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FAN - *#* - TASTIC! Story!

I have enjoyed this "tale" immensely from start to finis - and I hope that it is NOT complete! I look forward to more! The only comment other than that is, while I was in Japan, I was informed that you do not "commit" seppuku - You "PERFORM" seppuku! And it is usually accomplished by the insertion of the katana just under the belt and swiped across, severing everything but the spine. So I was told...

from eg34904

WOW, loved ALL YOUR STORIES, including this one. It is sad that a lot of the negative comments, are just jealous, and can't even write stories, let alone understand how to follow along a good story line. I do know it is hard to write stories, and yet you seem to have a natural talent for doing it, so PLEASE CONTINUE to do it, and don't worry about the nasty jerks, that insist on being critics, rather just enjoying, or staying away. Not knowing IC was kidnapped, at the start of story, made it harder to understand, what was happening to IC, for me. AND his partner, Cindy, sure didn't let me down, saving the IC, IC still has lots of enemies to deal with, so there are quite a few stories left to write, as I see it. Jack Lewis, the senators, just to name a few.


Hi there peoples! Truly I believe that if a person who knows they have Aids and then has unprotected sex with anyone should be classified as a TERRORIST! They have to be dealt with by the laws of the country dealing with a terrorist! PUT TO DEATH! Great story Sorry for being so cold about Aids carriers! Love you all! GREG. OH 100 % OF READING ENJOYMENT BYE.

Good Stuff

I was there as a grunt Marine, 69 & 70.. I've talked to "bird dog" pilots, A1E pilots, and F4 pilots, but never a helicopter pilot. Very interesting to hear that vision of the
war. Very interesting, very different from the other flyers' stories I've heard.
Thanks for taking the time to write it down and post it.

Well written

Normally this type of story is not what I'm looking forward to reading. You guys have done a marvelous job of allowing me to enjoy your work! The stories I'm use to reading has one mate cheating on the other then some kind of showdown. Your stories seem to be about people who have been together a long time and understand one another. Cheating can happen but,the out come doesn't get the attention many anonymous people want. (revenge, BTB's) Because one mate forgives the other doesn't make them a wimp or stupid. Yes, Its a very difficult concept for most to understand but, true love and trust is deeper grace is also involved.
Thank you

Not getting rid of me that easily

Okay, y'all are not getting rid of me that easily. The next story is being written, but after the major push this past four months to get this "year" of stories done, the pace may slow down a bit, so be patient.

Just want to re-iterate two points: 1) while I appreciate the positive comments, as well as the comments trying to figure out the stories, obviously the Dream Weaver story was not well received. I don't mind people not liking a story; as I said before, it's your prerogative and privilege to not like a story. However, when I get messages saying "How DARE you change the characters! You suck! I'm going to *1-bomb you to death!", I start to not have fun writing these stories. I meant for Dream Weaver to have a lot more in it, but the reaction was SO negative that I cut out a lot of stuff and just put what was needed and finished the story as quickly as I could. It was originally a lot of fun to write, but that changed with the vicious comments. And if it gets to be no fun writing these stories, then I'll stop writing them.

2) partly related to the above, I am still disappointed that people did not even consider what might be going on, jumped the gun, and started hating on my stories. I've often enjoyed trying new things, going in different directions. The whole Amy story arc, and the attack on the Feeleys (especially baby Pete), caused some strong reactions, but people went with it. No such patience with Dream Weaver... the attacks just started in. The point here (as opposed to part 1 above), is that I no longer feel comfortable about trying new things. Oh, I'll try new things if I want to, and without regard to the response, but now the fun of doing THAT is no longer there.

So we'll see how it goes, but I sure hope I don't see the visceral reactions I got for Dream Weaver. Now you see how it ended, and it's all praise and high vote scores... where was that in Chapters 1 and 2? Oh, that's right, too busy jumping the gun and ASSUMING things...



When one master criminal gang is broken or taken down, another will always step up to take over the void that is left. Hence the IC and his team will have more to chase down, a return to Apple Grove for one and regain some law and order as well as hand out some justice. Malina is still someone who as we are told by Todd only just (not long ago) joined the CIA. Can Mrs IC afford to retire if he continues to go after criminals as she needs to cover his back. That leads me onto his (IC's) back in the physical way, as having been in two chopper crashes, I was retired after a while due to injuries to the back that could not be repaired. Grit and determination will keep IC stories for a little longer and then if WW wants he can retire him like I was to live happy ever after. Please WW the old IC has a few more stories coming. Just post it here so we can breath easy for a while until its posted, just let us know. An avid fan of your true writing skills and fantastic mind.


Good story, but it NEEDS an editor


its the people he aggravated were anti-establishment TK U MLJ LV NV


...of this chapter, I hope you mean.

Though, with many of the main plot threads now tied up, you're in a position to put the pen down on the whole IC saga, should you so choose. I'm hoping that's not what you meant...?

Regardles, I stand and applaud you and the IC saga, WW.


Thanks for giving us the Iron Crowbar!

A feel good chapter.

All is well once more.
Thank you, WW.


Maybe I'm stupid, but I just couldn't make any sense of this one at all.

Some marriages do work

Although I have seen this story play out with friends, some marriages do work. 30 years, 3 kids, 2 grandkids and still with my best friend.

Thank you

WW, thank you for continuing to share your brilliance with us, your loyal readers.


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