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Cum Again
by Che

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Occasionally she'd stroke him as fast as she could move her hands, strokes turning pre-cum to thick white cheese. Slowing again, she milked clear tears from the head and sucked them up before they turned to scuz. It took her another fifteen minutes, but Crystal got her load, jerking him off with such smooth determined strokes he couldn't hold back. A colossal eruption pumped from his balls, pearlescent ejaculate ushered over extended pink tongue into her mouth while she watched a quivering Dawn masturbating. She made a real show of capturing the semen while the two girls flirted with lust filled eyes. Mouth full, Crystal showed Dawn the lake of jism. "He's so yummy!" she smirked, after swallowing for over a minute to get it all down. "He shoots as much cum as my boyfriend! I sucked him off twice before he fucked me tonight. Just smelling cum makes me want it like that . . . it makes me want hard cock up my ass!"

"Does he always fuck you up your ass?" asked Kyle, watching her suck cock-cheese from under creamy foreskin.

"Un-huh . . . he likes to fuck me like that because I'm so tiny he can't get it all in my pussy. He's not as big as you, but I always like getting ass-fucked best after sucking guys off first. How did you know I'd go down when you saw me at the beach?"

"I didn't at first, but after I licked your ass, I saw you looking at my cock," he grinned. "That's when I knew what you wanted."

"I'm just glad you let me do it! That made me so hot! After you came in my mouth I was so glad you wanted to stick that big cock of yours up my little ass!" She let him pull out of her mouth after sucking him flaccid, nursing scuz and the thick orgasmic seminal coating from warm heavily veined flesh. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I like that taste," She scraped her lower lip between her teeth to get all the jism. "And the smell of cum, I love that, too! Did that feel good? My boyfriend loves me to suck him off . . . he says I suck real good."

"It's hard to decide which I like better . . . oral or anal sex. Both of you are so good at each. I guess I like both equally."

Crystal was still swallowing semen, her tongue working over plump lips to capture stray pearls. "Do you fuck lots of girls, Kyle? Do you butt-fuck them? Tell me, okay? You talk dirty and I'll give you head," she smiled, taking his cock in pretty pink-lipstick glossed mouth again.

"Well . . . like I said, I really get off fucking girls up the ass. I guess I get my share. Like Dawn here. I just fucked her up the ass for the first time. She was an anal virgin until tonight. I'd fuck all of them up the ass if they let me. They can't get pregnant and it feels so fucking good . . . " Still sucking, Crystal was keeping him hard. "Oh, yeah," he sighed, watching her pretty pink lips stretched around his cock, "I dig stroking tight young girls! The feeling of a tight little ass . . . yeah . . . keep sucking . . . and the way those little assholes look when I pull out . . . Jesus , that feels good, Crystal . . . keep sucking . . . wide open hot pink holes waiting for a nice big load! Oh, yeah! That makes me cum so fucking good! It's as good as cuming right in a young girl's mouth!" And he did, Crystal masturbating and orgasming as she swallowed a half-dozen swags of warm cum.

While Kyle rested, Dawn and Crystal shared two large bottles of Passion Fruit juice, discussing how the drink got its name . . . smiling at the conclusion they drew.

Dawn glanced over at Kyle who was almost nodding out. "It's late . . . I need to get home," she sighed, still fingering her ass after putting her skirt back on. "Shall we invite Crystal to our party? Are we gunna see each other before then or shall I just plan on seeing you Friday night?"

Kyle got up and was putting jockey shorts on. "Of course we invite Crystal. She'll love to be in the video. I'll have everything we'll need for the weekend, including food and refreshments. Crystal, get the address from Dawn before you two part. I'll see you two then." So saying, he stood and pulled up his pants.

The three kissed, long and slowly before Crystal and Dawn slipped out into the night air. Still giggling and kissing, they swapped phone numbers while making plans to meet for the party.

Dawn explained what the other girls had planned and the description made Crystal wiggle. "It sounds like such fun! I can hardly wait! Like, now my panties are so totally wet!" She was wiggling as though she was still getting fucked up her ass. "I'm going to go right home and suck you-know-what out of the crotch!"

