tagErotic HorrorA Bad Day At The Office

A Bad Day At The Office


Chapter #1 Natalie's Basement Encounter

The sun was shining bright on this early November morning in Mid-Town Manhattan. Driving down the street was Natalie. Natalie was driving to work at the mammoth Clamp Center. A technological marvel that had everything fully automated. From motion detecting lights to talking elevators, the Clamp Center had everything a powerful person could hope for. Natalie worked for one of those powerful people, as a secretary to a very prominent New York lawyer.

Natalie knew that one of the reasons she was hired was due to her stunning good looks. A very tall, slim blonde, Natalie never had trouble getting the attention of men. On this day, she was wearing a very tight brown shirt and a very short black skirt that showcased her long legs. Natalie finished off the ensemble with a pair of black high heels.

Natalie pulled her car into the underground parking garage. She was running late so most of the spaces in the upper levels were already taken so Natalie weaved her car down to the basement level. She finally found a spot in the bottom level of the garage. She parked her car, threw her purse over her shoulder and headed out.

Natalie was silently cursing herself for oversleeping. This had happened a few times and every time it did she had to go through the basement level instead of the lobby. Natalie found the basement of the Clamp Center very creepy. It reminded her of the dungeon of a castle. Albeit with a lot more wires and cables.

Natalie walked through the musty concrete maze as fast as she could. Her black heels clicking loudly on the floor below her feet. She clutched her purse tightly on her shoulder. Natalie couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt more nervous than usual about being in the basement this time. The Clamp Center was a fairly new building and still had "bugs" in most of the systems. Natalie had heard rumors of the building sealing itself off during emergencies. She had also been afraid of getting trapped in the creepy basement.

Natalie was about halfway through the basement and to the bank of elevators. She was walking at a brisk pace when she came right out of her shoe. She looked back down at the floor and saw that her shoe was stuck to the floor with a green ooze. Natalie bent down to pick up her shoe; she ripped it off the floor. "Damn it, so much for my favorite shoes" Natalie muttered.

Natalie slipped her shoe back on and stood back up. Before she could get moving again, a big green glob of ooze fell down from above and landed in front of Natalie. "WHAT THE HELL!" Natalie yelled. She looked up and saw four green pods in the pipes. She had never seen anything like them and she had no idea what they were.

Suddenly, the pods started to move and shake. Natalie stared in shock when she realized that the pods were eggs. As the four pods began moving and being torn apart from whatever creatures were held inside, Natalie stood, too afraid to move. This was one of the most disgusting things Natalie had ever witnessed. Green goo was flying everywhere as the creatures inside of the eggs began to emerge.

As the eggs began to open, three foot tall reptilian creatures began to emerge. They were all green, with big ears and long arms. The creatures climbed down to the floor in front of Natalie. They looked on her like a sailor that had been at sea too long. Natalie could feel four sets of beady red eyes running up and down her body. Natalie was too afraid to run, and she knew she could not make it to the elevator bank. She slowly began to step backward as the creatures slowly followed her. She stepped slowly until her foot hit the goo on the floor. Once she put her weight on that foot she came crashing to the floor and three of the reptilian creatures lunged for the scared young woman.

The first thing Natalie felt were bony, hard hands grab at her legs through her tan pantyhose. These things began running their hands up and down her legs. The creatures explored every inch of Natalie's legs, she could feel the warm slime coming off their scaly hands through her pantyhose. While the two creatures played with her legs, a creature with crazy eyes began to place its hand down by Natalie's stomach. The creature clutched Natalie's shirt with its clawed hand and began to slowly pull up her shirt. Natalie was screaming as loud as she could, but no one would hear her in the bowels of the Clamp Center.

The crazy eyed creature pulled Natalie's shirt up to her chin, revealing that she had decided to not wear a bra that morning. The crazy eyed creature's eyes suddenly focused on the young woman's firm breasts. It seemed fascinated with Natalie's perfect breasts and all she could do was watch as it began to cup her breasts.

Natalie had been very busy with work for the last few months and had not had much of a social life. Her and her last boyfriend had broken up about six months before this particular morning. As the crazy eyed creature gently caressed Natalie's breast she could feel that her clit was throbbing and the crotch of her pantyhose was wet. She couldn't help but feel the pangs of pleasure beginning to hit her body.

