tagLesbian SexA Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 05

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 05


* * Buzzzzz * *

I woke to bright sun streaming in the windows. Okay, no snow. I wondered if was as cold as it had been last night. I stretched languidly and gloriously. EEK! The sheet is wet. What on earth? Was that why I had a smile on my face as I woke? Are you one of those women who remember all their dreams? I've met some who do. I have my mornings when I remember, but I had nothing now, just a rather embarrassingly wet sheet. Hmm. I reached between my legs. Good lord! Apparently a river had flowed from me. Well, Julia, it had been a most erotic and memorable day and evening. Why don't we just leave it at that? I nodded in agreement with my inside voice. Oh my yes – five seductive words.

I made somewhat quick work of my morning routine. Yes, thank you, the spend was wonderful. Yes, thank you, her eyes glowed as we smiled at each other in the mirror. I dressed. Ma'am said I could dress as I pleased. I looked at the bag with the blouse I bought last night. Nope, no can do, girlfriend. You have two meetings today. Righto! A sharp skirt and jacket outfit that absolutely killed. The blouse was red silk. I thought I might enjoy it, so I slipped the egg into me. Will I dare have it buzzing during the meetings? Perhaps I'll text my Ma'am and ask permission. I picked up the phone and opened it. Oh yaay, a text from Sheri. Apparently it came in while I was in the shower. I paled as I read it.

"Good morning my darling. As a reward for your fabulous day you will not be permitted a spend today. Not from me, not from anyone, and most certainly not from yourself. I look forward to another productive day for both of us. Love, Ma'am."

Damn! I texted back: "Ma'am, I'm dressed and ready for work. I have my egg in. Will that be permitted? Love, pet."

The reply came quickly: "Yes pet. In fact that's fabulous. You will find me at work and slip me the controller. I shall put you through your paces, not allowing you a spend from it with me in control. I am most pleased. Enjoy! Ma'am."

Oh great Julia, now you're really gone and stepped in it; knee high in fact. Good lord. My breakfast was devoured. The coffee was a lovely jump start. I put my coat on as Teresa was bringing me my go cup. I peeked; Randi was waiting. "I think I'll be home on time tonight Teresa. Sorry about last night; something came up." I smiled. One blink and a nod – the woman spoke volumes with them.

Something came up; very clever Julia. I giggled as I walked. Randi looked; an eyebrow went up. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and said hello. She looked at me as she closed the door. The drive was quick. She didn't ask, so I told her. "Yes, I had a lovely evening Randi. No, I didn't see Sheri." I was smiling. Randi just nodded in silence. I told her to plan on 5 pm with the usual caveat of a text. I exited, smiled brightly at her, and headed in.

I smiled at Linda as I got off the elevator. I jerked my head in the direction of Sheri's desk; she nodded. I took off my coat and took the controller from my purse. As I got to her desk I greeted her with, "Good morning Sheri. Linda tells me you had a very productive day yesterday. How are classes going?" I held out my hand, palm up, under the coat. She looked and slid to take it from me.

"Very well thank you Julia. Did you have a good day as well?" Bitch. I love you so much.

"Yes quite thank you. I'm very busy today; two meetings. So you have yourself a good one."

"Thank you Ma'am." My eyes went to slits. She positively beamed back at me. "I hope you do as well."

I turned and headed to the office. As I walked past Linda I hissed, "Ten minutes." She nodded.

I hung up my coat, poured coffee, turned on the computer and sat down. I jumped as the egg buzzed. Oh god! She's starting in on me already. Thank god I hadn't spilled coffee. I set the cup down quickly and gripped the arms of the chair.

The buzz stopped. My phone vibrated; I opened it. "The pretty little egg goes buzz, buzz, buzz!!" Five tantalizing words. How can someone so young be so experienced at seduction and dominance? I must ask her. I shook my head to clear it and looked at my email. Most were of the ho-hum variety and dealt with quickly. A few I would deal with later. I had just started on the stack on my desk when Linda walked in. As she did, the buzz came back on high. Sheri saw Linda enter and ... oh, help me. Linda stopped dead in her tracks. "What's wrong?" I was flushed. I turned crimson in embarrassment.

