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In Love With Sis
by IndianAsian

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II. Heat, and Other Turn Ons

Scarcely a few days had passed since that night when my sister and I shared sexual experiences. It was a radiant, sunny day and the heat called for me to get a tan. My parents were in Hawaii on vacation for a few weeks and as usual the house was left to Cathy and I. Cathy was still asleep at noon and I was preparing my lunch. I was waiting on the microwave to finish my hot dogs when Cathy walked sleepily into the kitchen. She yawned as she remarked on the beauty of the day. I agreed and told her I was going to lay out after lunch. My sister paused then decided to join me in getting rays. Cathy left the room as I prepared my ready lunch. Halfway through my hotdog Cathy reappeared; this time in her bikini. This two piece was stunning, bright bloody red, and had large black borders. As I finished up my lunch Cathy was arranging the chaises out back for us to lay in. I got the radio and walked at back to join her. I was already beginning to have thoughts regarding my sister's hot body. The formalities done now, we both took the lounges. My sister took the tanning oil from her bag and propped up leg and began to oil herself. This delighted me as I watched her actions in the mirrored sliding back door. Just finishing one leg, Cathy spoke up to me, " Eric. Here...", she handed me the bottle, "could you put some oil on me?" I paused and immediately began to wonder if Cathy was getting as thrilled as I was. "Uh, I guess.", I told my sister. I took the bottle from her outstretched hand and waited for my next instructions. My sister leaned back down onto her chaise. She rolled over and lied face down on the lounge. Her lovely ass stuck up high above her back. From my vantage point I could see how tightly my sister's bikini bottom crept around the cheeks of my sister's tan ass. I was really excited now and my penis was starting to inch higher upon my shorts. "Start on my legs please." Cathy instructed me. I emptied a glob of oil into my palms and began to apply it to my sister's ankles. I was anxious about progressing and continued on my sister's ankles and calves. Soon Cathy noticed my delay and prompted me to continue onto her thighs. I did so, but cautiously stayed away from getting too close to her tush. As I continued on my sister's thighs I was prevented from getting the inside of her thighs since her legs were secured together. Cathy realized my obstacle and adjusted her legs so I could get her good. Her legs moved apart from each other; but much more than was needed and I began to think Cathy was thinking the same as I. Her legs now a good two feet between I dumped some oil onto her now reachable inner thighs. I still stopped a distance away from any "crucial" area. I made a sound letting Cathy know I was done and waited. She spoke, "Eric, your not done are you? Finish my legs alright, then move onto my back please." My heart was beating loudly and my penis was at full staff. I re-oiled my hands and worked slowly around my sister's butt. I stopped before going onto the rise of her ass. I was horny now, though, and I pressed on. I slowly greased my sloppy fingers around my Cathy's ass. Her bikini was French cut and most of her ass remained bare. I trickled a glob of oil onto my sister's ass and watched as it oozed down the pucker of her ass. Her bikini was getting wet now from the oil, and I continued. I took whole her ass cheeks into my palms and squeezed her form softly. I repeated this motion with both hands and began with each move to sprawl her cheeks apart with each interval. Her tight bikini snapped into place down her ass as I gave her room. I was done with all uncovered portions of her ass. I wasn't sure if I should press my luck and go under her bikini bottom. I decided to try a little and slid just the tips of my fingers under Cathy's bright bikini. Cathy began to moan ever so slightly now and I knew this was going to be a good day. Feeling bold, I plunged a finger moderately near to her asshole where her bikini ultimately folded. Her legs bobbed and slid even further apart as if she wanted it. Her bikini slipped into her asshole and clung tight around her butt. I decided to move on, and began to wax up her back. Her back was quite exquisite; her shoulder blades were very alluring. The string of her top gripped tightly around her physique. Massaging unhurried I pressed my slippery fingers along the ridges of her tone back. I reached around her side and pinched her sides and felt the burning heat of her belly. Her back was complete save the skin under the straps of her bikini. I began to do Cathy's neck when she turned slightly onto her arm and blindly unfastened the strap of her bikini. As the knot relaxed it slithered off her body and fell next to her sides. I took this as a message to get under her straps. I traced her back where her straps once covered. The pearly skin under her released straps contrasted sharply against her tan back. Her shoulder blades shifted as I pressed my fists against her back. After a while I moved on to her neck and massaged it carefully. I slid my forefinger between her head and her ear as if it were the lips of her puss. Cathy relished this and responded with growing moans and sighs. When my ear play was done I paused and awaited my sister to give further guidance. Silently Cathy rolled over onto her back permitting her loose bikini top to fall under her back. Her rigid nipples pointed from her petit breasts. I wasn't sure where to start; anyplace was overwhelmingly inviting. My sister gave me instructions to get the front of her legs, which were oil-less and looked out of place in the company of the rest of her glistening form. In my position, my waist was but a foot away from my sister's face. I was sure my large erection was obvious to Cathy's eyes. I bent over to reach my sister's legs. Once again I emptied some lubricant onto my sister's body. I worked from her shins up to her knees where my eyes were treated to the best site yet. Her legs were closed but still I was no more than a foot away from Cathy's snatch. I cuddled the knobs of her knees and then ventured upward towards her thighs. Her thighs were very full and soft. Her legs were tense and her muscles were