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Jesus Christ, seven insipid chapters of simple-minded rationalization and reversing established character motivational and value structures. I suppose it finds an audience with SAHMs, who can't be expected to think about arguments.

The story...

is one of the best. Thank you.

I Love Your Iron Crowbar stories

5* for this one. My only complaint/suggestion is that you write a sequel to "Politics & Prejudice" ASAP. I seriously doubt that nobody wants to see the outcome of the battle with the Consultant, eminent domain, t. Cook, and FOR the Community Center.

first of all

First of all he didn't kill his men it was a PLANE CRASH people. I was in the military not as a sniper or special force agent. Nevertheless, although there were a few inconsistencies with how you portrayed some of the stuff it was still a pretty good story. However as sad as it was, it did make for some good reading. Four stars to ya, and, keep writing just polish it up a bit with actual facts.


It's easy for beautiful women to lie. They know they have power over men from early on in life. In their teens they perfect the ability to twist reality to be as pretty as they are.


""Consultant of Crime grrrr""

A very apt comment. Very apt. :-)


Two things:
1. This is, hands down, the best read on the site (in my correct opinion).
2. Thank you, Sir, for leading the way. Hooah!!


Fucking lame shit! Stick to your shit!

Drowning in blood

Even Edgar Allan Poe would be sick.

tazz317 08/03/16 JUST BECAUSE HE IS LEAVING ....

can somebody please explain to me the coment of this dipshit

Sexy n gory I love it

I been lookn for somethin like this and I love it. A little more time on editing and it'll be great. Need to know more about this worlldd!

This author was an idiot

You don't ban cars to prevent DUI's, you ban alcohol. Then you can ban the guns!

Consultant of Crime grrrr

This consultant, Sinon, and all his allies, have to go down with extreme prejudice. I know that there are opposing sides, differing ideas, but killing two firefighters because they're black? Setting off explosives to kill senior citizens? Insane hatred of EMTs? Rape of an EMT? And I can't forget the theft of the donor liver for Amy. What happened to that liver? Did it go to another patient who needed a transplant, or was it simply destroyed as part of the vendetta against the Iron Crowbar and his team? Waiting eagerly (and not particularly patiently) to see the bad guys get theirs, and hoping Widow Athena Jones and her senior citizen brigade play a heroic part in the destruction of the Consultant and his cronies.


I know how you feel. Had a similar situation. I remember kissing her. Never want it to go away.

On one hand this story dragged on a bit, on the other hand I would have liked to see the two love interests fleshed out some more, and to see more interactions, especially with Amber, so that the love declarations felt more believable.
Too much space was spent on him floundering and acting like a shy and insecure boy in the face of the matchmaking etc. which I found pretty annoying

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