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Bonnie and Ron VII
by Doug4Dirt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh, Bonnie, eat meeeeee, oh, yeah, you and this shower, I, I, oh, I'm going to cum, I can't, you're doing this to me, oh, yes, oh, with your tongue, eat me, suck me, oh, YES!" Donna sat up in the lounge chair and grabbed her sister's head with both hands and shoved Bonnie's face into her crotch, grinding Bonnie's mouth onto her pussy. "Oh, Bonnie, eat me, eat me, make me, make me cum, oh, yeah, eat me, oh, fuck, eat me, oh, oh, oh, yeah." Donna slumped back in the lounge chair, totally spent. Bonnie removed Donna's hands from the side of her head, and leaned back to view her conquest.

Ron and I, thoroughly disgusted with our respective tennis games, got back to the house a little early, albeit about a six pack each into it, but back, nonetheless. "Well, I wonder if Donna made it in, didn't you say that her plane might be late?"

"Or early. You never know on those executive deals, they never arrive when they say they will." Ronnie pulled into Donald and Bonnie's driveway and we made our way up to the house and parked. "Good game, Ron 'ol Man!"

"Yeah, and fuck you too!" "Is there another beer in that cooler?" "I tell you what, I'm going to go change clothes, get into my trunks and do something that I know I can't fuck up too badly."

"And what's that?"

"Get a fucking tan, join me at the pool?"

"Grab me a beer on the way, you know my room has that door that goes right onto the patio."

I walked down the hallway toward the guestroom where Donna and I would be staying. Of course, the bed was unslept in, due to last night's adventure, but I didn't even notice that Donna had arrived either. I shucked my sweaty tennis stuff, and grabbed a Speedo from my suitcase. As I pulled the suit up onto my crotch, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the wall. "Not bad, not bad at all, turning 40 in a few weeks, and still got it, don't ya, bud?"

As I opened the door onto the pool area, Beth and Donald were on the deck, sunning on their own separate lounges, naked as the day they were born. I wondered if anything had gone on that morning, although I knew that it couldn't have, Donald wasn't that kind of a guy. "Hey, you two, what's up?" "You been out here long?" "Donald, where's Bonnie?"

"Probably eating your wife, or vice versa, why, you need anything?" Donald raised up from his book and looked over the top of his sunglasses at me. "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say that things around here are just getting weirder and weirder every time I turn around."

"Well, Donald, bud, if you can't stand the fire, get your fucking ass out of the kitchen!" "Can I help it if your wife likes my dick in her butt better than she likes yours in her pussy?"

Beth rolled over onto her stomach and looked me in the eye. "Well, stud, I'll tell you what, not to burst that fucking big dick ego you've got, but, you know, after trying out all the dicks around here, I found one that was too small, one that was too big, and one that was just right." "Donald gave me an ass fucking this morning that I wouldn't trade for either of the first two, and don't you tell Ronnie that I said that!"

"Okay, the beer's starting to talk too much, did I understand that Donna's here?"

"Yeah, like I tried to tell you, she and Bonnie are in our shower, eating each other's pussy." "She walked in on me and Beth, got pissed off, and then Bonnie seduced her into our bedroom, and, by the way, kicked my ass out!" "If I know Bonnie, they're probably both so cummed out that I don't have any hot water!"

Donald was right, as unusual as that was. I went looking for my wife and his, and found them, finally, in his bed, face to, well, not exactly face, but close.

"Now, Bonnie, now its my turn to make you feel good!" Donna rolled her sister over onto her back, and spread her thighs. "I've never really looked at another pussy close up, aren't we beautiful, and don't you just love the taste and smell?" On her knees between Bonnie's legs, Donna dipped her face to Bonnie's dripping pussy. "Oh, I hope I can do this as good as you, oh, Bonnie, I need to eat your pussy!"

"That's it, Donna, lick me, slow, not too fast, that's eat, oh, yeah, and your tongue, fuck me with your tongue!" Bonnie guided her sister's head, holding it in position, moving and adjusting to make sure that the angle of attack was just right. "Yes, oh, yes, my clit, lick it, chew on it, eat me, eat my pussy, make me cum!" Bonnie's hips began to rock in rhythm to her sister's tonguing. "Now, use your hands and fingers, finger fuck me, fuck my pussy, oh, yeah, now, fuck my ass, stick your finger in my ass, oh, yes, deeper, deeper, yeah!"

