tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Cat Has Nine Wives Ch. 01

A Cat Has Nine Wives Ch. 01


Author's Note: Well, I haven't posted here in a while. Been busy, but that's besides the point: I'm back. I bring with me the first installment of the main story to A Cat has Nine Wives. Be warned, this contains: Futanari, cum inflation to the extreme, lactation and a catgirl. You have been warned.


A deep rumbling began beneath her. It was comforting in a way, the familiar vibrations she felt as the plane landed reminding her of those vacations she took with her parents. She turned, half expecting to see their smiling faces, but it wasn't them; it was just a stranger. Michelle took a deep breath and steadied herself, both physically and mentally. She felt almost queasy, the anxiety that came with her return almost had her wishing she'd never boarded her flight, but it was too late now. Somewhat calm, she stood once the plane had completed its landing and walked down the aisle like everyone else, though she was fully conscious of the stares she received. Given the fairly small town they landed in, she wasn't surprised people were shocked to see someone of her appearance there.

Michelle ignored the looks however and continued to make her way to baggage claim. She was used to them by now, having acclimated herself to such viewing during her time in England. Still, she felt a small blush of mild embarrassment, but also pride from her appearance, especially when she thought back to how she had looked just over three years ago. Michelle glanced at her reflection of a window, noting her full, pouting lips, dark rimmed eyes, long crimson hair and of course her body proper. When she had left, her breasts had looked to be large E or average F cups, if such a thing was possible, but now they were G going on H cups. Her ass was shapely and large, framed by her womanly hips, which in turn were accentuated by her slender waist. Of course this wasn't even her proper appearance.

As she carried her luggage to the front of the airport, quickly hailing a taxi, Michelle let the memories of what had happened come over her. Three years ago, she had been shot, only to find a drug of somekind that may as well have been a miracle, as it had healed her wound. The gunman was caught, but it was later reported that he hanged himself before the police could get any information out of him. After that she had taken the rest of the drug and experienced a dramatic change in her appearance and sexual orientation. At first it was the greatest thing to happen to her: her breasts grew, as did her hips and ass, while she retained her toned physique. Then things got... weird. Accompanying the growth, came something straight from a Japanese Anime, as Michelle had grown a pair of cat ears and a cat tail, each with crimson fur to match her hair. This wasn't too bad either at first.

As she reminisced the scenery passed by quickly, but her inhuman eyes caught almost every detail as if they went by in slow motion. The cat traits had come with perks besides her enhanced appearance, as she could now hear much better than ever before, see in total darkness, even smell the most slight scents, and that was in her 'normal' state. When she let her ears and tail out, she found her senses heightened even further, including her strength. Michelle glanced down at the pewter cross she had bought on a whim one day, while pewter was not the strongest of materials, it wasn't exactly easy for humans to bend without machinery. Almost without thinking, Michelle began to deftly mould the cross into a ball, then change it back.

To any who heard this, they would think there were no downsides. And there weren't, depending on your views. The changes had brought a massive boost to Michelle's libido, and had also caused her to act on secret desires involving several women in her home town. Michelle was a lesbian, something she had known before the change, but had refused to completely accept for fear of further isolation at her school. With the drug, she hadn't given a second thought to acting on her secret desires. Madison, a popular girl who had personally tormented Michelle during 9th and some of 10th grade, had been one of those desires. Even now, Michelle had to shake the thoughts from her mind to keep her arousal at bay.

Her desire hadn't been limited to just those she had secret lust for. Michelle assumed her body was in a sort of constant heat, pumping out overwhelming pheromones mixed with a natural aphrodisiac or something. It was more or less only a theory, but one that she thought to be the most accurate. Those had come into play after her transformation, when she had expressed a desire to fuck her own mother, who was far from unwilling, however Michelle's consciousness, thankfully, brought her back to reality before they went too far. Until she went to school that day.

