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Lovers: Mother, Daughter, Aunt
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Summer was drawing to a close, and I was getting anxious to carry out my plan, when finally Mom told us that she was going down to visit Aunt Peg for a week. Now, finally, I could set my plan in motion.

I called Dot and told her that Mom was coming and I would be down when ever she could arrange the plan we had hatched up. My clit swelled while we were talking and we had a little phone sex while we talked and both had a roaring climax together. I was on pins and needles till Dot called me back several days later. It was all set.

Mom and Dad wasn't the least bit surprised when I told them Heather had asked me to go with her for the weekend to Atlanta to visit her aunt. We had done it a couple of times, and they knew Heather and her Aunt. Heather was going to Atlanta all right, with another of her friends, and would cover for me. Heather is one of my very 'intimate friends." I'd told her about being intimate with Dot, but not about Aunt Peg. She thought I was going down to see Dot, the story I had told her.

Mom left and I waited for Friday. I watched some of her tapes again, and brought myself off any number of times. I was really horny. Friday finally came, I packed and told Dad 'bye', that I'd call him when we arrived in Atlanta. I hopped into my car and headed for Florida and Dot's apartment. When I got to there, she was waiting for me. I called Dad and told him we'd arrived safe in Atlanta and not to worry. I called Mom, a block away, and told her I had arrived in Atlanta. I also called Heather in Atlanta and told her I was at Dot's and gave her Dot's number just in case. Bases covered.

I was so worked up, I almost raped Dot. She laughed, and we made passionate love for several hours. God, it was good to make love with her again. The big event was set for the next night.

I don't know how Dot arranged it, but she had done her work. The next evening, I ate dinner out, came back, showered, and put on some of Dot's sensual perfume that she didn't ordinarily wear, and the stage was set. At nine, I heard the key in the door and went into the spare bedroom and waited. Dot and Mom came in laughing.

"You really are a sexy wench!" I heard Mom say and heard the sound of kissing. " So you want me all to yourself for one evening do you? Do you have something special in mind, or are you just trying to get rid of Peg for the evening? Well, here I am, Lover. Peg almost wore my pussy out last night. I guess it's your turn, you sexy woman."

They went into the main bedroom and lay down on the bed. Dot had put her video camera hidden under some clothes facing the bed. The signal was coming into the TV in the other bedroom too, so I could watch. I lay on the bed, propped up and watched them undress each other. It really got my clit hard, and my pussy wet, watching.

Mom and Peg had their pussies shaved and trimmed exactly alike, and as Dot made love to her, I could see no difference except a small mole here or there between them. God, she was beautiful, and sexy. I could hardly keep from bringing myself off watching. 'Patience' I told myself. Mom slid between Dot's long, long legs and her head bobbed and moved against Dot's delicious pussy. She brought Dot to a moaning climax, then she move up beside her.

"I have a real surprise for you, one I think you'll really like. You have to trust me though. Give me your word you won't try to look, or peep, no matter what. Promise?" Dot said kissing her.

"OK, I am your slave, do with me as you wish. You know what I really like, Lover. I promise. You devious Wench, I wonder what you have in mind? I'll bet it's good. You are such an inventive lover. OK, I'm ready. I won't peep, honest." Mom said lying back and spreading her arms and legs wide dramatically. "Take me. I'm all yours."

Dot took a silk scarf and tied it over Mom's eyes, so she couldn't see. She took several others and tied her hands to the bed posts at the top, so her arms were spread. By this time I was in the room. Mom couldn't see me at all.

"Lover, you are going to like this a lot. Lie back and just feel, and enjoy." Dot said kissing Mom's lips. She moved to the side and began to kiss and fondle her breasts. I moved to the other side and leaned down and kissed her lips softly. It felt so good to be kissing her lips the way I had dreamed of for so long. I brushed her lips softly, sliding my lips from side to side. Dot's lips were on her breasts so she knew a second person was making love to her.

