice between getting out of bed and getting a root canal was a tough decision to make. I wanted to curl up next to my wife and stay there all day. It was a Sunday and I might have gotten away with it. I reached over and slide my hand into Lis' pajama tops. I gently ran my finger over one of her nipples. I got a response of "Sleep!" and my hand was unceremoniously brushed away. I rolled over and got out of bed. If it had been early morning sleepiness that had been budding Lis I wouldn't have minded but the simple fact was that lately her sex drive was pretty low and it hadn't always been that way.

The snow had been coming down hard for most of the night. There was a solid 10 inches on the ground and while the deluge had stopped there was more on the way. It was turning into a hell of a New England winter. I put on my boots and coat and I went to the garage. It was just before 7 am and I was the first one out to clear my sidewalk and driveway. The moisture in the air was so thick I could chew on it. There was only one color anywhere I looked, grey. It was as if I had gone completely color blind. I thought it was all at once the worst and best about living in New England.

As I walked my snow blower up and down my long driveway I couldn't get Lis out of my mind. I couldn't understand her. I had a good friend from college. Fred was 6'-3" in great shape and the only thing he had going for him more than his good looks was his family wealth. Needless to say Fred got his share of gorgeous women. I always remembered Fred saying that with women looks had nothing to do with sexual ability or desire. In fact the best fuck Ol'Freddie claimed to have had was a 50 yr old, overweight friend of his mother. Lis was beautiful. She would have been at the top of Fred's or anyone's list. It would have been okay if Lis was an unenthusiastic lover. I had married her for more than her looks or sexual prowess. She had become my best friend. Still when we started going out Lis was incredible in bed. She was in perfect shape, a physical and sexual athlete. While she still had that incredible body something was bothering Lis and it was showing in the bedroom.

I had finished with my sidewalk and was starting on Mrs. Herney's sidewalk. She was our neighbor and was on the corner of Avery Ave. and Lowell St. She was a widow and I had been doing her walk for a few years. I had known her husband Jack. He had died at only 55. Mrs. Herney had been a beautiful woman and at about 60 she was holding on to the last vestiges of that beauty. She had been a showgirl out in Las Vegas back in the day and she had the long powerful legs to prove it. I had admonished myself more than once to stop staring at her legs whenever I saw her wearing the right outfit around the neighborhood. As I turned the corner to do Pat Herney's Lowell St. section I noticed the Crainer's house at the end of the cul-de-sac. I figured that Daniel was out of town so when I finished with Mrs. Herney's walk I started down to the end of the road. I got through with the front sidewalk as more snow started to fall. I worked my way up to the walkway that led to the house. I had just finished when the front door opened and Catherine greeted me.

"So you're the chivalrous one in the neighborhood." She gushed in her husky Texas accent.

"Well I guess I needed what little exercise you get from walking behind a snow blower."

"Come in for some hot chocolate."

I readily accepted the beautiful blonde's invitation. I followed her into the house and took off my jacket. I found that I had indeed been sweating. Catherine was already in her kitchen so I walked through the living room to meet her. I noticed that the room was decorated with some very expensive artwork. The one theme that jumped out was that the Crainer's were collectors of African art. The painting above the fireplace was of a couple of zebras charging across the African plains. In addition the blankets on the couches were black and white and there were a couple of woodcarvings of zebras.

After a brief inspection I made my way into the kitchen. It was large and very modern. All the appliances were commercial grade. I sat at a long rectangular table in the middle of the room. Catherine came over with a couple of mugs steaming with hot chocolate and sat across from me at the table. I noticed how young she looked even at 8:30 in the morning. There were just a few crow's feet around her dark blue eyes and her cheekbones stood out like apples. It was easy to get turned on by this woman.

"You really seem to like the African art especially zebras it seems." I asked inquisitively.

"Oh it started out as just simple hobby but I am afraid that I have become really attached to that animal. I guess I'm a real addict to black on white art." She chuckled as she sipped her drink.

"Well it looks very nice."

"Thank you. Most importantly I have to say I really apprecialte you coming down here. Daniel's away until Tuesday and I don't know any kids in the neighborhood."

"That's what I figured. So when I finished with Pat's I came down here."

"Mrs. Herney too? You really are a hero."

"Well I just felt like being outside so what the heck." I admitted.

"Outside? Today? Denny there's a blizzard falling from the clouds out there."

One look out the bank of windows behind Catherine and I saw that the snow had developed into almost white out conditions again.

"I don't care." I said quietly.

"We all need time to think." Catherine smiled at me and took a sip of her hot chocolate.

