tagFetishParamedic Station

Paramedic Station


It was an insufferably long wait.

He called earlier than expected, however, and I went to pick him up. He had a shocked look on his face when he realized I wasn't wearing any panties under my whorishly short velvet dress.

I wanted so badly to just unbutton his jeans and go down on him in the theater. I was patient and put my legs over his and stared straight ahead at the screen. I thought about asking the guy in the back row if he would mind too terribly if I asked him to move to a different seat. I daydreamed for a few moments about him watching us.

After a bit, I took my pills out to the hallway. I approached the drinking fountain and let my imagination run away. I could hear the sounds he makes when he's in bliss. I set my glasses on the back of the fountain and gulped a little bit of water to wet the water slide for the klonopin. I broke a pill in half and felt the gritty crumbs on my fingertips. I swallowed my seddy and started on my left foot while I swiped my glasses back up and balanced them on my face.

I made my way up the lighted stairs like a swaying starlet. I always look so good in dim lighting. He moved his feet back as I slipped by him. I sat back down and spent the next two hours or so leaning on his shoulder.

The movie was over so suddenly, I felt dizzy. "Was that it?" I thought. We walked down the stairs again, and my eyes wouldn't adjust.

"Are you okay? You look pissed."

"Yeah, my eyes just won't adjust."

"Should we stop for a minute?"


He leaned against the wall and, as usual, my eyes searched his body up and down. I felt them tearing his clothes right off. After a minute we went out into the hall.

"Just a minute. I have to pee, then we'll go out this way."

"Aaall right then." he said in his usual character voice.

I pushed the bathroom door open and felt the whooshing of air behind it. Those doors always seem so heavy. I sat down to piss and thought about what we might do next. I wiped, flushed, and slung my bookbag back over my shoulder. For a brief moment I wondered what my husband was doing while I was out with my boyfriend. I washed my hands lazily, and brushed my bangs back to one side. I looked like I boy with my hair brushed this way, except for the obvious breasts sitting atop my waif-skinny body. I'd fuck me.

I pulled the door with one fluid motion, and there he waited leaning against the wall. We made our way to the exit door and I planned my next move. There was a puddle of what smelled like gasoline and moonshine on the sidewalk just outside the door. "That must be what I smell." he observed.

I pulled my keys from my book bag and jangled them noisily. "You wanna drive?"

"You want me to drive?"

"Yes, I do, because you are going to decide where we go next."

He climbed into the driver's seat, and as I situated myself he said, "You are so little. I don't fit." I reached over him and let my elbow brush him as I adjusted the seat. "Better?"


He drove me around, looking for the backup ambulances that are usually parked behind the stations. Much to our dismay, they weren't where they should have been. He got a look in his eye and drove back to the station by the theater. I felt like we were moving in circles.

"Can you be quiet?" he asked me.

"I can be silent as the grave." I said with a naughty look on my face.

He parked the car and handed me the keys. "Wanna see my station?"

"Oh, yes, so badly."

"Walk quickly."

I was so excited I nearly bumped right into the back of him. He unlocked the door and I leaned up against the wall. We entered in darkness and he led me through what felt like a hundred rooms. My heart was beating faster and faster. At the end of a hall, he opened a door. Inside I could just begin to make out a couch, a table, two wheelchairs, two beds. He chose the couch.

I could hear a cat yowling loudly just outside the window.

"Is that a cat or a person?" he asked.

"A cat. I can't tell if it's about to fight or be fucked." I replied.

He pulled me close to him, and put his hands on my hips. He kissed my face and nuzzled his against mine. He pulled my sweater back by the collar and down off my arms. I pulled the straps of my dress down and watched him pull off his shirt. He sat down and I climbed on top of him. This was becoming a familiar way for the two of us to sit.

We kissed for a few moments, then he slid his fingers into me. I had to bite my lip to remind myself that silence was imperative. He would get fired if someone came in and found us. It didn't take long before I was wearing nothing but my bra, and he was pulling his pants off. He is so quick at getting his clothes off when he needs to. I arched my back outward and hesitated for a moment. I let out a slow breath as I slid all the way down him. I love the sound he makes when I let him inside of me. He made that look that makes me think I might kill him with ecstasy. If it happens, it happens.

I felt like I was in a dream. I bucked against him for a little while, then asked him to move over about three inches. "That's much better." I whispered as I continued popping my hips against him.

