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The Triad
by Don

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Rene and I were sitting at a sidewalk table in a small town near our home in Southwest Ohio drinking a flavored water when she approached us and introduced herself. She was typical of this town, a place inhabited mostly by aging hippies of the artistic type. We come here often to browse its many art and cultural shops and just for fun to count how many people were wearing Birkenstocks. She introduced herself as Kabbie, a nickname given by a college professor that just stuck. She explained that she was a sculptor who worked with clay, came to this town to visit two years ago and never left. We decided we liked Kabbie and invited her to join us at our table. She was younger than the local population, perhaps 30 something and wore a flowered blouse with faded jeans, and yes, Birkenstocks.

Kabbie was interesting in her forwardness, not intrusive or loud, rather soft spoken and comfortable in the presence of those around her. Most striking was that she appeared healthy in the natural healthy aspect. Her skin was clear and glowed and her long brown hair shined and had the aroma of an herbal shampoo. She wore no accessories with the exception of a yin-yang symbol on a strip of leather hung around her thin neck. Her arms and slim body would allude to a regular exercise such as yoga or Tai Chi, not developed but sinuous and taunt. This helped to create a mutual attraction as Rene and I worked out regularly, I with weights and Rene with aerobics and stretching. Rene and I have two children and despite the pregnancies, Rene maintains a tight abdomen, and regained her pre-pregnancy breast size even though she breast-fed both children, now 2 and 4 years old.

Small talk soon surfaced between the two women about our children, how we made our living, etc. Kabbie had volunteered that she had been married briefly but had no children. I listened casually and commented when appropriate. Before any of us noticed, over two hours had passed. Kabbie invited us to visit her studio three blocks away above a new age bookstore where she lived and worked. I said that I would love to visit an artist's studio. Rene agreed and off we walked, stopping to look at various art pieces on display in shop windows, many of them Kabbie's work, consigned by the storekeeper. Her knowledge of art kept us interested and her open humor made us feel even more comfortable. I could tell that Rene and I liked Kabbie and that a new friendship was in the making. We arrived at the bookstore and followed Kabbie to a door which opened to a narrow staircase leading upstairs. In single file we ascended the steps to a large warehouse style wooden door which Kabbie opened after unlocking three locks. "Can't be to safe," she said as she ushered us in.

"Welcome to my home, messy though it is, this is my life," Kabbie said with a smile. The loft was absolutely huge! Hanging on the spacious, mostly wooden walls were prints of paintings by such artists as Klimet, Rousseau, Van Gogh, and others I did not recognize. Clay was almost everywhere, in works finished, unfinished or just spattered about. Most of the hangings and statues were of nudes, both male and female or phallic and one collection, on wooden shelves hanging on one wall was nothing but penises, all shapes and sizes and states of flaccidness or erection. The loft was divided into living and work areas by folding panels and well lit by track lights and modern pole lamps. Rene and I were mesmerized not only by the art she openly displayed but by how she turned this huge open loft into a living/working showcase.

"You two look around while I get us another water, or would you prefer juice?" We responded in unison that juice sounded great and Kabbie disappeared. Rene and I looked around together and separately, often calling the other over to admire a piece of sculpture or painting. Kabbie seemed gone an extra long time but when she reappeared had a tray of what appeared to be a juice blend and was now barefoot.

"Let's go into the living room and sit down," she said while leading us behind the only fixed wall in the loft. Once there we found a plush carpeted floor and the back wall was all window which curved upward to form half of the ceiling. Kabbie explained that the previous tenant owned a flower shop in what was now the bookstore and this had been the green house area. We also learned that the bookstore owner and Kabbie now co-owned the building. This area did not have as much art as the rest of the loft. It was well appointed with nicely upholstered furniture, appropriate table placements and large and small live houseplants. She motioned for us to have a seat on the couch then handed us our juice which was a delicious blend, obviously fresh squeezed, explaining her delayed absence. Kabbie sat in a lounger opposite us and crossed her lithe legs into a half lotus style. Conversation about her art was initiated by Rene.

"We love your work Kabbie, and your displays are the most interesting I've seen."

"Thank you. I hope you're not offended or uncomfortable with the erotic nature of my work."

"Not at all," I replied and Rene shook her head in agreement. "Your nudes are very real, the detail phenomenal. We were wondering how you did it."

"I always use live models. Most of the models are from the college here in town, students who need the money and some art students volunteer their time for class credit." She continued by adding that the human figure was her favorite subject. "Though we are basically the same, no two of us are alike and even tomorrow you will not be the shape or color or mood that you are today. Nudes are often the most difficult subject to capture and do justice to the inherent beauty."

I wanted to ask about the penises on the shelves but thought better to contain my curiosity. Kabbie went on to explain. "Now take the genitalia. Every vagina has it's uniqueness and as well no two penises are alike. I sometimes take weeks to capture the mood of a female breast to convey a perkiness or tired sag, or a happy fullness and nipples are just as important. A penis can contradict itself from day to day. That's the joy of nudes, not just shape but the mood of that shape."

