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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. XIa: Waltz with the Demon's Pet 1
by Viper

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

Hawk groaned in pleasure as the Elf softly sucked his member. He held her head and slowly caressed her hair as she pumped his cock with her mouth. Her warm and moist lips were wrapped around his shaft while her tongue teased it lightly. He could tell that her skill was improving well. She had learnt the way of the Humans quickly since her involvement in Atrus' cause, but he had taught her in this matter personally.

Her willingness to please him was the main reason for her burning passion. However, an Elven princess had to stay virgin until her enactment as the rightful queen. She had to dutifully obey the rule, but it didn't stop them from becoming more intimate each day. They always found a way to express each other's love without doing intercourse.

"Aurelia...!" He warned as he felt his sensation rising.

He groaned as the orgasm hit him. The Elf girl clamped her lips around his shaft, refusing to let go, and sucked hard. He exploded in her mouth. She willingly began to swallow his cum steadily, being careful not to choke herself and accidentally bite his member like the other day before. This time she did this perfectly.

Hawk lay down on the bed, exhausted. His eyes wandered around the ceiling of the hut they shared together. He was happy to get away from his duty for a while. His task as the chief trainer for the Royal Army and now also the Alliance Army was hard. He had taken a holiday here in Elom last month and had been surprised to find that Queen Falencia welcomed him warmly as a hero and a personal guest. While the queen had been skeptical with the idea of him sharing room with Aurelia, the princess had finally overwhelmed her mother.

After the sensation subsided completely, he felt something still clamping on his member. "Uh, sweetie...? You can let me go now..."

"Mmmfh..." Aurelia mumbled.

Hawk rose up and looked at her, finding her horrified look. He followed her gaze to the corner of the room behind him and was also horrified to find a tall human wearing long dark robe, standing there, staring at them. A swirling magical portal was still open behind him.

"Calem?!! What the...? What are you doing here?!!" Hawk yelled.

The old wizard was completely lost in his thought. "So that's how people do that..."

"What?! What are you talking about?!"

"I've been studying this subject for a while." The wizard said. "Would you two be my specimen for my study?"


"Old Calem..." Aurelia growled. "You're pathetic, old man..."

"Anyway..." Calem's expression turned serious. "We have a problem..."

King Edward of Aragon sat uneasily on his throne. It was clear that he had been stressed out, but he was so happy to see the party before him. At least, these were people he could trust.

"Thank you for your hasty presence." The king announced. "I trust your holiday was fun."

"Thank you, your majesty." Everybody chorused.

"Sir Atrus and Lady Adriana, I must thank you for your service to the alliance and the people of Southern Aragon." Edward smiled. "Your dedication will not go unnoticed."

"Thank you, your majesty." Anna bowed. "Without your help, we would have failed."

"And I hope everything is well with your mother, Princess Aurelia?"

"Yes, Sir." The Elf smiled. "She sends the best greetings from our kingdom."

"While I have spent some time with the rest of you, I haven't met you before." The king said to the Fairy. "I must thank you for helping us in the war six months ago."

"Lynn the Fairy, at your service, your majesty." The Fairy bowed. "The legion of Heaven is at your disposal."

"I have heard stories from my son and subordinates about your bravery." The king nodded to Roberto and Captain Hawk. "It is my greatest honor to meet you personally. And I want to introduce to you all, the royal advisor, Lord Garth."

The middle-aged man standing beside the throne nodded. "My honor to know you. I believe either Prince Roberto or Calem have filled you in on the matter, I'll repeat myself. You know that our kingdom has been looking for the possible candidate for either the last Warrior of the Guardian or even the Champion of the Guardian. Our agents finally have found one man, but... he's... weird..."

"So we've heard." Atrus said.

"He's a very dark, mysterious man, Sir Atrus." The alchemist explained. "You might want to take a peek. Guards, let him in!!"

The door south of the royal courtroom was opened, and all held their breath. A tall well built man stood behind it. The striking detail was his black plate armor. It was... weird. The armor covered his body almost completely. The breastplate, arm-plates, and leg-plates seemed to be welded as one piece, as well as the connecting elbow-braces and kneepads. The long boots and gauntlets completed the limb coverings. The helmet covered most of his head, revealing only his young face and his long hair flowing from behind the helmet. A sheathed long sword was tucked on the man's hip.

