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Lovers: Mother, Daughter, Aunt
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

She quieted down and I slid the dildo out of her ass and she and Dot rolled over on their sides, the large dildo still in her pussy. I unfastened the dildo and moved to kiss her lips. She, Dot and I kissed for a while till she had calmed down. Dot rolled her over on her back and raised up and began to slowly fuck her with the huge dildo. I bent and kissed her clit and sucked it till we had her moaning again with passion.

I straddled her body facing her head and rubbed my spread pussy against her stomach. She reached out and found my breasts and cupped and fondled them.

"Ohh, I like those breasts, so firm and full. Lean over and let me kiss them. Please?" Mom asked softly. I leaned close and let my Mother suck and tongue my hard nipples. Her hands moved over my body exploring, letting her hands do the work of her blindfolded eyes. "Nmmn, such a nice compact, hard body. Small and neat. My daughter's body is like this, small and compact with full delicious breasts. Dot, I'll bet that's why you picked this fantastic lady to fuck me."

Dot thrust her hips forward hard. "Yes, you sexy wench. I thought you might like someone like Angie to make love to you. She does have the same type of body, and is just as pretty. Would you like to make love to your beautiful daughter? Suck her lovely tits, and pussy?" Her hips thrust harder, driving Mom closer to a climax, making her burn with passion.

"Oh, yes, I'd love to make love to Angie. She had such a fantastic tight little body." My Mom said as she sucked my breasts and ran her hands over my body. My clit throbbed hearing her reply. "I'll bet her sweet pussy is small and tastes like candy."

Above her I smiled and gripped Dot's arm and squeezed it. Our plan had worked. Then in a high child like voice, a voice she couldn't recognize, I slid forward till my thighs were close to her face. She could smell my hot aroused pussy. Her hands came to my hips and she knew my pussy was close. In the high childlike voice I asked, "Would Mommy like to eat Angie's pussy? Would Mommy like to suck her pussy juices out, suck on her hard clit, huh, Mommy? Please, eat Angie's pussy? Mommy."

Her answer was to thrust her head up against my body. Her lips met my stomach and I was too high up for her to get at my pussy. "Oh Yes, Baby, Please let Mommy suck your sweet pussy. I want to put my tongue deep inside your sweet little cunt. Please Angie Baby." She begged.

I kneeled up and scooted forward till my pussy was over her mouth. I pressed my hips forward and my Mother's lips found my center. I screamed my pleasure as her tongue slid out and up into my center. Her hands pulled me downward onto her mouth and I rode her face, thrusting my pussy against her, fucking her face with my pussy. I grabbed her hair and pulled it, forcing her face harder against me. She didn't disappoint me, her tongue and lips sucked and fucked my pussy. I was so excited by all the waiting and the erotic things that Dot and I had done to her, that I climaxed almost at once, my cries ringing through the room. My pussy spasmed, my juices flowing out into her mouth. I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them so hard I left bruises on them. I pulled at my nipples, yanking them hard. I screamed and screamed my passion, as my Mother ate my pussy and sucked my flowing juices from my exploding pussy.

I felt her grow rigid below me as she climaxed too, driven by the lust of the imaginary eating of her daughter's pussy and Dot's plunging dildo, deep inside her pussy. Her cries were muffled by my spread pussy that covered her mouth. I went on and on, climaxing again and again till I was weak. I pulled back out of range of her lips and tongue. We both panted till we had regained our breaths. Dot slowed her fucking but still left the dildo buried inside Mom. She stroked Mom and I both.

"Oh, Mommy, that was so good. You sucked and licked Angie's pussy so good. Did you like it Mommy? Did Angie's pussy taste good, Mommy?" I asked in the false child's voice.

"Oh yes, Baby. I loved Angie's sweet pussy. You gave Mommy lots of pussy juice to drink. It was so sweet and tasty. Mommy loves to eat your sweet pussy." Mom said huskily, pressing against my hips to move me close to her mouth again.

