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My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. I
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Carefully, I probed her opening with my fingers and slid first one finger, then two up inside her. I curled my fingers upward feeling the backside of her pubic bone and found the swollen bulb there. I'd found her 'G spot.' As I sucked and licked her fantastic clit, I stroked inside her. She began to moan and lift her hips up toward my face. When she began to gasp and moan louder, I slowed my movements and brought her down slowly.

Time meant nothing to us. Kissing her pussy, and sucking her turgid clit were my whole world. Giving pleasure, particularly to someone I really care about, gives me so much joy too. I'd bring her to the edge of a climax then back off slightly bringing her down. Finally she began to moan and beg me to bring her to a climax. Her hands pressed my face against her spread flesh and pulled at my hair.

Sucking harder, and flicking her clit faster, I quickly had her crying out, her body thrashing under me. I slid another finger inside her, and began to thrust hard, finger fucking her sweet pussy. Her body went rigid, her hips came off the bed and I sucked and ate her sweet pussy for all I was worth. She exploded, and it was hard for me to keep my lips on her clit.

My hand slammed against her spread sex, driving my fingers inside her. When she climaxed, spurts of her pussy juices squirted out. Her climax lasted and lasted. When she finally fell back spent, I slipped my fingers from her reddened opening and licked her opening softly and slowly. Her pussy was sopping, her juices so sweet.

I kissed her thighs and softly licked her wet pussy, avoiding her still swollen clit. She cried out once, a small climax. Several drops of her juice shot out of her core onto my face. It was salty and viscous.

Her hands stroked my head, as it lay on her soft warm thigh. I lay contented, knowing I'd given pleasure to her. Later I moved up and we kissed softly. She licked my face like a great cat, lapping her own pussy juice. When I told her that her pussy had spurted juice she was amazed, and said that she had never been aware that it had happened before. We kissed, our tongues probing slowly, exploring.

There was no rush. Little by little our passions rose. Her hands stroked and probed, as did mine. We turned on the big bed, and slowly kissed downward. We lay on our sides and moved into a sixty-nine. Our bodies wiggled and fit together perfectly. Her hot pussy lay open before my mouth and I opened my mouth wide and covered as much of her wet flesh as I could, and slid my tongue inside her core.

My cry, muffled by her flesh, filled the room as her long, talented tongue slid up inside me. She probed and curled inside me. Her chin, slick with my juices, pressed against my clit. I feasted on her pussy, exploring it again from a different angle. She probed my nether hole, wetting it with my juices and then I felt something different slip inside. She'd hidden a small dildo and now she slipped it into me. My anus has always been sensitive and I pushed back, enjoying it.

We licked and sucked. I sucked her clit to firmness and slid my lips up and down its head. We made love for hours. I lost count of the times we climaxed. Neither of us seemed to be able to get enough of the other. Finally we were both spent, emotionally and physically. We turned and held each other and drifted off to sleep. When we finally awoke, we kissed, laughed together and happily went and took a bath.

We crowded into the tub and were like children soaping and splashing each other. Our fingers probed and slid in and out of each other's orifices, back and front. With soft fluffy towels we dried each dried the other off.

It was dark outside, we'd spent the whole day making love. Gloria did her farm chores while I cooked dinner, or as the Southerners say "supper." We were both famished. We ate, talking about what we had done that afternoon and how much it meant to us both. Later, we slid into bed and went to sleep nestled together, warm and content.

The next day was dreary and rainy. I worked on notes on my shooting and cleaned my camera gear, using Gloria's oven to dry out my silicates, used to keep dampness from my cameras in their sealed boxes. Mildew is always a threat in the humid South.

Gloria finished her chores, shortened by the rain. We sat sipping minty tea. "Do you mind if I call Deena? She's the friend I told you about. I think you'll like her. She's quite a woman!" I told her any friend of hers was a friend of mine. I couldn't imagine her having anyone but the very nicest of friends.

