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I do love the way your mind works. :-)

Okay, since you asked, I'll let you know what I think.....

You should have said at the beginning it was a RAAC story and saved us some wasted time. What a piece of shit story! No matter June's adultery, and publicly at that, caused the death of his father and put his mom in the hospital with a stroke! No matter that she did this without confronting him first to see what was going on before spreading her legs for others. Shit-for-brains husband deserves her after all for taking her back. So happy ending , all's right with the world, and some other unsuspecting man and woman are saved from a future relationship with these two pea-brains since they decide not to become available singles after all. You still wasted our time.

Wrong Category. In today's communist/leftist-facist America, anyway

Fantasy and science fiction, but by God, I wish large parts of were true.

A feel-good, God-Bless-America story that this 66 year-old reader enjoyed. Now if you have a time machine, along with your Mach 5 VTOL aircraft, you could have John Wayne, from his "Sands of Iwo Jima", "Back to Bataan", or "They Were Expendable" personae and age then, star in the role of Hal. A Retro-movie such as Hollywood used to make.

So sad

My grandmother likewise was at my grandfathers side from early September 1975 until his death on February 17, 1976, she never was the same until her death in July of 1992, as I read your story I can feel how much you loved each other just like my grand parents loved each other. This story is a masterpiece thanks for sharing it with us

ch 3 is coming soon

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So within 24 hours it be on site to read unless something is wrong

Did anyone else take up the challenge to write an episode?

Doing a story search for Brother Love, and adding sequel, I get No Results Found.
I'm guessing he either blew through the $80,000 or ran out of ideas?
Lost potential.

I'm sorry it took me so long to find this series

It's very entertaining to watch as the little group comes together. And there are sooooo many possibilities.


I just ask that you continue with the IC series for as many years into the future as you have in years of the past, don't end the IC stories as you seem to put out around Christmas time. We know from past stories that he lives long enough to take his daughter and hands her over to her husband so that is many years ahead and therefore I plead for your talents for writing stories that have us all thinking to continue for many years to come. Forget the anons who try to belittle your writing skills and look towards your true followers. Iceman

An awesome beginning

This is like a dance. You are leading, we readers are following. Let's find out where we are going.


Good writing.

So Superior Bloodlines, the black militants, the rogue CIA unit and the mysterious Mr. C get theirs with a showdown this summer. And then the Oldeeds Group moves into Crowbar's cross-hairs? Then it comes down to some new prep as Crowbar's next big bad is created with a long setup?

Or is Mr. C and his groups the big bad of the year and the Oldeeds Group won't get touched until next year? With a new big bad popping up the following year?


Comments on the comments

Thanks for commenting everyone. I love the comments, be they for right or wrong, as they show what y'all are thinking about my writing.

First, for Vincent: I'm not trying to be mean. Good people get hurt; good people die. My stories are not all hunky-dory and good sex. Remember St. Matthew 5:45. And remember that we have to have pain and bad times to contrast with the joy and good times.

As to the rest, I think the story arcs are finally going in a good direction. There's a LOT more not yet revealed that is to come. These story arcs will wrap up in the story "summer", and then we'll head to the ultimate finale for Christmas Eve. :o)

And keep an eye on that redoubtable Bowser... :o)


I was wondering if anyone would notice that. The answer is a little bit long but can be boiled down to "I didn't realize it yet myself". Longer version is that I realized that I was writing in the S&T universe at the end of Mapping Command. You'll also notice Kawehi is there along with Rachel, although they've been modified some. S&T was always going to be a mainstream book, possibly in the YA genre so I wanted to keep sex at arm's length. Between MC and Aboreal I thought to myself; "Self, real people make mistakes, poop, get mad for bad reasons, and have sex. Deal with it." So I dealt with it and just added them into Arboreal without saying anything. I will post an edited version at some point, the poor folks that deal with submissions are probably about to pistol whip me for constant edits, so I'm letting them think they're done with that for a while. There will be novelized versions for the mainstream of MC and Arboreal but they'll be toned down some, some of the more gratuitious sex will be a Literotica exclusive. (Anyone reading this thinking I'm a sell out: Go to your parents right now and tell them you wrote an alien/human sex story. Your aged, very religious, one of them being a priest for 20 years parents who get excited about reading anything you wrote. See my point?). Writing for me is a partly organic exercise, letting the characters surprise me, etc. Organic also implies a little bit messy in my mind. Sorry for the lapse, I'll fix it at some point.

Vincent it was to be expected

Jeanine Burke being killed has been on the cards for a while Vincent if you really read the posts and not carp on about WW.
She did not go with the plan at the hotel and was noted in women talk and past on to the others hubby. One ex SBI agent will I hope be the one who done it and then Todd can get even in his own way as his kids will grow up without their mother. Michael is as guilty as the perp on this one as he had to know what the policy of that group was.
As for the double murder being off the ICs area he can help by not pushing if he feels it is worth it and lets be honest here, that happens so often in real life you sometimes wonder how, but that is down to the other detectives being not so bright or not wishing to rock boats.
But with Jeanine's murder we all know that the Huntress is in the shadow as her apprentice has been given a job by her Mr C and Huntress and Jeanine were friends and we are about to find out how she died. I would bet a rifle shot from above (top of cliff) as it seemed to be close to the stream where IC found her body. A specialist type of aim and shot required to hit her in the only area she could be seen and for a very short period of time a nano second even. I would love the IC to pull in his ex to ask a few questions just to stir up her sheriff husband as well as her as she is a white supremacist. I like this story WW and the way it has started off looks like it could turn out to be one of your best stories. Just please have a go at that media bitch as she is getting totally out of hand, give her over to Cindy to sort out. ***** Iceman

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