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so how did he...

How did he know the Feldwebel he killed was named Mueller?
Normally the enemy is just that, the enemy.

A little bit of a bore

I found it kinda boring. I much rather read more about the bitch sister and mom. Just so boring. 13 pages lord of pure bordome. I kept reading because I love this authors work and I usually love long ass stories but this one was just boring

True to life

This basically happened to me. My wife had a hysterectomy at 40 and took Premarin for a number of years which is a form of hormone replacement therapy. It's a fake hormone with side effects and possible health issues so my wife eventually got off that and our sex life went to about zero. I survived a few years taking matters into my own hand so to speak, but it's obviously not the same. Then I went on statins for high cholesterol which resulted in giving me erectile dysfunction. So I stopped the statins but the ED didn't go away. So I investigated what could be done for me and discovered BioIdentical hormones for men and women. They are hormones made from plants with the same chemical makeup as our real hormones. They aren't put out by big Pharmacuticals because you can't patent thIngs that are natural. So I now take testonerone and progesterone and my wife takes estrogen and a small amount of testosterone and our sex lives have returned to normal for us about twice a week. I feel like a man again. Since these are BioIdentical they also have no side effects. Search the web for BioIdentical hormones in your area and get your sex life back again. My wife and I are both 63. Good luck to others in this situation.One more point about statins - they reduce cholesterol which by the way is what your body uses to make testosterone and your other sex hormones so guess why so many in the USA have ED. I stopped taking stains and the FDA and medical folds are slowly changing their thinking on cholesterol - better late than never.


Although this is a five star tale it would have been a lot nicer to have had more detail.
Still glad I read it.

Not bad but where's the erotica?

I'm all for character development but this is Literotica. A follow up threesome with Melina, her hubby, and Todd is in order. Please don't disappoint! Otherwise, great writing!

Good Story

It looks like the feminazises and girly boys are complaining about this story, too!

Excellent Story

Very well written story. Only feminazises and girly boys would hate this story!

As usual - Great story

This is one of the few story lines I check for every day, and the only one I then search for to make sure I didn't miss it.

Plus linda

I suppose adding Linda is out of the question?


Roger's act was criminal in any state and even DC. No charges?

That was not

at all what I thought it might was worse and better too. Scotty

The problem here?

Is that it is such an unlikeable story I don't care to read anymore.

Sadly I know the pain you have,

My wife and I had a late in life child, a son. She was 42 then. She had to spend the last three months in bed, only being allowed out for the bathroom. No sitting up. He was not developing (growing) as would be normal. The Dr's felt if she stayed laying down he would get a better blood supply. At 30 weeks he went into fetal distress and an emergency C-section was done. He weighted 3 pounds when born. He spent his entire life (58 days) in a Pre-natal incubator. We got to hold him only once. On his last day he went into respiratory distress. His blood oxygen level went down to 20% for 15 minutes. He was brain dead. I told the doctors and nurses enough was enough, turn the machines off and let him go.They disconnected the tubes and wires and very gently wrapped him up and handed him to me. I softly sang a lullaby to him until it was over. I cried and cried. I'am crying while typing this. I know your pain. I was a US Marine in Viet Nam and lost friends there. Losing a child hurt much more. It still hurts now 17 years later. No parent should ever have to bury their child!

Fixing a mistake

In my discloser I gave you all the wrong other story, the title of that story is The last love. I am so sorry if I confused any of you readers.

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