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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. XIa: Waltz with the Demon's Pet 1
by Viper

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

The room was dark and hot. The air was thick with vapor and scent of sulfur. The heat was so intense, even for the Dwarves. The cavern was located deep inside the bowels of the earth. It was a home of no one, for nothing could survive in these unfriendly environment, not even monsters or subterraneous beasts.

A lone man walked along the cavern, his long dark cape flowing freely behind him. Around him the air crackled continuously from contact of the intense heat with his invisible force field. The conflicting force didn't bother him at all. The man just walked deeper and deeper into the cavern.

And the air grew even hotter. At the end of the cavern, the walls were glowing in bright red, illuminated by the magma lake beyond the cavern. The ocean of magma rippled vigorously beneath. The lifeless magma chamber would not make a fine place to visit.

But the dark man stood near the cave opening near the magma lake. He had a purpose.

"Kastor!!" He screamed in his rich voice. "I summon thee! Wake up from thy slumber!!"

The dawn was breaking. The sun crept slowly from its hiding place, spreading its wings of light over the land. Various birds appeared from their nests and began their chorus of praise to the land. The fragrance of the flowers filled the air as their petals opened to greet the sun. The nature began their wonderful songs as the Land of Lore welcomed another beautiful morning. For normal people, this was just another ordinary summer day, but for certain people, this was another day full of excitement.

Atrus White Lion smiled widely. He was happy. Everyday was an excitement for him. He had everything under control. He had everything a man ever wanted. He had a job, a wonderful life, and a wonderful life-mate. Confidently, he rose his sword.

"Give me your best shot!" he said.

Adriana Freesland, the girl before him, tossed the object. Atrus leaped toward the flying object and swung the Rainbow sword. The enchanted sword flared as the magical force flowed through the metal.

"Sword Dancer!!"

Atrus delivered multiple short yet deadly cuts to the object, splitting and shaping it nicely thin pieces. Anna dashed forward and caught the pieces readily on her plate.

"Perfect, honey!" Anna smiled while toying with the perfectly cut potato slices. "This will be the best potato chips we've ever had!"

"Are you sure you'll be fine? Remember the steps?" Atrus reminded.

"Don't worry, honey, I remember." She pecked his cheek. "Now go. Men are not welcomed here in the kitchen. Wait for me in the dining room."

"Are you sure you'll be okay...?"

"Yes, now go! I need to prepare our breakfast!"

Atrus reluctantly went out of the kitchen and into the dining room. He put his sheathed sword on the table and sat on the big chair. His eyes wandered around the spacious room, way too spacious for a dining room. It was more like a grand wedding hall with a long wooden table and a dozen chairs on its flanks. The table itself was covered with decorated tablecloth. A Tiras-made vase decorated the table, topped with flowers Anna picked herself from the garden. Three grand chandeliers hung over the table, and another dozen of candleholders were set around the room.

He sighed. It had been six months since he took residence in the castle. Six months ago, he had been just a fighter fighting for the land against the demons and their undead army. Now he was Baron White Lion, the ruler of Southern Aragon and the master of his own castle. He even took the liberty of renaming the castle after his father's name, Castle White Lion.

The task as a baron hadn't been easy. After the war with the undead army, Southern Aragon had been devastated. The zombies had destroyed most of the towns and slaughtered the citizens. The undead had been defeated, but the destruction had remained. The reinforcements from the north had arrived shortly after the battle and had secured the southern area. Citizens had been allowed to settle down again. Starting a community from a scratch was already tough, let alone starting from a ruin.

Most of the town of Blackwell, however, escaped destruction, so the peasants had settled down there, increasing the city size. The kingdom had been sending settlers and volunteers to assist with the rebuilding. The Dwarves from the east had come and erected several guard posts along the southern border. Shortly as the security improved, villages began to sprout around those posts. The growth rate had been quite surprising, since the settlers had still had to cope with the harsh winter for months. The winter had passed now. Hamlets had become villages, villages had become towns, and towns had become cities. Blackwell herself had grown from a small city to the capital of Southern Aragon, matching the size of the old Tiras before the war.

A loud clanking sound was heard from the kitchen. Atrus grinned. It had been several months since Maya left them. She had decided to take a vacation to visit Castle Stromgard. Neither Atrus nor Anna had forbidden her, but she still had knelt before them and 'requested permission from her master and mistress'. She is definitely most annoying when she is on her knees.