The three creatures caressed Natalie's body while a fourth, one with large reptilian spikes coming out of its back, looked on. The spiked back creature found a large chain in the basement. While Natalie was focused on the three touching her, the fourth grabbed her hands and pulled her arms above her head, chaining them together. Once they had Natalie held in place, the spiked creature growled something and the other three stopped caressing Natalie.

Natalie looked up and saw the two creatures that were caressing her legs walk off behind a wall and return with two more chains with what looked like padlocks. The two creatures wrapped the chains tightly around her ankles, using the padlocks to hold them in place. Natalie winced at the cold steel through her pantyhose. The two creatures found a place to tie the chains to, pulling the chains tight to spread Natalie's legs wide open.

Natalie had never felt so exposed in her life, her shirt pulled up leaving her breasts out, her legs spread wide open; only her pantyhose were between her and these creatures. The spiked one walked in between Natalie's spread legs. It looked at the beautiful woman in front of it and knew what it wanted. It began to pull her pantyhose. Natalie struggled but the chains were too tight for her to get away. Natalie was now totally exposed.

The spiked creature began to lightly stroke Natalie's clit. It felt unreal to Natalie. The pleasure she was feeling was the most intense she had ever felt in her 26 years. It started in her pelvis and radiated out into her entire body. The spiked creature began to stroke faster and faster and Natalie began to moan louder and louder. Natalie could feel her body tenser then it had ever been, waiting for the explosion that would happen within her.

Natalie screamed as her body thundered in orgasm. Her body went limp and all Natalie could do was pant and try to catch her breath. Suddenly the creature's attention was drawn to Natalie's purse which had been dropped on the floor when Natalie tried to escape. Natalie's boss was calling to see why Natalie was so late. The creatures could hear the phone vibrating through the large leather purse on the floor in front of them.

The spiked creature pulled the phone out of the purse and pulled off the back plate. The creature began to tinker with the cell phone until the vibrating mechanism was continually vibrating. The creature got an evil grin on its face as it walked over to a prone and spread Natalie.

The creature walked over to Natalie and placed the vibrating phone directly on Natalie's still throbbing clit. A small moan escaped her ruby red lips as she felt another shiver go through her entire body. While the spiked creature held the phone in place, two of the other creatures pulled Natalie's pantyhose back up, taking great care to make sure the phone was held snuggly between her pantyhose and her clit.

Natalie was now swimming in a sea of ecstasy; the orgasms began crashing like waves at the beach. It would be more than eight hours before she would be found. The four creatures scurried off into the Clamp Center itself.

Chapter #2 Liz and Valerie's Morning Surprise

With Natalie tied down and vibrating, the four creatures walked into the clamp center itself. Their eyes lit up when they saw all of the technology they could wreak havoc with. The four creatures found an air duct and got inside to move through the building faster. The Clamp center was buzzing much as it usually does in the morning. One place that was busy was the set of "Morning Surprise" a talk show hosted by Liz and Valerie. The two women really didn't know each other that well, but pretended they were the best of friends while taping their show.

Liz walked out of her dressing room first; she looked quite lovely this morning. Her long black hair cascading down her back, a tight white button down clinging to her upper body showcasing her exquisite breasts. A short tan skirt not leaving much to the imagination, a long slender pair of legs extending out of her skirt encased in tan pantyhose and a pair of tan high heels.

Valerie walked out looking just as lovely; a longish bob haircut showcased her beautiful face. Valerie wore a purple silk button down, and a tan skirt and tan pantyhose like Liz. Valerie finished her look off with a pair of black open toe heels. The two women sat in two plush chairs in the middle of the set, and prepared to begin tapping of their show. Valerie couldn't quite get comfortable, as the chair felt lumpier and harder than it had been the day before.

The TV studios were much like everything else in the Clamp Center, they were completely automated. The producers and directors were in a room far away from the studio. Only Liz and Valerie were in the studio (or so they thought.)