Deena lived an hour away and we took a shower together, lathering each other. I imagined that we'd be making love and have another threesome soon. My pussy tingled from the thoughts, and from Gloria's fingers teasing me. I couldn't remember when I'd been so horny. We dressed casually, both knowing that our clothes would come off soon. Neither of us put on any underclothes. I felt very sexy with nothing on under my long denim dress.

Deena turned out to be a vivacious tall blonde, with the face and body of a model. She dressed to flatter her body and face and I could imagine her in a high fashion modeling job. She seemed flattered when I told her that. She'd seen my books that Gloria possessed, and said she was almost jealous of me, for Gloria had raved about my pictures for years. Gloria called me "My Sexy Bird Lady."

Gloria fixed us drinks and we sat talking. Gloria told Deena what had happened since I'd come, and went into great detail about what she, Pam, and I had done. Just hearing her tell it got my juices flowing again. It obviously affected Deena the same way. She squirmed in her chair and kept squeezing her legs together.

"You sexy wench, you're doing this deliberately! You're getting me hot as a bitch it heat. You know I have a low melting point, particularly where you're concerned." Deena said with mock severity. She turned to me. "This wench drove me to distraction. I've wanted her every since I've known her. I kept day dreaming about her. I saw her naked several times, and every time I'd have to go into the bathroom and bring myself off just to keep from jumping her bones. Finally I got the feeling that she wanted me too. We looked at each other one evening after a few drinks, which had loosened her inhibitions a little, and when we kissed that was it. Once I got her naked, she went wild.

"She'd had all these repressed sex feelings for so long, they all came out at once. She went down on me first, and she couldn't get enough of my pussy. And that fantastic tongue of hers! When I finally got to her, and discovered that fantastic clit of hers, I couldn't get enough! We were both sore as virgins after a honeymoon for a few days. I couldn't get any work done thinking about her, and I spent every night over here. We were both insatiable! I've had quite a few lovers before and since, but she is the sexiest, a natural minx. And God, what a body!" She sat her drink down and jumped on top of Gloria kissing her, the both of them laughing hilariously, wrestling on the couch like teenagers.

I sat watching these close friends kissing and felt a pang of envy that I didn't have such fun loving, really good friends like Gloria had. But my job and my lifestyle didn't lend itself to long-term intimate relationships. Perhaps, I thought, I should change my lifestyle a little.

Deena unbuttoned Gloria's blouse and had those long nipples between her lips and was fondling Gloria's full breasts. I went over and got behind Deena and began undressing her while I kissed her neck and nuzzled her ear. She turned her head and we kissed. She smelled faintly of an exotic, sensual perfume. I managed to slip off her blouse and reached under and found her small hard breasts. Moving down I left a trail of kisses down her back and unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it down. She wore a short slip, and when I'd disposed of that she was naked. She'd come prepared also.

My dress followed quickly and by now Gloria was gloriously nude also. As Deena's kisses moved down, so did mine till I was kissing her trim shapely ass. I slid my hand under her and cupped her pussy to find it hot and wet. She moaned and spread her legs as I slipped a finger up inside her.

Quickly, I lay down on the deep carpet and wiggled under her. I raised my head and slid my tongue into her and heard her gasp. Her pussy was shaved in a bikini cut, the lips and sides bare and soft. Above, her soft blonde hair was cut neatly into a heart shape. She tasted so sweet. I spread her pussy with my fingers and slid my tongue up and down her slit, then probed as far as I could. Her hips moved down against my mouth.

Deena was kissing and licking Gloria while I did the same to her. Gloria was the first to come. Her moans and cries of ecstasy drove me to renewed efforts and I found Deena's hardened clit and sucked and tongued it till she began to cry out. When she came, her hips thrust against my face, wiggling wildly. I lapped her sweet pussy juices avidly. Both women had long and very vocal orgasms. We broke apart and kissed softly. Gloria refilled our glasses and we sat talking.

