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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. X: Plague and Cure
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

"Atrus, stop it!!" She cried. "Can't you see I'm busy?!"


"Atrus, you're delaying my release! I want my release!"




"Atrus White Lion!" She cried with rage. "I hate you!!"

Suddenly the image of Atrus disappeared in the darkness. Unfortunately, her lover also disappeared, leaving her alone in the darkness, crying, still unsatisfied. Another feeling swept through her, a feeling she hadn't felt before since the nightmare began. Her inner heart cried out in agony, supplying her, not with lust and desire, but with guilt.

"What have I said...? What have I done...?"

You're a slut!

"No, that voice again!" She cried. "Get out of my head!"

You're a slut! You know nothing about love!

"What?! I know about love! I know I love..."

She hesitated. Somewhere in her heart, she knew that she had loved Atrus White Lion before. But something in her brain told her otherwise. The two forces struggled for supremacy, filling her with desire, lust and guilt.

You love Atrus, but he never loves you...


He loves other girls... You're not one of them...

"No..." She replied weakly.

You can't change the fact. You have a desire, and it is unsatisfied. Then why bother?

"Why bother...?"

Why do you live a wretched live waiting for fulfillment that may never come? If he dumps you, he ruins your life. It's not worth the risk...

The tingle in her crotch reminded her of the unfinished session of lovemaking. Soon she realized that there was nothing more in this world than pleasure. Slowly her hand reached out for her pussy and began teasing it.

The guilt lost, and the lust won the match.

Hawk lay peacefully on the large bed, thinking of his past life. He remembered how he'd left home to work in the military. For a family as poor as his, his dad couldn't afford good education, and the military was the only hope for Hawk to get a proper schooling. He had made his way through the military, achieving the title of the youngest Captain in the history. He had to admit that the responsibility as a Captain was a hard one. He was responsible for his own troops in his detachment. He had to work twice as hard to gain the respect from his troops. A Captain at the age of 25 rarely got any respect from his men.

But after he met Atrus, his life had changed. He had found new courage. He had succeeded in many tasks, finally giving him the title of the chief trainer for the elite royal army. His further involvement in Atrus' cause had also caused him to meet this beautiful Elf-girl, who was now sleeping peacefully in his arms. Aurelia was clutching him so close that he could feel her heartbeat. Her silky long hair lay on his chest. Tirelessly he stroked her hair, wanting to please her in every moment. He loved her so much...

Soon drowsiness took control. He had to admit that training troops for almost all day long was very exhausting. He began to feel really sleepy. As he nearly closed his eyes, he enjoyed, probably for the last time, the vast space and the beautiful sparkle of stars in the sky...

Stars in the sky...?!

His eyes opened suddenly. He inspected his surrounding, but the room was quite normal. And the ceiling was fine. But he could swear that he just saw open sky. His drowsiness demanded attention but he ignored it. Just like his own trainer used to say; if you feel that you are in danger, you probably are.

"Aurelia..." He whispered.

No answer.


She let out a soft whimper. He knew that waking a girl up this late after a very satisfying lovemaking session was a dumb idea. But he knew something was very wrong.

"Aurelia...! Wake up, sweetie...!"

"What time is it...?" Aurelia asked softly.

"I don't know... probably around midnight..."

She gave him a blank look. "So... do you know what you're doing...?" She asked.

"Don't give me that look!" He lowered his voice. "I think something is really wrong here."

"Are you okay...?" She put her palm on his forehead. "It's perfectly fine here..."

"I don't think so..." He thought for a while. "Dress up. We're going."

"In the middle of the night?!" Aurelia was confused.

"If trouble arises, I don't want to be inside this build..."

He couldn't finish his sentence when he heard a strange croaking sound from somewhere downstairs.

"What was that...?" The Elf asked.

"You heard that too?"

Elves were gifted with superior senses, making them great hunters. But their senses worked better in detecting danger. Her long ears twitched repeatedly as she tried to listen carefully. The voice came again, this time stronger. It was something she had never heard before. That could mean trouble.

"Dress up!" Hawk ordered. "And keep your ears open!"

This time she obeyed. Hawk also put his armor on. He didn't bring his spear along for this journey, but further investigation yielded an old mop under the bed which, probably, could be used in a similar way, although it wouldn't produce similar result. Aurelia, on the other hand, did bring her bows and a few arrows. Her trusty short blade was still strapped on her belt. A hunter never left home without it.

The creaking sound continued, this time coming from the nearby stairs. It seemed as if something was moving toward their room, very slowly. Then came the knock on the door.

"Answer it, but be careful." Hawk whispered.

Aurelia approached the door, but it swung open right before her face, knocking her backward. When she recovered, her eyes were fixed on the creature before her. Her body tensed and shivered with fear. She had never seen a zombie before. The creature was a man, or what was left of it. His clothes were torn here and there. Most part of his flesh were rotting off and hanging on the dirty bones. The face was highly disfigured, with one of his eyeballs missing. The foul smell of rotten flesh invaded her nostrils. It was definitely not a pretty sensation.

The creature groaned with whatever was left in his voice cords and raised his hand, ready to strike her. Although the movement was sluggish and slow, Aurelia was completely paralyzed with fear. Her body refused to move. She could only watch in horror as the zombie swung his hand toward her head.

The mop met him. Hawk hacked him with the mop head, pushing him backward toward the hallway. There he could see at least two more zombies trying to make their way up the stairs. Hawk returned to his original target and hacked the zombie toward the stairs. He hadn't practiced his mop skill for years, but his ferocity overwhelmed the creature. With a final blow, the zombie fell down the stairs, bringing his two other fellows with him.

