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your story is too real. Sad, but on task. Great writing. Thanks for sharing......

Ocean of Tears

I'm so mad yet satisfied since I need to wake up early tomorrow yet I spent hours crying over this wonderful piece of work. And my entire face is soaked with tears. Thanks.


My guess is that Silverfish is Keynes and that the $10 M was to secure his position in Wargraves' ACME enterprise, so he would be more of a player and less of a follower.

The other possibility is that the Oldeeds Group was behind the heist and the $10 M and the services of Mr. Keynes were provided to Wargraves as part of a large weapons sale.

Also the info on Vicki Oldeeds being behind the murder of Mike the CIA agent gets back to Laura, it would not be surprising if Todd's crew have something to do with her ending up dead as her being raped and killed slowly (in some underground bunker) would be more in the line of the sort of revenge Laura would dish out to someone like Vicki Oldeeds.

Correction needed

In the first story in this series it was mentioned that Abby's father had died. Now he's alive. If the author ever reads this comment I think he should consider going back and changing that in the first story. Perhaps he could change it to grandfather?


I know I'm repeating what others have said, but here goes:

Why in the hell CAN'T she tell her husband of 31 years that she supposedly "loves" about her cancer scare? Who ELSE is she going to turn to?

She didn't want to destroy him? But she somehow decides to throw away a 31 year marriage after a 6 day retreat? She HAD to have been at a MINIMUM already been thinking of leaving the marriage, was probably already having an affair, if not with the Swami then someone else! And you don't hire a rape the husband divorce attorney if you don't want to destroy him, and if you want to call things off or go easier on your husband and your lawyer won't "let" you, you FIRE them!

And I don't believe her that she told the kids it was her fault. If she did why won't they believe her? If she means it, she tells the kids, "You go apologize to your father, or you won't see me again!"

Nice work

I wish more victims of parental neglect would be this honest.

Decent start

Quite readable, I hope you plan to continue the series. Because as readable as it is, there is not yet tension or drama. Consider adding another chapter.

I liked it: 5*****

Thanks for writing. tom anon

P.S. There sure are a lot of 6th grade English teachers reading your stuff.

No more?

It's been a month?


that is what this short window into life does. it touches nerves and emotions usually held deep inside.

because of the feelings stirred up it deserves at least 5*****, but that does not mean it was a warm and pleasant read. but, I think that is the point. you are supposed to feel it tug.


That story hurts. I'm going to carry it with me for a while, I suspect. It seems a lot like reality. BTW, five stars.

Can't buy the psychobabble either.

But the protagonist decided for whatever reason that he and his daughter were better with Laura than without her, and that may well be the case. Good luck to them. Just please tell me the daughter didn't turn out like her mother!


as always. Keep 'em coming Woody.


to see you back. Hope all has settled down. Great start, confusing at first, switching from 1st to 3rd and all. Can't wait to read the rest!

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