Donna had both hands playing her sister's crotch like a piano, dipping them into her pussy, rubbing her clit, and fucking her asshole, with first one, then two, then three. "Is that it, is that what you need?" "Oh, Bonnie, I am so turned on by eating you and playing with your pussy, I think I'm going to cum, oh, yeah, hold still, I'm cumming, without a touch, I'm cumming!" Donna's pussy began to drip and dribble pussy juice, some of it gathering on her pussy lips, some running down her thighs.

"Now, Donna, fuck my ass with your fingers, go, stick them all in, fuck my ass, fuck me with your hand, I'm going to cum, too, oh, sister, sister, sister, how can this be so good?" Bonnie could feel Donna's hand, as she worked it in and out of her stretched asshole. "Lick my clit, make me cum, eat me, suck my pussy, oh, yes, that's it, fuck my ass, eat me, yes, yeah, oh, yes!"

Neither Donna nor Bonnie noticed as I came into the room, or undressed, or lubricated my cock. But both of them noticed it, however, when I buried my cock in Donna's unsuspecting asshole. "What, who, I, what, get that, oh, who is, who is fucking me?"

"Oh, what are you doing in here, didn't you knock?" Bonnie looked down over Donna's back and saw that I was kneeling at the rear end of her sister. "And what are you doing to Donna, she was making me feel so good."

"I saw an opening and decided that it needed attention." I'm fucking her in the ass, just like I do to you." I had a firm hold of Donna's hips and was working my cock in and out of her asshole, as she squirmed and tried to dislodge the intruder.

"Honey, don't, you can't, I don't like it that way, please, don't."

"Oh, sister, it will be all right, here, let me help." Bonnie slid away from her former position and slipped under her sister, finding her crotch with her face. "This is such a neat view, I love to see a cock in an asshole, there's just something about it that makes me horny." Bonnie pulled down on Donna's hips and began to lick her pussy, nuzzling my balls with her nose as she worked up and down the slit,

"Bonnie, he can't do that, he can't, and you, you can't, oh, Bonnie, you can, you can eat me, eat my pussy, make me cum, lick me, suck my pussy, oh, Baby, be gentle, fuck me easy, please?" Donna began to settle down from the initial shock of my sudden assault on her asshole, especially as her sister began to eat her pussy at the same time.

"It won't take me long, Donna, I've been jacking off, watching you two ever since you began eating Bonnie's pussy, so I'm almost ready, here, feel it, feel my dick getting bigger, now, yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna shoot up your ass, now!" I buried my cock deep inside Donna's ass and pulsed out a load of cum.

"Oh, Bonnie, Baby, oh, yes, you all are good, oh, fuck me, eat me, fuck, I'm gonna cum again, eat me, Bonnie, eat me!" Donna ground her pussy into Bonnie's face, pulling away from my dick. "Oh, Bonnie, yes, lick me, lick my pussy, eat me, eat me!" I watched as a stream of my cum dripped out of Donna's asshole and began to trickle down toward her pussy, and her sister's lapping tongue.

Bonnie was working up and down her sister's entire crotch, and began to feast on my cum as it ran. "Oh, my, that must have been some load of cum, I can taste it, oh, yum, yes, I like it!" Bonnie buried her tongue into her sister's still dilated asshole, searching for more of my spent seed. She pulled her sister's hips back toward her, so that her asshole was more accessible. "Donna, eat me, eat my pussy while I suck your asshole, please, make me cum one more time?"

Donna spread Bonnie's legs and dove into her crotch, stabbing and fucking her pussy with her tongue. "Oh, Bonnie, you taste so good, I could eat your pussy forever!"

I left the two sisters, almost the way he found them, face to crotch, eating each other's pussy, and loving it. After I cleaned up from ass fucking my wife, I grabbed a beer and headed back out to the pool.

"Well, did you find them?" Beth, Donald, and Ron asked almost in unison. "And where, young man, is you swimsuit?" Beth added.