The man looked around the room before his gaze was fixed on Atrus. Suddenly Atrus felt a rush of mixed feeling inside of him, so strong it almost knock him off his feet. He couldn't understand it. He'd never felt anything that could do that. The flinch in the man's figure told him that he also felt the same. He reminded himself to talk to Anna about this.

"His name is Sir Falstoff, a honorary Royal Knight of Aragon." Lord Garth said. "Sir Falstoff, these are the people who will accompany you in your assignment."

He eyed the party one more time, paying special attention to Atrus. "Hail and well met." He answered darkly, clearly displeased to meet them. "But I need no help."

Then the man, without anybody's consent, without even addressing the king, left the room. How rude, Atrus thought. Roberto wasn't kidding when he said the man was weird.

"Forgive me, people, but there's nothing we can do." Lord Garth said slowly. "He's a very rude, ill-mannered loner. He came from the less civilized area of Northwest Aragon, near the Elven border. Rumors said he had been fighting beasts and demons for years, all by himself. The man was still a loner, having no friends at all. Our agent found him when he slayed a group of raiding orcs single-handedly."

"Quite a spirit." Holgreb said. "That reminds me when I attacked the bandit camp with..."

"Does he have any weird dreams?" Atrus cut him off.

"He denied it." Roberto answered. "We've asked him many times."

"I want you all to go with him." Lord Garth said. "We have an important task for you that might be good for Sir Falstoff to prove himself. Have you heard the news from the north?"

"Not exactly..." Anna frowned.

"We have reports about a weird attack from the villages up north." Roberto said. "We thought they're just normal raids from the demons, but one report claimed that the raiders also included a red dragon."

"What?!" Aurelia was horrified.

"Wow..." Hawk said. "One dragon was enough, but another one?"

"Are you sure about this?" Lynn asked.

"We have little reason to disbelief it." Roberto said. "Especially the report was filed by... forgive me, Anna... the priestess of the Order of Lycra..."

"No problem..." Anna was silent for a while. "You're right. It's not likely that they lied..."

"It can't be..." Aurelia said slowly. "Agamesh couldn't have escaped the Underworld... But could it be Kastor?"

"Who's Agamesh?" Holgreb asked.

"Known as the Lord of Darkness. He's the renegade god who rebelled against Lord Guardian." Lynn explained. "Kastor is his pet, a red dragon destined to destroy the realm. Kastor was imprisoned in the depths of the earth while Agamesh was exiled to the Underworld."

"Can anybody but Agamesh release him?" The Dwarf asked again.

"Less likely, but possible." Aurelia said. "That's what I'm afraid of."

"Can't Agar defeat him?" Hawk proposed. "I mean they're dragons..."

"No, I don't think so!" Aurelia quickly shot back. "Agar is the Guardian of Earth! It's right that he's Kastor's match, he was not made to battle Kastor. Agar is here to protect the realm!"

"I have a feeling that the duel is inevitable..." Maya mumbled, then her jaws dropped open. "That's right!! Master Atrus, remember Lynn's prophecy? She said she saw two lights, golden and red ones would slam against each other and created a bright flash. I think it prophesied about the duel!"

"It can't be..." Aurelia rubbed the dragon statuette in her pouch. "Not my Agar..."

"I'll leave the discussion for you." Lord Garth interfered. "You are to go there and investigate the matter. Prince Roberto and Hawk will remain here and prepare the Alliance Army. They will depart to meet you in three days in the Shrine of Lycra. They will be bringing soldiers to man the new fort at that area, and if necessary, expedition to battle the dragon. They will need your report before that time. If they don't hear anything, they will assume the worst and bring along the extra troops."

"This task is very important, people." King Edward concluded. "If the report is true, this dragon can cause destruction throughout the realm, even worse than those damned zombies. You have to find a way to defeat that dragon, so the alliance can concentrate in more important issues. The war has cost us all, and we want to end it as soon as possible."

