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Brava! Brava! Bravissima!

I read this story, your first published effort, on 23 September 2017. A masterpiece of describing down home Indiana. The eloquence of your descriptions was as flawless as a Hope Diamond; and the emotions evoked were a wonderful mixture of joy and sorrow for a time now lost!

Five Stars!

Once again, absolutely exquisite!


Wow. I read that and can only sit here, STFU and say wow. That's a short story worthy of fame.


you have to take all the hits pro and con TK U MLJ LV NV

Re-read Story

After reading the story over again - I retract my previous comment!

superb closet-cuckie tale

he not only runs away, but plays the victim and feels sorry for himself, must be like looking in the mirror for betrayed, huecuck, and the throbbing legion of wannabe cuckies here

Very atmospheric.

A good old fashioned horror story. Madness and possession. A reference to bizarre cults or obscure tomes and it could be almost Lovecraftian. Nice one!


Sorry but I can only say - "fuck you bitch".


They lived happily ever after! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Second reading

Story was reather short it needed more information.

Good One...

Enjoyed the trip...really a good reading experience Hermit. Easy 5* for a nice simple and easy to read story with a good plot...Thanks again Hermit, will continue down the alphabet...

You've got me interested.

I looking forward to Ch. 02.

What a Waste!

If only she had waited! I can understand Erin being infatuated with a mechanic,4 years older when she was only 15. BUT,she really must have had no romantic feelings for Troy to just ignore their close relationship since childhood.
SHE fucked things up! I'm surprised that her parents,along with Troy's didn't put lots of pressure on her to wait and see before getting married.
It's a happy ending but they will both always have,"What could have been." in the back of their minds. I suppose her daughters and his Sarah will be enough to midigate that pain.


If anyone knows assholes it's you, you are a complete asshole head to toes and everything in between.


Yeah, life fucked the guy over, but seriously he's a total asshole.


you want closer to true to life, read biographies whiner.

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