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Great energy, emotion, and pathos. A tribute to pain, suffering, guilt, regret, and redemption.

So well done, you would have improved it by leaving out annoying and needless details that distract and mislead the reader. The rock climbing details, details about their jobs, their life style, their houses, their clothes, how many pieces of paper where used where, and what size. A conscientious reader assumes the details are an important part of the story and tries to remember them. When it turns out that the details are just stuffing, or color, or opportunities to show off the authors knowledge about some unimportant hobby or skill, then the readers starts to think he missed something. Or the author is just adding extra words for no purpose. Anyway, what was important to this story was very well told. What was superfluous should have been abbreviated or left out.

Thank you for a touching story; well done.


Mister Author, you truly are a pussy.....

The End


What a fucking wimp.......

Interesting twists.

Another good read, but no romantic ending? Most unlike your other work Androgynousother. Even your poems have happy endings.

Well written short story *****.


Was good until the end. It wasn't needed, the people who matter were well aware of the situation, she was going to be gone in two years anyway, there was no need to destroy her like that!

brought to mind

John Huston in 'The Paper Chase'. "You will teach yourselves the Law, I will teach you how to Think"......... thanks for sharing.

Youngsters these days

There have been so many changes in such a short time It's hard for some to understand them.

Simply wonderful

Thank you for a wonderful winter story. Please keep writing!!

Ptolemy was credited with a lot of things

This island wasn't one of them. And the rest of this story read like someone that was cutting and pasting misc. thoughts. Weird.

This was my second read... And oddly enough...

I remembered reading the story and over the last month was having a craving to re-read it... Thing was, I couldn't for the life of me remember where I'd read it...

Then I was re-reading your stories and Bam! There it was...
Just as enjoyable as the first time...

Only negative for me was the poor doggy... But I did understand it in the context of the story... Just wish it'd been a mean dog instead of basically a big puppy...

What The Fu**?

You totally messed up somewhere. Dougie not married to Annie? Married to Sissy? Why did not Annie contact Carl before all this? Like 10 years ago? Who's kids are they? Dougie's? Carl's?

A time capsule

that straddles eras, ages, and cultures. I can't imagine what it must have been like for him to reflect back on the changes during his lifetime.

thanks for an entertaining and educational story.

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