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On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 04

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/07/10


Is she married, I really hated this, she is wasting both their lives.

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by Anonymous04/07/10


In response to the previous question " .. is she married?", maybe the fact that she was worrying about her HUSBAND coming home in 10 minutes might give you a clue!

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by Anonymous04/07/10

The Question was

Why is she married, she doesn't love her husband at all so that seems like a fair question, like why did I read this?

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by X-Factor04/07/10

Why married

To the dummies who keep reading my stories and asking why the characters are even married - most of my stories are about cheating. Who cares why they bother marrying? Get some security in your own marriage, or read another author. It's a story! Some people get off on nearly getting caught. I'm one of them. If you're not one of them, then go back to playing Warcraft and masturbating to a scantily-clad elf.
Holy fuck, a lot of idiots have joined this site since I was last posting regularly. It's a JERK-OFF piece nothing more. Why is she married? Uh, as explained in the first chapter, she was practically arranged to marry, and at the age of 18. Why is she still with him? Culture. Does that help you jerk off better?
Now I remember why I stopped posting regularly a couple of years ago and just keep the stories to myself (I still have 100 of them unpublished).

Thank you to the real fans who continue to support with positive comments and feedback.

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by msoul04/07/10

Why Indeed?

This is a story of an affair, well now two affairs. As for wasting lives it seems clear that the wasting of life, certainly the erotic sexy part of lives wasted occurred befor the affairs begin. great stories

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by Anonymous04/07/10


Keep them coming X-factor! I've missed your stories!

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by Anonymous04/08/10

Oh give it a rest already you guys.