"Sis, it that you? You devil." Mom asked. My reply was to move up a little and brush my breasts against her face. She could tell by their shape and fullness, that they weren't Peg's. "Mnnn, nice. A new player. I like that. I imagine she's a very good lover if you brought her here to make love to me."

I put my finger to her lips silencing her. She grinned and nodded her acceptance of the 'rules." . I put my lips back to hers and slid my tongue slowly across hers. Her lips tasted so good. I could taste the drinks she and Dot had consumed before they came back. I slid my tongue into her mouth. She welcomed it with hers and our tongues danced and played together sensually. Ohhh, it felt so good. So sensuous to be kissing her like this. She's a very good French kisser, and Dot and Peg had taught me some tricks of theirs to use on her. She moaned as our tongues played with each other.

I slid my hand around to stroke her neck and ears, all the pleasurable places a woman likes stroked. I was getting so hot kissing her. I had to make myself calm down. I wanted our lovemaking to last a long time. I wanted to pleasure her as she had never been made love to before. I kissed her neck and moved down to her breasts, so firm and so lovely. Dot moved down kissing her stomach and teasing her with caresses that came close to her pussy, but kept away from it.

I laved her breasts, took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them to hard points. I moved around between her thighs and lay down on top of her, pressing my breasts against her stomach. I pressed my stomach down between her thighs, against her spread pussy. I knew she could tell that I was not Dot by my larger breasts pressing against her and my small size. I spent a long while sucking her magnificent breasts. They were exact duplicates of Peg's, and I went wild teasing them with my lips, tongue and teeth, nipping the nipples from time to time.

I loved the large bulging areolas, exact duplicates of her beautiful sister. I sucked and tongued them over and over. . I thought that my first milk had come from these beautiful, desirable breasts. I sucked harder, nipping them lightly with my teeth, as if to draw milk from them. God, I'd give anything if they were lactating now. Mom cried out in pleasure. My hands stroked, kneaded them and my fingers pulled the nipples hard the way Dot had told me Mom liked to have them stretched. She was breathing hard, her hips thrusting up toward my pressing stomach that was rubbing against her wet pussy. My own pussy was drenched as I made love to her. My pussy left a wet trail on hers skin.

I gasped as I felt Dot behind me, slip between my thighs and spread them. Her tongue came out and slid into my pussy. She ran her tongue up and down my slit, then further up to my asshole, to circle it. I almost came. I made love to my Mother's breasts while Dot made love to my pussy. Finally I had to take one hand from Mom's breast and slap at Dot's head. She was distracting me from giving my whole attention to my Mother's fantastic sexy body. Dot laughed out loud, and she moved around to Mom's mouth and began to kiss and tongue her.

I slid down slowly, kissing the soft smooth flesh. I slid my tongue into Mom's belly button and heard her sigh. Then I slowly moved down, laving every inch of her stomach till I came to her thighs. I slid to one side and kissed and licked the sensitive flesh at the hollow of her thighs. She squirmed and laughed against Dot's mouth as this tickled her a little. I sucked the flesh. My hands had been stroking her thighs, avoiding her pussy. Her hips began to push upward and thrust toward my mouth trying to get me to kiss her pussy.

I kissed the smooth flesh around her pussy. It was so smooth and soft. I could stand it no longer, and I moved down finally between her thighs, my lips and tongue inches from her. I spread her thighs wide, and she brought them up toward her breasts, spreading them wider, offering them to my lips. I could smell her familiar perfume, the smell of her excited pussy, a new and wonderful smell. Clean, sexy, a woman's excited flesh.

I opened her pussy flesh wide with my fingers. Her wet red folds opened out. There in the center was the opening to her body, her vagina, where my Dad had thrust his hard cock, so long ago, and where my head had slid out, painfully, I'm sure, and I had been born. That center now was liquid, her pussy juices seeping out. A rivulet ran out and I couldn't resist and lapped at it before it was lost. Mom cried out as my tongue brushed her pussy.

