tagErotic HorrorA Cold and HOT Halloween!

A Cold and HOT Halloween!


It is Friday, the day before Halloween. Even though it is the beginning of the day, you are already worn out from a long week! You board the commuter train, choosing a car that is not at all crowded. The last thing you want is a bunch of noisy babbling all around you! You slide into the seat with a weary sigh and lean against the window, mindlessly watching the world go by.

At the next stop, a most unusual woman steps from the platform into your car. You can't help but notice her. She looks rather like the Bride of Frankenstein, or the willing victim of a charming vampire. She is unnaturally pale, and sports a number of what appear to be scars, as well as a few fresh wounds. Blood, now congealed, has dripped a couple of inches from each of two small holes in the side of her neck.

As a ray of weak sunlight streams in the window, you realize you can see her body almost as easily as if she were naked! She is wearing a nightgown, long and white and made of a diaphanous lightweight cotton or linen. The neckline is round and dips quite low, showing some impressive cleavage, especially considering that she clearly is not wearing a bra. What else might or might not be under the gown is suddenly obscured as the train enters a tunnel.

At the next stop, you see that she is still standing just inside the door to the car, staring intently around the car and at the commuters on the platform. As an older woman approaches the door, she hisses at her like a cat or a snake, sending the poor woman scurrying to find a different car. Finally, the doors slide shut and the train begins to move again.

She floats through the train car, carefully examining the handful of other passengers before fixing her gaze on you. You glance up, and your eyes meet hers. You can't look away! She has you pinned down with her penetrating stare, as she glides closer and slips into the seat next to you. You are slightly unnerved. There are numerous unoccupied seats, but she has chosen to sit right next to you. Her presence feels eerie, and she looks even more frightening close up.

A cold chill washes over your body, until a realization dawns on you, and you smile to yourself in embarrassment. It's the day before Halloween! Some people are wearing costumes to their workplaces, and she is obviously one of them. You turn to her smiling and say, "Great costume!"

She says nothing, but again entraps you in her intense stare. It feels as if her eyes are boring into your very soul, but you still can't look away. You discover that her eyes appear to be continually changing color--from grey to blue to green and around again. You study her face and begin to doubt your recent sense of relief. What you had assumed just minutes ago was a "fright wig" now appears quite clearly to be her own hair. It is arranged in the clichéd "finger-in-a-light-socket" style, yet it seems to be completely natural and "un-done." What you assumed was a highly-skilled job of stage makeup also looks amazingly natural and "real." You remember having watched makeup artists apply fake scars and wounds, but again hers show no trace of makeup!

You finally manage to escape the lock her eyes have held on yours. You blink a couple of times, then turn to look out the window. It is then that you feel her hand on your thigh. You dare not look—you don't wish to become ensnared in her hypnotic eyes again. So you glance around the rest of the car, and find to your dismay that there are no longer any passengers in the car besides you, this strange woman, and a couple of "dudes" in their late teens or early twenties. They are glancing periodically at you and your seatmate, and sniggering.

It is then that you realize how cold her hand feels on your thigh. You still avoid looking at her again. But you feel the icy fingers lightly massaging your thigh, and crawling ever so slowly higher, toward your now-hardening manhood. You feel her chilly presence creeping closer to you, but still you resist looking to see what she is doing. An electric shock shoots from your brain straight to your cock at the moment you feel her nibbling at your ear. You jump a bit and gasp, and she responds by biting down on your earlobe HARD! This brings a small cry of pain and alarm from you, and a nervous giggle from the two young guys, who are now ogling at the scene. Your earlobe still in her teeth, she turns toward them and issues a low growl, like a warning from a lioness protecting her kill. They waste no time in responding, by making a beeline for the door to the next car.