"Oh, I guess I left it in Donald and Bonnie's bedroom, Donna was in there, just like you thought, and we hadn't seen each other for a while, so I stopped in and said "Hi!"

Ron was siting behind his mother, massaging lotion onto her back. "Oh, Ronnie, that feels nice, like I said last night, you really know how to take care of your mother." "Rub some more on my arms, and, on my front too, I'm afraid that I haven't been out in the sun as much, or with so little on, in quite some time." Ron began to rub the oil onto Beth's shoulders and down the lengths of her arms. As he worked his hands up and down, he would brush the sides of her tits, and I watched as Beth's nipples began to respond. "That's it, son, that feels so good, now, yes, I need more onto my front, please Ronnie, I don't want to burn."

Beth raised her arms above her head, giving Ronnie access to all of her tits. "How's this, Momma, is that it, is this want you want?" He was massaging the oil all over her tits, rubbing and pulling on her nipples, working the oil all over." "Like this, Momma, do you like it like this?"

"Oh, Ronnie, that feels so good, you are making me feel so good, that's it, rub me, rub my tits, oh, yes, oh, oh, my, you're making me feel so good, so good, so . . ." I watched as Beth closed her eyes, tilted her head back onto her son's shoulder, and shook, obviously from an orgasm. Indeed, a drip of pussy juice actually slipped through the plastic slats of the lounge chair, to the pool deck. "Oh, Ronnie, you just made me cum, you are so good, so good!"

I continued to watch the scene unfolding in front of me, now also getting aroused, and noticed that the massage was also effecting the masseur, Ronnie had a hard-on also. "I'm glad you like it Momma, I love to make you feel good, do you think you can make me feel good, to?"

"What is it, son, what do you want me to do?" Beth shifted on the lounge, leaning back, feeling the strength of her son holding her up. She obviously could feel his erection pressing against her ass, and wiggled her butt to center it in her crack.

"Sit up, and then sit back, Momma, I want to fuck you, I want to stick my cock in your pussy, this has got me excited and I need to fuck you, now!"

Beth curled her head back to look at her son's face. She could easily see the passion burning, his breathing becoming shallower. "Oh, Ronnie, if that's what you need, I want you to fuck me, you can fuck me anytime you want, you make me feel good, there is no reason we can't share." With that, Beth raised her ass off of the lounge and reached down between her legs. "Oh, you are excited, aren't you?" She took Ronnie's dick and pointed it toward her pussy, "Put it in me, son, fuck your mother, let me feel you, I want you to cum inside me, fuck me, son, fuck me, fuck me!"

Ronnie placed his hands under his mother's butt cheeks and began to stroke in and out of her dripping cunt. I could hear the slurping sounds as he churned inside her. Beth was leaning forward, holding her self up with one hand and massaging Ronnie's dick and balls with the other. As Ron continued his rhythm, Beth began to rock back and forth as well. In her passion, she began to breathe through her mouth, forming an "O". I took that as a cue, and decided that I might test her criticism from earlier.

"So, you think I've got a 'Big Dick Ego', eh, Beth, well, I wanted to make sure that, now in the light of day, you could see just how 'Big' this 'Dick' is!" I had stood up and walked over to where she and her son were fucking, stroking my erection as I walked. "Open up, see if you like it as much as you said you did last night, suck me, Beth, suck my dick!"

She looked up at me, looked down at my hard, dripping cock, looked back at her son, opened her mouth and voluntarily took the head of my dick. "I didn't say I didn't like it, I just said that you seem to let it go to your head, sometimes, but, yes, I'll suck you again, and again, and again, you taste so good, and I love the feel of your cock in my mouth, pussy, and ass, here, fuck me, fuck my face!"

I put my right hand behind her head and began to stroke in and out of her mouth, watching her cheeks puff up as I pushed more and more down her throat. "Do you think you can take it, take it all?" Her neck was at the correct angle to offer a straight shot down her throat, without severe constriction of her breathing. "Here, relax your throat, let me fuck you, fuck your mouth while your son fucks your pussy!"

