A College Professor's Discovery


Sherrie dropped one hand to the base of the purple shaft jutting through the metal ring of her harness and gripped it. She pulled it upwards, moving the other end of the dildo against her own G-spot, shamelessly using the purple toy to masturbate while she watched the incredibly erotic scene in front of her.

Miss Victoria was again using Andrew as a way to make herself feel good sexually, just as she had done in kissing him. She was without reservation or timidity in her use of the man for her own enjoyment. It was totally, amazingly, stunningly erotic to see a woman with no compunctions about enjoying her sexuality do this with a man as a way to pleasure herself.

There was no doubt that Miss Victoria would be very, very good at fucking Andrew in the ass as a way to get herself off.

It was also a foregone conclusion in Sherrie's mind that Andrew would thoroughly love the entire process, as well. He had reached behind him to grab the woman's hips, encouraging her to press herself against him with abandon in order to derive the greatest sexual pleasure possible.

He was clearly in a state of intense sexual arousal himself.

So what else would Sherrie do when observing this but masturbate? That she had a new way of doing so--—the feeldoe's bulbous end pressing against her G-spot as she manipulated the shaft to cause just the right sensations inside her pussy—--was icing on this delicious cake of sexual self-pleasure.

Oh, yeah. That academic research thing. Yes, this was definitely necessary for her research, thought Sherrie.

Then she stifled the sound of a very pleasurable mini-orgasm.

Always nice to enjoy one's work.

"That's it, Andrew, pull me tighter against you. I like to feel your hands on me, telling me you want me to come," panted Miss Victoria. She had slid her hands to Andrew's hipbones, finding secure purchase there as leverage points to intensify the way she moved against him. "God, that's it, baby. I'm gonna, I'm gonna–-"

Miss Victoria growled into the nape of Andrew's neck as the orgasm hit her. Sherrie watched in lust and jealousy. She wanted to be using Andrew.

Right now.

Another mini-orgasm, and this time, Sherrie allowed a mewling sound of contentment to escape through her lips. Miss Victoria noticed, opening her eyes to see Sherrie watching her come down from the release she had just experienced as a result of the inventive play-fuck she had given Andrew.

Backing away from him, the end of the black shaft disappearing back through his legs as Sherrie watched, Miss Victoria said, "Very good, Andrew. Both my pupil and I have had the first of what should be multiple orgasms for us tonight. You were delightful in providing me my first."

Sherrie saw a smile form on Andrew's face below the blindfold.

The woman walked around him to stand in front of him, looking back at Sherrie over her shoulder. "I must do this right now," she said, turning her face back toward Andrew, dropping to her knees and sliding his hard cock into her mouth. He drew in a sharp breath quickly, and Sherrie saw the sexy motion of his abs and chest when he did so. Miss Victoria slurped noisily as Andrew's hips began an inevitable thrusting motion.

How has he managed not to come yet? wondered Sherrie.

Abruptly, Miss Victoria stopped her blowjob, stood to her full height and leaned upwards to again kiss her naked toy. As before, the kiss was passionate, intense, as if she were devouring him. Again, his cock pulsed in excitement.

The dildo felt so good inside her pussy as Sherrie watched this. She tugged on the shaft to make the bulb move in the way she had quickly learned would create an absolutely delightful sensation inside her pussy.

"He tasted me before," said Miss Victoria, breaking the kiss and stepping away from Andrew. "It was time for him to taste himself."

Sweet Jesus! thought Sherrie. What else is going to happen as part of this training session?

"Let's get our tutoring underway, shall we?" Miss Victoria grabbed Andrew's hand and led him to the end of Sherrie's sofa. Before turning him toward the arm of the sofa so that he could bend over to offer up his succulent ass, the woman left him in place facing the other direction. "He will need a little help restraining himself through two good fuckings," she said to Sherrie while walking to Andrew's folded shirt and pants lying on the floor where he had left them. Reaching into the pocket of his pants, she withdrew a narrow strip of black leather studded with metal buttons and snaps.

A cock ring. Sherrie had seen one used in the video she had succumbed to ordering last week.

