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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. X: Plague and Cure
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

She gave him a wide smile. "Yes... I trust you..."

Slowly he slid her clothes up, revealing her pert breasts nicely covered in thin white satin bra. His hands reached out and cupped the two mounds and began massaging her breasts. Her nipples stood erect upon his touch. The Elf let out a moan as the new sensation hit her. He's so kind... so tender...

"Do you like it?" Hawk whispered.

"Please... do continue..."

His hands resumed their work on her breasts as he slowly kissed the nape of her neck, drawing another soft moan from her. Beads of sweat appeared from her forehead. Her eyes were half closed now. She was totally lost in the sensation. When he let his tongue brush against her nipple, her body jerked.

"Please... keep on doing that..."

Hawk put her nipple inside his mouth and began playing with it with his tongue. Her moan was getting more intense and erotic. His other hand kept on servicing her other nipple, massaging and tugging it, keeping it satisfied. The other hand crept on her lower region.

"Wait..." She suddenly shrieked. "Please don't do... that... I... I'm a princess... I want..."

"You mean you want to keep your virginity?" Hawk asked.

"Vir... uh... vigr... uh... what?"

"Uh... I mean... you don't want us to do an intercourse, right?"

"Inter... what?!"

"Never mind... But don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

His hand slid her panties aside, revealing her pussy lightly covered with dark brown bush. Slowly he traced the tender skin with his finger and quickly found her clit under its petals. Tenderly he began to massage her love pearl, making her squirm in pleasure. Unfamiliar with the sensation, she reached her climax quickly and cried as the wave of pleasure bombarded her. Her muscles tensed and her back arched. When the sensation had passed, her body collapsed onto the bed. Her body was covered with sweat and her breathing was ragged. Her nether region was wet with her vaginal fluid.

"Well?" Hawk asked. "How was it?"

"It was... very good... T...thank you..." She blushed again.

"I'm glad you like it."

Hawk kissed her forehead and was about to bid good night when she pushed him off her and onto the bed. In turn, she climbed on him and inspected his body.

"Not fair! You've played around with my body. Now it's my turn!"

Aurelia proceeded to copy his previous move. The problem was that her satin dress was far easier to remove than his thick leather armor. Hawk gratefully helped her with it. As soon as his armor was off, Aurelia kissed him passionately while massaging his broad chest. Slowly she trailed her tongue down his neck while her hands expertly massaged his chest. For a girl who didn't even know how to correctly please a Human male, she was doing a good job. Her position also allowed Hawk to get a clear view of her ample breasts. His member instantly grew hard, an occurrence she had never seen before.

"W...what was that...?" She pointed at it.


"This is interesting..." She touched the bulging part on his pants and giggled as it twitched. "Hey, look at that! This is interesting..."

"Um... Aurelia...? Shall... shall we continue...?"

"Hang on... let me check this out..."

She opened his pants and his member sprang free. She touched it with her hands, feeling its hardness. Her treatment, however, provided the necessary stimulation for him.

"You like that?" Aurelia asked.

"Uh... Yeah..."

"So if I touch this thing... Uh... what do you call this...?"

"It's a penis... it's sort of the male version of female clitoris..."

"Clirt... what? Uh, never mind. I'll never remember any of the Human words anyway. May I... uh... use my mouth?"

"By all means..."

The Elf carefully extended her tongue and gave a quick lick. After knowing that this 'object' was not poisonous, she proceeded to lick the entire head of his member. He let out a groan as she licked his penis eagerly, driven by curiosity and passion to please him. Without warning she put the entire head inside her mouth and sucked lightly. Her action was rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

"Aurelia... I... I can't hold on..."

He finally reached climax and shot his load into her mouth. She was taken by surprise, but swallowed it until the last drop. When everything was finished, he found her looking at him in fear.

"Is... is that okay...? I mean... I swallowed it..." She asked.

"No problem, sweetie..." Hawk soothed her. "It's not poisonous at all."

"Am... am I going to bear your baby...?"

"No." He chuckled. "You will not get pregnant by doing that."

"Last question..." She looked into his eyes. "Did... did you like that...?"

He kissed her forehead again. "That was wonderful, sweetie, thank you."

He called me sweetie... Her heart was flushed with joy. He was happy with her performance. That was all she needed to know. Slowly she joined him in bed and cuddled in his arms, enjoying each other's warmth.

"I wish this will last forever..." She muttered.

"Nothing is impossible, sweetie... nothing is..."

Soon fatigue overcame her and she began to feel sleepy. Hawk pulled the blanket over both of them and slowly stroked her long hair. She was in heaven. As she closed her eyes, she smiled, knowing that the man she loved would be there when she woke up.

What am I doing here?!

Atrus blinked his eyes, but only darkness greeted him. His head was dizzy. Carefully he reached out with his hand, but he found nothing graspable. He could not even understand why he could stand on his feet when he found nothing under them. Now he understood why this place was called Void. He was in the middle of nothingness.

And he had to navigate through it to confront Gareth and rescue Anna.

Confront Gareth? Is that why I'm here...?

No. That's not why he was here. In fact, if he had the chance, he would definitely dispose Gareth with his own hands. He was definitely here to rescue Anna.

She's probably dead...

NO! The thought pounded the back of his mind. He didn't know where it came from. He could see nobody nearby.

Forget it! It's not worth your life!

