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sad little tale

about an evil cunt, who either neglected her marriage or lacked the backbone to address what was going on in it. sad because there are far too many females (not ladies or women mind you. they're the bottom of the xx chromosome range. perhaps ill write a follow up, this one annoyed me

Very entertaining story *****

Well done. The author pushes far beyond what is reasonable and expected in a story of this type. Exciting and satisfying

And About The Predator?

Like many others, I have some serious heartburn that there are no consequences for the predator, NOR for the "friend" who gave him Rebecca's phone number. Ten years is WAY too long to let such deeds go unpunished. As others have noted, Warren is too forgiving. He needed to grow a pair and hunt down the dickhead and ruin his life.

Great work

Enjoying this story a lot... please don't give up on Sovereignty and Empire though also looking for to the next chapters in them as well.


we're having fun :)

Neefs a sequel

I don't like stories without satisfying epilogues

Hoping there is more

You have set yourself up for a very fine follow-on series with Stacy & Hailey (and maybe one more Shelly & Barbara chapter?) . Hope you are able to successfully work through whatever has been going on in your life and gift us with more of your excellent writing...


to call your senator.

one bigger problem to your small one

Both of them were busy at work and with family yet she found time for lengthy affair.
Most of his dates occured during his ''single'' weeks.
For some reason you are justifying her affair and demand for divorce.
Any reconciliation should have taken place before divorce.
She is experiencing cheater's remorse.
Especially since she has never said she was sorry!

It's what we want!

To sum up, for those of us who want to have sex with our mothers, aunts, mother's friends, teachers, and, well, you get the idea, just be able to sample that sweet 40s-60s maternal pussy around us, your stories are the next best thing!


Thanks for your story!

Boyd Percy

Charming and touching in the extreme . . .

A story that earns fives from those with a soul and ones from those without.


very forced, unrealistic; create two cardboard characters to exchange a few powerful lines and saying gentle things when there is no need to; very non-human, unemotional. One can understand the hero is bitter because of past experiences; if he was that cold, he wouldn't have gotten himself into a tangle with someone like Cindy, if he was such a good judge of character. One bitter soul and one twisted selfish bitch cannot make memories, considering the rationalize and blessing 'there hasn't been a single person who hasn't hurt or hasn't been hurt by the ones they loved.' Right, my neighbor's wife is beautiful and the guy is a nerd, so she will hurt him eventually; so, what I do is to be the first one that gets to be jolly with her; what's wrong? She is going to hurt her husband anyway. So, lovely rationale; if my wife caught me, then I am going to say, 'oh honey, it was a mistake; let's part, and make some good memories.' Our education and rationalizing does serve a single purpose - to help us become delusional, conceited, hypocritical, selfish, sweep everything the under the carpet of 'I am human, vulnerable, oh, I am so sorry. But take my advice, you have not only been screwed by me, but remember you will be screwed more in future. So, let's be friends after 30 years. Come on, give me a good hug, my future friend and present cuckold.' And Chad is a wonderful human being and a wonder father? Wow.

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