"Let me do it. Let me suck you again," whispered Dawn, arm around the tiny girl and playing with Crystal's elongated nipples. "Pull your skirt up . . . bend over an' let me suck ya from behind . . . I like doing that, like Kyle did . . . "

"Someone may see us!" giggled Crystal, but pulling up her skirt. "You're so bad, Dawn! If we get caught it's all your fault!" Bending over and holding onto her ankles, she let Dawn suck her ass right through the crotch of her wet panties. "You're so naughty!" She kept wiggling her smooth crotch in Dawn's face as the girl sucked semen through thin pink satin, the fabric now saturated with loads of sticky cum. "God, I like the way that feels. I like doing naughty things! I like it when Dana eats my ass, but I haven't done girls, at least not yet. But I like doing things people wouldn't expect a nice girl to do. Naughty things. That makes me get real excited."

"Things like what?" asked Dawn, tongue playing under the edge of Crystal's wet panties, still discovering plenty of cum to swallow.

"Like . . . well, like, everyone at college thinks I'm a nice, sweet girl . . . no one thinks I'm naughty. So guess what happened when my boyfriend told the football team that I liked to suck . . . that I'd suck all of them off if he asked me to?"

"And you did?" asked Dawn, trying to imagine what that would be like, imagining getting that many loads of cum.

"Un-huh . . . last night in the men’s locker room. He has a key so we all sneaked in. Golly, the whole place smelled like jock straps full of boy's cum! My boyfriend knew that would make me hot to suck!"

"What happened . . . how did you guys do it?"

"Well, he pulled my skirt up in back so the guys could see . . . he pulled my panties down in back like you and Kyle did in the dressing room . . . and he let them watch while he fucked me up my ass. That got the guys hard! Then he told me to suck off the whole team! They all sat on a bench an' I bent over so I could take it up my ass while going down! It was so hot you wouldn't have believed it! I was so bad, Dawn! I talked super nasty and it made me so hot I made a mess in my panties! I sucked them all off! Fourteen guys. Most of them twice an' five of them three times! They came so fast! That was so hot . . . guys cuming in my mouth while my boyfriend shot cum up my ass! He came five times while I swallowed all that cum . . . an' know what? He made me squeeze his all out in a glass and drink it while they watched! You should have seen those guys when I did that! They couldn't believe a girl like me was so nasty! Five of them made me suck them off again! I wanted cum so bad I couldn't get enough . . . but I was so full I don't think I could have swallowed another load! I didn't even eat dinner when I got home! Oh, Dawn . . . keep sucking my ass like that!" squealed Crystal, masturbating her clit through slick satin. "You're making me cum in my panties!"

Down on knees, Dawn was sucking the satin covered crotch as the tiny girl orgasmed, cunt juice and semen cuming right through thin satin fabric. "Oh, my God, that tastes so good! I wish I’d started eating cum earlier!" Licking pink satin with long tongue-strokes, she sighed and swallowed. "So, like, when did you start having sex?" she asked, licking the insides of Crystal's smooth thighs, a finger up the tiny girl's ass. "Talk dirty to me! I love it!"

"When I was a senior in high school . . . I guess I'd been naughty a lot and my mommy made my step-daddy punish me. I liked to talk dirty just to make her mad. He took me in my bedroom and I kept talking dirty. I go, ‘I know you wanta fuck me . . . you only married my mom so you could get in my tight little panties! All you men wanta fuck young girls! All you guys wanta feel me up!’ That got him hot! I thought it was funny, but all of a sudden, he grabbed me and pulled me over his knees and pulled up my skirt in back. He started playing with my butt, rubbing it and everything and putting his fingers between my legs an' playing with my pussy under my panties. The crotch got real wet just like now! So I go, ‘See! I knew you wanted to get in my panties!’ I thought he was going to die! I could feel him getting all hard and everything against my tummy, and then he started spanking the cheeks of my ass! It hurt a lot, but it was exciting, too! And then he goes, ‘I won't spank you any more if you suck it.’ Oh, my God! He took it out and it was all hard and throbbing and covered with pre-cum, and he made me taste it and suck on the head while he played with my pussy . . . he made me get my first orgasm . . . and just when I did, he shot-off in my mouth! He goes, ‘Swallow it, Crystal, or I'll spank your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week!’ Oh, my God! There was so much cum, and he made me suck him off three times! My step daddy is the one who taught me to suck!"

"Gee, did you like him?"

"He was real good looking and he wasn't mean or anything and he really made me get intense orgasms. He goes, ‘Your mom won't do it,’ so he always got me to suck when he wanted to cum in a girl's mouth. We had this routine . . . I'd talk dirty and mommy would make him take me in my room and punish me. I thought it was lots of fun. I'd suck and he'd clap his hands to make it sound like he was spanking me! It was just too funny. Him clapping and me sucking him off!"

"An' you swallowed it? Even the first time?"