I am married and have watched my wife with another man. She knew I was watching of course and he didn't. Here's the thing, it would have been very erotic to me had she not known I was watching. Why? Because the hottest part about the whole thing was witnessing her receiving pleasure. but any man who has done this can tell you that you wonder if she would have shown even more pleasure if she thought she wasn't being watched. In other words, you wonder if she held back some for fear of what your reactions would be. Afraid that she would hurt your feelings. That's the funny part, I would actually have preferred that the guy know I was there so I could be right there beside them so my wife could talk to me too and describe to me how much she is enjoying it. I've told her this and she is unconvinced that I could really handle it when I say that it would turn me on if she was telling me things like the fact that he is a lot bigger than me and she likes how that feels, and in fact if she told me that he feels better in her because of how big he is, etc... Like I said, I am turned on by seeing her receiving pleasure. So in fact, I do want to see her totally going off having mind blowing good sex. I guess to me, if the guy doesn't fuck her better than I can, why even bother. I'm also secure enough to know that she loves me and does enjoy sex with me. I also know that while the physical pleasure is better, the emotional side of sex with me is stronger and she has told me that. But the appeal of the cheating wife stories for me is the thought of catching the wife having sex when she thinks I am not watching so I can know that she is not holding back on her reactions. I fantasize about catching her and hearing her tell her lover how good his cock feels in her and in fact telling her how much better it feels than mine. Thus I would have the pleasure of knowing I was seeing her truly having the best sex of her life. In my perfect fantasy I also video tape it and watch a couple more times and then let her know I watched, then show her the tapes while we lay naked in bed touching and I reassure her that the reactions she is giving and the way she is telling him his cock is the best she's had, does in fact turn me on and that it really is OK for her to express those things to me when I am right there watching. One of my favorite stories of all times, the husband watched his old cockhound college roommate seduce his wife over a period of months. First night was just kissing but it slowly progressed and then he got to watch her have full blown sex. The buddy was staying at their house once a week while in town for business. So the hubby had already arranged to be able to see in the guest room and hear while outside on the balcony. One night, the wife slipped out of the room after the first bout of sex and unlike previous nights, checked on the hubby and found him on the balcony looking in the guest room. She of course panicked thinking this as the first time for this and thinking she had just been busted. See, for her, the sex was just sex...the best sex she ever had...but she did lover her husband, which is why she held out for so long. But now she thought it was over. Hubby raced to her when he heard her gasp and pulled her into their bedroom and they quickly assured her to not cry. She didn't understand it at first but he assured her that he really enjoyed it all and had in fact watched from the first night the buddy had stayed there and they had been kissing on the couch. He assured her that if he had not enjoyed it, he would have put a stop to it then. So she asked him what she should do now. He told her he wanted her to g back in there and really enjoy the sex while he watched her. She shook her head and said it didn't make sense but he assured her that it was what he wanted so she kissed him and asked what she had ever done to deserve a husband like him that loved her so much, he wanted her to totally enjoy having sex with a guy who had a much bigger cock. Anyway, she did go back and for the first time had sex with the old roommate while knowing that her hubby was watching. So she would look towards the window when her lover wouldn't notice and look right into her hubby's eyes and tell him how good it felt. Of course her lover thought she was talking to him, not her hubby who was a mere 5 feet away. this became the norm...her having sex and discretely telling her husband how great the guy's cock felt, and how good it felt to be stretch that much, and how it felt having a cock reach deeper into her than she was used to, etc... Gawd I could read that story time after time and there used to be more like those but the negative comments seem to have chased away a lot of great writers who used to post those kinds of stories in Loving Wives, Interracial Love, Group Love and the exhibitionist/voyeur sections. I mean seriously guys, these are almost all fictional stories, what does it matter? Why run off the good authors that can write hot stories? And who cares if the story line is the same? I mean seriously, how many different story lines can you come up with? Eventually you are going to get repeats. That's OK with me so long as the writer does a good job and the story allows me to fantasize that it is my wife who is cheating and doesn't know that her husband is watching and getting turned on. If I were you guys, I would be more disturbed that the gay male stories are starting to outnumber the loving wives stories that are being submitted, and many of the loving wives stories actually belong in the gay male section. Seriously, why ruin a good thing? If the author writes good sex scenes and there is no gross eating of the other guy's cum out of the wife, or any other gay crap, why not encourage them to write more? One last thing, I am thinking about registering and writing a few stories. I've already started two of them. One is borrowed from JustPlainBob but it is just borrowing the main story and highly changing it. it is the one where the wife unknowingly has sex with one of her sister's well hung friends. Then decides she wants to continue doing that but doesn't want to hide it from her hubby, so she conspires to get the husband interested in the whole hotwife thing. However in JustPlainBob's story,as with all of them, the hubby doesn't go along with it and end up kicking her to the curb. In mine, she only has sex that first time. Being drunk at first and thinking it is her husband, but then realizing once she is too far gone that the guy is much bigger than hubby. She does continue to have sex with the guy for the rest of the night and again in the morning but then feels guilty about it because she does lover her hubby. But she also now realizes how much better a really big cock feels and wants more of it, so she decides to see if she can get her hubby interested. Unlike LPB's story, she is successful and he learns that it is a big turn on to him to see each step happen, like other guys feeling her up, etc... Then it takes his breath away the first time he watches her take that really big cock because he is so turned on. In the end, she and her sister share many very well hung men and the hubby's only condition is never without him present because he wants to watch every time. The other story is a bit different in that the hubby is pushing the wife to talk about her fantasies but she is uncomfortable doing so. he keeps pushing and then starts telling her he wants her to take charge of her sex life. he wants her to blossom sexually and wants them to start exploring fantasies. This goes on for a long time and they do start to open up little but she has a very powerful fantasy she has kept under wraps and in control, until the hubby kept stoking the fires. So she started off exploring it more in her mind, and reading stories that she had come across on some of the story boards her hubby had shown her. She had found the stories where husbands got turned on watching another very well hung guy have sex with his wife. Her favorite fantasy was having sex with another guy while hubby watched. After reading stories, it morphed into the hubby watching but also knowing that the other guy was fucking her much better than he could, mostly because of being very well hung and knowing how to use it. She gets turned on thinking about looking into ther hubby's eyes and telling him all kids of things like how much biger th guy feels in her, how she can feel him touching her in places her hubby can't reach, and how he stretchers her more and just looks into his eyes end tells him the other guy is fucking her better. But she doesn't say it in a derogatory fashion like in most of the videos you see where the woman is basically scolding her husband as she says this stuff. No, this is a turn on for her because while she is experiencing better sex with the other guy, she is sharing it all with her husband whom she loves more than anything. It's not sharing to hurt, it is sharing to feel closer. So in the story, she is very excited by the prospect of getting to fuck a very well hung guy and experience that bigger cock but what really gets her juices flowing is the thought of sharing the whole thing with her hubby. Even when they are alone and having sex, she will describe to her husband excitedly how much better the other guy feels in intense the feelings are and how much harder she cums on that much bigger cock. But I'm starting to think, "Why bother, if guys are just going to rate the story down and leave negative comments?"

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