With the sudden increase in her sexual appearance, Michelle was targeted by Madison and her posse. When they had cornered her in the girl's bathroom, Michelle had been overwhelmed by the scent of so many women, all of which were unknowingly exuding their unknown desire for sex, though this was mostly normal for teenagers. To cut a long story short, Michelle's lust had taken complete control, which resulted in a threesome with Madison and Amanda, Madison's second in command, both of which expressed submissive behaviour after the act. Thinking about this led Michelle's mind to her other secret, one that was a good deal harder to hide than her ears and tail, since those at least retracted into her body when she wanted them to. After passing out from a series of merciless orgasms, Michelle had woken to find she had a new growth.

Even now, as she was driven into the town she had grown up in, her cock gave a twitch at the memory. Michelle was a futanari, a term used by the Japanese in favouritism over hermaphrodite. Her pussy remained, but was often blocked by her now cantaloupe sized balls, the scrotum that held them always taut around the orbs. Her cock was currently ten inches when flaccid, big enough that she had to keep it tied to her thigh, since she couldn't press it between her thighs due to her balls. When it had first grown, Michelle's cock was only eight inches with balls just a touch smaller than softballs, but like the rest of her, they had grown over the years. Thankfully, Michelle had grown accustomed to the new appendage and even enjoyed having it.

A feeling of constriction around her cock brought her attention back to reality. Michelle quickly filled her mind with unarousing thoughts, her cock already struggling against its restraints as it grew to a foot in length. Thankfully, the thoughts of old nuns being tortured by the devil quickly diminished any sense of arousal. She breathed a sigh of relief, and let her mind focus on the buildings passing by. It almost brought a tear to her eye, seeing so many buildings she recognised, rather than the unknown streets of English towns and cities. It's good to be back, she thought, though the sense of worry was hard to displace.

It was understandable. In the three years she had spent in England, she had hardly ventured outside of the home she had rented in the countryside. She had made roughly six trips into a large city, and each time she had been paranoid about any woman she came across, her eyes alert for any sign that they were aroused by her. The first time, she had been onset by at least a dozen women, all in their late teens or early twenties, clearly in their prime, and each one practically followed Michelle like a pack of puppies. Fortunately, Michelle had been able to escape before things could escalate. The next few times she had been able to spend a few hours in public before her pheromones took effect, and the last one had seen no incidents, though that had been during the Christmas holidays, when most were with families. Still, the tests had paid off and she felt somewhat confident that she could control herself.

Even then that control was fragile. Michelle's libido was off the charts, to the point where she actually needed to masturbate multiple times a day, at least if she wanted to go out in public. The first time had been a day when she had refused to get herself off, and the potency of her pheromones was far greater than the other times, something she proved on another occasion that had very nearly resulted in her losing control. A shudder ran through Michelle at the thought, though whether it was one of pleasure or terror was impossible to determine, even for her. The taxi came to halt, the driver slamming on the breaks suddenly, jolting Michelle from her mind. Seeing that she was at her destination, she paid and departed.

Michelle had chosen to rent an apartment. She knew she had plenty of money, enough to possibly even buy a nice house, but she didn't want a permanent residence in case things went south, as they had done before. The building was possibly the largest in the town, besides the distant mall that was little more than a glorified Walmart. Michelle entered and was about to head towards the elevators, but, upon seeing it was carrying several people, about half of which were attractive women, she made a bee-line for the stairs. Her luggage was light, in that she only had a small suitcase and a backpack, but they were filled the to breakpoint with clothes, one set for her normal state, and the others for when she transformed. Michelle walked easily up the stairs, resisting the urge to jump between each flight in case someone happened to see.

Her apartment was on the second highest floor. Even without the luggage, most people wouldn't dream of climbing so many stairs, but to Michelle she may as well have been taking a brief walk through the park. Upon reaching her floor, Michelle opened the stairwell door and was met by a strangely familiar face. This didn't matter to her, as she immediately averted her eyes, having noticed the attractive appearance of the woman.

"Sorry about that." She mumbled and stood aside, letting the women walked through.

