tagMatureA Basic Instinct Ch. 01

A Basic Instinct Ch. 01


Debbie moved into her flat with a determination to make things work. Her injuries had all pretty much healed by now, and the brief nightmare that had been Rick's captivity of her, was fast becoming a distant memory.

She had looked around the basic flat and wrinkled her nose in disgust, the walls which had been painted in muted colours, were stained and damp, and half the paint was making its own attempts at escaping those disgusting walls.

The whole place smelt damp and musty and well, not very pleasant.

The carpets looked like they'd had just about everything possible spilt on them and again Debbie didn't choose to look too closely at the stains.

She moved in and unpacked her few clothes and meagre possessions and then went out to the local shop to purchase some food and supplies. The shop had a sign in the window for the need of an assistant.

Debbie knew that if she was going to survive she would need to find a job sooner rather than later.

She stepped inside the shop and after making her few purchases, asked about the job. She didn't like the look of the owner who had slightly wonky eyes and a way of looking at her that was all too familiar to Debbie.

After chatting for five minutes or so it was agreed that she could give the job a go starting from tomorrow.

Debbie completed her first week at work with a deep sense of satisfaction, and no small amount of relief that her boss seemed to enjoy looking at her but never tried anything more.

She pulled on her coat on the Friday evening and walked through to his office.

"Right then Mr. Jenkins, I'll be off now." She declared brightly.

Mr. Conrad Jenkins looked up from the desk where he was sitting and gave her a slight smile. "You've worked very well this week Debbie," he told her quietly. "I've heard nothing but good things from the customers." He pushed a brown envelope across the desk towards her. "Here's you wages, and I'll see you bright and early Monday morning."

As Debbie reached forward to take the envelope her hand brushed against his. She snatched hers back as though burned, but not before grasping her wages firmly.

Mr. Jenkins frowned thoughtfully at her but didn't comment.

Debbie with a mumbled goodnight left his office as quickly as she could.

As she walked home, she thought about his hand touching hers. She'd not had contact with anyone since Rick, and at first she'd thought that she'd never want to again, but now she realised that her nature wouldn't allow for that, and she acknowledged the tightness in her gut for what it was.

Debbie could hear her telephone ringing as she put her key in the front door, and rushed inside to snatch it up.

"Debbie? Debbie is that you?" the line was a bit fuzzy, but Debbie could easily recognise her mother's voice.

"Mum!" she raised her voice slightly as the line crackled. "Mum where are you? How are you?"

"I'm alright Debbie, but what about you? How are you settling in?" Debbie had not told her mum about Rick, had simply told her that she'd decided to spread her wings a little.

"I'm fine mum, this place is okay and I've got a job working in a shop just round the corner."

"That's wonderful Debbie, I'm so proud of you." her mum seemed to hesitate for a moment and Debbie found herself holding her breath. "Debbie?" her mother finally said in wheedling tone, "I was wondering if you could do a favour for me?"

"What's that mum?" Debbie said cautiously.

"I've had a call from one of our neighbours, and they think that there's been someone nosing around the house." Again her mum hesitated, "I was hoping Debbie that you could pop round once in a while and, - just check things out for me?" her mum finally said in a little rush.

Debbie felt her heart sink, going back there would be full of memories, and no small amount of temptation as well.

"Okay mum," she finally sighed, "I'll pack a bag and go and spend the night there. If I pop in and out and stop over occasionally it might be enough to put whoever it is off."

"Oh Debbie you are wonderful!" her mother sighed in relief.

Having got what she wanted from her daughter, and established that Debbie was okay, her mum soon ended the conversation, full of the plans her and her new husband had for going out that evening. Debbie hung up the phone feeling decidedly peevish.

She grabbed a quick sandwich and packed a small bag, with a change of clothing, along with a small amount of food and other supplies.

With money in her pocket, Debbie decided to treat herself to a taxi over to her mum's house, and so it wasn't long before she was walking down the path and putting her key in the front door.

The house was cold and dark, and had a slightly stale smell to it.

Debbie fumbled her way in the dark, until she found the meters, and having switched on the gas and electric, she lost no time in going round switching on lights everywhere, the heating kicked in and the chill gradually began to fade.

As she switched on the lights, Debbie also closed all the curtains, and having locked the door behind her when she'd first come in, she began to feel a little safer.

She walked through to the kitchen and put the kettle on to boil. She pulled out a mug and spooned in coffee, placing a carton of milk next to it.

The sudden knocking on the back door almost had Debbie hitting the roof.

She stood staring at it frozen in terror.

"Debbie? Debbie is that you?"

She gave a little sob as she recognised the voice of Mr. Groves her next door neighbour.

"What do you want Mr. Groves?" Debbie called out as she walked over to the door.

"Open the door Debbie. I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

His voice really did sound concerned and Debbie found herself sliding the bolt across without further thought.

She pulled open the door and allowed her older, weedy next door neighbour to enter.

"I was just making some coffee, would you like one?" she asked a little stiffly.

"Thank you Debbie; that would be very nice."