And it had been several months since Anna decided to start cooking for them... or start learning how to cook. Atrus had been giving her a crash course in cooking. The result had been, so far, quite fatal. Throughout the winter they had called the local artisans at least twenty times to repair the kitchen. He simply couldn't understand how an explosion could happen in a kitchen, since the only thing burning inside was the stove, and it was made out of fine and strong bricks. She kept on claiming that the fire took too long, so she decided to use her magic whenever she could. Now he understood why magic books always advised using mini-burner for heating magical herbs rather than make-your-own fire.

A knock on the door awakened him from his daydream. The double door opened shortly, revealing a young man wearing formal suit and long pants.

"Ah, Leonard, good morning." Atrus saluted.

"Good morning, Lord White Lion." The man bowed. "May I have a moment of your time?"

Atrus grinned. He had met Leonard almost a year ago, when they were in a royal mission here in Blackwell. Leonard had been the leader of the local resistance against the wicked ruler at that time, Baron Anthony Stoke, Maya's slaver. When Atrus became the new baron, he had discovered the young man's talent in leadership and had appointed him as the governor of Blackwell. Leonard usually dealt with Anna most of the time, since governor's duties were mostly civil affairs, in which Anna excelled and Atrus dreaded. If the young man was looking for him, it should be either political affairs or military issues.

"How many times should I tell you to call me Atrus?"

"I'm sorry, Lord White Lion." The young man smiled. "I can't help it."

"Yeah, right. How's the road construction going?" Atrus queried.

"The road connecting Blackwell and Whitewater is almost completed, Lord White Lion." Leonard answered. "And the village chief Gordon expressed his deepest gratitude for the shipment of goods. They will begin building the fort as ordered once the stone shipment arrives."

"And how about the recent trouble south of Kitaria?" Kitaria was a new town near the southern border of Aragon, somewhere near where Labrador had once been. The town had been a favorite target for the demon raids for the last few weeks.

"We have sent squad four and five to reinforce the Dwarven fort there as you ordered. The frequency of raids has decreased rapidly. It was indeed a wise choice, Lord White Lion. I heard the little town was booming and our men received valuable experience."

"Very well, Leonard." Atrus adjusted his seat. "Now why do you need me?"

"A royal herald arrived last night, telling that Lady Murdock will come home this afternoon."

"Okay..." Atrus frowned. "So Maya is coming home. Why should I know this?"

"She's not coming alone, Sir." Leonard said. "A special herald from the kingdom is coming."

Atrus sighed. The search for the last Warrior of the Guardian among the Humans had been so far fruitless. The kingdom had spread news to find the one, but instead numerous warriors had appeared from all over the kingdom, claiming that they were the Chosen One. Those warriors had been fighting the demons openly to prove themselves, and the number of unnecessary casualties had been high. Yet until now no one was qualified enough (or alive long enough) to be the possible candidate. If the royal court is sending someone, then they probably have some important news...

"Thank you, Leonard. I will welcome them personally."

"Forgive me for asking, Sir, but," the man hesitated, "Lady Freesland is... you know..."

Atrus' brows twitched. "Yes, she's cooking breakfast."

"Cooking, Sir...?"

"Well, I don't know how she's doing it, but she's trying to make breakfast."

"Forgive me, Sir, because I won't actually call it cooking." Leonard peeked into the opened kitchen door. "She's torching the pan with her fingers, Sir, and she 's trying to open the oil drum as well..."

"Oh..." Wait a minute... oil DRUM? "What...?!!"

His question was answered instantly as a loud explosion was heard from the kitchen. Smaller pieces of wood flew out of the kitchen. Atrus hid behind the large chair and Leonard jumped for cover under the table. Smoke trailed out of the kitchen into the dining room. Atrus sighed. Had this happened five months ago, he would have stormed the smoking kitchen and started screaming for Anna and demanded if she's okay. Now he knew that this was just another regular event.

"What happened, Sir...?" Leonard asked.

"Nothing special... It's the second time this month..." Atrus grumbled. "She got cooking oil and stove oil mixed up again. For some reason, her nose couldn't differentiate the two."

"Is... is she okay...?"

"She keeps her magic barrier running when she's cooking." Atrus brushed the debris from his shirt. "Tell Thomas that we need him to fix the kitchen again."

"Right away, Sir!" Leonard left the room.

Anna appeared on the kitchen door. She was a mess. Her nightgown and apron was torn here and there. Her face was covered with black patches from the smoke. Her expression was threatening.

"Don't you dare laugh..." she grumbled.

"Why should I? This isn't new..." Atrus teased her.

"How many times should I tell you to put labels on the oil drums?!"

