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The Triad
by Don

This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

After several more minutes Rene began to run the tip of her tongue up and down the length of Kabbie, slowly at first, then quickening her pace. She made deliberate passes over her clit then back down. As Renes tongue quickened, Kabbie paused her actions to Rene and let her head rest on the mattress. Kabbie's eyes closed and she began to roll her head from side to side. Her thighs came closer together and her ass tightened. Rene did not change but kept up her quick tongue action, up and down with deliberate passes over Kabbie's clit. Kabbie began to moan with oh's and yes's becoming louder, her hands now at Renes thighs with fist's clinched.

Suddenly her hips began to rise and fall against Renes mouth as Kabbie exploded in orgasm, wave upon wave of orgasm. As this occurred, Rene reached under Kabbie's ass and pulled her closer to keep contact and motion as Kabbie' orgasm continued. As it began to subside, Rene released her grip and simply rested her head on Kabbie's swollen, soaked and apparently exhausted pussy.

Both women rested several minutes. I reached out and began to stroke Renes hair as she rested her head on her new pillow. Apparently recuperated from her orgasm, Kabbie began to manipulate Reneonce again. Her fingers began to stroke and part her. Before long her tongue was busy, probing and flicking and searching. She migrated to Renes clit and with probing tongue tip began to rotate it, pressing in on it. Rene closed her eyes and whispered "Oh my God" Kabbie did not stop, slow down or speed up, just remained constant until Renes hips tensed and lowered as she came fully down onto Kabbie's mouth and tongue. Rene reached out and took my hand in hers. As her hand squeezed mine I knew she was about to let go. She finally did, with such force as I've never seen her come with before. Renes grip on my hand didn't release until the waves of orgasm failed to continue. She opened her eyes and looked at me then said "That was so very wonderful, I can't believe it." She rolled onto her back and Kabbie said "Well Dean, did you enjoy that as much as we did?"

"Oh yea, and learned a thing or two as well."

"Good, I'm glad you liked it," she responded as her head fell back to the mattress.

Rene said nothing, laying back, her hand on her pussy, just holding it. This was my wife I just watched eating and being eaten by another woman. Wow, what a sight, and a turn-on. I believed that with a little help, I could get hard again. Both girls got up from the bed and walked hand in hand to the bathroom. I laid back and reached down and began to stroke myself. They weren't gone long and when they returned I was still stroking my cock, now stiff but not rock hard.

"Maybe we can help," Kabbie said. She approached me from one side and Rene took the other. Rene moved my hand away and took over, stroking me long and slowly. Kabbie positioned her head directly over my cock and began to swirl her tongue around it's head. I was getting stiffer by the moment. Kabbie next took my cock head into her mouth and began to suck hard, her tongue toying with the opening. Renes hand pressure and speed increased, her other hand holding my balls.

"Mm, dual action, this is great," I managed to say.

"We're gonna get you off again Baby," Rene said as her hand pumped me, and Kabbie's

sucking increasing.

After a few minutes Kabbie's mouth needed a break. I was not that easy to get off the second time. Rene was determined however and immediately took over sucking me. Kabbie assumed the role of pumping my shaft. Some moments later it began to happen. I could feel my cock thickening and the familiar sensation of coming beginning in my groin. I arched my hips a little and Rene began to move her mouth up and down as Kabbie began stroking faster. When the first sperm began to squirt out, Rene released my cock head and both began to lick it, catching sperm on their tongues as I came. Rene had put her hand over Kabbie's and both of them pumped me until all the sperm was out. It was a hard fought battle but they succeeded. By this time, we all simply laid back, silent. The clock on the night stand read 2:45AM.

I was awakened by the sound of someone in the bathroom peeing. The clock was just flipping to 10:00AM. Rene was at my side, ass against me, soundly sleeping. Kabbie came back to the bed and quietly slipped in beside me. Somehow during the night we'd been covered by a blanket.

