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Cum Again
by Che

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Dawn had gone over the script for three hours without a break, over thirty-three pages with lots of dialog. After making a few changes, she decided to show the manuscript to Kyle, knowing he'd be the best person to do the editing. He's nice but he's got-a dirty mind that's perfect for something like this, she thought, an' I bet he'll have some other nasty ideas, too!

Putting the video script into a manila envelope, she stuffed it into her bag, unable to stop thinking about how excited she became in his presence. Surrendering to urges she couldn't control, she undressed in front of her mirror and began playing with swelling conical baby-pink nipples until she'd driven herself mad with desire. Then, taking a warm shower, she shaved her entire crotch, masturbating to three spine-tingling orgasms before turning off the water. Getting used to bodily changes taking place since puberty, she was still amazed by the amount of vaginal fluids produced when she got an orgasm, the volume so great she'd begun catching it in a drinking glass because she couldn't hold it all in the palm of her hand and not wanting her mother to discover a very wet bed. But this time she had a palm-full of semi-clear pussy fluid and she sucked-off the tasty cunt-cum coating her fingers. Dressing again, and desperate for the taste of semen, she was hoping she could seduce Kyle into letting her give him head. The sensation of fresh skintight nylon panties nearly made her masturbate again, but instead, she took more time glossing plump lips with pale pink non-smear lipstick She pursed plump pink lips and examined them in the mirror, picturing them wrapped around a nice big cum-shooting erection. Pleased with the effect, she stepped into and zipped-up the short pleated skirt, pulled the white cotton blouse over her head, then tied the laces of new white tennis.

It was 6:30 when she got to The Store. Lights were on in the fashionable boutique. She could see Kyle doing something behind the counter, dressed as usual in impeccably casual perfection.

Oh, my God, she thought, instantly experiencing a tingling sensation in the crotch of her panties, he's the best looking thing in the whole city!

When he saw her at the door he put paperwork aside and let her in. "I'm almost done. Sit down and relax a second. Want a soda or a juice? There's some Orange-Mango Koala in the frig . . . "

"No thanks, I just finished one."

While he worked on the books, she lounged in a big chair and watched the sexy man, a tingling clit demanding more stimulation. For thirty, he's really good looking, she thought, surprised some girl hadn't grabbed him.

A few minutes had passed when he looked up at her, noting what must have been a look of puzzlement on her face. "What? What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing. I was just watching you . . . wondering how you've gotten away from all the beautiful girls in your life, you know . . . wondering how come you're still single. Have you ever been married?"

He looked away for a moment. "Un-huh . . . "

"So, like, what happened?"

"Let's not talk about the past." He closed the books and headed for the frig. Returning with a beer, he sat down in a big chair directly across from her. "Show me what you've got," he said, opening the bottle.

It was the invitation she'd hopped for! Parting pretty tanned thighs, she pulled up the front of the short pleated cotton skirt and gave him an innocent shocking-pink-lipped smile, wide pink tongue doing tricks designed to instantly stiffen the world's softest cock. "Like it?"

"Now cut that out!" he said. Chuckling, but still looking at the deep cleft centered in the narrow strip of white nylon covering her perfect crotch, he admired the nicely tanned tummy and indented navel between skirt-top and bottom of white blouse. They dress like that just to give us a hard time, he thought, cock rapidly swelling, but I wouldn't have it any other way. "Let's see what you've come up with in the way of a script, but let's not sit out here where anyone walking by can see us. We can use the big dressing room. It has a table and chairs. We'll be more comfortable in there."

When they moved to the dressing room, Dawn handed him the envelope. "This is it. I know it needs editing . . . "

Attempting to get comfortable, Kyle browsed the pages while sipping beer. Dawn knew at once he liked what he was reading. He was getting a hard-on impossible to hide, even in baggy jeans. Crossing his legs, he took another sip. She sat back and waited, unable to stop thinking about the first time they'd been alone in that room. Thoughts had the crotch of her skintight white nylon panties getting wetter by the second. Openly flirting, she made no attempt to keep her pretty legs together, parting and closing her knees to some inner rhythm, skirt up high enough to make sure he could see the crotch of her cute little panties.

"I like the basic script," he finally said, trying not to be distracted by the exhibitionist, "but the dialog seems a little rough. The weekend slumber party's a natural, but how about this. Let's have the girls invite the guys over instead of having the guys crash their party. You know, and then, the girls start competing with each other to see who can get the guys the most aroused. Whata-ya-think? Girls in charge . . . women's lib? Like that idea?"

She smiled, parting legs and pouty lips even wider, licking the tip of her first finger like it was the head of a cock. "Yeah! Sometimes, I like being in charge!"