"Nothing really. Sorry, is everything going okay today?" Get out of here now. You can't see me spend two days in a row.

'Umm ... okay then. Yes, everybody's here, your mail is on your desk. Sheri's been given her assignment – yesterday in fact. Your meeting is at ten. You all set or do I need to prepare anything for it?"

My phone vibrated – Sheri: "Are you wearing a bra and panties today pet?" Jesus.

Me: "Yes Ma'am"

Sheri: "Very good." Linda stood silent, no doubt wondering at the expression on my face.

"Umm, no, I think I'm set for this morning, unless someone or something new has come along that I need to know about."

"No. I haven't heard a word on it other than having it confirmed in email." Oh go ahead and ask. Nope.

"Good. Thank you. I'm likely to be at least an hour if anyone calls." Linda nodded and left. The buzz died down. I said a silent prayer of thanks. An egg makes for a healthy, delicious breakfast and, as I'm finding out, a terrifying, delicious invader. I grabbed the folder for the meeting, opened it, and reviewed the report, the circumstances, and what I'd be saying.

The meeting went way too long but it was also very, very good. A few (who mattered) told me as much afterward. I was gracious. I had killed it. I jerked as the buzz came back, this time impossibly high. I flushed immediately. My legs went to jelly. Several pairs of eyes were on me showing confusion mixed with worry. I managed a wan smile; some sort of stomach bug I'd been battling. One very nice lady asked if she could get me some cold water. To cover, I nodded with a weak, "Thank you yes." She (Judy) rushed to bring it to me. With shaky hands, I took a sip. I handed the glass back and made excuses to get back to my office; Judy offered to come with me. I demurred. She kept an eye on me during the elevator ride. I put both hands on the silver rail to steady myself. As I got off on my floor the buzz stopped. I love you. I thanked Judy for her help and left; her eyes spoke of her concern. My concern was whether I would collapse in a heap in orgasm. Green eyes smiled at me. Bitch. I glanced over my shoulder. Sheri had her head down working. Please don't ever leave me! Julia, you're 47, stop this. It started up again. Linda just stared at the flush. I smiled. I want to get a hotel room and love her into unconsciousness. Linda popped her head in; did I want to order lunch or go out. We went out. I made sure to get far enough away that the egg remained still. I miss it. Linda asked about the meeting. I droned.

The afternoon buzzed by. Wink! The afternoon meeting was long, boring, and dreadful. I came back to the office. Sheri had me on edge during the meeting – not a surprise. No spend. I ached desperately for one; I dared not. Sheri was gone. Linda was nearly leaving. The controller was on my desk. Oh god. A little note: "No relief for my pet. Love, Ma'am." My phone vibrated. Shit, I'd forgotten about Randi! I texted back quickly, apologizing and confirming my 5 pm pickup. I turned the egg on. No, I can't explain it. The green eyes were bright as she nodded. Five excruciating words.

Home, dinner, and a glass of wine afterward. Teresa lifted an eyebrow at my flush; completely verbose, she is. I went upstairs and took the devil from between my soaked lips. I lapped at it. Don't look at me that way; you would too. I took off my clothes and hung the skirt and jacket up. The blouse went in the laundry with the sodden, scented panties. Note to self: visit to VS – soon!! Note to self: Ma'am will need to be informed. Well done, pet! Yum. I took a long, hot, steamy shower. The steam came from the shower, not me, thank you for asking. Please love me. The girl in the mirror was pleased with me as she smiled and nodded back at me; I had managed not to spend. I put on my robe and went to make my phone call. The conversation was rather long and sweet. No, I'm not telling. Me: blushing. I was given instructions for dress tomorrow. We affirmed our love, said our goodbyes for the evening, and the call ended.

I finished my wine, turned out the lights, pulled the covers up, and turned to cuddle my honey. I breathed her name, kissed her sweetly, thanked her for a lovely day, told her that I loved her very much, and put my head on her shoulder. I wish! Sleep came as I hugged my pillow, in bed - alone.

