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Contrived and melodramatic

Only a complete idiot, or a pair of ones wouldn't get a paternity test when a woman had more than one sexual partner, it's a gigantic plot hole.

Also him not moving on after three years is ridiculous, it's just weak. She still cheated on him and married another man, he should have found another a long time ago.


All those chapters. All that talking. The cheating. The lies. The rage. And you RAAC them???????? Oh hell no. One of, if not THE worst endings, in the history of loving wives. He caved to everyone else's expectations. He ignored Laura's advice about doing what was best for him. He caved to the pressure of his daughter's, his ex-wife and all his family and friends. Just a god awful ending.

"All's fair in love and war".

If you've never been directly involved in a divorce that involved young children, you have no idea of how nasty things can get between two people that used to love each other. NO IDEA! That's why you see people shooting their "exes" in the newspaper and on the TV. The distance between love and hate is tiny. Pretty well written story. Should be interesting what direction it goes in.

Historical novel ...with the lightness of being.

A most welcomed love story. Maturely written with solid vocabulary. Well researched historical context. Many warm, clever, surprises. Glamorous. Kindly give consideration to offering this story for a series with Amazon, PBS, Netflix, etc. Thank you for a wonderful read as enjoyable as Winston Graham's "Poldark" books..

good start

not sure about the setting. but i like where its going. lets hope this continues with lots of foot worhship and toe-sucking

next part

Well written. We support you Verashni! What will the next part cover?

I don't think so

She's lying through her teeth. Just get sober, get a divorce and move on. Their marriage is toast. Horrible ending.

How Many Times Have I Seen This?

How many marriages have I seen destroyed by a jealous would-be lover or friend or family member? Funny thing, though. None of these people had stood with the husband and wife and participated in the exchange of wedding vows. None of these contributors to the destruction of a marriage stood to lose what the husband and wife did. To listen to the advice of outsiders instead of talking things out with their spouse makes him/her deserving of the pain he/she opened themself and their family up to.

What the fuck???

These people are bat-shit-crazy. What a totally screwed up story. A total waste of time.

Enjoyed it a lot

I couldn't put the story away until I completed it. A few rough patches (9 years) but a happy ending. After 9 years they are better forgiving than I am. That is a good thing. I also liked the updates on the coal industry. Good to remember that. A Five from this reader. Thanks.

How is it your writings are so dusty

I keep having all these sniffling problems when I read your stories.

Thank you

Darn dust

I liked your story, I just had some hard times reading it thanks to all the dust running around.

Thank you for the reminder of hope, especially as some of us deal with depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Thank you Amie

Thank you so much for your kind words Amie. Hearing that you appreciate my words is what keeps me going.



Run Away?

We never know what the future might bring. Jennifer has the impression that she will dominate their marriage and Kevin appears willing to let her. But balance of power can shift like the wind. As Dylan wrote, "the first one now will later be last." Life's unpredictability, its twists and turns, can make for interesting plot lines. I might write a follow-up to this one.

crazycujo has...

it perfectly correct - run away - as fast as you can so you can retain some semblance of manhood, dignity and your balls...

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