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That was very tender- thank you for sharing


My favourite Author...What a brilliant and well written series....Can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Wow. One of the best stories anywhere, anytime...

I didn't read this when it came out due to the length. Forgot about it and then saw it again. Wow! Absolutely riveting. Too bad there wasn't one law enforcement agency with a brain - sadly that is our situation many years after this story was published. I loved the interaction with The People and Zeb. And of course Linda finally caught her man! I think this story could be cleaned up a bit and published.

Loved It

Great story, loved the ending, two lonely people together forever!!


GOOD! ~ The twat got exactly what she deserved!

The joke's on you.

There is a old Mexican expression that goes-" Entre broma y broma la verdad se asoma". Translation- in every joke a grain of truth shows up. That grain of truth is that she had already cuckolded her husband in her mind. Familiarity breeds contempt and she was filled with contempt for her husband. Any time a woman takes up with another man against her husband she has crossed the line into adultry. She did get royally fucked by the neighbor and she knows it. He is a slow witted husband who is willing to accept her pack of lies and lay down like a whipped dog. Why didn't he raise her dress and put some fingers into her twat when they turned him loose? He would have found all the proof he needed. A twat full of semen.

I thought it was better than the commenters

1) for starters, the boss doesn't control the sex lives of the workers. All sex was apparently consensual, so a talk is inorder with the miscreant.

2) OK, one time he fucked a hooker who's name he didn't know, and would never see again. Not virtue personified, but not evil, and not a threat to a marriage. (only in Hollywood do buisnessmen marry hookers.

3) Wife fucking the employee, is unlikely to be the first time, they have been fucking for a while, and this is a direct threat to a marriage.

Good story


great series

very enjoyable guessing at the outcome !

ignore anonymous

doing great I like a story that gives enough for the viewer to visualize what is and what is happening doing great keep it up

Nice beat - you can dance to it.

Your words have a distinctive rhythm, I'll give you that. Bet you have a Southern twang/drawl to your voice like the Country music you probably listen to. Not a put down, guy, just a reader's observation from the music of your words. I found your style more compelling than the story itself. One of the last of the great fist fighters perhaps? You could even be a Bob Lee Swagger sort of guy, hero of many a Stephen Hunter novel. Yes, I can see it. Then again, I might be totally off base. "I'm So Much Cooler Online" (Brad Paisley) as the song goes. Ever hear that Country gem?

You made an old man cry

I teared up more than once through this one. Sell done.

too much on an eleven year old childs shoulders

To expect maturity and good judgement fro an eleven year old child is stupid.

He kept his mother's secret only to have her betray him.
She told his father that he knew she had cheated.
Then was his father cold to him until he died.

With such a messed up childhood is it really any wonder he was harsh and judgemental into adulthood?

Yet Another SEAL in Literotica

The US military has only about 3% of its personnel in "Special Forces" (SEAL, Delta Force, Army Ranger or Army Special Forces, Black Ops) and increased the total number from 42.8 thousand in 2001 to 62.8 thousand in Fiscal Year 2014. 91% are military, another 9 thousand are civilian (source: GAO Report: Special Operations Forces, July 2015, available at:

But to read Literotica, every single one of them is now out of the service and has a cheating wife or girlfriend, or is a friend of a guy with a cheating wife or girlfriend!
This "Deus ex Machina" plot device has been around for about 2500 years, originating in Greek tragedy plays and has been roundly criticized ever since it first appeared. Please stop this foolishness, authors!

In this story especially, the Special Forces past of the protagonist adds nothing to the story flow, and as others have commented, makes him to appear more of a wimp; i.e., if he was such a Macho Man, why did he take it from the wife's lover, and put up with the wife's actions? The story would have been better if this concept of the protagonist being such a trained professional had not appeared.

Without the SF issue, 4 stars. (Minus 1 star for no resolution with the wife's lover, whether financial, physical, professional, etc. Have the protagonist do something to the doc! Sue him, expose him to the State Medical Board and try to get his license to practice pulled, make such a public furor over his cheating at his place of employment that the hospital fires him, go Postal on him, or something!)

The Special Forces matter cost another star.

The story was overall well written, flowed nicely, with good grammar, spelling and punctuation and kept the reader's interest.

Please keep on writing. (Perhaps a follow up on the doctor's just deserts.)

Once the egg has been cracked, its just a mattter of time before it begins to stink.

Lack of counseling and reevaluation of their partnership indicates it was a fairly shallow and tepid marriage to begin with. The adultery just brought the incompatibility into focus more sharply, and faster. At least there's no kids to suffer.


We're did the middle of this fine tale go? That dropped it a point.

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