"Plus, there is one more thing." Lord Garth smiled. "You heroes all have been invited to the Order of Lycra high priestess enactment ceremony. This is a great honor, for such thing only happens once in eighty years or so, and only a few outsiders could witness this. Attend when possible."

"Good luck, heroes of the land." The king saluted. "And come back with victory."

King Edward staggered toward the door, Lord Garth following behind. The party was left in the empty room. Each of them had their own thought, but they shared the same impression on the new man.

"That really reminds you of old times, right buddy?" Hawk grinned toward Atrus. "That guy is just like Roberto before the whole ordeal."

"Don't talk about me when I'm around." Roberto warned. "Here, I'm the prince of Aragon."

"Is the king okay?" Calem asked. "He looks very tired."

"Honestly he's not." The prince answered sadly. "He's sick. That's why he's been handing most of the governmental affairs to me. He must have preserved all his power for this audience."

"That does make me feel bad." Aurelia said. "How's a treat before the trip? My treat."

"I'll catch you guys later." Atrus said.

The party left the room, this time leaving only Atrus, Anna and Maya. Anna was leaning on the nearby table, staring at the ground. She seemed quite devastated. Atrus knew she always felt bad upon a mention of the Order of Lycra since her banishment from it. But he'd never seen her so sad before.

"Okay..." Atrus nodded at Maya. "We're ready to listen."

"It's over, Atrus..." Anna touched the black gem on her collar. "I will never be a priestess of Lycra, ever... They will never accept me back..."

"What do you mean, Mistress?" Maya asked.

"I always wish to be a full priestess one day, but that day will never come..." she sobbed lightly. "When I lost my virginity, several priestesses framed me to the high priestess... They succeeded and they kicked me out the shrine... I've been wishing to go back one day, hoping to find forgiveness..."

"Wait a minute..." Atrus frowned. "Your fellow priestesses framed you? How could they do that? I mean... they're supposed to support you!"

"I... I have a very close relationship with the high priestess... So they deliberately accused me before her... In her position, she had no choice but to banish me..."

"She had no choice? So the high priestess basically knew that you're innocent?" Atrus asked.

"Of course...! I mean... I just don't go around, begging people to rape me!"

"I believe that's not what Master Atrus asked, Mistress..." Maya said slowly. "We mean why don't you just expose the entire fraud? I mean, the high priestess in on your side, right?"

"Not anymore..." Anna sobbed. "She's the only one who still believes in me..."

"That doesn't sound too good." Maya mumbled.

"Now she's about to be replaced... The secret of my innocence will be lost forever..."

"It's not true!" Maya said. "We can tell them!"

"They won't believe you, because you're outsiders. Such matter is an internal issue, and no feedback from outside is accepted, let alone appreciated."

"We'll figure something out." Atrus said, then circled his arms around her waist. "Meanwhile, don't worry about it, Anna dear. We know the truth, and we will expose it."

"I hope you're right, Atrus..." Anna pressed her palm on the fabric on her chest. "Or else, this will be the last time you see me in this uniform..."

The journey to the north was uneventful. The area of Northern Aragon was the least developed part of the kingdom. The region was mostly vast meadow with hard and rocky ground, therefor unsuitable for farming, so only a few cities could flourish here. The climate was less friendly as they approached the Northern Sea, which was famous for its deadly storm. The wind blew hard, and the sun parched the land mercilessly. The only place that was quite habitable was the beach along the Northern Ocean, where several fishing villages sprouted there.

One of them, a city called Tymm, was the unofficial capital of Northern Aragon. It was famous for its aquatic products, such as fish, pearls, and the mostly needed salt. The town was prosperous from their fishing activity and trading. Some people even said that if the area decided to rebel against the government, the town's wealth was enough to support their own army. But the rebellion never happened, mostly because of the good moral and teaching the town had. Tymm was the center of activity of the group of priestess loyal to the Guardian, known as the Order of Lycra.

The Shrine of Lycra was located south of the city, but the party decided to bypass it and went to the city instead. They were exhausted. They had the best horses (a pony for Holgreb) in the land, Roberto had told them, but even the best mounts would be tired after a continuous two-day trip. They had decided not to employ Agar's dragons because of the possible encounter with the rumored dragon. They wanted to evade bloodshed if necessary.