I slid forward a little letting her mouth reach my pussy. "Oh, yes, Mommy, please eat my little pussy again. Suck my clit, it's still so hard and excited. Suck my hard clit, please, Mommy." I begged her.

She didn't disappoint me. Her lips found my clit and she sucked it gently at first. Her hand moved between my thighs, and she slipped a finger up inside me, then two. Ohh, it felt so good to have her fingers up inside me, and her lips sucking my clit. She is every bit as good a lover as her sister Peg is. She sucked and tongued my clit till I was moaning, and crying out with pleasure. Her fingers slid far up into me and curved forward to find my g-spot and stroke and roll over it. It felt so wonderful, that moments later I came again, screaming my passion again and again.

My Mother brought me to a number of climaxes one after the other. Finally I could stand it no longer and fell to one side. I lay panting while Dot became active again and fucked Mom to a moaning climax, then she pulled the dildo out. We lay panting then I reached over and kissed my Mother's lips, tasting my pussy juice on them. I licked her lips slowly, then gave her one last soft kiss and left. I went into the spare bedroom and locked the door. I fell on the bed exhausted, physically and mentally. Idly I watched as Mom made love to Dot, kissing her pussy till she came, crying out. Later Mom left and Dot came back to the bedroom and I let her in.

We fell on the bed exhausted, and slept cuddled together. The next morning I got in my car and headed home. I stopped by Heather's place and she said Dad hadn't tried to get in touch with me. She gave me three bags of tops and shorts she had gotten in Atlanta at local stores, with the receipts so I could prove I had been in Atlanta for the weekend. She wanted to know if Dot and I had made love and I kissed her and told her I had. I promised we'd make love later. I had a number of new things to teach her about making love to me.

Dad asked how my weekend had gone, and I told him I'd had a really good time in Atlanta. I showed him the clothes, and he saw the local names on the bags. He never suspected I'd been making love to Mom. The thought crossed my mind, wondering what he would think of his daughter and wife making love together. I wondered if he ever had any incestuous thoughts about me.

Mom came back on Tuesday looking rested, and glowing with health. She had gotten some sun while she was there, and I wondered when. I imagined she, Dot and Aunt Peg making love the whole time she was there. The thought made my clit tingle. She liked the clothes 'I' had bought in Atlanta. I told her all the things we had 'done' there.

Every time I looked at her, my clit tingled! I remembered making love to her, sucking her pussy, fucking her ass with the dildo, and having her suck my breasts, and finally bringing me to several wonderful climaxes with her mouth. I couldn't get the picture of it out of my mind. I kept seeing her wonderfully, beautifully nude, wanton, and spread for sex.

Three weeks later, Dad had to go out of town for a week and Mom invited Aunt Peg to come up for the week. Aunt Peg and I greeted each other like Aunt and Niece, warm, and friendly. When we got the chance we kissed passionately, and wondered when we would be able to make love. The first evening, late, after we had all gone to bed, Aunt Peg in one bedroom and Mom in the next, Peg came by and gave me a passionate kiss. She said she was going to make love to Mom. She left the bedroom slightly open for me, but Mom noticed and firmly closed and quietly locked it. I stood out in the hall and listened to them making love. I could hear the soft moans and cries of passion as they tried to be quiet. I brought myself off listening, wishing I was with the two wonderful women.

Over the following two days, I was in fire. I had to do something. I brought myself off any number of times, but it didn't put out the fire. They were making love every night. Finally I thought of a possible solution I hoped would bring the three of us together.

