tagErotic Poetryzippity do dah

zippity do dah


zippity do dah
hip hip hooray
i'm no longer a virgin
my cherry got popped today
i'm a college student
and i banged my professor
i hated being a virgin
it was a major stressor
we did it on his desk
right after class
i came on to him
he wasn't the one to ask
he went down on me
and my head began to spin
i can't believe what i was missing
by remaining a pure virgin
i got so wet
his face got so messy
he stood me up
and began to undress me
when he kissed my lips
he was a little rough
but my cunt was on fire
i just couldn't get enough
he was stroking my clit
and groping my breasts
my eyes were closed
and i was feeling blessed
i nutted all over his fingers
then i licked them clean
today my professor
tomorrow the dean

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