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Cheating slut destroyed the man

The cheating slut destroyed the man and should burn in hell for it, along with the asshole who she left him for. As for the children, they abandoned him as well, for that I can only hope they suffer from the guilt for the rest of their lives. Sad to say I seriously doubt that they would because they have already proved themselves to be worthless assholes. Personally I would not have left the bastards a penny much less a single dime. Karma is a bitch so to compete the story both of the children should be cursed with cheating spouses who rape them in divorces and keep them from their children. The wife and her new husband should both get cancer and die painful humiliating deaths. That is what I would wish to happen, but given the plot of the story the most likely thing to happen is that they would just take the money then totally forget that the guy ever existed. No guilt, no tears no anything.


Why would anyone in their right mind let what this slut did affect the rest of their life? And if they did how on earth could they possibly want anything more to do with her? It's not a bad story if you like reconciliation stories, I don't, but the man's action at the end of the story just goes against what his history and actions at the start of the story set up.


This was an interesting but sad story.

Welcome Back

Good Story, cannot wait for the next one.

The wheel turns

Welcome back WW! I hope the summer has been treating you well! I bet the CIA is going to be TICKED when Wargrave turns back up in the Town and County, or at least back in the US. This was a great read, the action lent this story to a novel like feel. Thank you for this story.

So far so good

Looking forward to the next chapters.

Moose Drool

Used to have one with my Friday night Fish Fry in north central WI. Yes it is available and it is good. Try Fat Tire also.

weak men should never marry

Sorry, this guy is a real loser - any man that would allow another man to talk to his wife the way good ol eddie did - well, he's not a man now is he.


such intense pain...had to wipe my eyes...again...

this really did happen

just before christmas last year ( 2014) a grand father,a grand mother and thier grand daughter were run down and killed , in the middle of Glasgow,,,exactly as you described ,,,,,check goodle


vindict ive

I like this guy

Ruined A Good Story!

Here we have a story about 2 cheaters NOT in an open marriage. Maybe they deserve each other. HOWEVER, I could never get past the fact that she hoped that the kids were Paul's. She was actually glad that the 3 children had been fathered by her lover. The 'Dear John' letter was way to much. Because of these two reasons, I don't like the fact that he took her back. Thanks for the story. Also forget about the grammar police, this is a free site. When they pay for your stories let them criticize all they want. I know all the grammar rules and spelling rules BUT I lack the imagination and creativity to write a story. So I would rather have a story with a few mistakes than no story at all.

Too long winded..

Longhorn, with his verbosity and love of dramatizing a simple daily activity of his protagonist - like walking, opening doors or stopping for a smoke - has magnified the flaws in his story writing. 
One is of a technical nature (A hand gun, unless its trigger jammed on first shot, does not accidentally go off a few rounds; intense heat does not necessarily cause unspent ammunition to shoot out - explode most likely - but not shoot like a bullet). The other being lack of concern for reading comfort. Very often this reader had to pause and recall where he was left off at the last scene or episode, thus causing breaks in the flow of an otherwise smooth narrative. This happened too often  to disrupt the flow of connecting scenes. I stopped reading at page 8 when I realized that those remaining 47 pages could consist of more of such padded verbosity and story-go-round.


Do not change your style. It is up to us to adapt not you. I loved your story. Thank you. Jim. Canadian

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