The taste was hot, slightly salty, and so sweet I almost fainted. I had done it! I had touched my Mother's pussy with my tongue. I caught her neat small inner lips between my fingers and pulled them apart. Her vaginal opening stretched a little, opening up into her body. I bent a little and licked at it, then slowly, slid my tongue into my Mother's pussy. She cried out above me. I put my lips down against her wet slippery, juicy flesh and slid my tongue into her and sucked gently. She howled.

I moaned aloud as her juices slip into my mouth, a wonderful liquid bouquet. I sucked harder and her pussy rewarded me with more of her juice. I pushed my face harder against her, rooting into her pussy. Her hips thrust up hard against my face. She screamed as she climaxed. Her pussy contracted around my tongue, forcing it out of her body.

I would have none of that, and thrust it forcefully back inside, feeling her strong sphincter muscle try to keep it out. I tried to drive it back inside her, but was unable. I pulled it back slightly and to my astonishment, a gush of her juices shot out into my waiting mouth. Her pussy was ejaculating, something I was able to do occasionally, when extremely sexually excited. Her pussy gushed again and again, I drank from her body, and howled my joy. She gave a final thrust to her hips and shot one last small spurt of juice into my mouth. I almost climaxed I was so excited by it.

Her hips went slack and she gave a long sigh. I lapped at her center slowly and gently, not trying to excite her. She calmed down, and she and Dot started slowly kissed again. I gave her several long minutes to recover, then I kissed her pussy trying to excite her once more. I flattened my tongue, and licked from the bottom to the top of her pussy over and over again, avoiding her clit. I slid my face down just a little and ran my tongue to her small brown anus, so neat and small. The flesh around it was a pale brown.

I slid my tongue around and around it, making her moan her pleasure. I wet one finger and carefully pressed it against the small hole. She relaxed and I slid my finger into her bowels. She moaned in Dot's mouth. I pressed it till it was up to the palm, then I slid it in and out slowly. When it had relaxed enough, I slid another finger up inside her, then later a third. Her back entrance was tight around my fingers. I wondered if she had ever been fucked there. I reached over and Dot had placed the device where I could get to it easily.

Dot had already lubricated it, and I slid my fingers out, and before her anus could close back up, I put the tip of the butt plug against her opening and pressed firmly. She chuckled, and thrust her hips back toward it. Dot had chosen it, and I imagined Mom had it in her ass before. This was new to me, and I pressed firmly and it stretched Mom's anus wider and wider till it finally slid inside. The largest part slid inward, then her lovely asshole contracted around it. I pressed it firmly and it was inside her. I ran my finger, lubricated with the excess jelly around the stretched rim of her anus.

I kissed her pussy and licked softly several times before I left the bed a moment. Dot had put a basin near the bed and quickly I washed my hand in germicidal soap thoroughly, for what was to come next, I didn't want to carry germs to Mom's vagina. Dot was kissing her and fondling her breasts, and pulling her nipples, keeping her occupied and stimulated.

She sighed as I slid back between her spread thighs and stroked her thighs high up, slipping my fingers almost to her pussy. I bent back down and licked her pussy over and over, this time coming closer and closer to her clit. I had been able to see it, just peeping out of it's sheath, a pale knob, swollen, and aching, I imagined, for our kisses and a flicking tongues. I flicked the head lightly with my tongue. She cried out, and her hips thrust upward. I covered her upper pussy with my lips and sucked gently, my lips not making contact with her clit as she wanted me to.

I pulled my lips back a minute later and heard a sob of disappointment. Slowly I put a finger on each side of her clit and pushed outward and upward, slipping the skin covering her clit upward, and stretching it till her clit slid out of it's sheath. In shape, it was almost a duplicate of Peg's, only slightly larger, fuller, a little longer. I put two fingers alongside of the swollen shaft of her clit and stroked them up and down, the way I sometimes did when I was teasing my clit. Stroking the shaft, 'jacking it off", increasing my anticipation of the moment I would bring my finger down on the head and stroke and titillate it, before really stimulating it, till I climaxed. It worked on Mom too. She moaned and cried out as I stimulated her clit without touching the sensitive head. I kept this up for several minutes making her hotter and hotter. Dot was sucking and kneading her breasts and kissing her lips from time to time. We were keeping her in a state of extreme excitement.