As Kabbie slipped in she inched closer to me, trying not to wake Rene. She looked at me, rolled to her side and lowered her lips to mine, giving me a deep kiss. She broke it and whispered "Thank you for last night, it was more than I dreamed of."

"Your welcome," I whispered back.

Her hand reached over to my chest then down my stomach until it found my cock, by this time very hard. It's amazing what a little sleep can do for a tired hard-on. She rubbed her palm over it's head causing me to jump and wake Rene.

"Good morning sweethearts,' she mumbled to both of us. "Last night was beautiful Kabbie, the thanks goes to you."

"I'm just glad it happened," Kabbie whispered. Her hand now wrapped around my shaft lightly jacking me up and down.

Rene reached back and patted me on the thigh and sleepily said "Why don't you two go out to the platform and give each other a good healthy fuck. My pussy is wore out and I'd rather lay here and sleep."

"Are you sure Baby," I asked.

"Yes, darling, it's fine, just keep the noise down."

I looked over at Kabbie, her hand still on me. She smiled and whispered "Let's go and let Rene rest, poor girl."

I leaned over and kissed Rene lightly on the shoulder. She reached out and gently touched my balls then squeezed Kabbie's hand reassuringly and said "Have fun you two, good night." Kabbie and I slipped out of bed and Rene pulled the covers about herself tightly. Kabbie closed the door quietly behind us.

Once we got to the platform it was apparent that Kabbie had not slept. The sculpture had been worked on extensively and seemed very close to finished. I asked Kabbie if she had slept at all and she said no, she was too keyed up from great sex and that she does her best work at night anyway. She added that though it looked to be near completion, it had a lot of detail work yet to be done.

We turned and faced each other. She reached out and took my hand, leading me to the platform. It still smelled of sex. We lay down and began kissing and touching. As my hand found her breasts, she had my cock back in her hand. Our prelude of foreplay did not last long. She moved her head down to my pulsing cock and moved her pussy over my face and we began to sixty-nine, leisurely and patiently. I remembered watching her eat Rene and practiced taking my time, pacing my tongue, savoring her, inside and out. She likewise was in no hurry to taste cum. At times it was apparent that she was just looking and touching. Using her fingertips she would trace a vein or circle the rim of its head. She began placing gentle kisses to it's very tip, then take only the head into her mouth, slowly drawing it back out. I used my fingers to map her damp lips, now and then moving a finger between them, then to my mouth to taste. She was so smooth, not a hair anywhere. I parted her lips wide and tasted every space I could reach. I brushed her clit with a fingertip causing a shudder and a whisper "Take it and make me come." My tongue moved slowly to her clit that sparkled with her juices and just touched it. She lowered herself more and I took her clit between my lips, holding it tight while I quickly, but barely touching, flicked up and down. She rested her cheek on my cock, waiting for me to make her come. I switched to two fingers to hold her open then used my free hand to stroke the cleavage separating the halves of her ass. My fingers crossed her anus and tickled the spot just below it. She was beginning to tense up, and moaned, then said "I'm about to come, play with my ass hole." I took my thumb and drew it across her tight pink little hole. My lips and tongue increased pressure as I placed my thumb directly on her anus and began to push against it while moving it in circles. I could hear her little cries of approval as she buried her pussy completely onto my face and exploded in orgasm that swept her entire body.

"Umm, that can be fun every now and then." She said as her body settled. That was a new one for me.

Kabbie began to rub my cock against her soft cheek as I stroked her wonderful ass still poised above me. She took the base of the shaft into her hand and began brushing me against her lips, sticking the tip of her tongue out, causing me to shiver. Then she began sucking little kisses on the head as her hand moved the skin of my shaft up and down. Suddenly she took me into her mouth, sucking hard. It felt as though she had all of me. Her hand held it as she worked up and down until she could feel that I was coming. Her mouth came off and she said "I want you in me, from behind." She rolled off of me onto all fours and I came up to me knees, positioning myself behind her. I placed my length along her ass and slowly drew it down, over her anus and to her shimmering smoothness. The head slipped in easily and I paused a moment, enjoying her warmth. She pushed back slowly taking every inch of me, squeezing with her muscles until she had me buried. I began to draw myself out to my head, then pushed back in, slow and deliberately, fully in then out as though I was studying her, memorized by her terrain. She asked for more speed. As I did she reached back with one hand and began to masturbate herself. Soon she was pushing back as I thrust forward, and before long she was quivering with another orgasm. I began to pump harder and faster and she matched my every move, "Come on Baby, give me your cock and your cum, I want it now, umm, deep in my pussy." I did, for what seemed like forever, then my cock spit cum as her squeezing sucked it out of me.