"Sure." Was all I could muster.

"Anything else you want to talk about?" Catherine leaned in a little closer.

Oh Lis and I are getting along fine. I guess as long as your marriage is going at 80% that's as much as you can ask for."

"It depends on which 20% is out of sync." I suddenly remembered how Catherine earned her living. "Anything I can help with?"

"Oh I don't know Catherine I guess Lis has been working real hard lately." I wasn't sure how far to take this with Catherine.

"Too tired for the bedroom? You don't have to be embarrassed about it. That's the way it is for all of us at one point or another." She explained.

"Maybe I shouldn't worry."

"Well if you're worried let's talk about it. When did Lis start feeling tired? In other words when did she become less active sexually?"

"It didn't happen overnight. Our sex life was great before we were married and that certainly continued for a while afterwards. If I had to pinpoint it I would say about 8 months ago." I told Catherine.

"Quite a long time to be unhappy." She consoled me.

"I haven't had a relationship expert as a neighbor before."

"Aha! How true. Have you had any bumps in the road before 8 months ago?"

"That's when Maarq Watson came rushing back like a punch to my face. All I could think of was my wife going down on him and then taking his big black dick between her thighs. I couldn't believe this blunder was going to rear its ugly head again.

"Not really." I murmured.

"Denny if I am going to help you with some advice I need to know everything. couples therapy is what I do." Catherine had seen right through me.

I couldn't just walk away now. My neighbor knew I had a very personal problem. At least she was a professional. Catherine would have to keep this to herself so I began to tell her the tale of Maarq and my wife. How he had tricked us into the game of caps and then taken his prize, Lis. Through the whole story Catherine listened intently. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I was also turned on. I was telling the story to a very sexy woman.

"Denny tell me. You know a lot of detail. Did you witness this sexual act?" Catherine inquired after I finished telling her about the night.

"Ugh yea." I admitted shamefully.

"Does Lis know you watched?" Catherine followed up.

"Oh no I know she doesn't know."

"Denny allow me to get even more personal if I could. Did you masturbate while Lis and that black man had sex?"

"Yes" I was surprised how easily the answer came out.

"So we have to find out why you decided to masturbate instead of breaking up what was happening as well as find out why Lis is acting the way she is." Catherine surmised.

"Catherine, I don't know what I'd do if Lis found out what I did that night." I pleaded.

"Oh she won't find out from me. I want to help the two of you not hurt you."

"So what do I do?"

"Let me talk to Lis. I'll be discreet. If there's something bothering your wife, we'll try and find out."

We made some small talk and then I left and replowed both Catherine's and Mrs. Herney's walkways. Another 5 inches of snow had fallen in the couple of hours I had spent with Catherine. I made my way back over my own sidewalk and then parked my snow blower back in the garage. It was still before noon and the machine had already done a full day's work and I felt as if I had as well. Between plowing the walkways twice and my little talk with Catherine I was drained.

I flopped on the couch and turned on the TV. I changed the channel several times until I found an old movie. I began drifting off to sleep. I was thinking about Maarq and what he had dome to Lis and to me. Could it be that a single night from a couple of years ago was refusing to fade away? Why was it that the worst of memories always seemed to be the most resilient?

As I dozed, I was awakened by Lis' footsteps. She was wearing a pair of blue spandex exercise tights and one of my old tee shirts. I watched her standing over me. I thought how beautiful she looked. She had let her blonde hair grow into a full mane of natural gold. The tone in her legs showed through the tight fitting material and her buttocks molded the pants into two perfect blue globes. If it was possible Lis was in better shape than when we married.

"Honey I'm going to the gym." She informed me as she threw on her full length coat.

"Lis the roads are a mess. I doubt the gym is even going to be open today." I replied.

"I called. They are still open. I'll go crazy if I stay cooped up in here. Besides we need food. I can stop on the way back." I could tell she wanted to get out in the worst way.

"Just be careful. There's two feet of snow out there." The gym and store were practically at the other end of Avery Ave., less than a mile away.

"I will. See you in a bit." Lis leaned down and kissed me.

I went back to sleep secure in the knowledge that I would have a hot meal when I awoke. Again, I thought about Maarq and Lis. The sexual encounter never seemed to go away. Some of the unanswered questions were driving me to the edge of insanity. Did the two meet as lovers after that night? Did Lis enjoy herself as much that night as it seemed? I had never seen my wife as sexually excited as on that night.

