tagNovels and NovellasNo Going Back Ch. 18

No Going Back Ch. 18


I yearned to kneel beside Katie, to hold her protectively. Several men untied me, turned me over and retied me on my back. I could feel my own cum from only a few moments ago coat my back. It was already cold and sticky.

He called and the man with the black bag came over to Katie. He injected her with a clear liquid and in a moment, her eyes opened. I could tell the injection must have been a stimulant because she revived so quickly and her eyes were already darting around the room wildly. She was helped to her feet and left to stand naked in front of all the men who eyed her hungrily.

"Well, my dear," you said. "The time has come. It appears you must be the one to pay for your husband's indiscretions. I think we'll let him see first-hand what those mistakes will cost. Come over here to your husband."

He led Katie to me and stood her at the foot of the bench. "Lie down on him," you ordered. "Let him feel those beautiful breasts of yours on his chest and look at him face to face." She lowered herself onto me and I wished I could wrap my arms around her. She tried to bury her face in my neck, but he grabbed her hair and lifted her head. "Oh, no, Katie," he said. "We want you both to see everything that happens. We want you to share this together. Both of you turn your heads this way. There you go, husband and wife, cheek to cheek. How lovely."

He walked up to us, his naked cock directly in front of our faces. It was long and hard, the only way I had ever seen it. "Let's make this simple," he smiled. "Just do what you know I want. I'm tired of having to instruct you." He stepped forward and moved his erect cock toward us. It touched Katie's lips and she accepted it into her mouth. He slid it deep into her and then withdrew it. With his hand, he lowered its aim and pushed forward. It slid into my mouth and down into my throat. For several minutes, he alternated the strokes, fucking our mouths each in turn. Finally, he pulled back.

"Now, what we've all been waiting for," he announced. He looked around and picked out a man from the crowd. He was big and incredibly hairy. His crotch was covered in so much hair, we could hardly see his balls. His cock though was easy to see. It stood out from his body, huge and already totally erect. He stood in front of Katie and me only for a moment and then moved to our feet at the end of the bench.

Again Denny took Katie's hair and lifted her head so she was looking directly into my eyes. Neither of us could see the man at the foot of the bench, but I could see two men move to either side of the bench and I felt Katie's weight shift as they lifted her knees onto the bench and spread her legs. She was still lying on me, but her hips were raised above mine. She looked into my eyes, fear taking hold.

"All right now." The man at our feet spoke. "If we are all ready, I will now fuck the lovely lady. I am very excited by the way her ass is spread before me. I can see her pussy just waiting to be entered. It looks quite tight. I expect I will have to be quite aggressive just to get all of my cock into her. I'm sure she will experience much discomfort at first. I know we will all enjoy that."

As he spoke, Katie whimpered desperately. Her head struggled to turn and see behind her, but Denny held her tightly. Her body jerked as I heard the man say, "Look how I use my thumbs to spread her pussy open. Let me place my hot cockhead against her opening. Ahhhh, yes, it feels so wonderful, so hot. I can't imagine that it will fit into her, but I must make it fit."

Denny face was only inches from mine. "Watch Katie's eyes now," he whispered. "Watch her as she takes another man's cock deep inside. Watch her and see if you can tell when she starts to enjoy it. She will, you know. We've helped get her ready." The pleased look on his face convinced me that she had been given something in addition to the stimulant. I looked at Katie and her eyes were misty and unfocused. She was still struggling, but not as forcefully as before.

The men gathered more closely around. Katie began to grunt softly and her body moved gently on me. I could tell the man was giving small little thrusts with his cock. He continued pushing against her and her breathing began to deepen. She uttered little sounds with each movement, her eyes losing focus with each second. "Look at her," I heard the man's voice say to the others. "She moves her hips on her own. I will just stand here and feel her preparing herself for me."

I could tell he was right. She was moving on her own, pushing herself against him. Her own thrusting was becoming more insistent. Her moans seemed to be more frustration than pain. "Ha, I am too big for her," he said. "She cannot push herself onto me. I must help her." Katie's movements stopped and I realized the man had grabbed her hips. Her eyes widened as I sensed him placing his cock against her. Katie's voice became a low whine that didn't stop. It started to rise in pitch. Then, to my horror, I heard her cry out.

"Pleeeeeeeease," she wailed. "Pleeeease. I can't wait any more. Put it in me. Put it in meeeeeeee!" I heard the man's growl begin deep in his throat. I felt Katie rock forward from his push on her hips, then saw her pulled forcibly toward him. Katie's eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed. A roar went up from the men around us. The assault had begun.

Her body hung for a moment, motionless above me. Then I saw her pushed forward and once again pulled back violently. This time her scream was more of an extended wail, ending in a low guttural moan. "Look," I heard the man say to everyone. "I am now entirely buried inside her."

I looked at Katie, almost hoping to see the horror of what she was experiencing reflected on her face. Instead, to my own horror, I could see her staring wildly ahead, lost in the power of the cock so deep in her pussy. At the foot of the bench, the man's knees were touching mine. I felt him move back and Katie uttered a long, breathy, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." His knees rocked back against mine and Katie tensed, moaning, "Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh," deep in her throat.

He began a series of slow thrusts into her. I could see and feel the effect of each one on Katie. She placed her hands on the bench and raised the upper part of her body off of me. I saw her brace herself and begin to push back against him. Her incredibly beautiful breasts hung from her chest, and unable to stop, I lifted my head to suck her nipples. She looked into my eyes, and for a moment, I saw a dim recognition of what was happening. She almost looked scared, but then I saw that look quickly replaced by a look of pure heat. I could tell as she abandoned all reserve and began to thrust her hips back at the cock penetrating her.

The circle of men drew closer. Hands reached to touch her. Everywhere on her body, fingers stroked, probed, caressed. Above me was a wild woman. I saw my own wife, fucking blindly against the stranger's cock buried deeply in her belly. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. I could feel her juices dripping on me as she thrust back and forth.

I knew the moment when she reached the edge. Her arms collapsed and her head fell onto my shoulder. Her scream began directly into my ear, but then she grabbed my head, threw her own head back and roared in orgasm. Her tightly clamping vagina was more than the man could stand and I heard him cry out as his own release filled her to overflowing. The liquid dropping from her pussy onto me was sickeningly hot. I closed my eyes as she fell onto my chest and again lost consciousness.

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