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Had all the dramatic tension of a Dirk Pitt book or a Steven Segal movie. The moray eel gave me pause though


31st of September? Good way of never marrying her.


"She had made no effort to deny anything and she told me as soon as she knew that I had found out." - Well, whoop-de-do! There was nothing to deny, and telling him AFTER he found out is meaningless!

As KarenE said, a polygraph test is a MUST, and it's still AWFULLY convenient to cry rape after 13 years with the accused long gone!

And in those few months before Ted left he never showed that "I fucked your wife" smirk?

And Ted fucks her ONE night and knocks her up? Not very likely

I Don't Understand Why ...

you feel the need to write the same bigoted & hate-filled story over & over. I feel sorry for you & hope you find a way to he happy someday. Have you ever noticed that people find more of what they look for? Try looking for kindness & courtesy in those around you rather than trying to get them before they get you. Good luck.

Hi Everybody!

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I was regretting posting this at all until I read that people were enjoying it.

For the curious minds out there, yes, this story is written from personal experience. The process of writing it out helped me work through what I felt, and I'm glad to say that I've moved past a lot of my sadness related to it. Seeing people's sympathy and how much they enjoyed reading about it helped a lot.

Thank you, everybody who offered support. You've encouraged me to keep writing.

@ beautiful

Thank you for your generous praise !

To Jaya wherever she may be,
It is impossible to meet ever, may we recollect our fond memories.
And may fate destine that we meet just once more

great story

loved how you were able to make all the twists and turns in this story and kept it all interesting right to the end. keep on writing


Beautifully written and heart warming!

You really should...

Expand on this story, I've loved reading what you have here. It needs to be continued, no, it cry's out to be continued. One hell of a story. Continue on from where you left off with Amber and him.


I'm not sure how I feel about this - it ended abruptly. Is there more coming? Makes me feel unsettled and afraid for Karina. Drugging and kidnapping - not the start of a happy relationship.

What the heck was that bit of stupidity?

He magically drugs her without her knowledge in a public place. She passes out and nobody helps her while he picks her up, carries her to his car and stuffs her in it? Then she wakes up in a bedroom in his house? He talks to her, locks the door and leaves. So out the bedroom window she goes and straight to the Police. With the drugs still in her system, he spends the rest of his life in prison. End to a really really bad story. No stars because even giving this knockoff of "The Collector" 1 star would be an insult to the star.

O K Read***

First half was enjoyable then you got nervous. Keep writing there is hope and talent in your writing. Thanks for sharing.

May 10, 1861

..only weeks after Baltimore, federalized German Home Guards surrounded and at bayonet point compelled the surrender of state militia in their annual encampment at Camp Jackson (named for the Governor) at Lindell's Grove in St. Louis, Mo. As the prisoners were marched towards the Arsenal, citizens turned out in protest, rocks and bottles flew, a shot rang out, and the Home Guards by rank turned and poured volleys into the crowd. No one knows the full casualty count, but Coroner's teams arriving reported 23 dead (including women, one baby dead in its mother's arms) and 57 wounded. Laying in a ditch, covering his young son from Union bullets with his cloak, was bystander William Tecumseh Sherman. The "Camp Jackson Massacre", together with the ignominy of the Planter's House conference shortly after, turned moderates into Confederates, inspired the General Assembly to vote war powers to the Governor and create the Missouri State Guard - and began the formal war in the state. Formal because, after all, they'd already been fighting Yankee invaders since the border wars of the early 1850s. They had no illusions about what Lincoln's call for troops or the presence of invading federal forces meant for self-government or hopes for peace in their state.

get cock outta ur

ass/mouth,,,might see things different
1 star

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