Describing its use as she walked back to stand in front of Andrew, his cock still at attention, Miss Victoria said, "You loop this behind his balls and up over the base of his cock." She did just that as soon as she was back in front of him. Bending down to fasten the cock ring in place, the naked woman sporting a shiny black faux erection demonstrated practiced expertise in the process. "You have to gently tug down on his scrotum to ensure that his balls are completely below the leather when you loop this behind," she said, moving to the side so Sherrie could see. Drawing the ends of the leather strip up and snapping them together, she finished with a flourish and rose to gently kiss him on the cheek.

The visual before Sherrie was amazingly erotic. The cock ring emphasized Andrew's nakedness somehow. It even more powerfully said, "Take me. I'm your toy," than any other action or presentation he had made of himself so far (or that Miss Victoria had made of him).

"I really enjoy the effect," observed Miss Victoria, standing to Andrew's side with one finger placed against her chin. "Do you?"

Thankful that she would not answer with her voice (because the lump in her throat would have made that impossible), Sherrie only nodded.

God, what a sexy sight!

"You described this piece of furniture well. It will make an excellent demonstration area," said Miss Victoria, retrieving one of the towels she had carried into the living room from the bedroom. "This will be a good height for his ass as we fuck him." She spread the towel over the arm of the sofa.

Finally, Sherrie was going to get to fuck a man with a strapon dildo! She immediately released the shaft of her feeldoe, afraid that even the slightest of motions she would cause by manipulating the shaft as she had been doing while watching Miss Victoria play-fuck Andrew would cause her knees to go so weak that she would collapse.

"Come here," the woman said to Sherrie, motioning for her to stand next to Andrew. "It is divine to put the man into position. The act is full of such lovely implications."

The motions of walking almost made Sherrie come. Pussy juice triggered by her mini-orgasm a moment ago had begun to course down the inside of one thigh, overwriting the trail left by earlier tracks of moisture. The back of the harness' V-gusset, where the straps were attached, ended just as it reached the perineum, which meant the liquid of female arousal could escape and trickle down the insides of the wearer's legs.

Miss Victoria smiled. "Positioning him is an arousing act. I am happy that Andrew is acceptable for you as the first man you will fuck in the ass."

Acceptable? ACCEPTABLE? thought Sherrie. This naked man was so hot she wanted to run her hands, her breasts, her tongue all over him, take his cock down her throat, grab his firm butt cheeks and knead and fondle them, kiss him passionately as Miss Victoria had done, and ultimately, to fuck him in the ass with the cunningly designed purple dildo which was such a triumph of female engineering ingenuity.

Yes, Andrew was MORE than "acceptable."

And academic research—--at this point—--be damned, Sherrie thought. Lack of sexual experience in the past be damned. Everything be damned right now except sliding my strapon dildo into this gorgeous man's asshole and fucking him silly until I have the best orgasm I've ever had!

The woman had turned Andrew around, and he was now facing the arm of the sofa. She pushed gently at the base of his back, and he inched forward, stopping when his thighs met the sofa.

"Now, as you stand next to him, put one hand on his abdomen and the other on his lower back, and indicate exactly where he should be," said Miss Victoria. "He must be back from the arm of the sofa just enough so that his cock and balls dangle freely when he bends over, but no more than that because he needs the support of the surface underneath in order to push his hips up in the air for you."

Sherrie was trembling with excitement. The jostling of the feeldoe when it bumped into his thigh almost made Sherrie orgasm instantly, but she managed to back Andrew away from the sofa a few inches, guessing at what would be an appropriate distance.

"Then," whispered Miss Victoria, taking Sherrie by the hand and leading her to stand right behind him, "you push him between his shoulder blades so that he bends over in front of you."

Oh my god! thought Sherrie. This is so very hot!

She pushed, and Andrew levered himself down over the arm of the sofa. His firm glutes topped the inverted V-position created by his shameless pose in front of her.

"Now, Andrew, if you were allowed to hear the voice of the lovely lady who is going to fuck you tonight, she would tell you to arch your back," said Miss Victoria, smiling broadly from her position behind the sofa, looking down at Andrew's back and butt before looking conspiratorially at Sherrie.

The effect created when Andrew followed directions was gut-clenchingly erotic. Even more than the cock ring, it said, "Fuck me. Please! Now!"

"I recall that the scenario you will find yourself in calls for the man to spread himself open in supplication," said Miss Victoria, breaking through Sherrie's lustful and laser-focused gaze on the incredible visual of a handsome naked man bent over in front of her, offering up his ass for her pleasure. "Correct?" The woman raised an eyebrow at Sherrie, who nodded.