Deena looked at me, leaned over and kissed me ever so softly. "Thanks for that lovely orgasm. Gloria was right, you are a talented lover! I tend to be a little jealous of my lovers, but the way you just slipped in and made love to me makes me want to rethink my relationships. Gloria is such a wonder, and not a jealous bone in her body."

We discussed our relationships and I admitted my initial hesitation of getting involved with Gloria as a sexual partner. They agreed with me that one does have to be wary of relationships, particularly sexual ones, when a reputation can be so quickly ruined by today's smut tabloids.

We were feeling no pain and all got a little silly. We kissed and caressed. It felt so wonderful to feel two soft bodies so close. I hadn't come and was really hot. From time to time they both slipped a hand down to my pussy and slid a finger into me and tasted my juices.

They put their heads together and whispered for a minute, then looked at me grinning. "Do you trust us? " Gloria asked kissing me. "Deena wants to try something we think you'll like. I'll almost guarantee you'll like it. We'll blindfold you, and if at any time you want us to stop just say 'Stop'. OK?" Their mischievous grins said they were up to something special in the way of sexual delights. By now I had complete confidence in Gloria, and knew they were looking forward to what ever it was they had in store for me. We moved into the bedroom, and they both went out of the room. A minute later Gloria came in with a silken scarf. She had me get on my hands and knees on the bed and blindfolded me.

She moved over my body kissing and caressing me. I heard Gloria come into the room and felt her hands and lips join Gloria's. Gloria moved under me and they helped me as she wiggled under my body so we were in a sixty-nine. I bent my head and kissed her sweet pussy while she did the same to mine. Behind me Deena kissed and stroked my ass, her tongue flicking and probing my anus from time to time. Her fingers slip into my pussy as she and Gloria took turns filling my love hole.

Gloria's talented lips soon had me on fire. Her long tongue wove its magic, on and in my pussy. I was moaning against her sweet pussy when she slid out of my opening and I felt a warm object slip into its place. It pressed against me and inward stretching me delightfully till it slipped past my vaginal opening and inside me. Gloria's tongue flicked my clit like a vibrator.

I pushed back and knew that they'd slipped a fat dildo into me. It filled me as Deena slipped it further inside me. I felt it touch my cervix and gasped. At that moment, I felt Deena's hips press against my ass. It was quite a sensation. I'd used dildos but never had a strap-on in me.

The blindfold was removed and I blinked for a moment. My head was between Gloria's thighs and she whispered for me to look in the mirror. Looking sideways I did a double take. Deena was behind me thrusting in slow, long deep strokes. I had a clear view of her and she didn't have any straps showing. I'd seen strap-on dildos and seen them used, but here was Deena with what looked like a perfectly formed cock thrusting out from her body. She pulled it almost all the way out then slid it in again. It felt so good, so real. Gloria's tongue flicked my clit and I buried my face into her pussy again while behind me Deena fucked me! It was a very strange and wonderful experience, something I had never even imagined.

Pam had said her favorite threesome with her husband was for him to fuck her while she and Gloria were in a sixty-nine. Now I knew what she meant. My pussy was being thoroughly filled, and fucked, while Gloria's talented lips and tongue did wonders to my pussy on the outside. I came moments later as the two beautiful women made love to me as no one ever had before. I went from one peak to another till I was spent and exhausted.

Deena pulled out and Gloria and I rolled over. I lay catching my breath while they kissed me softly. When I'd recovered, I said I had to see this dildo closer. They laughed and Deena got out of bed and stood close, turning for me to see her "cock". Flesh colored, it was remarkably lifelike complete with veins and mushroom head with a slit at the tip. I didn't measure it but it had to be at least seven inches long and very thick. It thrust from her pussy looking like it grew there. Below was the scrotal sack and as she turned around, bending forward, the only unusual thing I noticed was it seemed to disappear into her anus. There were no apparent means to hold it on. I grasped it pulled and it moved ever so slightly. It felt warm to my touch. Deena explained.