When I thought she could stand it no longer, I kissed her clit softly. She sighed as my lips came down on her swollen fleshy knob. I sucked gently and she moaned. When I flicked the sensitive underside of it she cried out a long wail. I sucked and tongued it slowly while below I slid two then three fingers up inside of her drenched, spread pussy. I sucked her clit softly, using a alternating suction, on then off, on then off, feeling it swell still more as I did. I had four fingers inside her, then I began to pump them against her vaginal opening a little harder each thrust.

Slowly her wet, slippery pussy allowed them further and further inside her body. I increased my suction on her clit, exciting her more and more. I fucked her pussy harder and harder till suddenly my hand slid in up to my knuckles and the largest part of my hand was in her pussy, stretching her. She cried out as she felt me stretch her pussy wide.

I held my hand there for a minute letting her pussy become accustomed to the extreme stretching. Her hips thrust against my hand and carefully, I pushed it forward, and my hand slid inside her body. I had done it, I had my hand inside my Mother's pussy, deep inside her. I carefully formed a fist inside her, so as not to let my fingernails cut or scratch her. Her hips continued to push against my hand. I pressed slowly inward and my hand went in over my wrist. I felt the firm knob of her cervix against my hand. She moaned louder.

Sucking harder, I began to bring her to a climax. I kept an upward pull on her clit sheath with my other hand while I sucked and licked her swollen throbbing clit. My hand was buried inside her, and I began to rotate it inside her, running it around and around inside her vagina touching and kneading the wet slick walls. I rotated my wrist as I slid my hand inside her. She cried out over and over as I increased my rotation and thrusting inside her, and my titillation of her clit.

With a scream of ecstasy she climaxed, her hips coming completely off the bed, bowing upward. I had trouble keeping my lips on her clit, but I sucked and tongued her while I fist fucked her faster and faster. Her sphincter muscles clamped around my writs so tight, it was almost painful. I wondered momentarily if she did that when my Dad was fucking her. If she did, it must have been most pleasurable to him. I kept my hand rotating, my lips sucking, my tongue laving and rubbing her clit till she must have climaxed four or five times. Finally she screamed for me to stop.

I kept my lips on her clit, but gently sucked it. Slowly I rotated my wrist backward, putting my fingers together so I could pull them out. Her pussy muscles relaxed and I slid my hand out. My hand was wet and gleaming with her juices. I put my mouth to her slowly closing opening, and slid my tongue inside while it was still stretched wide. I sucked gently as it closed up. I felt Dot take my hand and she brought it to her mouth and sucked and licked the juices from it. As her pussy closed, I sucked and tasted her copious juices again. I licked slowly till it was back to normal.

I gave her sweet, wet pussy one last kiss and slipped from the room. I went back to the other bedroom and closed the door silently. On the TV, Dot was untying her. She pulled the blindfold from her eyes and kissed Dot over and over.

"My God, Dot, who was that? She made love to me like I've never been make love to before. No one had ever fist fucked me. That was fantastic. Her tongue and lips were beyond belief. Such passion! Did you teach her? Who is she? Where is she?" Mom said her face registering intense emotion.

"Don't worry, Lover. It was just a surprise from me to you. She is quite a little lover. I thought you'd enjoy that." Here have a drink. I thought you might need one." Dot said handing Mom a iced drink from the bedside stand. They sat drinking and talking for a while. I sat watching, my pussy still on fire. I stroked my aching clit lightly, not wanting to cum yet.

"Now, if you are rested, Lover. I want to fuck you long and hard. It's been too long since I've had a chance to fuck you. You up to it, Lover?" Dot asked her.