You are now alone with this mysterious and potentially dangerous creature, and you are genuinely frightened. Her cold hand is now resting on top of your member, with only your pants and briefs separating it from your warm skin. She removes her teeth from your earlobe, and you seize the chance to attempt to escape. The train is slowing to a stop, and you proclaim, "Excuse me, this is where I need to get off!" But as you begin to stand, she pushes you back down forcefully with one hand on your crotch and one on your shoulder. Just as quickly, the freezing hands move to both sides of your face, as she turns your head toward her and captures you with her eyes again. They are now an icy blue, and look more fierce than before. And they have you completely mesmerized, unable to respond as she places her cold hand to your warm lips and says only, "Shhhh...."

You have barely had time to register the chill of her hand on your lips, when she replaces the hand with her lips! But unlike her hands, her lips are warm, almost uncomfortably hot. The cold hands are clasped behind your neck as she kisses you, grinding her lips into yours and forcing her tongue into your mouth. In spite of yourself, your moan into her hot mouth and your tongue responds to hers. She has now moved one cold hand back to your cock, which jumps at her touch, and she is pressing her generous tits, with rock-hard cold nipples, against your chest. Your fears are slipping into your subconscious as your arousal level increases. You are becoming aware of her strange and stunning beauty, both icy cold and kinetic. She seems to linger on the edge of movement, like a cobra coiled to strike or a panther prepared to pounce. Something about her embodies the sheer instinct that has driven animals to copulate for thousands of years.

Without warning, she rips your shirt open (you are beginning to get a sense of her almost super-human strength) and attaches her hot lips and teeth to your right nipple, while her icy fingers squeeze and pinch your left. It is an incredible sensation—hot and wet on one nipple, and cold and dry on the other, as well as no small amount of painful pressure on both! You draw another breath as a gasp, which seems to trigger her need to silence you once again. She places her left hand firmly over your mouth, as her right is expertly unbuckling your belt, and soon your hot, hard, throbbing organ is in her icy cold hand. You nearly jump out of your seat at the intensity of the sensation, but she has a rather strong grip on a part of you that you would sorely miss if anything were to happen to it! So you nod your acquiescence, sitting as still and quietly as possible.

Seemingly satisfied with your cooperation, her hand is removed from your mouth and almost instantly is holding your balls. You are now completely at her mercy, her freezing hands holding your most private parts. And you feel frozen—frozen with fear, and nearly literally frozen from her icy grip. A small involuntary shiver runs through your body, and she chooses that moment to slide from the seat to the floor. She is now kneeling on the floor in front of you, and you realize with erotic terror what is about to happen.

With one cold hand still cupping your balls and the other at the base of your rod, she descends upon you with her hot, wet mouth. Again, the intense sensations of hot and cold, coupled with your ever-growing arousal, cause you to gasp and moan. You immediately feel her teeth pressing into your tender flesh, a frightening reminder to remain quiet. Your breathing is becoming rapid and shallow, but you struggle to remain silent and still as she massages the freezing cold into your balls while at the same time overheating your uncomfortably hard cock with her mouth. She is stroking and sucking at a furious pace, which again causes you to shudder. She presses her teeth into your meat a second time, and this time, to your horror, you feel fiercely sharp teeth at either side of her mouth. Who, or what, the hell IS this woman? And why has she chosen YOU for her exquisite torture?

As these questions overwhelm your confused mind, the train has reached the place where it will travel a fair distance underground. Outside the train is all blackness, and when she issues another low growl, the inside is also plunged into blackness! You are now trapped inside a pitch dark train car with a probably deranged woman who has your terribly aroused cock in her sharp teeth. While you are turning this thought over and over in your spinning brain, you realize that her mouth has left your penis, though you would swear you can still feel the imprints of her teeth. You can see her eyes, now the green of a cat's, glowing in the dark. Her icy hands reach out in the gloom and easily find your hands, which she presses firmly to the seat on either side of you. You feel her weight pressing her hands harder onto yours, as she rises to stand in front of you. Now what the hell is she going to do to you?