"One of my good friends is married to an aerospace engineer. She and I were wondering one night why most of the strap on dildos didn't work very well. You have to really strap them on firmly to make them work right, and that makes them uncomfortable to wear. They don't fit against your pussy correctly so that you get much pleasure. She asked him to see what he could do. He agreed, provided he could watch all the tests, and "evaluate" the results. We didn't mind, as he'd known about us all along."

"We bought several dildos and tried them out while he watched. He decided to try a different approach - no straps. He fitted a bulb to the end that fit inside the users pussy to hold it on. This didn't work as it rolled back and forth and from side to side. We all three came up with the answer almost at the same instant - anchor it in the back. Another smaller bulb slips up your ass, and keeps it from moving. After we got that ironed out, we worked on the underside that presses against the clit. He put small ridges there that gently stimulate the clit with each stroke."

"He found a special plastic to mold it from that feels warm to the touch and is soft, fairly flexible, and can be colored. The cock was actually molded from one of his buddy's who's well hung. Each dildo is individually tailored to the woman who will use it, to get the bulbs the right size, not too big and not too small. It's very comfortable to wear and gives pleasure to the fucker, and fuckee!"

"He's working on a model that will squirt 'cum' when the balls are squeezed, also one that the bulbs can be inflated to fit any size woman. It will be interchangeable. I have three with different size cocks, from small, for anal penetration, to Brahma bull size! One friend likes to really be stuffed when I make love to her. She really likes a big, fat cock".

Deena lay back, spread her legs and pulled, rocking the cock from side to side till it slipped free of her pussy. A few more tugs and it popped out of her anus. I was amazed how simple the solution was, and wondered why on one else had thought about solving the problem in such a straightforward manner. The bulbs on the end were large enough to fit the body cavities, anchoring the dildo in place , at the same time fill the pussy and ass giving pleasure. The ribbed section gave the clit stimulation with each stroke.

"Actually fucking a women with it gives me quite a bit of pleasure too! It rubs my clit and the in and out movement pulls slightly on both of the bulbs, so my pussy and ass get stimulation too. The thought of fucking a woman gets me hotter. I can watch it going in and out, and her pussy lips being stretched and compressed makes me horny. When she comes, I know that I was responsible for bringing her off. It doesn't get soft and I've developed quite a hip action. Several women tell me they prefer me fucking them to their husbands!"

Deena explained as she slipped the bulbs back inside her body. She pulled her pussy lips apart and out, settling the dildo in place. When she released her pussy lips it looked almost natural. Her heart shaped pubic hair seemed to point down at the cock.

"Now, it's my turn!" Gloria purred. "She has a really wild hip action, as you've learned. I got really hot watching her fuck you, and I want her to really fuck me hard." She moved on her hands and knees and Deena moved behind her.

I moved close so I could see. Deena wet her fingers and rubbed them over the dildo's head. She parted Gloria's pussy lips wide, and slipped the mushroom head against the wet, gleaming opening. Gloria pushed back at the same time Deena trust forward and the head slid smoothly inside. Gloria gave a gasp of pleasure. I watched fascinated as it slid in and out, gleaming wet with Gloria's sweet juices. I watched the way her pussy lips were pulled outward with each backward stroke and how they compressed as it slid back in. The coloring and veins looked very natural.

The two lovers quickly developed a natural rhythm and the slap of their bodies filled the room. I looked in the big wall mirror and gasped at the sexually explicit image. Gloria's body moved with each thrust, her beautiful full breasts swung and quivered as Deena's hips slammed into her body.

I moved behind Deena and pressed my body to her back, picking up her rhythm and thrusting my hips against hers with each stroke. Reaching around, I cupped her small, hard breasts and squeezed them. She hissed a 'yesss' over her shoulder.