"Momma, are you going to suck him off, really, do you want it?" Ronnie continued to pump in and out of Beth's pussy, pushing her up and down on my dick as he did. Beth rolled her eyes back toward him, then looked up at me, as if to give me a cue. I pulled my dick out of her mouth so that she could speak.

"He taught me several things last night, son, and made me feel whole again, I love all the attention I'm getting, and yes, if he wants me to suck him off, and eat his cum, then, that's what I'm going to do." "Just like I'm letting you, my own son, fuck the pussy that conceived you, now fuck me, harder, I need to cum, and feel you in me." She turned back toward me and I put my dick back in and continued to fuck her mouth.

"Oh, Momma, I just want you to feel good, that all, I'll fuck you, now, feel that, is that good?" Ronnie began to hump Beth from behind, starting to stroke deeper into her pussy, pushing her further and further down onto my dick. "Oh, Momma, you are so wet, so good, I think I'm going to cum, cum in your pussy, feel it, get ready, yes, now, oh, Momma, feel my cum, oh, oh, ugh." I could hear the squishy sounds of more fluids in their coupling, and felt Beth shudder as she, too, must have reached an orgasm.

I continued to stroke deeper and deeper, until her lips were fully up to my pubic hair. I could tell by her throat contractions and gurgling that she was ready for me to cum, and I wasn't going to disappoint her. "I'm gonna cum, Beth, cum down your throat, here it is, now, yes, now!" I pumped one, then another load of cum directly down her throat, by passing her mouth completely. As my contractions subsided, I pulled out of her throat and deposited a couple of spurts of cum in her mouth, and felt her tongue swirling around my cock, searching for more. I shot one more time, and pulled totally out with a "Pop", as she didn't relax her suction as I exited.

"Mmmmm, that was good, I could feel your cum go straight down my throat, but I was afraid I wasn't going to get to taste any, can I finish, is there anything left in there?" She opened her mouth back open, and I put my deflating dick back in, and let her satisfy herself that she had all my cum.

"Beth, do you want some more, want some more cum, I'll cum in your mouth, I'm ready to cum right now, want it?" Donald was standing beside me, jacking off, a glob of pre-cum seeping out of his dick. "Here, Beth, suck me, eat my cum, too!"

Beth opened her mouth to Donald's offering and began to slurp and suck on his cock. "Mmm, yes, Donald, shoot that cum in my mouth, yes, ah, cum in my mouth, yes, oh, yes."

Donald continued to jack off into Beth's open mouth, aiming his dick at her as he stroked. "Here, Beth, here it is, now, yes, fuck, I'm cumming, yeah!" Donald shot a load into Beth's mouth and she swallowed, as she did that, Donald's dick slipped out and his next shot hit her on the cheek, before she opened her mouth for the rest. She slurped and sucked until Donald backed out again, his cock becoming too tender for her suction. "That's it, Beth, there's not any more."

"Yes there is, I can feel it right here," and Beth ran her tongue around her mouth and caught the dripping shot as it ran down her cheek, "that's good, that's it, now I've got it all." "Ronnie, you still haven't finished oiling me, look at my legs, don't let them burn, quick, get some oil on them, now!"

"Okay, Momma, sorry, I guess we all got a little distracted."

"Well, I hope all three of you enjoyed giving our Mother a cum bath!" "I cannot believe what I just saw!" Donna and Bonnie had emerged from the house, both naked, but at least they had rejoined the living. "Momma, are you okay, did they hurt you?"

"The only thing that hurts is that there isn't any more cum for me to eat, I guess I don't know what I missed all those years married to your Father, all he ever wanted to do was fuck my pussy, and then, not that often." "I've got a lot of catching up to do, so any one of these boys can squirt their cum on, or in, me, anytime they want!" Beth looked around and caught each of us in the eye and winked.

"Well, I need to get some sun, I've been working too hard in that damn office, and I think I'm losing my tan." Donna walked toward me, on her way to one of the lounge chairs. "You and I need to talk."


"About that little escapade in the bedroom."

"What about it?"

"You've been holding back on me, you should have been a little more convincing when you asked to be able to fuck me in the ass, I didn't know it could be that good." "I'm going to stay wet all afternoon just thinking about it."

"Well, anytime you're ready, I'm sure your sister told you that I don't mind."

This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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