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Bonnie and Ron VII
by Doug4Dirt

This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh, fuck, fuck my ass, I can feel it, deep inside me, oh, how good, oh, my goodness, I, oh, I'm going to cum, again, oh, my." "Oh, I feel it, your cum in my ass, yes, oh, how wonderful, yes, oh, yes, oh . . ." With that, Beth collapsed and fell forward onto her stomach, and my dick slipped out of her asshole. It popped out, and left a trail of cum on her upper thigh as I shot one more time, cum still spurting out in short dribbling bursts

Bonnie looked over at me, and her prostate Mother. "Are you still cumming?" "Here, don't waste it, I want to suck your dick, eat your cum suck the cock that just came out of my Mother's asshole, I can have three dicks in me, oh, just the thought, yes, I'm going to cum just . . ."

I turned my crotch toward Bonnie's open mouth, and she accepted my cock with a smile. She pulled her hand from between her legs and pulled me by the balls toward her.

"I'm cumming, I can't hold off much longer, Baby, feel me cum, cum in your pussy, here, yeah, ugh, fuck, oh!" Donald was first, but Ron wasn't far behind.

"Here, Bonnie, here's my cum, cum in your ass, now, yeah, here, oh, yes, fuck, fuck your ass, yeah!" Ron made one last thrust and buried his dick into his sister's stretched out asshole. His cum spayed out around his cock, as Bonnie's body cavity was too restricted to hold both organs and orgasms. Spent, Ron's cock popped out of Bonnie's asshole, and he rolled back out of the way. I let Bonnie take about two more licks and sucks on me, and I rocked back onto my knees. Bonnie rolled off of the spent and toward her Mother.

Mother and daughter were again in a sixty-nine position, both lying on their sides, facing each other. Bonnie looked down at the satisfied expression on her Mother's face, grinned, and buried her own face into her Mother's crotch. "Oh, Bonnie, that's enough for now, I can't take any more, oh, please, maybe later, but that's good for now!"

"Momma, you just let me know when?" Ron and I decided we'd play tennis that afternoon, and left the others at the house

"Well, I guess it's your turn!"

"What, who, what do you mean, Beth is that you?"

"Who'd you think it was, Donald, your wife is out by the pool working on her tan, and your sister-in-law isn't due in until late this afternoon, so, I guess, it must be Me!"

"So, what do you mean by, 'My turn'?"

"Well, of the three men in our 'family', you are the only one who hasn't fucked my once virgin asshole, and I know that you've been thinking about it!"

"How did you know that?"

"Because I saw the look of envy on your face as I got my ass fucked this morning." "You know, as your wife was working on my pussy, I had a perfect view of your face, you wanted to me the one in my ass, didn't you, tell me now, don't you want your dick in my ass?"

"Oh, Beth, I know that you haven't had a man for quite some time, and I know this is all new to you, but how do you know that I want to fuck you in the ass, like the other two did?"

"Well, the erection you've built while we've talked about it is my first clue, and again, I couldn't help see your face while I got my ass fucked this morning."

"Then, if you were watching, you know that I'm not as big . . ."

"I don't care about size, I care about presence, and I need your presence in my ass, and I need it now!" "I don't need anymore of your excuses, I need a dick in my ass, and, well, you're the only dick around."

"Now there's a left-handed, red-headed compliment, but, if you need it, I can deliver." "Come over here, I think I can take care of you!"

"No, you lay back, I'll take care of you first!" Beth crawled up onto the bed, and pulled back the sheet covering Donald's lower body. "See, I knew you were thinking about me, I knew it." Beth bent down and took Donald's semi-erect penis into her mouth.

"Oh, Beth, what, oh, yeah, that will work, yeah, make me hard, get me ready, I need to fuck your ass, and I need my dick to be wet and hard!" Donald fed his cock into Beth's eager mouth, jacking himself off, into her mouth, pushing himself deeper into her, trying to find that point of rejection. "Oh, yeah, take it, suck me, suck my dick, yeah, get me ready, taste me, taste your daughter!"

Beth looked inquisitively up into Donald's eyes, and pulled back away from his cock. "What do you mean, taste my daughter?" "Didn't I have enough of her this morning?"

"I fucked Bonnie before she left for the tennis game, fucked her pussy long and hard, I was loaded and thought that I might have a baby in the making."