The passion and tableau in the mirror enflamed me. I spread my thighs so my pussy mound was mashing against Deena thrusting back and my clit pressed against her. Bending my head slightly I began to kiss and lick her neck and behind her ear. I mouthed obscenities in her ear, which I almost never do.

"Fuck her, slam that big cock into her. Split her pussy wide. Give that beautiful hot bitch a fucking she'll never forget." I cried out as I caught Deena's nipples between my fingers and pulled and twisted. "Fuck her harder, give it to her. Make her cum till she can't stand it any longer. Fuck her!"

Deena's hips moved faster and harder. She was holding Gloria by the hips and she turned loose with one hand and brought her palm down flat on Gloria's superb ass in an action that gave a loud splat. Gloria cried out a loud 'yes'. Deena slapped her ass again and again till the flesh turned a bright pink. Gloria slumped forward on the bed, her ass high and her hands beat on the bed as Deena continued to spank her.

Gloria exploded. Her body went wild and she screamed out again, and again. I was glad there were no close neighbors, though at that moment, we all could have cared less. Deena fucked Gloria hard and fast to several more violent climaxes. Finally she cried out for Deena to stop.

I was almost ready to explode from the excitement. I could tell that Deena was unsatisfied also and on the verge of a climax. Quickly I moved to one side, lay back, legs spread. I stretched my arms out to Deena and she didn't hesitate a moment. She moved between my thighs, slid up and as I pulled my pussy lips wide, she pressed the big dildo against me, and the head, still slick from Gloria's pussy, slid into me in one smooth stroke. She pulled her to me and locked my legs around her hips pressing her closer. "Fuck me hard and fast, Lover!" I cried looking up at her.

She bent forward and kissed me, her tongue a spear, skillfully probing my mouth. Her hips moved from side to side and rotated the fat dildo inside me so it touched every sensitive spot inside me. Her firm breasts and pointed nipples sparred with mine. Her hips slammed down against mine and I cried out 'harder, harder'. Her face twisted in the agony of climax and that pushed me over the edge. I climaxed with her as she continued to thrust into me. It was unlike any fucking that I'd ever had. Her soft body was against mine and the thick cock thrusting inside me, along with the sweet smell of her body was unique and so thrillingly erotic. I came twice before she stopped. Both our bodies were covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. Slowly she pulled the thick dildo out of me.

She fell back and reached down and slipped off the dildo. Her pussy gaped open where the bulb had distended her vagina. Her pussy lips were red from the friction. The small head of her clit peeped out pink and still swollen. I bent forward and licked her pussy, savoring her wetness. Gently I kissed her clit and she jumped when I licked it ever so lightly.

"God, what an orgy!" Gloria laughed. "Olivia, I didn't know you had it in you. Still waters run deep, eh? And such language! You've been so proper heretofore. You let it all hang out."

"Yeah, did you hear her spur me on? She was behind me, fucking my back and really giving my nipples a going over. I almost wished she'd had a dildo strapped on. I actually think she would have fucked me if she could." Deena laughed kissing me.

"I'll admit, I was really horny. The two of you going at it, seeing you in the mirror, I really got hot! This is a totally new experience for me, and one I hope will happen again - with you two!" I said with total honesty and feeling. We moved together and kissed and hugged.

We crowded into the shower and bathed. Soapy fingers slid into crevices, and we had to control ourselves or we'd start all over again. With much kissing and touching, we dried each other off and dressed. We were all famished and Gloria whipped up a wonderful meal that was filling and light. We drank wine and had a wonderful time recounting our sexual escapades. Later Deena left, amid many kisses and hugs from both of us.

I helped Gloria clean up the kitchen and told her how much I had enjoyed meeting her wonderful friends, and how much she meant to me. Tears came to her eyes as we stood in the kitchen, hands wet from dishwater, we hugged and kissed tenderly. Later we went to bed, naked, and cuddled and kissed. Our passions were spent and it felt so nice just to be together touching.

To Be Continued...

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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