I have a TV and VCR in my room and I put on a girl/girl tape and waited. Every night just before she and Aunt Peg made love, Mom would come down the hall to check and see if I was asleep, or at least in bed. Tonight I had put on a shorty night gown with no panties, and pulled the top down, exposing my breasts. I lay watching the girl/girl video with the door 'accidentally' left open. I hoped her lust for me would get her attention. I had moved a small swivel mirror onto the table by my bed, so it would reflect into the hall and I could see her from the chest down if she stood in the hall. She wouldn't know I could see her. I lay, idly stroking my very wet and spread pussy, waiting for her. In the background were the soft moans and cries from the TV, just audible from the hall. My bait.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement. She was in the hall watching. I stroked my pussy harder. It was already very wet and excited thinking about what I hoped would happen. I cupped one breast and pulled on the nipple. Quietly, I spoke, just loud enough for her to hear me. "Oh, yes fuck her with your tongue. Slip that tongue up inside her pussy. Eat her. Oh, yes. That looks sooo good. Yes, eat her box! Ohhh, Fuck. Eat her."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mom's night gown come upward, and her hand go to her pussy. I had to make myself not turn around and watch. In the mirror, I watched her slip a finger up inside her pussy and stroke herself, while she watched me fingering my pussy. I stroked it, then slid a finger up inside my pussy fucking myself slowly. God, it felt good to be doing it while she was watching.

The scenario changed when I saw a pair of hands move around Mom's body and cup her lightly covered breasts, to lift and squeeze them. This, I hadn't counted on! Aunt Peg had discovered Mom, fingering herself in the hall, and me on the bed masturbating. Dot and I hadn't thought that Peg would go for my seducing Mom, and hadn't told her about my plans for the seduction. She didn't know about us, but here she was behind Mom, pressed against her cupping her breasts as they both watched me. Maybe Dot did tell her after the fact. I wondered if she saw the video Dot took of it. I hadn't seen it yet. I hoped Peg's caressing Mom would enflame her still more, and slip her over the edge of desire.

I continued to stroke my clit, coming closer with every stroke of my finger, knowing the two were watching, and Mom was fingering herself. I was so close and then Aunt Peg's hand moved down to Mom's pussy and replaced it with her own. I saw Mom's hand disappear behind her to obviously slip into her twin sister's pussy. I exploded and screamed out as I came. My body bowed upwards, my hips coming way up off the bed. It was a violent climax that had me seeing stars for a moment, knowing my Mother and Aunt were watching.

When I came down, I lay panting then turned and looked at the door. Mom was not looking at me at the moment, head thrown back, her eyes were closed as she climaxed. Aunt Peg's fingers flew over Mom's clit and Peg's face mirrored her passion as the two sisters brought each other off. Not letting the moment slip away, I hurried to the door and when they both came down, I was standing close, naked now, for I had shed my short gown on the way to the door.

Mom's eyes had trouble focusing for a moment after her violent climax. Then she saw me close to her, naked. Her eyes went up and down my body. Peg's fingers were still in her pussy, and Peg was plastered against her back, gloriously naked. Mom's mouth came open as she started to say something. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her lips. She started, and pulled back a little, puzzled.

"I'm sorry Mom, Aunt Peg. I guess I should have closed the door. I got carried away." I laughed and looked at Peg. "It looks like you two got carried away too. I've been wondering about you two. I've heard sounds of lovemaking coming from your room Mom, and Dad certainly isn't here." I stepped close and kissed Aunt Peg on her lips. Her tongue slid out to run over my lips, unseen by Mom. "I think it's wonderful, you two making love, but I'm jealous. You didn't invite me. I'm hurt." I said with a laugh. I pointed to the TV screen where two woman were in a passionate 69. "It's my favorite type of sex."

"Baby, I -" Mom started to say. I kissed her again, this time harder, slipping my tongue into her mouth, and cupping one of her magnificent hot breasts. Her eyebrows shot up, and a puzzled look came on her face. Peg's fingers in her pussy began to stroke again and with my lips on hers, and my hand on her breast finally melted her. She sighed and kissed me back, her hand cupping my hot swollen breast.

I pulled back a little. "Why don't we go into the master bedroom, the bed is so much bigger. I think the three of us will fit on it, don't you Mom?" Mom looked at Peg, then grinned and nodded. I brought up the rear, and we went into the master bedroom. Mom shed her gown. My beautiful Mother lay down on the bed gloriously naked, and turned around facing me, taking in my naked body with lust showing in her eyes.

In the high childlike voice I said, "Oh, Mommy, please eat my little pussy again. Suck my clit, it's so hard and excited. Suck my pussy juices out. Please, Mommy!!"


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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