outlined in her legs. Now, closer than ever to the paramount area, I could hardly contain myself. I looked down at my sister; her eyes were shut and her mouth cracked a bit as moans occasional fell from her throat. I was on her thighs for a while and inched closer up to her crotch. As I neared the press of her bikini, her legs spread apart slowly and stopped about a foot splayed. My eyes were glued on her bikini as it sunk between her legs and showed signs of being cushioned with pussy hair. The very tips of her ass knifed out from the bottom of her crotch. My hands now glided over her hips near the side lining of her bikini. Cathy could barely handle this and shivered as I tickled her hip bones with my fingers. Scouting further, I went back to her crotch where her pussy hairs creep out from her bikini. I peeled up the elastic of her bikini bottom and drifted a finger across the tip of her fur. My sister's belly erupted with a gasp and her entire body shook with apprehension. My penis was now creeping up out of my pants. With both hands I slid her bikini bottom down around her thighs. Her sopping hairy mass sparkled in the sun. Her cunt stood above the fall of her belly about a half-inch. With my pinky I tickled the hair leading down to my sister's vagina. I only browsed over, not touching any skin. Cathy was in rapture and moaned loudly. She couldn't stand my teases and spoke from under a sigh something unrecognizable. I walked around to the front of my sister and stood in front of her feet. I took her feet in my hands and wedged her legs apart. I removed her bikini altogether and tossed it away. Cathy's cunt was truly red. My sister primed herself and played with her pussy while I got some oil. By the time she stopped her vagina was wide open and sagged somewhat. I moved in and brushed across her pussy with my tongue. As I repeated this motion Cathy held my head. I dropped lower and put my soothing tongue between her red skin. My sister tasted like sweat and smelled much like it, too. I felt her clit bobble as I dug my tongue deeper into her mass. I pulled her ass apart as I chewed her out. Being so close to her asshole was alarming but inspiring. As I held her cunt apart I let my pinky slide into her asshole. Remembering Cathy's masturbation I rose my finger to her mouth as she took it deep into her mouth. I was licking her heavy haired pussy and tried to mat down her bristles. As I did so, Cathy's hands found their means to my cock. Beneath my pants my sister acted with my balls. In her one hand she grasped both my nuts and gently played with them. My pinky again pierced my sister's asshole...this time deeper; perhaps an inch at most. Either way, Cathy's body spasmed wildly and her sighs quickly turned to painful grunts. She didn't want me to stop, though, so I left pinky where it belonged. I looked down at my sister's vagina and noticed to opulent flow beginning to gather in the valley of her cunt. I popped my pinky from Cathy's butt and brought it to her face again. This time, she didn't want to try it, and shook her head in refusal. I couldn't blame her, my dirty finger stunk of bowel. I wiped my hands clean on a towel and went back to my sister's pussy. Before I couldn't sink my tongue into her body, Cathy's hands took me by the head and pulled my body on top of hers. My pants had been previously removed and my strong penis felt wonderful crushed against my sister's fuzzy belly. Cathy and I kissed deeply and sloppily while we each felt sightless at one other's body. Soon my sister's hand had found my dick and began to pet it slowly. I stopped our kissed and watched Cathy perform on my ready dick. I was about to cum, and alerted my sister. She immediately stopped her caresses and hurried to apply a lotion of oil in her palms. I began to cum as my sister's purple fingers approached my penis. She stroked and polished my spouting dick with her soiled hands as I discharged my sticky slugs along her wrist and forearm. I came for the longest time in my record. I must have poured glue on Cathy for almost ten seconds before drying the tap. I sighed heavily as my climax ended. I was happy with my performance and was ready to call it a day, but my sister, not surprisingly, wanted her turn. I felt I had to favor her and stayed by her side. Cathy wiped off my cum onto her hair and licked her fingers. I was tired and collapsed on top of Cathy. Her arms reached to my back and caressed my curves. I was surprised when I began to feel another erection growing fast. We pulled away from a kiss and my sister spoke. She begged me to fuck her but I told her I shouldn't. Being brother and sister I didn't see much harm in messing around, but I didn't want any penetration. I explained to her my reason and she initiated a kiss to my lips. She stopped the tonguing and seemed to agree with my reason. She explained that she still wanted to cum and I can help her. I agreed. My sister was already wet and it shouldn't be long before she came. I leaned up and began to dip my tongue into Cathy's vagina. Soon she began to spasm and she pushed my face away. Her fingers crawled fast to her cunt and began to bob in and out. Her head turned from side to side and I saw her orgasm begin to produce. Unlike men, Cathy's juice oozed slowly from the complex of flesh that was her vagina. Much more liquous than my cum, my sister's cum was quite watery. As she flowed I had to take a taste and did so. I wasn't overwhelmed by the flavor and took no more helpings. By the time she done, we were both very tired. Quickly we cleaned up and decided to take showers. Separate showers, of course, because we both knew we couldn't handle it together.

III. Remorse?

Yes, I think we both had remorse about our shared sensuality. Especially around out parents, who of course, had no idea. We talked about our experiences and tried to develop a rationale. Actually, it didn't take long for me to provide a plan to satisfy both of us. I explained to Cathy that even though we are brother and sister there is no danger (if we kept it safe) to enjoy each other's sex. I reminded her, as long as we refrained from intercourse that everything will be alright. She agreed.

This is a 5 part story. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

Another Quality Story by IndianAsian.

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