Kyle turned a few pages but had trouble reading instead of looking between the cute young girl's legs. "Let's make sure we keep dialog natural. I mean, if someone's getting excited, tell it like it is. Keep talk sexy but innocent at first, but make it real sexy when the action gets hot." He read on for a minute, gray eyes returning to the smooth white strip of nylon between Dawn's tanned thighs. "It's going to turn viewers on when actors are turned- on. Let's not worry about camera shots for now. I can see the script has lots of room for great camera work. Let's work on dialog. Like in this scene, where the girl sees the guy has a hard-on. The dialog seems a little dead. What would you say if you saw one of the guys was aroused?"

Dawn looked at the swelling in his pant leg. "You sure got a big hard-on. Wanta take it out so I can see how big ya can really make it?"

Kyle looked up and actually blushed. "Hey . . . for a second there I thought . . . "

"That's what I'd say," she said, straight faced, pretty legs parted, fingers of one hand teasing the deep cleft centered in the crotch of her white panties. "You asked me what I'd say."

"Right . . . " A grin played with his sensual lips as he watched her fingers caressing the deepening cleft, lightly rubbing an obviously swollen clit. "Right. Ahhhhhhhhh, so then . . . after you said that, then what else? Anything else?" he added, amazed by Dawn's prominent clit that was showing right through glossy smooth white nylon.

Dawn stared at his crotch, hoping his erection was in control of his brain. Exposing herself for his pleasure, her daring stare and open invitation to voyeurism made him sweat. He changed position, but the swelling in his pant-leg was impossible to hide.

"Come on, unzip your pants and take it out," she pleaded, openly playing with herself as her tongue did very suggestive things to appealing soft-pink lips . "Come on, I wanta see it!"

Kyle looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "Is this dialog for the script or are you ad-libbing?"

"You told me to say what I'd say if I saw one of the guys was getting aroused. That's what I'd say."

"Okay . . . right, so then what? What if the guy seemed a little shy . . . what would you say then?"

"Let me do it . . . I'd love it if you'd let me take your cock out and play with it. I bet you’d like it if I did . . . if I took your big dick out and maybe kissed it? Would you like that?" Without waiting, she continued, hips working as though she was sitting on a stiff erection, lewdly smiling while teasing her prominent clit. "I'd do even more than that if you wanted me to. I'd suck it! Want me to suck you off? I haven't sucked off very many guys, but they all say I suck really good . . . 'cause when they cum in my mouth . . . I swallow! Always!"

Kyle couldn't sit still. "Okay . . ._right . . . right, ah . . . you've got the idea. The dialog's got to be sexy and keep viewers wanting more right up to the climax . . . right up to the cum shots, and those have to be better than most film makers do. We're going to have to get the guys and you girls to give signals so clearly, our hot little camera friend can get close ups that make the film the difference between no excitement and dripping wet action! If we do pull-outs, we want them a combination pussy-into-open-mouth-on-the-tongue cum-shots, not cum-shots in the air, eyes or hair . . . plus cum-shots squeezed off into open pink assholes are definitely winners . . . I think guys and girls both like seeing those . . . "

Dawn watched him adjust the direction of his erection, memories of their first encounter like some kind of drug. She remembered how she'd tried on clothes with him personally helping her . . . undressing in front of him right down to cute little panties before trying on a dress . . . how he'd selected pumps for her to try on with that sexy summer cotton tank. She could see him in her mind's eye, a grown man kneeling in front of her, looking up under her dress as she intentionally expose d herself. She remembered giving him an eye-full, spreading smooth thighs, letting him see her skimpy panties, letting him feel her up . . . and then letting him lick her pussy. Oh, my God! it felt so good! she thought, legs opening wider, knowing he was looking at her crotch. She thought about that first blow-job, the excitement of seeing his long uncircumcised cock, of willingly sucking him off! She had to grin as she watched him trying to get comfortable. "Kyle," she said, finger pressing into the wet cleft in tight white panties, "let me play with it again . . . like the first time. I'll suck it. Want me to? You could keep reading while I suck you off. No one's gunna film this, so you can cum in my mouth while you're readin'. I'll swallow all your cum just like I did the first time. I know you're real hard, Kyle. You want me to suck it, don't you? I know you liked it when I let you cum in my mouth! I want to, Kyle. I suck even better now than I did the first time . . . I've had practice. I give real good deep-throat! I know you wanta cum in my mouth. Let me suck you off again, okay?"

The disapproving look slowly vanished and he sighed. "How can I say no to someone cute as you?" He leaned back in the big chair and spread his legs. "Come get it, baby. Jesus, I was going to try and play it straight tonight, but watching you play with yourself made me too hot. I've thought about that first time with you every day, about you giving me deep throat. Not many girls can do that, and Jesus, you even let me cum in your mouth. That felt so fucking good . . . I love young girls who swallow cum!"

