tagErotic Poetrybisexual bliss

bisexual bliss


i get very horny
every time i see you
i'm bisexual
and i know you are too
i know you have a girl
and i've got a guy
so why don't we
give swapping a try
i'll lick her cunt
you'll suck his cock
this is my best idea
and man does it rock
we're all naked
and you're on your knees
you're ready to service my man
and make sure that he's pleased
your chick's on the bed
spread eagle for me
i can't believe it's happening
this is my favorite fantasy
in your horny mouth
you suck my man's dick
and with my horny mouth
i give your chick's cunt a lick
all of us are moaning
and feeling all right
the fucking goes on
well into the night
you get on your back
my man's dick enters your pooper
he's very well hung
but you take it like a trooper
your girl busted a nut
and i felt so proud
'cause as she was cummin'
she was calling my name out loud
the room smells like cum
it's very intoxicating
me and your chick
are both masturbating
we hear you grunt
a time or two
but my man is not
finished with you
he starts fucking your ass
harder and quicker
your chick's on the bed
begging for me to lick her
i play with her titties
and eat her some more
i finally realize
what my tongue is for
i hear you breathing
his whole cock you are taking
this is hard core fucking
not romantic love making
he explodes in your ass
and you fall to the floor
i'm eating your girl
and she nuts once more
we all get to cum
and we're all satisfied
this is something
i'm glad we tried

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