As the light on the camera turned green and the teleprompter began running, "Hi and welcome to 'Morning Surprise' I'm Liz" And "I'm Valerie, we have an exciting show for you today! We will be talking about the upcoming......" The two women continued reading the teleprompter and trying to look and sound as friendly as possible.

But as they were reading, a creature with spikes on its back popped up behind the two women. Neither Liz nor Valerie could see it but the camera sure could. The creature looked around the set taking everything in until it saw Liz. As Liz was reading the teleprompter, the creature grabbed her hair and pulled her and the plush chair onto its back. Liz was momentarily stunned and before she could react she saw this green creature staring back at her. As she started to scream, she felt two scaly, wet hands grab her pantyhose clad legs and spread them open. She looked up to see a creature with crazy eyes stare back at her.

As Liz was being groped, Valerie sat their stunned. As she began to realize what was happening, she could feel something moving inside her chair. Before she could get up, a scaly green punched through the bottom of the chair, running its hand right up Valerie's skirt. Valerie could feel the slimy hand begin to rub her thighs and work her way up to the crotch of her pantyhose. It cut a small hole in her pantyhose with its finger and began to make it bigger and bigger until and could get its entire hand to her prone clit.

The creature that pulled Liz down dove in between her spread legs faster than she could imagine. It began to tear at the crotch of her pantyhose in frenzy. Once it had Liz completely exposed it stopped and got its face very close to Liz's clit. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and she could feel this thing breathing heavily on her. Without warning the creature let its long tongue out, it had to be a foot long. The creature shoved its tongue deep inside of Liz, she let out a half scream half moan.

Valerie was terrified, this thing hadn't touched her yet, but she knew it was about to, she could hear Liz on the floor and she knew it was doing something to her, Valerie did note that it didn't sound like Liz completely hated it. As Valerie was wondering what was going to happen, two green arms burst out of the back of her chair and immediately latched themselves onto her breasts. She screamed as she felt the arms rip her purple button down like it was wrapping paper and pull her bra down exposing he breasts. The creature in the bottom of the chair could feel Valerie flinch and tense up and took that as its cue to go right for her clit. Valerie let out a loud moan as she felt it begin to rub.

Liz had never felt anything like what she was feeling at that moment, the creature had its tongue deep inside of her, it was twisting and turning inside of her and she didn't know how much longer she could hold on. The intensity was becoming too much for her to handle and the creature that was holding her legs open was having trouble hanging on. The creature with its tongue inside of Liz could see how close Liz was and began to push deeper and twsit its tongue faster. Liz clawed at the floor, arched her back and began to scream "OH MY GOD, YES, YES, YES!" The orgasm hit Liz like a thunderclap, she came so hard she kicked the creature that was holding her legs open clear across the room into a studio light, sending sparks flying everywhere, one of which landed on a set of towels in the corner.

The creature with crazy eyes got up and started to laugh manically seemingly enjoying its impromptu ride. The towels behind the creature were now engulfed in flames. The spiked creature saw the fire and immediately rushed over next to the other creature. The two in Valerie's chair followed suit shortly. Valerie, still stunned began to get up slowly. She tip toed over to Liz and pulled the still stunned woman up into a sitting position

The four creatures watched the fire and more importantly, the smoke intently. They watched as the smoke wafted up toward the sprinkler system. Liz and Valerie were too stunned and morbidly curious about what was going on to run. "What are they doing?" Valerie asked in a shaky voice. "I don't know, but they seem to have lost interest in us" Liz said still dazed. Both women jumped as they heard the sprinkler system activate.

The creatures looked to the ceiling as the water began to flow down onto the studio floor. They began to scream and writhe in agony as the water hit them. Liz and Valerie edged themselves into a corner to stay dry; they couldn't escape since the creatures were blocking the exit. "Is the water killing them?" Liz asked. "Look at those bubbles on their backs it looks like....oh God!" Valerie screamed as the bubbles on the four creatures became even more creatures. The process repeated and repeated until the sprinkler stopped. Where there were four creatures their now had to be thousands.