I awoke from a fitful sleep with a powerful erection. Why did I always get hard thinking about them? I looked at my watch. I had been asleep for almost three hours. I got up and stumbled into the kitchen. It was mid afternoon and I was starved. I opened the refrigerator and saw the meager pickings on the shelves. Suddenly I reaized that meant that Lis hadn't returned. Even one of her marathon workout sessions didn't last more than two hours. She should have been home by now.

I got on the phone and dialed my wife's cell phone number. I was starting to worry when I heard her answer the phone. Lis was breathing deeply as she said hello. I assumed she was still working out.

"Hey Lis are you okay?" I was still worried and let it show.

"Ugh oh honey. Yes I'm fine." Lis breathed into the phone.

"I was worried. It's been a while and with all this snow. Are you still working out?" I saw that once again it had begun to snow.

"Yea, I'm on the treadmill. Ugh I went to the store first." Lis inhaled deeply, her voice was low, almost guttural.

I was getting hard again just listening to my wife. Suddenly Maarq flashed before my eyes. And then my wife appeared. They were dressed formally and dancing some sort of waltz together. Maarq was in this weird looking tuxedo and Lis was wearing a rather tight fitting black gown with a slit that ran up to her upper thigh. My wife was keeping Maarq at a distance with her arms outstretched in a proper fashion. As I imagined them swaying back and forth I reached down with my free hand and began stroking my cock.

"So how is the workout going?" I wanted to hear Lis' voice.

"It's fine. I should be home soon." Lis' voice was slow and slurred.

"It doesn't sound like your working out." I said.

"What do you mean? I'm certainly out of breath." She came back.

I may have been suspicious but I didn't care. I kept stroking as the interracial couple in my mind continued their dance. Lis was struggling mightily to keep Maarq at bay but her face showed no signs of the struggle. She was smiling as if she was enjoying the occasional contact between them.

"I guess you just sound different that's all."

"Well I'm working out. How do you mean different?"

"You sound sexy is all I mean." I admitted.

"Oh you like me this way huh?"

I was still watching the two dancers as I masturbated myself. Maarq's back was to me. Suddenly they turned and I saw the black man's erection sticking out of his pants. It was dripping with cum. All at once the long black prong seemed to come alive. It lengthened to an inhuman size and began wriggling around like a snake. It began searching for Lis. My wife did her best to keep Maarq away but now it seemed a fruitless effort. She would dodge the black snake each time it struck out at her yet she seemed intent on continuing the dance as well. Instead of breaking away from the black man she just kept in tune to the music. Maarq's penis had now grown to an ebony colored serpent of over two feet. It's relentless pursuit of my wife ended when it found the slit in her gown. The snake slithered into the slit and around the back of Lis' thigh. Then it coiled and struck upwards into her genitals. Both dancers moaned and my wife's body stiffened and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"You know I think you are the sexiest woman alive." I gushed shamelessly into the phone.

"You'd like me back in bed now wouldn't you?" Lis' voice was now a husky whisper over the phone that jolted me back to reality.

The muscular white woman that was my wife ceased her struggle against Maarq. His snakelike dick was moving freely in and out of her as they continued to dance. The excitement was now drooling out of Lis and down the shaft of Maarq's big dick creating a glistening sheen on the black skin. For the first time the two dancers in my fantasy spoke. "It looks like I have you now." Maarq commented rather matter of factly. "From the first night." Lis replied in the same sex soaked voice I was listening to on the phone. With that she moved closer to the black man allowing the rest of the serpent to ooze into her vagina.

"Are you jerking off for me honey?" Lis inquired, her voice now a high pitched sigh bringing back from my fantasy once again.

"Yes!" I barked back unashamedly.

"That's a good boy stroke yourself for me. I want to hear you cum. If you do it good I'll suck your cock when I get home." The way Lis sounded now she would have made a phone sex worker blush.

As I slowly ran my hand along my stiff cock my mind returned to the dancers. The tempo had become a wild tango and Maarq and my wife were now naked except for a pair of shiny high heels adorning my wife's feet. They move with sexual abandon around the dance floor. All the while Lis remained impaled on the black snake. Every once in a while she would make a meager attempt at escape but like some prey snared by an actual snake she was in her final throes. There was nothing she could do.

As wild as the fantasy had become, for me, it was my wife being taken again by Maarq and although it was driving me crazy I admitted to myself that they looked beautiful together even if it was only in my mind. Finally Lis jumped up into the black man's arms wrapping her legs around his waist and taking the full length of his manhood inside her. The climax of the tango along with my wife's encouragement over the phone pushed me over the edge. I let out a moan and felt a huge gob of cum fly from my cock. I bucked my hips with each burst of semen until I collapsed back onto a kitchen chair.

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