The freezing pressure of her hands is removed from yours, to be replaced once again by the weight of her body, this time with her similarly cold knees pinning your hands to the seat. This means she must be straddling you, and preparing to mount you. In your near-delirium, you wonder if her pussy also has teeth! You hear the rustle of fabric, and then feel her lifted gown skimming over your chest. You can actually feel the heat emanating from her pussy as she lowers herself slowly toward your pole. You also feel the icy pressure of her hands on your shoulders. Suddenly, the chill moves from your shoulders to your face, and you can feel her hot lips only millimeters from yours. You also can sense that her pussy is excruciatingly close to the head of your cock, and you experience a burning sensation when a few drops of what must be her near-boiling cunt juices drip onto it. Then her scalding lips are on yours once again, and as she forces her fiery tongue into your mouth, she also plunges her heat down onto your manhood. You can no longer suppress a moan, but this time, she is moaning with you and you can hear her need. As she begins to hump you in earnest, your body quivers with desire, fear, and the startling mix of hot and cold sensations.

Words, unaccompanied by thought, begin to tumble from your mouth. "Please—let me touch you!" you plead, trying to pull your hands from under her knees. Overcome with her own desire, she awards your hands their freedom, and they immediately find their way under her nightgown and onto her hips. You pull her close to you, and use your hands on her hips to help her fuck herself on your rod. Your hands, roaming under the gown, then find her breasts. They are plentiful and firm, but freezing cold, and her large hard nipples feel like pebbles of solid ice. She clearly enjoys the feel of your warm hands squeezing her cold tits and pinching at her icy nipples.

She, and you, have settled into a steady rocking motion, mirroring the rocking of the wheels. Fucking on a moving train has always been a fantasy of yours, but this is certainly NOT how you envisioned it! Nevertheless, you are both becoming frenzied with passion. Her hands are now attached to the railing on the seat back on either side of your head. She is writhing and bucking against you harder and faster, leaning backwards to invite your hands, tongue and teeth to ravage her creamy white tits. You are more than happy to comply, burying your face in her cleavage while fingers squeeze and pinch her nipples. She is close to orgasm—you can tell by her sounds, which begin with panting and moaning, followed by a combination of a low growl and rumbling laughter, and moving upward into hysterical giggling and an ultra-high keening wail that almost sounds like a bat.

Then she plunges over the precipice into her mind-blowing orgasm, shrieking as if she were in both pain and ecstasy. Meanwhile, as you feel your balls tightening and filling with semen, she shoves you forcefully against the back of the seat, then begins exploring your face, ears and neck with her tongue, occasionally adding small nips and nibbles to this treatment. All the while, her overheated pussy spasms around your cock as her orgasm peaks again and again, driving you toward the same cliff. At the exact instant you begin to release your large load of cum into her still pulsing pussy, she bites deeply into the side of your neck. As what remains of your reality slips away, you hear your screaming voice as if from a great distance.

Your mind and body seem to be drifting in and out of a great void. At one point, you are vaguely aware of cradling her cold body into the warmth of your own, as you might comfort a tired or frightened child. Then all conscious thought slips away...

After an indeterminate time, you are awakened by a conductor shaking you and saying, "Time to wake up, sunshine—it's the end of the line!" As your mind struggles through the mists of the experiences of the last hour or two, you try to sort out the damage done, only to find no evidence that she was even there! Your pants are still neatly zipped and buckled, and your shirt is intact, just as you had buttoned it before leaving home. Was it all then just a dream, and figment of an overworked imagination descending into the subconscious? Perhaps... And yet you feel a dull ache in your cock, and wetness inside your briefs. As you gather your bag to leave the train, the conductor says, "Hey, Mister? That looks like a pretty nasty slice on your neck. Maybe you oughta have it looked at!" You lift your fingers to your neck, and they come back stained with slightly-congealed blood. Knowing there is no way to explain this to a doctor, you duck into the train station restroom to survey and clean up the wound as best you can. Then you slip into a stall, sliding down your briefs to reveal a small pool of mixed bodily fluids, along with a few red streaks of blood. Upon closer examination, you find two small puncture wounds also marring the tender flesh of your sore and overworked cock.

Was it a dream? You KNOW it was not—but you also know that you don't want to jeopardize your career, your marriage, your reputation, and possibly even your mental health by sharing your experience with anyone!

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