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Well done!

Each of us will have our own personal view of Ben's actions (or lack thereof) but I really liked the way it was written.
We all fall. Every day. Temptation is just too.... tempting. But I applaud the author's recognition of the struggle.
One are to develop is Ben's inner turmoil. Even though he spoke to his Rabbi.. how much was he conflicted?

This is good, just like my situation right now. Please write more.

Dumb Shit

It's a fact, People do dumb shit. It's in our nature. We can't help it. Life goes on.

Beautiful tale

A really enjoyable story, well worthy of a sequel. The daughter has found him, but what happens now?


and then there is the Biggy Why. TK U MLJ LV NV

good one

loved it. write more please.


Maryland is a stupid state with stupid people, Ravens Sucks! O's Sucks! Terps Sucks! Inner Harbor is nasty and you was just ranked as one the worst cities and states to live in.

this site is for erotic stories.... since you are from maryland, i guess you cant read! stupid ass maylander....

(NYC and South FL 4 Life)

Loved it.

Different writing style , but a very good story !
5 *'s


It is sad when the wife ends up cheating when the guy is in harms way. It takes a strong wife to hang on until the guy comes home. She should not get squat for cheating while he was in harms way.

The Wife ain't the problem.

Think about HIV and AIDS. Essentially, people who contracted it in the past were doomed. I've seen it up close and personal. Have you ever dealt with a Chinese woman? They aren't like stupid white women. Not a lot of useless emotion. From her point of view, he was a dead man. Having sex with an HIV infected man? Seriously?

This was a very well written story. John was a sympathetic individual.....but he was infected. Plain fact. Confused people who don't understand that are mentally weak.

As for the suicide, that was appropriate. Each person should have the final say. As for me, Alzheimer's has killed most of the people on my Father's side of the family. I have a 75% chance. I'm 59 years old. That's just how I'm feeling about it.

As for the reaction of the children......they clearly were taking their cues from their mother. So, I'm not blaming the wife. As I've said, I've seen the disease up close and personal. I realize that transmission thru a blood exchange in a fight is a plot artifice, but in the real world, transmission is much nastier.

I remember when AIDS was first getting started. I saw a victim in Venice, Ca. He looked exactly like a concentration camp survivor. I worked for a Doctor who treated AIDS patients. So, I know both sides of the story. Frankly, John was lucky his wife kept talking to him.

Well hell, if we're both single...

Maybe Same Time Next Year is not just fantasy. I hope the move and retirement are what you want. You are talented and work will not be an issue. Living in your home state...good luck with that. You have lived all over and going back may not be easy. Remember that you possess an energy and spirit that can transcend the crap.

I am waiting for a day I regret the choices I made. Even now, I don't.

You have my attention, sirrah...

Looking forward to the next installment.

That was a most unusual comment BTL

I loved this story.
Would you like to explain your comment?

Mud & Shit (literally)

You are correct, however, there were no irrigation or sewers, or in the case of a small frontier town, no pavement. People were tossing buckets of bath water and piss out into the dirt streets in front of their houses, not to mention horses, they poop. They pee. It's icky.

While it probably wasn't mud from end to end, there were plenty of muddy, shitty (again, literally) streets to put up with in the old west.

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