"Does that mean that you won't have anything for me?" "Have I come in here expecting everything, and am I going to be leaving with nothing?"

"Oh, no, Beth, I promise you, if I start to fuck you in the ass, you will get a full load, you are too sensuous for me not to be able to fuck your ass and fill you up with my cum!"

"Bonnie always said you were a 'bullshitter", and now I know." "If you can at least get an erection, I think I can get myself off with my hand, it's just so much nicer if you have a load of cum somewhere inside you as an incentive."

Beth bent back down to Donald's deflating cock and began to suck him again, being able to take all of his semi-erect penis into her mouth, slathering it with her spit. She let her drool drip down his penis to his balls, where she caught it in the palm of her right hand. She backed away from his crotch, and looked him in the eye. "Maybe this will get you excited", and stuffed the spit-soaked middle finger of her right hand up his asshole.

"Oh, what, what are you doing, I thought I was supposed to fuck your ass?" Donald lay back on the bed and watched while his mother-in-law finger fucked his ass and sucked his cock. "Yeah, that's it, now you're getting me ready, I can feel it now, this is going to be good, that's it, yeah."

Beth pulled her face away from Donald's crotch, finger still imbedded in his asshole. "Okay, now if you really want to get me ready, eat me, eat my pussy, finger my ass, and get me ready!" Beth worked her way over Donald, kissing his chest and stomach as she turned around and presented her pussy to his face. "Come on, now, eat me, lick my pussy, finger my ass, get me ready, come on, now, get with it!" Beth was now squatting over Donald and had his cock back in her mouth. She had worked her way into a sixty-nine position, and had full access to Donald's crotch.

"Oh, Beth, you're already wet, did Bonnie do this to you, did she get you ready?"

"Eat me, you idiot, eat my pussy, suck me, suck my clit and eat out my asshole, get me ready, get ready to fuck my ass, don't stop, that's it, eat me, lick me, suck my clit, oh, yes, oh, yes, she said, yes, she, oh, fuck me, I'm cumming, again!"

Donald needed no more coaching from his mother-in-law, as it was apparent that he was a good student of his wife. He took long tongue swipes of Beth's crotch, from clit to asshole, spreading her pussy juices and his spit the entire length. Donald's right hand was busy as well. He snaked it around her hip and his middle finger found her asshole. Licking his finger, and covering her asshole with moisture, he buried himself full length into her ass.

"Oh, yes, yes, finger fuck my ass, eat me, lick me, finger fuck, oh, oh, yes, now, eat me, lick my clit, make me, make me, make . . . , oh, cum, yes, cumming!" Beth buried Donald's head with her crotch and held his face to her pussy while she experienced an orgasm. "Oh, Donald, she said you could do it, she said you could make me cum, yes, do it, do me, do it again, that's it, oh, yes, cum, cumming again, now!" Beth held Donald's face firmly in the grasp of her thighs and Donald drank his mother-in-law's pussy juice once again.

"And now, I'm ready to do something else, get ready, I need to fuck you, fuck you in the ass, let's do it, do it now!" Donald extricated himself from the vise of Beth's thighs and rolled out from underneath her. "That's it, up on your knees, yeah, bring that asshole up here, now, get ready, that's it, spread those ass cheeks, yeah"

Beth was face down on the bed, her ass high in the air, her face in the bedding. She reached behind her with both hands and pulled her butt open for Donald's assault. Donald bent over one more time and licked her slit, bringing one more load of pussy juice and spit up to Beth's asshole, reaming out her asshole with his tongue, fucking her ass with it until he could feel her relax. "Oh, Donald, yes, I'm ready, now, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me hard!"

Donald brought his cock to Beth's asshole and shoved, burying himself to the hilt on his first thrust. "Ugh, yes, Donald that feels good, great, oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me harder!" Beth rocked her ass back and forth, trying to match Donald's rhythm, trying to bury his cock deep in her ass. "Yes, fuck, yes, fuck, fuck my ass, cum in me, shot your cum in my ass, oh, yes!"

Beth had moved one of her hands down between her legs and was fingering her pussy, sticking one, then two fingers in, dragging them up to her clit, strumming and pulling it, rubbing herself to an orgasm. With the other hand, she reached past her own genitals and grabbed Donald's swinging balls, massaging them, working them with her fingers, trying to coax another load of cum into her asshole.

