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Who doesn't like chocolate covered cherries?

When I was a kid, my favorite aunt usually had a box of chocolate covered cherries around when we went to visit her. Maybe that's why she was my favorite. Unfortunately my wife was never a fan of chocolate, but when I traveled (frequently) I usually picked up a red silk rose on the way home. After 56 years together she has a lot of bouquets of roses around our house..
Thanks for the memories, yours and mine,


Behemoth! But enjoyable Thanks a bucket load ★★★★★ WOOF!


Should have divorced her sorry ass as soon as she started this shit!


the key word is adjust....barring that there is the next step and the next,,,, adinfinitum, TK U MLJ LV NV

Where'd You Go?

In the sequel, he can learn that moment where he "... could've acted more decisively to prevent Nickole from leaving..." was when he first met her. Some real character development there where he learns to fix his "picker" and that this woman was broken from the git-go.

Maybe I missed it, what happened to Sarah?

Too much time on her hands....

She , like many women in American society, feels entitled. What, with the Feminist movement telling them that they deserve more and more every day. It's no surprise that many American men are marrying more 3rd world country women. What a waste of years for them both.


Huge mistake on character building. No way a seal is that unaware of what is going on. And no way an alpha male which is a requirement almost to be a seal. Comes from the pathetic excuse for a man you built in the lead character.
Very poor work and not believable. Proof reading is a lost art in the now generation.

This Is A Great Story...

But. First, it should have been posted in the “Loving Wives” section. Secondly, I have, after reading many stories here, come to the conclusion that the “Non-Erotic” section of Literotica has become the dumping ground for depressing stories that authors don’t know what else to do with. I would suggest that the “powers that be” open up a new section specifically for “Depressing as Hell” stories, just to give a lot of good writers a place to vent their angst.

Thanks johntcooksey!

Thanks for your extremely kind feedback which has made my day :-) I'm really pleased you managed to pick the whole story up on Amazon and it passed your high standards by not being "romantic fluff" ha ha. You're a gem, thank you x

I get it, but it’s a bit of a reach, don’t you think?


Good story. I like the premiss and where chapter 1 is heading. However, mother and daughter keep swapping names, and 600,000 has now changed to 200,000. I could get confused. Perhaps you need a sheet of paper on which to write these details as they come up in the story.

What went Wrong

was life's circumstances. It happens all the time, couples get so busy taking care of menial life tasks, they forget about themselves and relationships. Taking care of the job(s), doing the home maintenance, raising the children, the mortgage, the debts.ect. It fatigues you to where intimacy and relationships wanes or dies. The fun things just aren't fun anymore after 60+ years of age.


This story was way too disjointed. Made it hard to follow. I think it could have been a really good story if the author had adhered to a timeline a little closer, or made the time-jumps a little more coherent and easier to follow. Just my 2 cents worth. I’m not a writer, just don’t have the gift. But I’m a pretty fair judge of writing, both good and bad. Of course, that’s just my opinion too.

More Constructive Criticism

This story was just plain silly. Third graders don’t frequent this site. Or at least, they shouldn’t.

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