Hot Erotic Stories.

Aerin Thomas
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HighTech Sex, Inc. Pt. I - Aggressive female exec seeks a boytoy.
HighTech Sex, Inc. Pt. II
- Sammi schemes to make Mark hers.
HighTech Sex, Inc. Pt. III - Mark entertains Diana's client.
Kaitlin's Tale I
- Savvy businesswoman takes hunk at party.
Kaitlin's Tale II - Kaitlin is duped by assistant.
Kaitlin's Tale III - Her captors play with her.
Kaitlin's Tale IV - Kaitlin is transformed.
Kaitlin's Tale V - Trasformed Kaitlin is put to first test.
Kaitlin's Tale VI - Kaitlin endures the next test.
Kaitlin's Tale VII - She faces her final test.
The Call - Mike keeps Sarah occupied during business phone call

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