NO! He clutched his head in attempt to dispose the thought. His eyes wandered in panic to find the invisible intruder, but again, only darkness enveloped him.

"Who are you?!" He drew his sword. "Show yourself and fight me!"


"Gareth Lightbringer! Fight me, you coward!"

You can't defeat me...

"What...?!" The voice definitely came from nowhere around him. It was inside his head.

You can't defeat me...

"Face me! I'll show you otherwise!"

You can't defeat me... for I am you...

"What?! Who are you?!"

I am you... Atrus White Lion... The royal knight of the kingdom of Aragon... The famed Demon Slayer... the great Prophet of the Guardian...

"It can't be!" Atrus answered quickly. "I am Atrus! You mean I'm talking to myself?!"

I am you... and I am your worst nightmare...

"I don't have time for this!" Atrus replied. "I have to save Anna!"

Why do you have to save her?

"Because I... Why should I tell you!" Atrus shot back.

Perhaps because you love her...?

"Yes, I love her, now get lost!!"

You can't lie to me...

"What are you talking about?!"

You can lie to her, but not to yourself...

"I love her!" Atrus repeated. "And no one can change that!"

How about Maya, the slave of yours? How about that pretty girl Sylvia you met at Labrador?

"What...?" Atrus hesitated.

See... You don't even know why you love her. I'd bet you don't even know what love is.

"I love her and that's that!" Atrus couldn't hold his anger.

Want to prove it?

"I don't have the time to play around!"

I can help you find her...

Atrus was silent for a while. "You mean she's still alive?" He asked.

I don't know, but I can find her. You will help me.

"Why should I help you?!" Atrus asked angrily.

Because you have no other choice.

He tried to hold his anger. No matter how much he argued, the voice was right. He had to play the game, or else he and Anna would be trapped here forever.

"Very well."

And the nightmare began...

Prince Roberto stood on the castle courtyard, facing his troops. He had decided to oversee the entire training session himself. The condition was so critical that the training was held day and night, of course with reasonable rotation for the troops to get their rest. The rotation, however, didn't work the same for the trainers. He felt tired, and extremely stupid. Even the dumbest trainer in the realm would call training troops in the middle of the night the dumbest thing anyone would do.

But he could see some improvement. The soldiers now readily obeyed every command. That would decrease the chance of soldiers dispersing before the enemies. That, however, didn't eliminate the chance of them getting killed in the battle. And for those who could still think, when facing far greater odds, the first thing that came in mind was to retreat, or make sure somebody kept your last will.

Unfortunately, the undead army couldn't think, let alone feel fear and retreat.

He was about to drink his ninth cup of tea when one guard cried out, "The dragon is back!"

The golden dragon landed on the castle courtyard. Roberto was expecting to see the complete party to leap out of the dragon's back, but was surprised to see only the Dwarf.

"Where are the others?" He asked.

"We hovered around Tiras. Hawk and Aurelia decided to stay in the town to spy around. I was ordered back to report..."

"Wait a minute!" Roberto eyed him. "You mean they're staying in Tiras?!"

"Yeah, I mean, I tried to stop them, but they seemed to know what they're doing..."

"What do you mean?!!" Roberto roared, attracting some attention around the courtyard. "They don't know what they're doing!! Tiras was utterly destroyed two days ago!! The town was burned down to the ground and the citizens were slaughtered! The rest of them fled to Blackwell as refugees!"

"That can't be!" Holgreb countered. "The town was intact! We saw people walking around the streets..."

"When they realized there is a huge army of zombies heading their way?" Roberto asked. "But wait a minute... Are you sure the town was intact? Are you sure it was Tiras?"

"Hawk was very sure about it. He seemed to know the town."

Roberto's eyes opened suddenly. He called his head instructor. "Order all soldiers to have a rest for two hours, then rally the entire army! You are to march as fast as possible to Blackwell and mount a defense on Castle Stone! Be prepared for assault and wait for reinforcements!"

"Wow, what's with the rush, boy?" Holgreb asked.

"Get on the lizard! We have to go to Tiras immediately!"

The two warriors climbed the dragon's back. "Can't you tell me what's going on?"

"Agar, take us to Tiras as fast as possible!"

Agar the dragon lifted off and soared through the night air toward the south.

"If your report is true, then the town was just an illusion." Roberto answered coldly. "It was a trap, and they're in grave danger..."

He was marvelous. His member slammed in and out of her, drawing pleasure to the center of her brain. She was definitely enjoying herself. Her body was drenched with sweat from hours of lovemaking. Her breath was heavy. Her heart was flushed with passion and lust.

Another shattering climax swept over her brain, but she wanted more. Her pussy had become tender and she knew she wouldn't be able to walk well for at least the next three days, but who cared. She was on top of the world, and she wouldn't want to go down, ever.

But then he saw a figure staring at them from the immerse darkness. She couldn't read the expression, for there was none, but the voice was familiar... very familiar.


For instant her concentration was broken, yet the desire took over her again. Her hips rocked uncontrollably as another climax was approaching.



Her brain cried out, annoyed with the interruption. Her lips closed tightly as her mind tortured her with the unsatisfied desire. She looked at her current lover. He was so strong. He could satisfy her hunger whenever she needed it. She loved him so much...

Another pain rocked through her brain. Love...? What is love...? Again confusion swept over her. Beneath her, her lover's member kept on thrusting inside of her, keeping her stimulated, yet unsatisfied.



This story was split into 12 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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