Somehow, in the next moment he was behind me and I was bent over the couch. I thought about how tall he is as he put his hands on my hips. He has this way of holding them just so while he slides into me. I always try my best to look back so I can see his expression. That really gets me off.

I'm not sure how we moved so, it was like watching a vampire move around in the shadows. We were quickly onto the next spot, the ottoman, then on one of the twin beds.

I touched his face, and thought about how I needed him to come. I pushed him back against the wall, my hands sliding rhythmically against his flesh, soft and hard at the same time. I spit, rubbed, then pulled my wedding band off of my finger. I sat it on the bedside table near the medical lubricating jelly he had procured from the station's supplies. It made a small clinking sound then settled onto the surface. I put my hands back on him, cupping and clasping, like catching a butterfly between my palms.

He closed his eyes and made that glorious sound again. We spent an immeasurable amount of time rolling around and shifting positions.

I found myself treading water in his eyes. He looked at me with that look.

"You look like a black and white film star in this light."

My mind wandered back to the photograph of Marlene Dietrich hanging just outside the theater we had just been in. "Falling in love again, never wanted to, what am I to do? I can't help it..." The words tumbled lazily through the confines of my skull. My mind snapped back to reality as the words left my lips. "We should get out of here before someone catches us."

"You're a bad influence, you know that?"

"Am I a bad girl?"

"You are a bad girl."

"Are you going to teach me a lesson?"

"I am."

"What will the lesson be?"

"Oh, you'll see."

"Will it be that bad girls get fucked?"


"Are you going to discipline me?"

"Yes. What do you think you deserve?"

"I think I need to be spanked. I think I need to be bent over and spanked."

He smacked me with the meat of his palm against my right butt cheek.

"Oh, yes!"

He smacked again on the left cheek.

"Oh, fuck yes!"

He continued, his hands becoming more powerful against me.

"Oh, yes! OH FUCK YES! I AM A BAD, BAD, NAUGHTY, DIRTY GIRL! I need to be tied up and spanked. I need to be tied up and FUCKED!"

I started to feel a sense of urgency about getting out of this place. Something wasn't sitting right. It could have just been the klonopin making me weird. We decided to put our clothing back on. I put each piece on, slowly taking inventory of my belongings.

"I feel like I'm forgetting something."

I looked around the dark room and decided the feeling would pass. We walked into the hall, and the unsettling feeling rose inside of me. I froze. He told me to come.

"I can't move. I'm frozen with terror."

"Come here!" He pointed at the floor next to him. I moved quickly.

"What are you so afraid of?"

"I don't know. What's in that back corner?"


We walked back out into the cool night air. I giggled a little bit about having defiled his work station. I thought about the dirty sheet left on the bed, and how someone might sit on it in the near future. They would probably faintly smell the scent of us.

We got back in the car, and he drove us to his house. I gave him the gift I had in my book bag. We said our good-nights, and I pulled away slowly from his house. I watched him walk to the front door, then began to pull away. I put my hand down between my legs and felt the smooth, sticky spot where he had just been. I turned the music up very loud and rolled the windows all the way down. I rubbed and rubbed, feeling myself pulse against my hand. ("Oh, god, you're runnin' up that hill...")

I let the feeling build as I approached a stop sign. It took everything in me to move my foot over to the brake pedal. I thought about all the ways he touched me, all the ways he turned me and pushed inside of me. I could feel my pulse quickening. I tilted my head back against the headrest. "Ohhhhhh. Oh, Azure. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, AZURE! OH, FUCK! AZURE!"

I had to turn around at this point. I had missed my turn in my excitement. I pulled into the driveway and into the carport, wondering who might have heard a crazy girl screaming as she drove by.

I put the car in park and turned the music down. I pushed the lock button and the car let out a confident, "beep."

I let myself inside and looked around my darkened house. I pulled my clothes off again for the second time and crawled into bed.

"Well, did you have fun?" husband asked.

"Of course."

"Did he fuck you in the ambulance?"

"No, they were being serviced. He says soon."

I cuddled up against my man and clasped my hands together under my chin. I felt an empty spot.



"Fuck! I have to call him. I left my ring on the table at the station! I knew I was forgetting something! It's sitting there next to empty packets of lube! Oh, fuck!"

I tried to be quiet on the phone. He had already fallen asleep.

"I'll get it first thing in the morning." he promised.

"Okay. Good-night."

I let my eyes fall shut and sighed. I fell asleep reminiscing about the memories of two hours past.

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