tagChain StoriesZodiac Girls Ch. 06

Zodiac Girls Ch. 06


I swear that if you look up Gemini in a book on horoscopes, you'll find a picture of my girlfriend Judy there. She is such a Gemini she even has a twin brother. They are so much alike it's two sides of the same coin, just one is a girl, and the other is a boy. Judy's figure could almost be called boy -like except for the large c-cup breasts sticking out from her chest. Her swimmer's body is long and lean, not soft like a girl but firm like a boy. Now don't misunderstand me, Judy is one sexy woman with a great body that she knows how to use to her advantage. Her Brother Jason's body is almost soft when compared with his sister; He's not what you could even call chubby but he's not hard muscle either. They both have curly brown hair of about the same length, and their suntan faces show off their bright blue eyes with a striking contrast.

Judy called me her boyfriend but she let me know right from the start she would not be mine exclusively. She told me she could never be contented by any one man and if that were too much for me, she would understand. As for me, I hated it but it didn't take long to figure that even a little of Judy was so much more than none at all. It's not that she would flaunt her dalliances in front of me, it was just understood that if she found someone interesting she would have a fling with him or her. She always said, if she was too sexy for just one man, she surly was too sexy for just one gender and would freely sleep with man, woman, or both with gusto.

Judy loved to dress sexy showing off her big tits with tight little tops with bared midriffs that barely covered the bottom of her breasts and miles of cleavage showing on the top. Most days would find her in short skirts that showed off her long legs and she enjoyed giving a peek up her skirt. God could that woman wear some small bathing suits. It's as if the thong was designed for her ass with her strong muscular cheeks sticking out and that little string buried between them. I know she thoroughly enjoy showing off her body with the hope of turning people on.

The first time we had sex she told me that her and her brother did it all the time. She said they took each other's cherry at a young age and she said that Jason was her favorite sex partner. This seemed rather kinky to me but then Judy was a kinky girl. I remember one time we went to her parents cabin in the mountains with Jason and his girl friend Sharon. It didn't take long to find out that Sharon was the dominate one in their relationship. After dinner we sat around drinking wine and talking when Sharon said,

"Come on Jase, it time for you to pleasure me."

She just grabbed his crotch and pulled him into their bedroom. After awhile Judy took my hand and said,

"Let's go watch."

We walked in to find both naked and Sharon sitting on Jason's face with both hands in his hair holding his head while she rubbed his face into her snatch. Judy went over and began to make out with Sharon, next she got next to Jason's crotch and began to stroke his erection. She called me over and asked me to take off my clothes, as she wanted to stroke both Jason and me at the same time. I couldn't argue with getting a hand job so I complied. Sharon said she wanted to watch and went into a reverse cowgirl mode. Judy then got on her knees in front of her brother and began to suck him off. When she stopped, she leaned over and kissed me putting tongue deep into my mouth.

"Can't you just taste him on my tongue?"

I said no and I was just being honest. She held his cock up and beckoned me closer. I leaned in but resisted when she tried to put his cock in my mouth. Sharon was breathing hard and I could tell she was really getting in to this,

"Come on John, just lick it once."

Judy took the back of my neck and pulled me ever closer. She bounced his cock on my lips, teasing me then both she and Sharon kept telling me just to taste it. Finally, I stuck my tongue out and licked the underside of Jason, Judy said,

"God that is so hot, here John kiss the tip."

I did as she asked and as she pulled it away, a string of precum went from his dick to my lips and without thinking I stuck my tongue and licked it off his cock. By then there was no turning back and I swallowed him down to his pubes. Just like that, I now had my first taste of cock and it felt strangely erotic. I was actually looking forward to my first taste of another man's cum when Judy pulled her brother's cock from my mouth and put it hers. As I held his balls, stroking them I felt them tense and then I felt the cum surge from them to Judy's mouth. I felt disappointed and it must have showed in my face because Judy bent over and put her mouth to mine, and when I opened up, she passed me a snowball of Jason's sperm. That was how we spent our weekend, in a tangled mass of bodies, man, and man, girl, and girl and many combinations of the two.

As with most Gemini Judy soon tired of me and we have long since separated. The last time I bumped into her she told me that Jason and Sharon got married and Sharon is now expecting. Judy said it was extra sexy to make love with a pregnant woman and was spending most weekends at their house. Before you ask I'll tell you that Jason was the first and last cock that I sucked, and although I enjoyed the variety of it I just preferred pussy to cock. I'll always miss Judy as I continue my search for another real Gemini.

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