"Do lots of them swallow it, Kyle?"

"Most of my girlfriends do . . . most of the girls I've dated . . . some like it better than others . . . "

Pulling her skirt up as she knelt between his legs, she slipped her fingers into the top of her panties. "I like it a lot, Kyle . . . I like to swallow it! I want guys to cum in my mouth! Why don't you read to me while I suck you off. I'm gunna play with my pussy while I go down so I can cum at the same time you do. You read . . . I'll suck cock!" Unbuttoning his jeans, she put her hand into his fly and almost had an orgasm. His cock felt like a big hot rubber club, so hard, she had trouble trying to get it out of his pants. "On, my God! Why do guys wear such tight pants?"

"So girls can see what they're going to suck!" he laughed.

She had to unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans down part way just to get that big cock out. He was wearing cute Calvin Klein briefs and she loved the fresh scent of the bath oil he'd used. "You sure smell good," she grinned, cute nose pressed into open fly, "but I like the smell of cum even better! I love sucking guys with sweaty balls." One more tug and his cock leaped free. It was beautiful! Holding it with both hands, she squeezed gently. Clear pre-cum drops oozed like warm honey from the eye in the swollen tip. "Oooooooooo, yeah . . . this is what I like! It's gunna get real thick an' sticky!" Extending a wide pink tongue, she licked the tears up and nearly pee'd her panties! The smooth slippery texture was intoxicating! Dawn licked the rose colored nob, then sucked it like a piece of candy. The fleshy crest pulsed and throbbed in her mouth as she sucked, and cupping tongue and using a snake-like vibrator stroke on the tender underneath side of his shaft, she went all the way down, swollen cock-head slipping far past her uvula and down her throat.

Kyle pulled her mouth away with both hands, stood and took of his shoes and pants. "Easy, girl, you'll make me cum too fast! I thought you wanted me to read to you. Slow down and let me find a sexy place to start. All of this is good, but I wanta find a nasty hot spot to read while you suck!"

Playing with those warm tight balls, she stroked his uncircumcised heavily-veined shaft as he searched for a good part to read, working saliva and pre-cum tears into a slippery lubricant, jacking him off with long smooth strokes, foreskin enveloping the darkening head and creating a thick coating of cock-cheese under the large ruddy crest. When he found a steamy part in the script and started reading, she couldn't wait. Bending over cock, she sucked it slowly all the way down her throat. She'd had a hand in her panties been playing with a now slippery pussy, so juicy she was on the verge of a cunt-tingling climax.

He began reading a part where the youngest girl was giving head, the darling girl begging the high school boy to shoot cum in her mouth. Kyle was so aroused he couldn't keep reading as his approaching climax overpowered him, almost dropping the script when he got to the part where the guy's cum began spurting into the cute young girl's open pink lips.

One cock sucking technique Dawn had perfected was made for this position. Bobbing auburn-haired head up and down while kneeing between his legs, she fucked the long cock with her mouth, relaxing her throat and letting the whole shaft slip in far past her uvula. His cock flared as she fellated the urethra with lightening quick tongue-strokes and felt the first warm flood of jism erupt into her greedy mouth. Like a bolt of electricity her cunt spasmed, girl-gush soaking her slippery skintight panties. Trying to breathe through her nose, she started sucking and swallowing the creamy reward spurting far down her grateful throat. Pulling half-way up to let semen gush over a pink fluttering tongue, the randy taste and scent of ejaculate made her climax so hard she had to hold his hips to keep from collapsing in orgasmic ecstasy. Delighting in the sight of pearlescent semen surging from the swollen tip, she pulled back the foreskin and opened her mouth wide. Tongue out to capture the flood, cum dripped from pretty pink glossed lips as she used the tip of his cock to catch gooy white ropes swinging from her chin.

Lovingly licking each pearly drop from the semen-glazed head, finally able to take a deep breath, she smiled up into his deep blue eyes. "Oh, my God! You have the biggest orgasms, Kyle! You should have a tattoo on your tummy that says, ‘Danger Oversize Load’. You sure gave me a mouthful that time! Your balls must hold a pint of cum! That was more than I could swallow! Your cum is so tasty I dream about it. You can’t imagine how hot it makes me to suck cock. I came in my panties so hard when you did I almost passed out!"

"Now what? Want me to fuck you?" Smiling at her, he teased an elongated conical nipple stretching her short white cotton blouse. "I bet you'd like me to give you a good hard fuck right here on the carpet. Right?"



This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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