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WTF....paternity test....then divorce the Whore...follow her ..when no one to witness kill her..


Are there really husbands who would agree to this? None that I know. This one was a complete idiot. And, as for the wife! Words fail me.


Been there, done that. Big Black Lab. Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing....

maybe misunderstood

She said she wished she could have proven to Michael that he was the father.
Then she says that wish will never come true.

Aside from Michael being dead the wish also could not come true if he was not the father.
So maybe not revisionism but regret.

Good story!

It's a good thing I decided to have a look at what new stories were published lately in Non-erotic. It's away from the crazies of LW.

What a strange tale

what an odd (?) imagination to come up with this story. And I read it straight thru! Scotty


Okay, so Carol is convinced that Bob cheated on her with Cindy, which is what got her started down the road to divorce. But Bob claims he never cheated again. Is this supposed to mean he was an unreliable narrator, or is it to make the divorce that much sadder because the biggest issue she had wasn't actually an issue?

I'm inclined to believe Bob; if he had cheated again, you'd think he would've told Ted about it, but even he claims that Bob never cheated again. And then there's Ted's wife. Bob refused an offer of no-strings-attached sex because he couldn't bring himself to cheat on the woman who was divorcing him. Also, it doesn't seem like he would've been stupid enough to leave his truck in Cindy's driveway if anything untoward was going on.

Oh well, regardless of who's really telling the truth, this was a great series. I usually avoid stories featuring such old characters, mostly since they're usually all about men/women pushing seventy banging people young enough to be their grandkids. No thanks. At least Bob kept it in his age group.

5 stars from me, across the board.

Can scarcely imagine that no one has commented on this story

It is about as clever a story as I have ever encountered on Literotica.

Thank you for the feedback

I wanted to leave this open since it was more about love between parents and children and moving on after losing love. I felt that was enough for a stand alone story. Too much more and I think the interaction would have been more awkward and overwhelming.

This was loosely based on real events and took a couple years to formulate the conversation, so I don't know if I will come back to Karen and/or Joan right away. More time to spend on other ideas...


Love the story and the Way things work out For Blackbeard. And for Billy

Darned if I do, darned if I don't...

I have some people saying "less sex!" and that they skip the sex scenes. Then we have a non-erotic offering (and all of "Going Rogue" is non-erotic), and someone (hiding in anonymity) whines about no sex. There just is no satisfying all of the people all of the time....


I think this should be regarded at the time when we remember our War dead.
It says everything about a Battle.
Thank You


Odd that this one has her using the opposite of one of the common excuses.

Usually, the wife had little to no experience prior to marriage and wants to have a little before settling down. Here, she HAD plenty of experience, didn't even get married till 31!

Good Story, As Usual

Anony must be a porn addict. I'm looking forward to the next installments--which, I'm sure, will have some of the sex poor old porn/sex addict will still criticize,
Shut up, anony, if you don't have anything to say. WW's stories are thought-provoking, well-written, and interesting--especially the Iron Crowbwr stories.


Good story but NOT well written!!
Too many miss-spellings, errors and/or words left out!
Get some advice, and a good Editor.

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