Donald pumped his cock in and out of his mother-in-law's asshole, pulling almost all the way out, and then jamming deep into her stretched asshole. "Here it comes, now, yeah, I'm cumming, I'm going to cum, yeah, now, oh, yeah, now, ugh!" Donald stuffed his cock into Beth's asshole and held his position. A load of cum shot up from his balls and flooded Beth's ass.

"Oh, Donald, oh my, yes, I can feel it, your cum in my ass, and, and, now, I'm going to cum, oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me more, I need to cum!" Donald began to stroke back and forth again, generating the feeling that Beth needed to push her over the edge. "That's it, fuck me, fuck my ass, I'm going to cum, yes, now, there, oh, yes!" Beth tensed up, stiffened, and then collapsed, pulling herself off of Donald's now softening cock and falling to the bed. "Are you okay, Beth, Beth?"

"Yes, dear, I'm fine, I just need to rest, thank you, thank you for everything."

"Nice show, Donald, I'm really impressed that you care that much for your poor old widowed mother-in-law!"

"What, who, oh, hi Donna, I guess I, we, uh, didn't hear you come in."

"No, I guess it was because you were too busy cumming, so to speak." "What the Hell do you think you are doing, to, with, my Mother?" " I can't believe I just watched you ass fuck her like that!"

"But, she, I mean, everyone else, you weren't here last night, he, and Ron, and . . ." Donald stuttered and stammered for an explanation, and his comatose mother-in-law was being of no help.

"Donna, is that you, I didn't hear you come in, I was in the backyard down by the pool." "Oh, Donald, you did it, did she like it?" "Momma . . ."

"Sssshhh, she's asleep, and yes, I think I took care of her." Donald looked Donna straight in the eye: "I guess that means that all three of the men have fucked her ass, now, beginning with Ron, then your husband, and now, finally, me."

Bonnie had moved up behind her older sister and had put her arms around her and pulled her close, her tits and erect nipples digging into Donna's back. "It's okay, sis, we're all cool with this, why don't you relax, go change, and meet me by the pool.

Donna turned around, still in Bonnie's arms, and kissed her directly on the lips. "Why don't you come help me change, and relax, and then we can both go out by the pool." Donna's hands cupped Bonnie's butt cheeks and pulled her close. "I've been thinking about the first time we were together, and I don't think I treated you right." "I'd like to maybe start making up for that, right now."

Bonnie hugged Donna back and planted a tongue stabbing kiss on her lips, prying Donna's mouth open and generating a passionate response. Donna snaked her hand underneath the back of Bonnie's swimsuit bottom, and began to play with Bonnie's ass. "Oh, Donna, I've been thinking about this, too, come on, let's go, I need to talk to you, be with you, oh, I am so excited!" Hand in hand, Bonnie led Donna to the guest bedroom.

Beth, finally coming to her senses, shook her head, looked over at Donald and said: "Well, if they're going to be like that, I'm going to go clean up and put on my swimsuit, too!"

Bonnie closed the door behind them as Donna entered the guest bedroom. I had already brought our entire luggage, as I had gotten there a day ahead of her. Bonnie was the first to act; removing both pieces of her swimsuit while Donna surveyed the room. "Donna, I am wet just thinking about what you said in there, are you serious, do you really want to be with me?"

Donna turned to Bonnie, opening her blouse as she did, unsnapping the center clasp of her bra. "Bonnie, I don't know why, but I feel like I need to make love to you, I've never felt it this strong, but while we were growing up, I was always curious, always wanted to know what it might feel like." Donna continued to undress in front of the naked Bonnie, who had sat down on the edge of the bed. "When we were at Ronnie's, and you ate my pussy while Ronnie fucked me in the ass, and you begged me to eat you, it was, it was, well, I really wanted to, but I was scared."

""Scared of what?" "Scared that you might like it, scared that it might change you some how, scared because I was your sister?" "Did you think that maybe I wouldn't like it, wouldn't like you?" "Come on, we're sisters, we're supposed to be able to tell each other everything." Bonnie leaned back on the bed and spread her pussy wide, making sure that Donna could see the growing moisture.