"Finally, a sign of civilization!" Aurelia said while they were looking at the city from a top of a small hill. "I got bored seeing the prairie..."

"If you've lived most of your life in the desert, prairie is like heaven." Holgreb muttered.

"The thing is, I'm glad we're here." Lynn heaved. "Honestly, using portals are easier..."

"If the demonic presence is strong here, they will notice our magical force." Calem pointed out. "There are times when we want to be in low profile."

"Well, we're here." Atrus concluded. "Get rooms in the inn and get some rest. We'll visit the shrine tomorrow morning, then we should be ready for some action."

He glanced at the new guy. Sir Falstoff rode silently on his black mount. He hadn't spoken a word throughout the journey. Atrus couldn't be sure, but he could feel the tension rising between the new guy and the rest of the party. Just like Roberto, Hawk had said. He would say Roberto was cheerful compared to this guy.

"What do you want to do?" Atrus asked, keeping his polite composure.

"It's none of your business." The man grunted. "I'll see you tomorrow." Atrus fought to resist his annoyed feeling as Falstoff rode away toward the city.

The party departed for the city. Atrus rode his horse slowly, both because he wanted to see the sunset, and because he had Anna riding in front of him. She also had been very quiet through the journey she didn't even protest when they rode their horses faster. He could understand her distress, but he couldn't understand her total silence.

"Does it bring memories?" Atrus asked. "I mean going back to your hometown."

"Bad ones..." she answered quietly. "A small village west from here... That's where I was raped..." She choked. "Yes... I wish I would forget it..."

"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better, dear?" Atrus asked again. "You've been very quiet I'm starting to worry about you."

"That's sweet, honey." Anna kissed his cheek lightly. "But let's get the job done."

Anna had changed her clothes to normal attire, stripping off all her Lycra identity. People in the town were familiar of Lycra costume and priestess collar, and they didn't want any unwanted attention. They headed to a small eating establishment in the outskirts of the town. It was a nice, quiet restaurant, serving local seafood. They were quickly seated. The restaurant was lit by little candles placed in each table, giving a romantic sense to the customers. Atrus took some time staring at Anna. She was indeed so beautiful by the candlelight. He could see the flicker of the fire in her eyes.

"Anna... you're beautiful..." Atrus commented.

"Thank you, honey." Anna blushed. "For a moment I just forgot my fear."

"For this moment you should forget your fear." Atrus smiled. "For the first time we can eat together by the candlelight without worrying that something is also on fire in the kitchen..."

Anna chuckled lightly. "You'll pay for that, Ranger..."

The waiter came by and took their order. Atrus used the chance to dig something.

"Is there anything else, sir?" The waiter asked.

"Yes. We're just married..." Atrus said, then looked at Anna who was blushing. "So my wife and I want to go for a vacation somewhere around here. Can you give us any suggestions?"

"What is your original plan, sir?" The waiter frowned. "If you're content with the seaside view, may I suggest the Grand Rock, a tourist establishment west from here? It's an excellent place for a honeymoon, sir. A few Elven couples went there last week, and they said they enjoyed their time there."

"How about the east part?" Atrus asked again.

The waiter quickly turned pale. "You... don't want to go there..."

"What's wrong?" Atrus mimicked a suspicious frown.

"I'm sorry, sir, we just don't tell our customers this. Fear is bad for business." The waiter hesitated. "We have a problem... a big one..." He lowered his voice. "We have a dragon..."

Anna posed the best freaked-out look Atrus had ever seen. "What?!" She hissed.

"Don't worry, you're safe here..." The waiter said quickly. "For some reason the dragon leaves this city and the rest of the western cities alone, so I'd suggest going west, but not east from here."

"How bad is the problem?" Atrus asked casually.

"It fried a few villages... It was a red dragon, and it could spit fire... Don't spread this news. This city is already in uproar from that rumor. As I said, fear is bad for business."

They continued their dinner in silence. An evil dragon would be the last thing they ever imagined to fight against. No further conversation was needed, for they knew what in each other's mind is. They'd learned one more thing; fear is bad for appetite.



This story was split into 8 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Viper.

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