"Yeah, I'm really up, and still excited just thinking about what happened. Do you want to take the butt plug out? I've gotten kind of used to it. I kinda like it in there. I haven't used one too many times except when someone was going to fuck my ass, and that's been a while too. Let's leave it in, if it's OK with you? I like the fullness there. Damn, you've really got me hot tonight. I'm glad I came over without Peg. I love her dearly, and love to make lover with her, but you and I kind of get wild don't we? You're really a hot lover. So inventive. Lets make love again." Mom said kissing Dot and pulling her close.

I watched as they became more excited with each other. Dot reached over and opened a drawer and pulled her large strap-on dildo out. It was the one I'd seen her using on Peg. "Like to have this in your sweet pussy?

"Oh yeah, you really know how to fuck me with that. I've been wanting that for quite a while. Fuck my pussy with it." Mom said spreading her pussy wide, and fingering herself..

Dot strapped it on and taking some lubrication slid it up and down the long intruder. "The last time I had this on, I was fucking Peg with it. God, she loves it too. Angie came back too soon, and almost caught me fucking Peg. It was close. You and Peg are two of a kind, and am I glad. Now. Spread those lovely thighs and here comes the monster cock. It never gets soft or had a bad day." Dot said getting between Mom's thighs.

The TV picture was sharp clear color, and I watched as she probed, then slid it into Mom's pussy, probably still expanded from my fist fucking her. They quickly got into a rhythm and Dot had the long dildo full length inside Mom's sweet pussy. They kissed and caressed each other while Dot fucked her to a screaming climax.

It was fascinated to watch my Mother getting fucked royally by the woman who had made love to me earlier. They lay together for a while, still with the big dildo buried inside her.

"Now, I want you go get on top, and I'll fuck you from below." Dot said. They rolled over and Mom got on her hands and knees while Dot slid the cock in and out. I watched and prepared myself to join them. Behind Mom's back, I saw Dot wiggle her finger for me to come in. I crept in quietly on the soft carpet. Before Mom knew what was happening I came up behind her and reached around and put the silk scarf around her head blindfolding her again. She laughed.

"You devils, you did it to me again! Little Lover, you are quite the lady. What do you have for me this time?" She asked. Again I put my fingers to her lips and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head toward me and we kissed again. Our lips slid together, tongues probing. Dot joined us from below and we had a wonderful three way kiss for a while, before I broke off and moved behind Mom. She couldn't tell where I'd gone till she felt my hands on her hips. She chuckled as my fingers played over her pussy from behind and I reached over and pulled the butt plug from her body.

I slid in behind her, straddling Dot's legs and caught the large dildo and aimed it at Mom's neat brown anus. I'd lubricated the head, and her hole already had some lubrication from the butt plug. I placed the head against her and pushed forward. This one wasn't as large as the one Dot had in her pussy, but it was a healthy length and width. Dot had assured me it would fit, particularly after the butt plug had stretched her.

She pushed back against it, and I watched as the plump head pushed and spread her brown hole outward, then slid smoothly inside. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before, but Dot had told me to take it easy and let her become accustomed to it inside her. You don't just ram it inside like you can with a pussy. The two just aren't made alike.

I made sure there was enough lubrication as I slid it into her slowly. Dot had almost stopped her thrusts while I slid it into her. Finally, slowly, the last inch slid into her body, and my hips were against her smooth firm ass. I began to slowly slide it in and out.

"Oh, that feels so good. I've never been double fucked before. Ohh Shit, that feels sooo good. Fuck me both of you. Ohhh! Yessss!" Mom cried out as Dot and I got into a rhythm, alternating thrusts into her beautiful body.

I leaned forward till my breasts were against her, and kissed her shoulders and back and reaching around to find both of her firm breasts and cupped them. God, if felt so good to be fucking her while my body was against her, and I cupped and played with her breasts. I pulled at the nipples and rolled them between my fingers as my hips thrust against her.

She pushed back against our thrusting hips and Dot reached up to stroke my arms as she fucked my Mother from below. We thrust and rotated our hips faster and faster till she was screaming and then she climaxed. I could feel her body go rigid under me and a sheen of perspiration popped out on her body. I licked the salty dew off her shoulders and neck while I pounded away in her ass. I almost came with her.



This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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