"Well, back then, when we were growing up, I didn't think it was right, you know, to think about another girl, so I forced it out of my mind, didn't let myself think about it." "You know, there were times, when I was a cheerleader, that I had a chance to see all the others naked, and sometimes I had to hide my face, just to avoid them seeing me look at them." "I never thought about you, not until just the other day, doing it with your own sister, now that would have been really weird!"

By now, Donna was down to just her panties, having taken off her skirt, garter belt and hose as she spoke. Bonnie lazily drew circles around her stiffening nipples with one hand and had the other one resting over her pussy. "Donna, I've always admired your body, I was always jealous that I was just a little too muscled up, not feminine, like you, not pretty." "But, you know, as I've grown up, and gotten in touch with myself, I really don't care anymore, I know that I am desirable enough to attract my share of attention. Donald is a good lover, your husband can't keep his hands off of my ass, and, well, I feel good." "Now, come over here and let me see if I can make you feel good, you look burnt out, was your meeting that bad?"

Donna finished stepping out of her panties, and began to walk toward the bathroom. "Wash my back, and I'll wash yours?"

"My shower's better, come with me." And the two naked sisters, hand in hand, strolled down the hall, toward the Master Bedroom. "Donald, get your ass out of here, we'll be in the shower, and don't wish to be disturbed!" Bonnie was right, the shower in the Master was extraordinary, there were multiple heads, seats, and a lounge chair in the middle.

"Oh, Bonnie, how nice, I've never thought about having a lounge chair in a shower, do you use it often?"

"I do, but Donald doesn't like it, I though it would be conducive to making love, but we've never used it for that, you and I may take the cherry off of it." "I'll come in here after work and turn on the water, lay back in the lounge, and finger fuck myself until I can't get up." "Look at this, I've even got my own collection of toys to play with." Bonnie opened a drawer built into the side of the shower and showed her sister an array of dildoes, butt plugs, vibrators, massagers, and other sexual devices. 'And they're all waterproof!"

"Oh, man, this feels great!" Donna lay back on the lounge as Bonnie adjusted the various showerheads. "I could just stay right here and relax for ever." As the steam began to fog the glass enclosure of the shower, Bonnie reached into her "special" drawer and pulled out one of the dildoes, one that she didn't get to use very often, the fifteen inch one with the two heads.

"Don't you just love this, I come in here and just spend hours, relaxing, steaming . . . masturbating." "Are you okay, can I get you anything?"

"Boy, I could use a drink, but I'd hate to have to get up and go all the way to the kitchen to get one." "I guess we should have thought about that before we got in here."

"Well, what do you want?" "Wine, beer, champagne, pina colada?" Bonnie opened the cabinet next to her drawer and exposed another door, a refrigerator door. "I've got just about anything you'd want, name your poison."

"Oh, cool, let me see, uh, um, well, can I have a glass of zinfandel, is it cold?"

"The wines are always cold, and the glasses are always chilled, one zinfandel for my lover, coming up."

"Lover?" Donna thought to herself, it was just starting to sink in, she was about to become her sister's lover, how wonderfully erotic!

Bonnie approached the reclining Donna with a wineglass in one hand, and the two-headed dildo in the other: "I think you will find this to your liking."

Donna was stretched out on the lounge, legs spread on each side, her pussy wide open and visible to her naked sister. "Yeah, that looks great, and I'll take that drink, too!"

Bonnie, standing at Donna's feet, reached across her body with the wineglass, dropped the dildo on the shower floor beside the lounge, and knelt at her sister's feet. "You don't know how special this is, for me, I have wanted to be with you for ever, even before Ronnie's, I need you, I need to be with you, I need to taste and experience you, and I need it now!" Bonnie bent over and placed her mouth on Donna's pussy, and began to lick her pussy lips open, using her tongue to separate the labia, searching for the cave that held that treasured nectar.

"Oh, Bonnie, not so fast, not, oh, yeah, oh, I like it, oh, yes, eat me, eat my pussy, that's it, my clit, my, oh my, oh yeah, fuck!" Donna relaxed back into the lounge chair as Bonnie continued her assault on her sister's pussy. Using only her mouth, she continued to lick and suck on Donna's pussy and clit, slowly drawing her out, bringing her pussy to the edge, tasting the juices as they began to flow, licking and sucking, just the way she knew her sister would do to her when she was through.


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Doug4Dirt.

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