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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. IX: The War, Won, yet Lost...
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

"We have a small garrison near the area that can aid you should you need extra help." The king added. "But I really doubt the commander will agree to help unless the problem is solved. I personally can't blame him, so you're basically alone in this mission."

"We'll do whatever we can." Anna replied. "But there is one thing we must ask from you."

"Name it." King Parson said.

Atrus took over the conversation. "The Guardian ordered me to find five Warriors of the Guardian to aid me in my search for the fabled Champion of the Guardian. One of the warriors is, I believe, among the Dwarves. The chosen warrior must have had a dream, a prophecy from the Guardian himself. He should also posses special ability. Do you know somebody with these characteristics?"

"Sir White Lion..." The king sighed. "You're aware that most of our population are miners, working deep beneath the surface. Words don't travel very far in those mines. Searching one Dwarf from our many mines will definitely take time, and time is not on our side..."

"Forgive me, your majesty..." One Dwarf suddenly rose up from his seat and approached the king. They were engaged in silent conversation for a while, until the king roared in anger.

"THAT'S ABSURD!!! He's a villain!!!"

"Young man..." The Dwarf said to Atrus despite the king's anger. "I think I know the man you're looking for."

"Sir White Lion..." Omar said. "This is Avitir, our defense minister."

"Young man..." Avitir the Dwarf said. "I don't know about the dream from the Guardian, but the man I know really possesses incredible strength and fighting skill."

"B...but... He's a criminal!!!" The king roared again.

"Your majesty..." Atrus replied calmly. "At least please let me see him."

A few minutes later, the party was standing before the cell door, stunned at the sight before them.

"You've got to be kidding..." Anna mumbled.

There was an old Dwarf sitting on one corner of the cell. His long hair and beard covered most of his expression, yet the many lines across his face confirmed his late age. Tattered clothes around his body revealed his muscular body, a rare sight for a Dwarf of his age. The chain on his ankle was connected to an extremely large metal ball, proving that he had to be a very dangerous villain indeed.

"The name's Holgreb." Avitir explained. "He's roughly 60 years old. He's spent most of his time as barbarian raider in the east."

"A barbarian raider?" Anna asked.

"Yes... you know... attacking towns, raiding temples, killing peasants, raping maidens... He's really good at his job. We're very lucky that my men surprised and seized him when he was not with his band. But I've heard stories that he could march alone against an entire squad of our soldiers and walk out victoriously. Now that's something."

Atrus peeped over the tiny window on the steel door to get a better look at the Dwarf. The Dwarf, however, quickly spotted him.

"Ah... visitors...! I love visitors!!!"

After saying that, the Dwarf charged toward Atrus despite the heavy metal ball on his ankle. A loud crash occurred before him. Roberto reflexively reached for his Kaiser sword of his back and didn't find it there. Aurelia jumped away for cover, and Anna hid behind the minister, who is in turn trying to get away. Atrus just stared at the sight before him. On the steel door a large chunk of the panel had been pushed outward, creating a mound on the surface.

A group of Dwaeven guards quickly arrived in the room and groaned. "Aargh! That's the sixth door he'd damaged in two hours!! Can't you guys just stop making him angry... Er... Hi, minister..."

Atrus stepped back and turned at the guards. "Open the door. I want to talk to him."

"Are you crazy?!" Avitir yelled. "He's just about to kill you!!"

"I'll be fine." Atrus answered calmly. "Just leave us alone after I enter the cell."

"After we enter the cell." Anna repeated sternly. "I'm going with you."

Atrus looked at Anna. He wanted to tell her how silly she was and how dangerous it would be, but she stared back at him, full with determination. He sighed and nodded.

The guards opened the steel door and stood aside, but the Dwarf didn't make any attempt to escape. Atrus came inside the cell, followed by Anna who kept close to him. The steel door slammed shut behind them and they could hear the people leaving the prison.

"Go away and leave me alone!" The Dwarf snarled. "Or else..."

"We're not here to fight you." Atrus replied.

But the Dwarf decided that he should give them a demonstration. He suddenly dashed toward them, but was pushed back by Anna's magical force. The little man was slammed on the far wall. Although he was not really affected by the crash, the wall was. He was back on his feet in no time.

"Impressive, young lady." He said slowly. "It's been years since I met someone worthy."

"I would be honored to do it again if you don't cooperate." Anna warned.

"I have nothing." The Dwarf stared at Atrus. "Fight me or leave me."

"Holgreb, isn't it?" Atrus resumed calmly. "I heard... you're one of the most feared barbarians in the Land of the Dwarves..."

"Yeah... I'm the best..." He grumbled. "Or at least I used to be, until... Hey! What should I tell you this for?!"

"Because we're not sure." Anna answered. "Why did you get caught at first place?"

"Bah, I yielded! A fine barbarian never surrenders!"

"You yielded?"

"Yeah... I got tired of fighting. You know... When you have a gold mine and you can't find anymore gold, you abandon the mine..."

"You mean you can't find anymore gold when you're raiding villages?" Atrus asked.

"Bah! Gold! I need no gold!" Holgreb snarled. "Fame! That's what I need!"

"You don't get enough fame?"

"Bah! If people hear the name of Gurkhar the Dwarf, they shook in fear! When they hear that Oscar the Immortal is coming, nobody dares to stand on the street! But when they hear my name, they start talking about an old man who can't possibly hold an axe straight! My time has come to an end! Leave me alone! Let the execution come to end my misery!"

"Do you think you can make people remember your name by raiding and killing them?" Anna countered.