Rene asked Kabbie if she had ever done a mother and child project. Kabbie replied that she had not, but with a kind of long thoughtful exhale, "But you know, that's a wonderful idea." Rene added that she had seen many of the Goddess or Madonna and Child sculptures but nothing really modern, such as a child suckling to celebrate breast feeding. Put in another light it could represent bonding.

Kabbie was getting excited and her eyes conveyed that the idea was solidifying in her head.

"'That's great Rene, but I'd like to take it a step further and add the father figure to represent a more complete idea of the family bond, you know, the triad."

"Yea, that's more complete. The mother/child bond is most often represented, fathers are too often dismissed. You should do it, you really should. But where would you find the models?"

"It would have to be a real family, one that shares that bond and who of course are comfortable with nudity and who have the time for the sitting. It takes quite a while and I never rush a project to completion. I accept no deadlines." There was silence. I knew what Rene was thinking and she knew what I was thinking. It was Kabbie who brought it into the open. "Come on you guys, you'd be perfect. I can see you both take care of your bodies. Rene, you have breast fed, and I can tell that your family bond is very strong. Have you ever modeled?"

"No, but I admit it sounds challenging and fun," Rene responded.

"I think it would be great to try," I said, "But our children have grown out the breast feeding stage so there's a model missing." I didn't want to make excuses but how could we model without an infant?

"Rene, I know a place where we can get a very life like doll. Do you think the feeling would come back to you with a prop, not your own child?"

"I think so. All I have to do is think of breast feeding my babies and all those wonderful memories come back and I want to do it again. I miss those moments." Rene was smiling just thinking of breast feeding her little ones.

"A small detail overcome then. How about it guys, please say you will, I want to do this. Pleeease." Kabbie was excited and I didn't think she would accept no for an answer.

Rene and I looked at each other and we both knew we wanted to do this. Other problems entered my mind, and as I relayed them, Rene fielded them like a project manager. She was as excited about this as Kabbie.

That sealed it, we decided to sit. Kabbie was already on the phone insuring she could procure enough materials and making schedule adjustments. A date was agreed on and then it was time for Rene and I to start for home. Kabbie advised that we have a good breakfast, and to be prepared to sit for 3 hours or so on the first session. Without hesitation we exchanged hugs with Kabbie and headed down the staircase and back to our car.

The next visit had been arranged for the following Saturday when Grandma would be willing to keep the kids for the day. Rene and I showed up at Kabbie's promptly at 11:00am. My knock at her large loft door resounded as though I had banged. Kabbie soon appeared dressed in a button down oxford shirt and what appeared to be pants belonging to a karate ghee. A yoga blanket was on the floor in the middle of the work area, confirming my thoughts from our first encounter.

"Hi you two, please come in, I'm all ready for you. Are you well rested and ready to experiment with a few poses?" Rene responded "I'm so excited, I couldn't wait for the week to end." I faked a big yawn, attempting to be facetious. Kabbie promptly hit me on the shoulder and smiled as she said "Oh, stop it now."

"Let's go into the living room and sit while we talk," Kabbie suggested. "Would either of you care for something to drink, coffee, herbal tea or juice?" We just finished a late breakfast and indicated that we were fine.

"First off guys we need to lay some ground rules, so to speak. The most important is that we can't rush this process. It will take however long it takes." We shook our heads in unison as we listened to Kabbie explain how she liked to work and assured Rene and I that we needed to be as comfortable as possible because posing for long periods would be tiring. All we were going to do today was experiment with different poses and Kabbie would be taking Polaroid pictures of each. We would then decide together which pose would become the final work of art.

Kabbie excused herself explaining that she was going to turn the heat up as she didn't want us to get cold and that she needed to change into some work clothes. She pointed to a coat rack where two terrycloth robes had been placed and suggested we remove our clothes and put the robes on to begin with. She left the room as we began to undress.

Returning several minutes later, Kabbie was wearing only a mid-thigh length light denim shirt. "I hope you don't mind, the heat is up so you won't get a chill and I dress light so as not to get too hot."

"That makes perfect sense," Rene said.

"Well then, if your ready, let's go to the platform and try some poses, shall we?"

Kabbie led us to the center of the work area where a plywood platform box had been placed. "Go ahead and remove your robes and I'll hang them over here," pointing to two wooden pegs on a nearby wooden beam. We both disrobed, passing them to Kabbie's outstretched hands. "Go ahead and move onto the platform and we'll set up the first pose." Kabbie hung up the robes and Rene and I stepped onto the blanketed platform. Kabbie turned in place, a thoughtful look on her face.

"Rene, why don't you sit down, just to the left of center and a little forward. Now Dean, you kneel behind and to the right of Rene. That's good." She began to laugh and said "We totally forgot about the baby!" Kabbie's laugh was infectious and both Rene and I couldn't help but join her even though the absence of the infant was not that funny. I have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable with my nakedness, having not been nude before another woman since marrying Rene and the laughter settled me. Rene didn't seem the slightest bit bothered by our nudity. Kabbie went to a box near her and produced the most life like, anatomically correct infant doll I had ever seen. She walked over and handed it to Rene. It was a boy, circumcised and it's mouth open, perfect for placing over Renes nipple. "Where on earth did you find this, it's perfect?," asked Rene.

