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leaving you hanging in a precarious spot TK U MLJ LV NV

I have no problem with a husband loving his wife BUT,

Face it he said he was always inflexible when it came to certain things but the writer failed the story.
1 Roxie allowed Eddie to demean her husband.
2 her family didn't stand up to stop Eddie.
3 Her weakass father had the nerve to tell him to allow Eddie to continue to abuse his own daughter when he should have been kicking Eddies ass.
4 Roxie's sorry ass had a steep price to pay long before the kitchen talk.
5 If he put up with that BS he was too flexible
Your story may have done its job because by your misrepresentation of what was given at the beginning of this story only made me angry at you! 2 stars

Well written but...

I absolutely hate it when the betrayed man meets the real love of his life immediately after the betrayal. It happens so many times on this site. It's not only the author being lazy and insulting the credibility of the readers but some form of defence mechanism so the betrayed husband doesn't really have to suffer.

Not really true to real life is it.......3*

Good story line , fresh and entertaining

Joe Smedley

A tribute to MG Smedley D. Butler, USMC, awarded TWO Medals of Honor, maybe? Keep going!!!

good ol' space opera!

really enjoying the story, hope it's as much fun to write as it is to read.

Newhart anyone.

Took me a while to get into it. I really love your stuff.

Mouth open

Please continue, I'm on the edge of my seat.

So many hints

the way she drawn into the shadow,
the lure of the perfume,
the light,
Don't worry little one I'll take you home,
it's time for a snack


I actually cried reading this chapter. Never stop writing and please get published so that you can TAKE OUR DAMN MONEY!!!!!!!

ok start

but very unfinished.

A nice one.

Fine plot and well written.
But a few questionmarks though.
He has his new girlfriend hand
his wife the divorce papers.
Might be OK but sounds strange.
Like handing the control of his
personal life, from one woman
to another.
And then the fact he takes the bill
for the wifes lovenest. Granted he
gets legal rights for survailance.
But it sure makes him look like
a cuckold too.

So another story of a guy, who is
a softy. A good guy who allows
women to step on his feet.
A (controling) womans dream.
Good luck girls, in a relationship
with that kind of a guy.
You'll need that luck.

Thank you

I am really enjoying this story and am so glad you are
able to release nearly daily portions of it This is my
favorite on this site. All I can say is thank you for the
story and your writing style.


I still think your protagonist is a clueless ass-wipe! ...And the attempt at amateur psychology was just that....amateurish and pathetic!

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