"Of course! Gurkhar the Dwarf! Oscar the Immortal! Jesse the Gutter! Glob the..."

"Is that how you want them to remember you?! As a killer?! As a raider?!"

"Of course! Every time you walk on the street, people sing your name with praise! Women offer themselves as offerings! Piles of gold and silver were filled in jars!"

"People don't praise you!!" Anna yelled back. "They curse you! They curse you for spreading misery in their villages! People curse you for their relatives you have killed! People curse you for their homes and farms you've burnt to the ground! And now you want to die! Then forever people will remember you as Holgreb the Barbarian, and they will sing your name in curse!!"

Atrus took a glance at Anna. He'd never seen her so angry before. She was completely pissed off. He just assumed that she knew what she was doing.

"So what?!" Holgreb shot back. "I'm 60! My days in this realm are numbered!"

"So you just want to give it up?! I thought a fine barbarian never surrenders!"

A long silence covered the cell. Anna's answer seemed to hit Holgreb at the back of his mind. And for the first time since he became a barbarian he thought. A thinking barbarian was a rare sight.

"Very well..." Holgreb finally said. "I have to admit... I don't want to be remembered as a killer. I... just want to be famous, that's all..."

"You can be famous in a good way." Anna's voice was relaxed. "You're a fighter. If you fight for the good of your people, they will definitely forgive you."

Holgreb chuckled. "Hah... I don't think the problem will be that easy... But you've convinced me, at least for now. Now speak."

Atrus nodded. "First of all, I want to know if you've ever had a dream from the Guardian?"

"Bah! I never trust gods! I'm telling you, son... Those divine creatures who keep on demanding sacrifices of livestock and town's finest maidens and sending floods famines, tornadoes and sandstorms in return? Pretty dumb, those creatures... At least I can teach my dog some gratitude!"

"Er..." Atrus was confused. "Answer the question, please..."

"But I'm telling you this, son. As a barbarian, I am fearless. But there is one dream I had that has been bothering me. Once I dreamt of clouds, a vast landscape with only clouds. Never seen something like that before in my life. But then I saw darkness fall over the clouds. Then I saw emptiness, but filled with agonizing cries and pleas for help. Like, I'm used to all of those things, but this time it was different. I know it was just a dream, but it was so real. Is that what you want?"

Atrus stared at Anna, who in turn stared at him. "Do you know what that means?"

"Honestly I don't." Anna muttered. "But it does sound like the Guardian's prophecy."

"Holgreb the Dwarf." Atrus announced. "I need your help in my quest to search for the Champion of the Guardian. Please join me in my journey."

"Is that an order or a request, sonny?" Holgreb smirked.

Atrus smiled and bowed slightly. "It's a request."

The Dwarf let out a light laugh. "Well, since you ask nicely, I will join you."

Anna entered the room, sat on the nearest chair and let out a long sigh. It had been a tiring day. They had finally convinced Holgreb to join the party. The Dwarf had been very excited when they told him that they were going to the Pyramid of Salthi. He said he had been in the area once and he knew some of the natives there. Hopefully their task would be a lot easier.

Atrus, Aurelia and Roberto were in the palace right now, trying to arrange Holgreb's release. Anna was very tired from their journey that she decided to retire for the day, thinking that she would not be very useful in the palace anyway. Now what she needed was a nice, long rest.

She yelped in panic when a pair of hands traveled along her neck and to her shoulders.

"Mistress, it's me." Maya's voice came. "I didn't mean to startle you..."

"I'm just tired, Maya... It's been a long day..."

She felt Maya's hands begin to massage her tense muscles. "I still remember when you massaged me back in Aragon..." She chuckled lightly. "I learnt how to massage from you, Mistress."

"Yeah... I even saw you doing this to Atrus a couple of times..." Anna said, without noticing the hurt in her voice.

Maya came in front of her, giving her a sad gaze. "Mistress... Do you hate me for that...?"

Anna was completely taken off guard. "What? Hate you? Why should I?"

"I mean... Master Atrus... I hope I didn't hurt your feeling..."

"Now, Maya, I'm just being silly." Anna explained. "But I don't hate you..."

"Mistress... I love Atrus as my master... He possesses me completely, but I can never posses him... I... I can never be his wife..."

"Maya, don't say that! I'm not going to let you enslave your life forever! Neither will Atrus!"

"Mistress..." Maya just continued. "I love you both as my saviors... I love you too, Mistress... Please don't hate me..."

Maya's face was now just a few inches from Anna'. Anna could see tears rolling down her cheek. Her love is true. Never before have I seen a love so pure, so honest, so devoted. Anna touched Maya's cheek and wiped her tears away.

"Don't worry, Maya... I don't hate you..."

Maya boldly made her first move and kissed her mistress lightly on her cheek. Anna was surprised, but she accepted the kiss. She allowed Maya's hand to circle around her waist and drew her closer. She was less surprised when Maya kissed her for the second time and inserted her tongue. Maya's hand expertly massaged her neck, relaxing the muscles and lifting the burden off her body She didn't resist when she was led to the bed and was laid down.

Maya slid Anna's upper costume, revealing her pert breasts. Anna just moaned as Maya expertly nursed the breasts, massaging them and playing with her nipples. Soon both nipples stood erect and were as hard as rock. Anna's breath became more and more ragged. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Maya just smiled at her playfully.

"Don't fall asleep yet, Mistress... I won't let you until I finish."

"It entirely depends... on how good you are... at keeping me awake." Anna answered.


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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