"Don't worry about it, thanks." The stranger said in parting. As they walked down, Michelle looked after them, thinking that the voice was familiar as well, but she couldn't quite place it. Shrugging she continued and made her way to her new, if temporary, home. It was well kept, despite her being the first resident. The carpeted floor was clear of any dirt and mould, the walls were painted a plain white with hooks around the place for pictures. A tv stand even sat in the centre room opposite a small couch. In the bedroom there was a neatly done bed, the sheets, covers and pillow cases all plain white like the walls. The fridge was stocked already as well, though only with a small bottle of milk and some food.

You really get your money's worth here, Michelle thought as she went about familiarising herself with the layout. She made sure to keep the scent in mind, her nose as effective as any other means to tell if there had been an intruder. The only thing lacking was a chest of drawers for her clothes, but given that she had anticipated having to buy a couch, bed and the drawers, it was only a mild nuisance, though it did mean she had to go outside. Her stomach also growled, reminding her that she hadn't eaten since midway through her flight. She took a deep breath and steeled herself, mentally telling herself she could handle this at least.

Feeling somewhat prepared, she decided to head out. It was only three in the afternoon on Thursday, so she was certain most stores would be open. Michelle used the stairs again, having heard several people crowding around it on her floor. As with earlier, she was met by the familiar stranger upon opening the door.

"Hello again." They greeted her, to which Michelle only smiled nervously and nodded; the voice really was familiar, "Don't see many people using the stairs around her, heading to the gym?"

"There's a gym here?" Michelle asked, surprise overwhelming her briefly, causing her to look up.

"Yeah, it's on the third floor. Got a swimming pool and everything... are you alright?" She asked, seeing Michelle staring at her.

"Huh? Oh, um, yeah, yes. I'm fine... um, I've gotta go." Michelle excused herself and lightly pushed past the woman, rushing down the stairs. She was gorgeous: full, pouting lips coated in glossy red lipstick. Her eyes were framed by thick lashes and almost seemed to smoulder with sensuality. Her skin was smooth and flawless. Michelle had glanced down briefly during the short conversation, and she clearly remembered the large, round breasts staining against the woman's shirt, with a slim waist emphasising her bust and shapely hips. Michelle stopped and looked up catching sight of the woman's rear, seeing it peaking beneath her short skirt to reveal the lacy thong she wore. Michelle felt her cock throb with desire at the sight.

Thankfully, she had practised such occasions in England. She would look at beautiful women in magazines or on the internet, but, when she felt herself growing aroused, she would immediately turn all thoughts to old women, wrinkled and grey, nothing attractive about them. If her cock was actually reaching erection, she would think of gory movies like Hostel or Evil Dead. To her eternal relief, the work had paid off and she was mostly able to quell her arousal with such thoughts. With her mind clear and her penis still, Michelle continued to walk down the stairs, setting a brisk pace to make sure her mind didn't wander. It wasn't long before she was heading back out into the streets.

Michelle was familiar with the town's layout, her frequent jogs during school holidays or on weekends giving her a near instinctive knowledge of the best routes to take. As such she headed in the direction of the nearest furniture store, a place that was small, as were most other stores in the town, but her mother had frequented the shop and the furniture they offered was comfortable and long lasting, even given their affordable prices. Michelle kept her mind focused on her goals for the outing; purchase a chest of drawers for her apartment, and get something to eat. She used to have a focused mind when it came to clear goals, even if they were small, and now was no exception. Attractive women passed her by, even bumping into her, but Michelle's attention was on her prospective purchase. Not long after hailing an employee, she had bought what she wanted.

Michelle told them to hold onto it for now, saying that she would be back in an hour or so. Most of the employees were men, so she felt at ease talking to them, having found very quickly that her pheromones didn't affect the male gender. They were eager to help her in any they could, given her just below average height of five foot five, and of course her G cup breasts didn't hurt either. It almost made Michelle giddy thinking about how easily swayed men were, all because she had a nice body. She wandered around the town for a little while, eyeing various takeaway places and diners, until her gaze fell on a new restaurant. At least, one that hadn't been there when she had left.