I began to get soft and was slipping out. Kabbie let me fall out naturally then turned around. She took my soaked soft cock and began to pump it. White fluid came to the surface and she licked it off, then put all of my soft cock in her mouth and drew it out. " I love the taste of myself," she said, coming up to her knees. We fell into an embrace and she whispered in my ear "Your a great fuck Dean. Rene is so lucky." "Thank you", I whispered back, "Your pretty wonderful yourself."

>From behind us, standing in the doorway Rene had apparently been watching. "You two put on a hell of a show. That was better than any X-flick I've ever seen."

"How long have you been there?" I asked.

"The whole time. I faked being sleepy because I wanted to watch you fuck Kabbie. Just a private fantasy of mine. You were great. You aren't mad are you?"

"No, just a little surprised" I said.

"Didn't you want to join us?" Kabbie asked.

"No, no. I really just enjoyed watching you both. I have not watched a more passionate fuck, you were both really into it."

Kabbie excused herself to the bathroom saying "I'm beginning to drip, be right back."

As I got up from the platform Rene walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I really hope you're not mad at me Dean. I really enjoyed watching you and Kabbie. I would have joined but my stomach's sore from coming so hard."

"It's Ok, I'm not mad. I'm glad I didn't know you were there other wise I would have been self conscious."

Kabbie came out of the bathroom and joined us, all three of us still naked. The time had gotten beyond us again and Rene and I decided it was time to go. Kabbie complained but understood we needed to get the kids. We got dressed, said our good-byes and hugged and kissed and made our way back down the narrow staircase. It didn't occur to any of us that another appointment to sit had escaped us.

In the next few days Rene attempted to contact Kabbie to see when she wanted another sitting. Kabbie was no where to be found and had no answering machine. The following weekend we took the kids with us to see if we could find her at home. The bookstore owner explained that she had left unexpectedly for New York City to do a show and didn't know when she would be back. We thought it best to be patient, knowing that when she returned she would contact us.

Several weeks passed and still no word from Kabbie. Then we received a card from UPS that we had a large package which they attempted to deliver unsuccessfully and could be come get it. The amount of insurance on the package was $5,000.00. The next day we went to get it discovering we needed a pick-up. I borrowed one from a friend and with help from a UPS employee got it onto the truck and headed home. Rene and I struggled to get it into the house.

We eagerly opened it and right on top was a letter from Kabbie.

Dear Dean and Rene

I sincerely hope this letter finds you both healthy and

happy. I apologize for not contacting you but I got an im-

promptu invitation to do a large show in NYC which was very

successful. Enough so in fact that I sold out my interest in the

loft and have relocated to Arizona.

I send this sculpture to you as a gift in the hopes you will

always remember me as I will you. Thank you for a wonderful

night together and your wonderful idea.


Inside the box was the sculpture, glazed in white, of Rene and I, which Kabbie entitled "The Triad." It was absolutely magnificent. Also at the bottom, tucked into a corner was a smaller box addressed to Rene. She opened it to find another note from Kabbie along with an exact glazed clay sculpture of, you guessed it, my hard-on.

Rene and I did not suffer in the least from our experience of a threesome, though we have not had another since. Our love making has increased and is more exciting than ever. It has been a long time since Kabbie and thanks to "The Triad" we have never forgotten, nor regretted that encounter.

This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by Don.

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