"He made me! I had no idea there was gunna be so much stuff, but I swallowed it. He told me swallowing cum was good for making my figure develop. I was so naughty I got to swallow a lot of cum!" Pulling up the front of her T-shirt, she looked at two long swollen nipples. "I guess he was right. My titties got real nice, didn't they?"

"They're perfect, Crystal . . . you have such pretty titties!"

"I did anything he asked. He was the first one to fuck my ass. He caught me masturbating in my bedroom and this time he spanked me hard. He made the cheeks of my ass so hot it just made me hotter. I just kept masturbating while he spanked me, and I guess it made him so excited he pulled my panties down in back for the very first time and stuck his tongue in me and made me real wet . . . I guess I got all crazy an' everything, I was going, "Lick me, daddy! I like to be nasty! I want you to jack-off in my mouth!" He spanked me again and goes, "You're a dirty talking little tramp, Crystal!" . . . and then he got be hind me and made his cock go right in me and fucked me up my ass! Oh, my God! I just about died! Then I begged him, and I go, "Jack off in my mouth, daddy! Let me swallow more cum!" an' he did! Three times! I was so bad! After a few months of anal sex, I liked getting it up my ass a lot." She paused but kept scrubbing her crotch against Dawn’s tongue. "I know most people around the campus think I'm a sweet innocent girl. The guys on the team promised not to tell. No one but daddy, my boyfriend and them know how much I like to suck, talk dirty and take it up my ass! Besides letting Dana suck me up afterward, it's the only kind of sex I like. Anal and oral . . . usually oral first, and then getting fucked up my ass! My boyfriend always wants to fuck my pussy but it's so tight and not very deep so he fucks me up my ass instead. Going home with my panties full of cum is so fun! I can masturbate all night with the crotch of my panties in my mouth! It's a perfect place to save all that delicious cum!"

"Sounds good to me! We could be twins!" giggled Dawn. "Do you still have sex with your daddy?"

"When he wants to cum in my mouth!" giggled Crystal. "At least a couple of times a week. He hasn't tried to fuck my ass for year, but since mommy won't do it, he sure loves it when I suck him off!"

"I can't wait to move out of my parents house an' get a place of my own. I wanta live with a girlfriend if I can find the right one," whispered Dawn, standing when a car turned the corner, its headlights coming their way. Mouth smeared with semen, she gave Crystal a passionate kiss after the car pasted, working her finger back up the little girl's ass. "I like doing girls, too. It makes me real hot to suck-out girls. I sure hope you let me suck you this same way again. Who knows. Maybe you an I will be roommates." Pulling her finger out of Crystal's anus, she made a show of sucking it while Crystal watched.

"You and Dana make me feel real good when you suck me out! I like getting sucked by anyone." She straightened her miniskirt and the crotch of tight satin panties. "You're too fun! Maybe someone will make me do girls! Oooo, aren't I nasty?"

"That someone is gunna be me! 'Night," waived Dawn, still licking cum glossed lips, "call me . . . see you soon."

"Sooner the better!" laughed Crystal, off in the other direction, short skirt pulled up so high in back Dawn could see her panties.

After walking home, Dawn was so tired and satisfied she was asleep by the time her head hit the pillow. She dreamed about making love with Kyle on a beach, about begging him to give it to her like he'd done in the dressing room, about taking it hard and deep up her ass. She dreamed about watching him fucking Crystal up the ass, too . . . about both sucking loads of cum from his huge cock after she'd sucked every drop of cum out of darling Crystal's cute little jism-loaded anus! The waves were gigantic! She awoke exhausted but played with herself, exulting in the joy of masturbating with so much semen oozing out of her no longer virgin ass. She loved making herself cum while lying with a pillow under her tummy, legs spread wide, nubile ass in the air, fingers deep as she could get them in cunt and ass, envisioning Kyle thrusting that beautiful long shaft deep up her tight little anus, filling her up with load after load of delicious warm cum. Indulging fantasies, she imagined him fucking Crystal up her ass! Pulling her panties off and sucking the cum-loaded crotch, she enjoyed nipple-tingling orgasms. Swallowing all the cum she'd squeezed from her ass from messy fingers, she pretended she was sucking cum from pretty Crystal's little asshole. Abandoning happy clit, she enjoyed a sense of calm she'd never felt before. Kyle's right, she thought, I'm not falling in love. I'm just discovering me! I gota get him to fuck her like that again so I can suck-out Crystal's ass! Maybe I'll become a back-door girl like her just so I can go home an' suck all the cum outa my panties again like this!


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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