"Labels?! It's your fault that you can't smell that thing!!"

"Smell?! I don't have the nose of a dog like you, Ranger!!"

"It doesn't take a Ranger to... wait a minute...! You said I'm a dog?!"

Lord Daemon snorted as the view disappeared from his sight. Finally he couldn't help laughing. This was a rare sight to his subordinates. The demon lord had been furious since the defeat of his undead army at Blackwell. But he was indeed excited. His plan had gone well.

"This is perfect." He hissed. "How's the gem?"

"It's finished charging, but not full, sire." One hooded human figure, standing behind him, said in her steady tone. "It needs more power. We need more."

"I'm sure it will be no problem for you." The demon lord said. "You'll have no problem while those clowns are occupied with their session."

"Yes, Master." The woman replied. "Do you wish to observe the operation?"

Lord Daemon nodded and made his way back to the main chamber in the Emerald Tower. The chamber had gone through some modifications in the last six months. A torture dungeon had replaced the old throne room. Multiple wicked devices filled the room, from various racks, torture tables, chairs and wooden horses. Chains and shackles hung from the ceiling.

On the middle of the room was a young girl, sitting on a wooden horse. Her hands were shackled to the ceiling loosely so her weight pressed her tender pussy on the wood. Her ankles hung taut with additional weight attached to her ankle chains. She was whimpering helplessly as the wood dug painfully into her tender flesh.

And at the corner of the room sat the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He'd known her for twenty years or so, yet his opinion of her hadn't changed. Her grace remained despite the passing of age. The fact that she was shackled to a throne-like chair enhanced her beauty. The throne had no seat beneath, just simple padding for the back. The goddess' hands were bound behind the padding and her legs were spread wide and chained to the support extending from the padding, exposing her pussy.

"Good morning, Goddess Gaea." Daemon smiled. "I hope you're well today?"

Gaea, however, didn't answer. Her eyes stared blankly at the approaching demon.

"Oh, how I enjoyed breaking you, my dearest goddess." The demon stroked her chin, making her shiver. "Don't tell me I've broken you totally."

"Don't... hurt... her..." She answered weakly, almost unheard.

"Remarkable. You still care for those beings until the end." Daemon said. "But well... I'll have to let you down... Finish her!"

The woman in dark cloak approached the bound girl at the center of the room, carrying a long bullwhip. "Prepare yourself, bitch. Your pain is our power!"

The young girl's howl filled the torture room as the first blow struck her ripe ass. The whip created a long angry-red stripe across her skin. Her muscles quivered uncontrollably, making the wood panel dig deeper inside her. She tried to lift herself using her hands, but another blow across her back threw her effort in vain. The woman walked slowly around her, sending well-placed blows at her bottom, back and breasts, targeting specially her protruding nipples. The girl was in pain. She struggled, quivered, and screamed in every blow with her parched voice. Yet the torture continued.

"Mercy... mercy..." The girl pleaded as the torture was halted.

"She's ready, Master."

Lord Daemon approached the bound girl from behind and undid his pants. The hooded woman set her cloak away, revealing a beautiful young female human with long blonde hair and dark-brown eyes. She smirked naughtily at the bound goddess at the corner of the room.

"Greetings, Goddess Gaea. It's been an honor to see you in person."

"Traitor..." The goddess spoke up, angered. "Why...?"

The woman didn't answer. Instead, she knelt before her master and took his member inside her mouth. Gaea watched in disgust as the female Human, one of the being she'd been trying to protect, turned away from her and serviced her nemesis. The woman sucked the demon's member with lust, coating it with her saliva. She performed her duty well, making his member erect and rock hard.

"And now is the time..."

Daemon took his member and pressed it on the opening of the bound girl's anus. She quickly realized her next ordeal and squirmed for freedom, rewarded by sharp pain from her pussy. She whimpered and begged helplessly for mercy, but mercy was a stranger to her. She howled as the cock forcefully entered her behind. The pain was too much. She bucked like a wildcat as he fucked her mercilessly.

"Please... don't... hurt... her..." Gaea muttered.

The goddess screamed as the whip connected, creating a long stripe across her vulnerable breasts. The traitor approached her with the bullwhip on her hand.

"Oh, forgive me, goddess..." She smirked. "I really, really didn't mean to hurt you..."

She screamed again as the whip slashed against her spread hip. The woman whipped her mercilessly, leaving stripes across various places until the goddess hung her head, completely defeated.

The woman slid her panties aside, revealing her bald pussy. "Eat me, bitch goddess!"



This story was split into 8 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Viper.

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