"Do it, Andrew," said Miss Victoria, reaching for the bottle of lube she had sat on the end table close to where the other towel was draped over the sofa.

He did. He reached back, planted a hand on each asscheek, and opened himself up to Sherrie's gaze.

Sherrie's eyes went wide. She stared blatantly and open-mouthed for a few seconds before clamping her eyes shut just to stop the incredible rush that was building inside every cell in her body. She was weak-kneed. Horny beyond belief. The thought of thrusting the fake cock jutting strong from her crotch into the tight starfish in front of her threatened to set off the massive orgasm she knew was coming.

She didn't want that orgasm now. She wanted it to hit her, to make her crazy, while she was burying her strapon dildo deep inside Andrew's asshole.

A thought crossed Sherrie's mind as she clamped down on the powerful urge to come. A naked man, bent over, spreading his asscheeks wide to expose his asshole, his cock and balls dangling beneath him—--what an achingly erotic sight! Yet it was one that before the tribal ceremony would have been a turn-off for her.

I had to travel half-way around the world to learn from a tribe in a desolate and remote location how sexy, how enticing, how arousing the sight of a man offering his naked ass to a woman really is, thought Sherrie. She would never forget the first tribal man-fucking she had witnessed, how fascinating and incredibly erotic everything about it was, including the display the men put on with their hands gripping their asscheeks to spread them wide and expose their crinkled openings to the women's gaze.

Never again would she walk behind a guy with a nice butt displayed to good effect in his khakis or jeans or gym shorts or swim trunks and NOT think how sexy it would be if he were naked, bent over, and his asscheeks held open for her viewing pleasure.

Miss Victoria knew what was happening. She had stepped to stand next to Sherrie, offering her the bottle of lube. "This is the point," she whispered, mouth close to Sherrie's ear and in a voice too soft for Andrew to hear, "when the young virgin tips the urn of lube at the top of the hunter's crack, correct?"

Sherrie nodded, afraid to open her eyes for at least a few more seconds.

"Then you be the virgin who drips the lube between his cheeks, and I will talk you through the process of man-fucking," the woman said softly, grinning as she held the bottle of lube up in front of Sherrie's face.

Finally settled down enough to open her eyes, Sherrie took the bottle, stepped to Andrew's side as she popped the cap open, and positioned the mouth of the bottle at the top of Andrew's splayed open ass crack. Miss Victoria moved into position behind him.

"That's it," said the woman who was about to begin her demonstration, "lots of lube. It's really not possible to have too much." Miss Victoria used two fingers to gather a large dollop of the viscous liquid from between Andrew's cheeks and deposit it on the smooth shaft sticking up from her crotch. She began coating her shiny black cock with the lube as she continued her coaching.

Continued ramping up Sherrie's expectations and lust.

Continued talking about things that Sherrie had been thinking about every day since the first time in New Zealand she had witnessed the amazing tribal ceremony that had so inflamed her passions and her desire to know what it would be like to fuck a man in the ass.

"Lots of lube when you screw your man is absolutely vital," the woman said, scooping more lube onto her fingers as Sherrie continued drizzling the silky liquid down into the valley that Andrew was making so very accessible. Miss Victoria concentrated this amount of lubricant on the head of the black feeldoe. "You want your dildo to slide past his sphincter with as little resistance as possible. You want to push into him in a way that lets him know it is absolutely inevitable that the fake cock between your legs is going to go deep inside him and that there's not one thing he can do to stop it. When there's a lot of lube in his asshole and on your cock, even if he's a nice, tight virgin, no amount of squeezing, of clamping shut, of trying to avoid your penetration is going to prevent you from sliding the entire length of your strapon as deep into him as you want."

Damn! Would the woman PLEASE stop with her explanations! Her words alone about this fantastic scenario would launch Sherrie's orgasm if she weren't careful.

Then Andrew's cock twitched noticeably, an obvious reaction to hearing the sexy details of why and how being taken in the ass was such a mind trip.


"That's sufficient for now," said Miss Victoria, her black feeldoe AND Andrew's asshole both thoroughly slathered in lube. Sherrie lifted the bottle away from Andrew, popped the cap shut and dropped the bottle on the end table. "Ummm," purred Miss Victoria as she slid one fingertip from the top of Andrew's ass, into the valley between his spread open cheeks, across his pink asshole, and down to the leather strap encircling the base of his balls. "Stroking a man like this is just delicious. It is so sexy and naughty to be running your fingertip all over the places he never, ever shows to anyone."