"From a friend of mind on the West Coast who runs an artists supply store, he can get the most unusual props. He had it shipped overnight for us." Rene held the doll up to her left breast and instinctively placed her nipple into the dolls open mouth. She had clearly not forgotten the art of breast feeding. Our pose had not changed except that I had placed my hand on Renes right shoulder and was looking down at her breast and the baby's head.

"Yes, that's good," said Kabbie. "Don't move" She turned to retrieve a Polaroid Camera and as I looked up she was turning around causing her shirt tail to twirl a little too much. I could swear that she was wearing no underwear, or it could be that she was wearing such skimpy bikinis that it only appeared that she had nothing on underneath. As her back remained turned to us, my attention turned to her legs. Magnificent, smooth and shapely, all the way up to her ass. Kabbie was checking the film in the camera and bent over to open a drawer, removing a spare box of film when it became obvious that she indeed wore no panties. The tail of her shirt rode up far enough that I could plainly see her perfectly rounded bottom moons. She was also, quite obviously, shaven. This was a treat I thoroughly did not expect. I noticed Rene was looking up at me, having seen what I was staring at. She was smiling at me and I diverted my attention back to her pseudo breast feeding.

Kabbie turned back around and with the camera to her eye surprised us with a flash and the whir of the first photo being spit out. Moving to her left, another click, flash and whir. Her hand was expertly catching slowly developing photo's as her writhe body moved about, catching different angles from front to back and various top and side angles. On one angle to my right profile she instructed me to move back slightly, taking one shot from a distance and another closer, the camera being aimed directly at my semi-flaccidness. I noticed her smile as she backed away.

"OK, relax a little while I re-load film and we'll position another pose." Kabbie said while looking over the dozen or so shots fanned out in her hand. She went to a nearby makeshift table of plywood and sawhorses. As she leaned forward to spread the photo's her shirt rose up again. This time Rene and I looked at each other and smiled. I was hoping I wouldn't rise up at Kabbie's erotic display.

"OK, there's one pose, my Polaroid is full. Now, let's see, Rene come around to the opposite corner and Dean, instead of being behind her looking down, try lying down with your back to me and prop your head up to look at the baby. OK, but keep your legs straight, not bent. Good." Fewer shots were taken of this pose, then she had Rene lie down to feed the doll while I sort of spooned in behind her, propping my head up to look down and across her shoulder. To get the right angle for this series of photo's Kabbie found it necessary to squat more.

She made no attempt to hide herself as her shirt bunched up near her abdomen. Often she lowered herself to one knee. I knew my job was to look at my infant son being breast fed but between flashes my eyes couldn't help but stray to a clear view, sometimes fully open view of Kabbie. With her looking through the view finder she had to know I was looking at her but she didn't seem concerned. The problem I was having however was having this great view as well as being beside my naked wife, against her warm ass, I was now hard as steel. Rene couldn't contain her awareness any longer and pressed back against me slightly. I knew it wouldn't go down before changing positions again.

After maybe half a dozen shots in that pose, Kabbie suggested I sit up near the middle of Renes back and place my left hand on her hip. Oh no, there was nothing I could do but be embarrassed. I sat up, and stood out. Kabbie could not have helped but notice, but to her professional credit did not even crack a smile. But I know the last 2 or 3 photo's had a full view of me. Several other poses were directed by Kabbie and more pictures taken.

"Wow, out of film again," Kabbie chuckled. "Why don't we take 15 minutes or so to get up and stretch, give us a chance to look at these poses and work the kinks out, or whatever," the last part being said while looking straight at me with a smile. I asked where the bathroom was which Kabbie pointed out, luckily, to be behind me. I stood and turned in one motion and literally swaggered to the door. I wondered if my ass was as red as my face probably was.

I returned from the bathroom surprised to find Rene fully dressed and she and Kabbie having already decided on the pose to use. I thought we would have experimented with several more. They choose one of Rene seated with me behind her, fully erect and in plain view.

"Do you like the one we picked Baby?" Rene asked.

"Yea, that's great, uh, looks good to me."

"Looks real good to me," Kabbie said. "In fact it looks very good, very good. She smiled directly at Rene and both women smiled, knowing what Kabbie was referring to.

The decision having been made we called it a day. Out next session would be Wednesday and we should be ready to sit in that pose much longer. The actual work was to begin.

The ride home was about 30 minutes. We were silent for perhaps 10 minutes when Rene asked if I was embarrassed.

"Embarrassed, why?" I said.

"You know, your erection."

"Well, I have to admit, I was a little. But geez, I couldn't help it."

"I know, and I want you to know, it's ok. But let me ask, was it being close to me or those beaver shots of Kabbie?"

"Mostly you. Especially at first, but as she became more visible, that did it."

"Can't blame you there Dean. I doubt many men could repress a hard-on with the view Kabbie has. I have to admit, surprisingly, I enjoyed her view too. She has a very pretty one doesn't she?"

"Yes, a very pretty one. But let's change the subject, I'm getting another hard-on."

"What do you say we go home before picking up the kids?" Rene looked at me smiling.


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by Don.

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