The two women screamed, getting the attention of the new army of creatures. They charged the corner where the women were. Both Valerie and Liz were pulled into the middle of the throng of creatures. The creatures began to caress, lick and touch every inch of both women's bodies. Valerie was screaming in ecstasy as creature after creature licked her swollen clit. Liz could feel every inch of her, as she felt many fingers running through her dark hair, hundreds of hands caressing her body, the creatures even pulled off her high heels and ran their tongues over her pantyhose clad feet.

The spiked creature growled something, and the throng of creatures departed the studio pouring into every vent and open space they could find. Off to wreak havoc. Liz and Valerie pushed themselves up, their hair was soaked, their tan skirts had a greenish tinge, their pantyhose torn and tattered, and their tops were completely gone, leaving their breasts heaving as they tried to catch their breaths. All they could do was gasp as the camera switched off.

The army of creatures went in all directions; the Clamp center was now completely infested. Several headed for an elevator shaft and surrounded the empty elevator. They silently cackled with delight when they saw two pretty blonde women step on, the creatures grew more excited as the doors shut on the two blonde women trapping them inside, knowing that they could do whatever they wanted.

Many of the creatures headed up toward the various offices in the building, including the genetics lab that was housed in the Clamp Center.

But the people who were inside had no idea what they were in for, especially Brooke and Anna. The two women were alone in their office suite not knowing what was coming up the vent toward them. This would be a day they would never forget.

Chapter #3 Brooke and Anna's Unwanted Visitors

"I really do hate this time of day" thought Brooke as she poured herself another cup of coffee. It wasn't even noon and already the building seemed to be having issues. The lights were dimming, the climate control was malfunctioning and the automated address system seemed to cut in at random intervals. "This has to be a new record" she thought to herself. Brooke really didn't have time to be concerned about that though, she had just been appointed to the head of the PR department for the Clamp organization. She had moved up the corporate ladder rather quickly and found herself still learning the ins and outs of being an executive

Brooke really was a beautiful woman, with her long flowing chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes. She knew how to get attention and knew what her best physical assets were and knew how to flaunt them and today was no exception. Brooke wore a black long sleeve top that showcased her curves nicely. She also wore a short ruffled skirt that didn't leave much to the imagination and completed the look with a pair of black pumps.

Brooke sat down and put her long legs on her desk and pushed the button for the intercom. The intercom led to the outer office and Brooke's assistant Anna. Anna was fresh out of college and the Clamp center was her first corporate job. Anna was eager to please and worked quite hard. Anna had just started with Brooke a few days earlier and Brooke was Anna's first female boss. Anna, being so young, was a little rebellious in her fashion choices for work. Pushing the employee dress codes to their limit, wearing a low cut red top that seemed slightly too relaxed, more so because the lace of her bra was poking out, a short skirt in an imitation hounds tooth pattern (an eager, albeit failed, attempt at looking professional) she wore similar pantyhose to Brooke, sheer, silky nude nylon tight on her legs, leading to rather bright red heels.

"Anna, have you finished shredding my mail from this morning yet?" "I'm just finishing Miss Cates." "Good, let's do some memos" Brooke said while absent mindedly rubbing her thighs. Brooke dictated while Anna wrote out the memos, both women not knowing what had happened down in the "Morning Surprise" studio and what was spreading all throughout the Clamp center.

Brooke shut off the intercom and Anna got to work. As Anna slowly, typed her mind wandered to a pleasant blank state; little did she notice the small, hideous green humanoid gremlin that had scuttled out of a floor air duct, crawling towards her with quick, jerky movements eerily similar to a spider. It snuck under Anna's desk and watched Anna. Anna sat at her desk with her legs crossed and dangling her red pump off of her nylon clad foot. The creature stared intently at Anna's long, silky legs. It crawled over to Anna, and with one swift movement swatted away her red shoe.

Anna sat upright as she felt her shoe fly off her foot, before she could even look down she felt something warm and wet on her foot. She looked down to see this big eared creature staring back at her, its tongue hanging out and licking her nylon clad foot. Before Anna could scream another creature lunged out from the behind her desk and latched itself onto her chest. Anna screamed and struggled with the creature as it tore at her top. The creature on the floor grabbed Anna's leg and began to pull her under the desk. In all of the commotion, Anna knocked her purse onto the floor, causing all of the contents to spill out.

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