Miss Victoria forked two fingers, slipping each on either side of Andrew's sac just underneath the cock ring before drawing her fingers back up across his perineum and pausing just below his puckered hole. She traced one fingertip around the circle of crinkled flesh that guarded the entrance to his darkest pleasure. "I love doing this. It lets him know that he's completely exposed to me, that I can see every nasty, private inch of him."

Sherrie was entranced, her eyes following the stroking and petting motions of the woman's fingertip as it slid up and down over the parts of a man that Sherrie had never seen displayed from such a close vantage point (at least not in person—--her video viewing in the past several days had included camera angles that captured what she was seeing now, but there was no comparison to the stomach-clenching crazysexyhot experience of seeing this in the flesh.)

"I'm going to give you the honor of the first penetration tonight," said Miss Victoria, her fingertip now gently tapping on the center of Andrew's asshole. "Here." Tap. "With your finger." Tap. "You'll have to push your finger inside right here–-" Tap "-–and coat him thoroughly inside with lube as part of the requirements for your own scenario," she said, looking at Sherrie expectantly.

Sherrie shook her head briefly, clearing her thoughts of the lustful, primal urge that had highjacked her brain when Miss Victoria told her she must put her finger inside the naked, bent-over, handsome man's asshole. The anticipation that had been building since the moment she hung up the phone after contracting with Miss Victoria was becoming unbearable now that a naked man ready to be taken was positioned, open and vulnerable and eager to receive her, only inches away.

"So," said Miss Victoria, abruptly stepping back from Andrew's upturned ass, "come finger-fuck him."

Sherrie was rooted to the spot of carpet where she stood.

Finger-fuck him.

"Both of you will enjoy it," the woman cooed, stepping to retrieve the bottle of lube from where Sherrie had dropped it. "Remember the need for lots of lubricant," she said, taking Sherrie's hand and pouring some of the glistening liquid into Sherrie's palm. "You can smear this on his asshole first and then slide your finger through it to get nice and slick."

It took a gentle nudge on her shoulder blade from Miss Victoria to disengage Sherrie's brain from a repeating cycle of "I can't do this! / I can't NOT do this!" Her brain finally engaged her legs, and she moved behind Andrew.

He felt wonderful. The soft, smooth skin. The fascinating texture of his wrinkled aperture. The sense of control as her finger used his exposed flesh as a canvas, painting his pink intimacy with clear lube as a prelude to burying itself inside him.

He moaned—--no, it was more like a leonine purr—--in pleasure.

Her middle finger now completely coated, Sherrie positioned the end of it at the center of his asshole.

"Wait," cautioned Miss Victoria.

Sherrie shot her a questioning look, her lust to finally go inside a naked man overpowering and not long controllable.

"Andrew," said the woman, "open up for the lady."

The sexiest thing imaginable happened underneath the pad of Sherrie's fingertip: Andrew silently asked her to enter him in the most intimate, completely shameless way possible.

He opened his asshole, an indentation hollowing out underneath Sherrie's fingertip.

She fluttered her eyelids and drew in a slow, deep breath between moist and parted lips as she felt his unmistakable surrender to her insistence that he share himself totally.

A lightning strike at this very instant? Wouldn't matter. A bomb going off two feet away? Wouldn't matter. Finding out she'd won fifty million dollars in the lottery? Would not matter.

All that mattered in Sherrie's world at this moment was pushing her finger slowly, inexorably, past the entrance of Andrew's asshole and deep inside him until her palm was pressed firmly against his perineum.

He was so tight and hot. And soft.

He moaned. God, what a sexy sound!

Miss Victoria dropped one hand to Andrew's back. "He adores being taken."

Another moan. Sherrie felt a ripple of tightness come and go around her finger.

For the first time in her life, Sherrie was inside a man. It was intoxicating, sexy beyond words, intimate and tender, yet powerful all at the same time. She savored the experience.

"He likes being finger fucked," Miss Victoria said. A gentle reminder.

Her eyes wide, watching as her finger withdrew slowly, Sherrie gently backed out of him.

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