tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Chrismas Story

A Chrismas Story


It was a frosty but calm Thursday evening in December; I was standing on an empty street in Exeter waiting for the bus. I'd had a good and active day, and I was in a calm and satisfied mood, not thinking about much (which is unusual for me). The trees lining the high street twinkled with the lights that made the night feel like Christmas. I was humming a charismas song that must have been playing in one of the many shops I had been in whilst I maxed out my credit card.

There was no bus around so I decided to walk up towards my home it wasn’t far but after contending with the late night shoppers my feet were killing me as I reached the bottom of blackboy road I stopped as my bags were getting heavy as I did the bus that would have taken me up the hill when flying past.

Across the road a light suddenly came on in a window, I looked at the window when inside the window I saw the powder blue of the wallpaper hanging on the wall there was a picture on the wall but I should not make it out. As I was looking, a nice young girl came walking out from what I assumed would have been the bathroom. She was a reddish blonde, slim, with a friendly and outgoing face. She was carrying a towel in her hand, and she stopped in the middle of the room to wrap it around her wet hair. To my complete surprise she wasn't wearing anything else.

From my viewpoint I could tell she was a genuine blonde, and she had very pretty breasts, she stood there in the middle of the living room with her hip swung in a smooth curve to one side, lit by a small lamp in front of her, and by a bigger lamp behind and to the left of her. Her long blonde hair looked a bit tricky to get all into the small towel, but she managed well, only frowning a little above her bright blue eyes that seemed to shine in the light of her room.

I was affixed by this sight? Had she seen me and was this show just for me if it was I was enjoying it, the girl walked to what looked like a small wooden table close to the window, and looked at some papers lying there. As she took one of them, she noticed me looking at her. She smiled a little smile and gave a little wave with her hand. My heart jumped with fright and pleasure, but I smiled at her and gave her a wave. Suddenly the December air did not feel as cold as it did before.

The girl continued reading the letter or whatever it was and one hand seemed to make its way over to her bush as she read and she twirled a few strands of hair around, I was not sure if this was for my viewing pleasure or she had forgotten all about me but after a minute she went out of my view. When she returned she had a light yellow dress, she lifted it high above her head, and slid it over her body over her delicate looking skin she continued to read and I could only see her silhouette which seemed to turn me on even more. She seemed to yawn, and went out of my view once again and the light went out. Then my bus arrived.

I got aboard, I was feeling so light headed, happy and dizzy with this vision of beauty riding through my head on the half-empty bus, I relaxed and began smiling to myself. The bus drove up the street, and I was home as I got off the bus I thanked the driver and he told me to take care.

I was really feeling good. The thoughts that were going through my head about this young innocent showing her body to me then it occurred to me that I was thinking was sexual excitement just from watching an innocent show at a window. Hell did I need a fuck considering how wet I was from this minor pleasure. So I just leaned back on my bed and relaxed as I held my vibrator against the wet patch in my knickers, and let my spirit slowly lift up until the events I had just witnessed were mere echo’s of the night as I was a wash with orgasm after orgasm.
Love Lin

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