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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. IX: The War, Won, yet Lost...
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

The Crystal Tower would never be the same again. The once-majestic tower was now standing in the middle of a wasteland that stretched far across the Northern Continent. The very same tower was now the gateway of the realm of Lore to the cursed Underworld, realm of the demons.

Supreme Commander Daemon sat uncomfortably on his throne. He was extremely displeased. He was displeased with the result of battle at the Dark Elven Stronghold in Elom. He was displeased that a sure victory had suddenly turned to a crushing defeat. And no soul in the world or even the underworld could comprehend what would happen if the Lord of Darkness' second-in-command was displeased of his subordinates.

"FOOLS!!!" He roared at the cowered Army of Darkness before him. "I want to hear no more failure from you! Begone!! Do some damage!!"

With the wave of his hand, the entire army vanished from sight and he was alone. He couldn't believe it. A small band of immature heroes had defeated his mighty horde. He knew he had to do something, or else the Lord of Darkness would definitely be displeased. He had to do something. He didn't know what, but he knew someone right for the job.

"Gareth!!" Daemon roared again. "I summon you!!"

An image of a tall human appeared before him. His form was somewhat vague due to the incomplete spell to make the perfect contact, but it was nonetheless enough. The man stood proud before the demon and gave a slight yet elegant bow.

"Greetings, Master Daemon. How may I serve you?"

"For a man of your caliber," Daemon started, "I believe you know what I want."

"Ah..." The man rubbed his chin. "You want me to neutralize those people who have been foiling your plans lately."

"Once again you've impressed me, Gareth." The dark man smiled. "Proceed."

"Just guide them to my lair." Gareth bowed. "I will deal with them personally."

The image disappeared. Daemon rose from his throne and walked toward the main room. He felt much better right now. He had his trusted man for the job. Now to make his feeling complete, he only had to release the grudge he'd been keeping caused by his incompetent subordinates.

At the center of the room another form hovered in the air. It was a beautiful woman with long golden hair. She hung limply on the air, bound spread-eagled by invisible shackles. Her eyes stared blankly into space before focusing on her dreaded enemy. Her renewed vigor entered race with her fear.

A race she knew she could not win.

"Ah... Goddess Gaea... Just as stunning as ever..."

Lord Daemon approached his captive. Gaea stared at him, hatred mixed with terror burning in her eyes. She twitched as his cold finger touched her naked body, yet the invisible shackles held her still. The demon lord chuckled, satisfied with her immediate reaction.

"And still as stubborn as ever... Well, I'm in a bad mood today, so I want you to do something for me..."

"Kill you? My pleasure." The goddess replied gruffly.

"Oh, nothing much..." He smirked. "I just want to see you dance."

Fear finally gained control of her. "No..."

"Yes... Fear me... I love to see it in your eyes..."

With a wave of his hand, her shackles relaxed slightly, giving her more room to struggle. Then a large black hole appeared beneath her, directly facing her nether region. The dark lord sat on his chair, watching in amusement as the once-proud goddess struggled against her bonds.

"Daemon... please... don't do this..." She begged.

"It's been three years since you learned how to beg." Daemon sneered. "Request denied."

A pair of long, slick tentacles shot out from the hole and circled both her hips, holding her body in place. Another pair reached out and lashed around her round breasts and began massaging and molesting her breasts. Then without warning a slightly larger tentacle shot out and forced his way through her pussy and into her dry vagina. It was not the first time it did such hideous thing, but her scream came out fresh and raw.

"Lord Daemon... p... please..."

The tentacle began fucking her vigorously. The two tentacles held her firmly in place, but her upper body struggled and fought against the pain. And she began to perform the unwilling erotic dance for the dark lord. Her vigor had been defeated, and it would stay that way for quite some time.

"Ah..." Daemon smiled. "After 20 years, she's just as young as ever..."

Holgreb was a dwarf. He stood on top of a hill, staring at the barren land before him and let out a sigh. Casually he swung his battle-axe on his side. The thought of never carrying the weapon again sent shiver through his spine. Slowly he cursed himself for things he could do nothing about.

He was very bored. He used to think that life was an excitement. He used to think that life would be more interesting. It used to be, but things didn't go as he had planned. His dream, if he indeed had had one, had vanished.

He used to be proud as what he was, a barbarian. Not the kind of barbarian that people would enjoy having in their living rooms. He was a raider, yet he was proud of it. Or at least used to be.

Holgreb took a moment looking at himself. As a dwarf, he was quite athletic and well built. Appearance was a prime factor for a barbarian. His small, short and puffy body hid his fighting potential. The rough expression he always wore in his face was well enhanced with his small dark eyes and long, unkept beard. He still remembered how he used to strike fear to the hearts of the enemies (read: peasants) by just staring at them. He remembered how he used to storm inside houses and defeated the enemies (read: peasants) and plunder their wealth (read: peasants'). Yet those exciting moments were now memories.

He's 60 years old. My enemies might still fear me, but nobody will if they knew how old I am. Common people, even barbarians, would declare 60 years old as the 'retirement' age, when they would waste their lives sitting in pub corners and drank ale all day and tell stories to the visitors. But he was uncommon. Even in his old age, his fighting skills never ceased or deteriorated. He could swing a battle-axe as if he was swinging a flogger. He could lift a boulder and threw it as if it was nothing more than a puffy pillow. He could bore a hole on the stone with his hand as if it was a toy wax. However, barbarians were not barbarians it they were not feared.