It was only slightly larger than a diner, but the design was distinctly that of a restaurant. It seemed to have families in mind for the most part, as Michelle could see various tv sets playing children shows. It was also family owned, clearly something that played a part in the layout. Michelle took a sniff of the air and her mouth was soon watering, smelling the scent of grilled fish above all others. As she walked in, she caught sight of a sign saying they were looking for a new waiter or waitress. Well, I might need the extra cash, and it might be a good way to preoccupy myself, Michelle thought and made a mental note to hand in her résumé tomorrow. She also remembered that she actually needed to make and print out a résumé.

She took a seat secluded in the back and browsed the menu. Michelle's eyes immediately caught the fish related meals, she soon called over a waiter and ordered a grilled salmon with a large glass of fresh milk. I really am a stereotypical catgirl, Michelle thought and chuckled under her breath, finding the thought mildly amusing. She was somewhat thankful to her new taste in food, as it had served to keep her spending down, since she had lived fairly close to the ocean, roughly a thirty minute run at full force. And so, with her superhuman body, she was able to hunt fish fairly easily. Milk came as a kindness from a couple of farms nearby, the people who owned them elderly and eager for a helping hand.

Despite her diet of fish and milk, Michelle's body worked as great as ever. Her food expenses were rarely an issue, only when she was unable to catch enough fish or the cows were sick or something did she have to purchase a meal. Not only that, but after she moved to England she found someone who made fake Ids, perfect ones at that, to the point where even banks couldn't find the difference. Granted, the id alone had cost Michelle twenty thousand British pounds, which roughly came to thirty thousand American dollars, but it was worth it, as she was able to set up a bank account and earn interest. The house she had rented was rundown and no one was willing to buy it, due to the cost of fixing it up, but Michelle only wanted a place secluded and in liveable condition. As such she didn't spend much on rent.

Water was a mute point as she didn't drink much and her body didn't seem to require maintenance. Her skin remained flawless, her hair smooth as silk, and her odour akin to flowers. Though she did have to pay a handsome sum to get internet where she lived, but it wasn't much in the grand scheme of things. After that however, she only had pay a few hundred every month, which was earned back in interest with profit as well. Of course, it wasn't enough to totally survive on for when she returned to the states, even if it was only for a year, so she would do extra work for the owners of nearby farms to earn a bit of extra money. It had all paid off and now she was set up for a very long time, even if she didn't get a job.

Her food was delivered quickly. The scent had her mouth watering yet again and she promptly dug in, practically moaning at the taste of something cooked so well, rather than the haphazard job she had done for the last three years, though the food had tasted fine either way. However, this meal had actual flavour to it beside the fish, which added greatly to the experience. Even the side of salad that came with it was a welcome change of pace.

"How was it?" The waiter asked as he came to clear up her dishes.

"Delicious. I haven't eaten anything like that in a long time." Michelle said, practically purring as she stretched. The waiter smiled and handed her the bill, which she quickly paid for and left a nice tip. Definitely gonna work here, Michelle thought as she left, patting her full stomach contently. She returned to the furniture store and picked up the chest of drawers. They asked if she needed any help, to which she replied that she didn't, stating it wasn't that heavy and she lived nearby. They almost looked disappointed that she didn't need the help, but didn't push the matter.

Back her apartment she placed the drawers at the foot of the bed. The bedroom was small, though not unpleasantly so, rather it was cosy, even if the bed and drawers dominated almost the entire space. The place she had rented had lacked a proper bed, any mattresses that laid around were old and far from comfortable, however Michelle found it easy enough to sleep on the floor, so long as she had something to shield her from the cold, at least during the Winter. Now, she was laying on the bed, under the sheets and purring in delight. Her ears and tails popped out as her body grew to full size.

It was a lot like stretching. At first the feeling had been somewhat uncomfortable, but now she actually enjoyed it. Her tail swished around under the covers, the feeling of the fabric on her fur was one Michelle enjoyed. As she turned to lay on her stomach, she felt weariness overwhelm her, having been so anxious about today that she had completely forgotten about the jet lag, but now it came back with a vengeance. In moments she was curled up and beginning to breathe deeply. Not long after that she was embraced in the welcoming arms of sleep.

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