Mr. Groves sat at the kitchen table watching as Debbie poured the water into two mugs.

As she sat down opposite him she caught the look in his eye. "How is Mrs. Groves?" she asked politely, ignoring the rush of adrenalin.

"She's gone away for a few weeks, looking after her sick sister." He told her tonelessly.

Debbie sat sipping her coffee; she had to admit that having Mr. Groves here really was comforting.

"So how are you Debbie?"

"Oh I'm okay I guess." She shrugged her shoulders dismissively.

"About what happened?" Mr. Groves began a little awkwardly, but Debbie cut him off.

"I really don't want to talk about that, or even think about it." she told him warningly.

He hunched his shoulders and sipped at his coffee in silence.

"So with Mrs. Groves away, what have you been doing with yourself?" Debbie asked, more to make conversation that out of any real curiosity.

Mr. Groves gave a deep regretful sigh. "Not much." He shrugged, "since you moved away life has become very grey."

Debbie was touched by the sincerity of his tone; she gave him a hesitant little smile, which he returned.

"And I'm not the only one who's missed you Debbie." He continued softly.

"Oh?" she arched her brow questioningly.

"You remember you were going to visit with my friend again? He was very sorry that you didn't make it."

Talking about his friend, being back in this house with Mr. Groves, Debbie found her memories of Rick were quickly fading, and she was remembering other times. The tightness in her gut increased.

She shot Mr. Groves a look which he caught, "so do you think you would like to play Mr. Groves?" she whispered.

His face lit up and it was all he could do not to cum in his trousers. "What would you like to play Debbie?" he fired the challenge right back at her.

Debbie stood up and Mr. Groves pushed his chair back a little so that she could rest against the table and face him.

"Would you like to see my panties Mr. Groves?" she asked in her best little girl voice.

"Oh yes please Debbie!" he gasped shakily.

Debbie lifted her skirt up to show him her lacy pink knickers, and arched her brow at him.

Mr. Groves held out a shaky hand and ran a finger lightly down her crotch. It was almost Debbie's undoing, but she managed to hold it together with just a little gasp.

"I'm wearing a matching bra, would you like to see that Mr. Groves?"

"Oh yes please Debbie!"

She unfastened her blouse and pulled it open so that he could properly admire her matching underwear.

Mr. Groves reached out again and stroked lightly down the fabric. Debbie sucked in a breath as he brushed against her nipple which hardened immediately.

"My, my!" Mr. Groves exclaimed in surprise, "what on earth could that be I wonder." He pulled down on the fabric and her nipple sprung into view, hard and pink. "My dear Debbie, that looks sore. Can I kiss it better for you?"

"Oh yes please Mr. Groves!" Debbie sighed and her head fell back as she arched a little to give him better access.

Mr. Groves leaned forward and gently kissed her nipple. His tongue popped out to taste, and then he opened his mouth to suck on her.

"Oh Mr. Groves!" Debbie exclaimed as the feelings shot right through her to her belly. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as he suckled and pulled and teased at her nipple.

His hand came down to brush against her crotched again, and Mr. Groves sat back in surprise. "My dear Debbie, you're all wet! Maybe I should take your panties off and see if I can dry you off a little?"

Debbie looked at the dirty old man that was her next door neighbour and smiled demurely at him. "Oh yes please Mr. Groves." She purred.

He started by pulling her panties to the side a little and Debbie felt the edge of the material rubbing against her clit.

"You like that Debbie?"

"Oh yes Mr. Groves!"

He pulled it a little tighter and bent to taste her.

Debbie sucked in breath.

Mr. Groves sat back suddenly his breathing a little bit heavy, "Debbie," he said in a firm voice, "Debbie, I want you to stand up and pull your panties down, and then I want you to turn round and bend over the table so that I can fuck you good."

Debbie licked her lips in anticipation as she did as he had ordered.

She bent of the table and opened her legs as far as she could, stretching her knickers until they dug into her soft skin.

When Mr. Groves thrust violently into her, Debbie let out a little grunt. When his hand came round to pinch at her nipple she let out a little squeal. When Mr. Groves started to pump hard into her she let out a little groan.

But when Mr. Groves' hand came around and started to finger her pussy, Debbie lost all self control and let out a loud climatic cry that had Mr. Groves shooting his load deep into her womb.

He pulled his now limp dick out of her and flopped back down in his chair, panting for breath.

Debbie turned back round to face him but remained where she was perching on the edge of the table.

Her knickers slipped down her legs and she slipped of her shoes, and then stretched her foot so that the little bit of lace could slip off onto the floor.

Mr. Groves seemed to have got his breath back, and so Debbie smiled at him as she slipped further back onto the table and opened her legs wider.

"You see Mr. Groves, you always make me dirty. Will you clean me up please?" she asked politely.

Mr. Groves smiled his greasy smile at her, "welcome home Debbie!" he whispered as he bent to lick at her sopping wet, cum filled pussy.

Debbie let out a deep sigh, "oh it's good to BE home Mr. Groves," she whispered as she gently pushed his head deeper between her legs.

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