Hawk returned to his friend and slapped her cheek lightly several times, "Aurelia...! Come on! We have to get out of here!"

"Wha... what was that....?"

Hawk picked a footstool, broke it apart, slammed the door shut and jammed the handle with the piece of wood. "One of the undead, probably. I'll try to hold them up. Start planning our escape route!"

Aurelia carefully approached the window and peeked outside. "Oh dear... Hawk... you... you've got to see this..."

Hawk joined her near the window and was stunned. The proud town of Tiras was gone. There was nothing but ruins. The buildings had been burned into the ground, leaving black piles of planks and stones. The entire town had been turned into a ghost town.

And ghosts crawled all around the town. The streets were now crowded with zombies, all heading toward the inn Hawk and Aurelia were staying in.

"Illusions..." Hawk mumbled. "They were all illusions... I wasn't dreaming just now... The town was gone..."

"We're trapped," Aurelia said, "They got us surrounded."

Somebody had already started slamming at the jammed door. "I'm not going to give up easily!" said Hawk. "We're going down, and we're going through them!"

Hawk opened the nearest cupboard and got some dirty leather cloths and bedcovers. Quickly he put them all on around his shoulders as cloaks. Then he ran toward the Aurelia, hugged her tight and secured his grip with the mop.

"Uh... honey... I know this is nice, but... what are you doing...?"

"You don't want to know," said Hawk. "Close your eyes."

As the door slammed open behind them, Hawk ran toward the window and, ignoring Aurelia's protest, leaped toward it. She expected a loud crashing sound and nasty wounds from breaking the glass, but none of those came. They just somehow went through the window. Hawk bent his body slightly to provide full protection for her. And with precise, careful, and lucky calculation, he landed on the hard ground directly on his back just down his neck. Normally, jumping from second floor and landing in this position could be fatal, but the multiple cloaks on his back absorbed most of the blow. Using his inertia he rolled down the street and stopped safely on his bottom, still hugging the frantic Elf.

His back ached so badly, but he forced himself on his feet and hacked the nearest zombie on the head with the mop. Another leap followed by a complete swing quickly secured the landing area from the zombies.

"Are you going to sit there forever?!" he yelled.

"How... how did...?" she mumbled.

Another unlucky zombie tried his luck. Hawk hacked his neck with all his might that the head fell over and landed next to Aurelia. The Elf shrieked and was instantly on her feet.

"Okay! I'm up! Just get me out of here!"

"Stay close to me!" Hawk ordered. "I can be very dangerous with a mop!"

More zombies attacked them. Aurelia tried her best to remain on his back while he smacked everything he saw. But the zombies seemed to be endless, and they knew they couldn't fight forever.

"Anybody has an idea where to go?!" He asked.

"Graa!!" A zombie volunteered, but Hawk smacked him hard.

"Pick a direction!" He yelled. "Where's north?!"

Legends used to say that Elves were gifted with superior sense of direction. She looked for the sun, which wasn't usually around during midnight. Now Aurelia knew that the legends were totally wrong. "I don't know! Don't ask me!" She protested.

"You're no help." He complained. "Just follow me! We're going north... I guess..."

And the couple fought on, slowly making their way through the ocean of the undead.

The girl cried in ecstasy as she hit her climax. Her body tensed uncontrollably from the pleasure. The man embraced the girl tightly as if he feared of letting her go. Slowly she carried him toward his release. He groaned as he exploded inside her, filling her with his love. The couple embraced for a while, sharing warmth with each other.

"Atrus... After your mission is done... I want to be yours... forever..."

The words rang in his ears, awakening all those memories that had been well kept inside for too long. It had been kept too well. Now it was screaming back at him.

The scene changed to a small, cozy bedroom with a small bed. Another couple, which he recognized well, was on it, and they were making another sweet love. The man slowly moved inside her, pleased by her soft moan of pleasure. He played with her well-shaped breasts and put her nipple inside his mouth. She let out another moan as he sucked her nipple softly. His other hand reached out for her nether region and found her love pearl. While still slowly fucking her, he played with her clit, sending sparks of pleasure to her brain. The couple continued their love act until finally satisfaction came into play.

"I love you... Atrus..."

The words rang in his ears again. He couldn't deny it. It was he. He knew he had done it. He had felt the feeling. Now he felt it again.

Atrus stood in silence, watching as all events of his live unfolded. He knew he was not supposed to be here. He knew he was in the middle of nowhere. He knew that what was happening before his eyes wasn't real. But he knew it was a reality. He still remembered it. He still remembered every single action he'd done. And all the words he'd heard...

He'd met Sylvia only once in Labrador, and only for a short period of time. But her words brought back all those short, yet wonderful memories they'd had together. She was his first love. She was the first one who confessed her true love to him. She was the one who was committed to love him forever. Yet because of his hesitation, the wonderful hope was left unanswered. Until now...

He loved Maya. He loved her so much for what she had done for him. She was a friend, a partner, a protector, and a mentor. From the day that he'd released her from her slavery, she had been with him, through good and bad times. She was always there when he needed her. She was always there when he needed love. She was totally committed to him. She had done her part. He hadn't done his.

And the question came again.

Who do you love?

He didn't answer directly. He was in deep thought. He didn't know how to answer it. In fact, he'd never been asked the question. And if he were asked the question right now, he wouldn't know the answer. He didn't know anything about love.

Who do you love?

He just stared helplessly into the darkness as the question rang in his head.


This story was split into 12 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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