Suddenly, at the corner of his eyes, he spotted something unusual. It looked like... a group of birds. It was late autumn, and the sight of birds flying south was normal. But the sight of two light-green birds and a dark-blue bird flying close together in tight formation and going east toward the city was anything but normal. Moreover, the birds had tusks.

Suddenly he recalled his many experiences in his 3 years of elementary school and 45 years of barbaric profession. He suddenly realized that he was seeing... dragons! He still remembered the number of dragons he had killed... none. He still remembered what he used to do when he encountered a dragon... run or hide, depending on the circumstances.

But now I will not run. He would prove the world that he was indeed the greatest barbarian of all time. As the dragons flew closer, he prepared his battle-axe and tracked his target. Then, with all her might he threw his axe toward the unwary dragons. Then he waited.

Nothing happened.

The dragons seemed to be affected. After years of practice, it was impossible that he missed his target. He never missed before. So it was either that the dragons feared him no longer, or they just ignored him, a wretched old dwarf.

The thought insulted him. He had been ignored! Those lizards have enough nerve to ignore me! He drew his breath and screamed at the top of his voice.


Suddenly he spotted something coming this way. I don't know that I can throw an axe like a boomerang... He studied the object for a while, and finally he understood...

And his heart was flushed with joy. I am noticed! I'm not ignored! I am feared! He kept on repeating the words over and over again... until the blue flame hit the ground and exploded a few meters before him. The explosion threw his small body a few meters off the ground. When he recovered, he was sitting on the hard ground, staring at the small crater before him. The dragons were nowhere to be seen.

"Dang!" He swore. "COWARDS!!! COME BACK HERE!!!"

But then he realized that he was not alone. When he looked back, he saw a group of dwarves armed with axes. They are all staring at him, and all wearing the suits adorned with crest he was quite familiar with. The royal guards!

He reached for his axe, and was not very surprised to find that it was not anywhere near to him. "What do you want?!"

"You're the feared Holgreb the barbarian, right?!" One of them asked.

After hearing the word 'feared', Holgreb quickly said the word he would later regret. "Yes!"

"Well, the king wants your head. You're surrounded and outnumbered. Surrender now and we'll do this the easy way!"

"I don't care how many you are!" Holgreb prepared his fighting stance. "Catch me if you can!"

And they could, after 80 dwarves charged Holgreb all at once, quickly defeating the dwarf. After some struggle, the barbarian was subdued.

"Hah!!" One of the royal guards taunted. "I'll make sure you'll understand the meaning of 'odds' by the time you're walking to the beheading table!"

Holgreb's head grew heavy. I should have listened to my math lectures in school more seriously... Then he fainted.

Anna screamed and screamed, but nobody listened. She struggled, but the intrusion continued. She could feel the intense pain as her vagina was violated. Her invisible assailant rammed his member deep inside her, satisfied with her scream of agony. Then she felt a pair of hands held her face still and forced her mouth open. She refused to do so, and was rewarded by his fingers pinching her nose close, suffocating her. She had rather die rather than giving her rapist what he wanted, but her mouth opened up involuntarily and the thick, disgusting member entered her mouth fully, almost reaching her throat.

"LET ME GO!!!" She could her herself screaming.

"STOP IT!!!" Her assailants roared together.

She struggled wildly, yet they held her body rigid. Her mind went to panic as she could feel the member inside her vagina began to throb.

"NO!!! LET ME GO!!!"


The view exploded before her eyes, replaced by the view of the barren land... from a few thousand meters off the ground...

"KYAAA!!!" She screamed and struggled, only to find a pair of hands tightened around her waist and drew her back up.

"ANNA, STOP IT!!!" She heard the voice from behind her and quickly calmed down.

"A... Atrus..." Anna panted for breath. "Thank Guardian you're here..."

Atrus held her close. "You're freaking the hell out of me! You've been struggling off my grasp!"

"I'm sorry..." Anna said slowly. "I... I didn't know what I was doing..."

"I know..." Atrus wiped the sweat off her forehead. "You're having a nightmare again?"

She nodded in silence.

"About... uh... it?"

Anna stared at him with her weak gaze. "Yes, I just dreamed of my... rapists..." Tears filled her eyes. "Why, Atrus... Why do I have to endure this humiliation?!"

Atrus stroked her hair softly as she lay her head on his chest. "But it's past, Anna. Let it go! Don't let your past control you."

"But I can't..." She replied meekly. "Forever I'll be damned to remember this..." She looked into his eyes. "I... I still have the trauma... Tell me, Atrus... Tell me I'm not crazy..."

"Anna, don't say..."

"Tell me!" She cut him off. "Please, Atrus... Just don't lie to me..."

Atrus gaze at her lovingly and kissed her cheek gently. "No, Anna. You're not crazy."

As Atrus held her shivering body close to him, he took a moment to look at his surrounding. Agar's dragons had taken them all the way from the Elven land of Elom, across the Human kingdom of Aragon and toward the barren Land of the Dwarves. The journey would have taken at least two weeks if they had decided to walk. The late autumn wind was blowing quite hard at this height that the party had worn extra thick clothes for the ride, especially Anna, whose thin satin costume would not offer protection.

Atrus took a glance at another dragons flying next to his. On the back of the nearest dragon were Roberto and Maya. Maya was sleeping peacefully against Roberto's plate armor as the young prince held her tight. At the far side, he could see Hawk and Aurelia the Elf, riding the last dragon. Neither of them was sleeping, yet they looked pretty tired. The journey had taken three days by now, only stopping at several places so Maya and Aurelia could fix some food for their meals.


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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