* * Holiday * *

It's President's Day Weekend in February. Sheri didn't have school Monday and, while the office was open, I'd taken a vacation day. Teresa had been given the entire weekend off. Sheri was with me the entire weekend. We laughed, loved – often, we went out to dinner, danced the night away, and had drinks. She was ravenous for me. I smile as I think of it. It was our first extended time together. It wasn't the first time we'd spent time at my place. We'd had meals, and more, now and then. Sheri learned that what I'd told her about Teresa's cooking was gospel. Sheri is so sweet to her; when she kissed Teresa I thought she might faint. Yup, two blinks. It was a lovely, relaxing, sexual, entertaining, romantic weekend.

Monday afternoon, after Sheri had me for lunch, we lay in bed, cuddling. I asked a question that had been rolling around in my mind for some time. "Baby, you're twenty years old. When and how did you learn you were cut out to be dominant?" I felt her tense then relax. I was quiet. It felt like forever; it was only a few minutes.

"I was in high school. A friend of my mother's seduced me. She introduced me to loving another woman. She was gentle and loving and I found I couldn't get enough of it. I felt alive, vibrant and she made, no, helped me feel sexy. I was a brain and a jock. I didn't have much time for dating. The boys were all over me all the time and I rejected every advance." Sheri glanced at me then looked away. "I probably don't have to tell you how that turned out. The girls were jealous of me, said the meanest things – and not always behind my back or out of hearing range. So I turned to her for comfort and to feel better about myself. As I felt more comfortable about myself and my sexuality I began to make suggestions about how she should dress. She accepted them. I had her dress up for me, sometimes in front of me. It was fun and we both liked it." Sheri looked at me and shrugged. "She has a name – Eve. I really should call her that." I nodded.

"Eve's husband wasn't around much; she was bisexual, and later in life she turned to women more for release and pleasure. I would spend my days thinking of her. We would meet several times a week. Sometimes it was hard with my sports and school. I was barely legal. If we'd have been caught she may have had some legal issues." The words began to come faster as she relaxed. Her eyes took on a faraway look. She is so beautiful. I wanted to hear every word. "She was wonderful. She indulged my every fantasy, seemed to revel in them actually. I read books, went online, and I asked her about hers. She shared that she enjoyed being blindfolded, restrained, and even tickled sometimes. She used a feather on me one night when I was blindfolded." She blushed. "I went absolutely into orbit over it. It was completely delicious." I kissed her and smiled. "By my senior year I had seduced a few of the girls on my teams. I had developed a bit of a sense about who might be vulnerable or interested." She looked at me and winked. I blushed.

"Once they had developed a level of comfort with me and themselves I began to explore the idea of dominance. One holiday weekend, my parents were out of town and we had yet another tournament. I had one of my pets with me. She'd been told we were having a weekend-long party together. She didn't know I'd invited another of my conquests over. Saturday afternoon the doorbell rang. "Liv was on her knees; we were both naked; she was eating me out. She froze. I told her to go answer the door. She looked frantically for her clothes. I told her to go answer the fucking door as she was." A broad grin spread across her beautiful face. I was crimson. "She nearly fainted when she saw her classmate, Sissy. I called out to Sissy, 'Come on in pet.' Liv looked at me in shock – she thought she was my only, silly girl that she was. I had Liv undress her and bring to the couch." I was soaking wet. "I told Sissy to sit next to me and ordered Liv to continue – but with Sissy. I ravaged Sissy's mouth and breasts as I held Liv's head to her sex. That was the day ..." She looked at me with fire in her eyes "that I knew I was a dominant. I've simply refined things since."

Sheri shrugged and looked at me, saw the glow on my face and in my eyes, and reached between my legs. "Oh my, seems like I've lit a fire somewhere else pet." She kissed me. I lifted my hips to her fingers, begging for my release. "Between my legs now pet. I'll take my pleasure before you get yours." I did – it was with a ferocity, fury and speed that stunned her. She exploded loudly, quickly, and very, very completely. Remembering what she had done earlier, I climbed up the length of her and lowered my sex to her mouth as she recovered. Her eyes showed her surprise at my move; I smiled brightly and evilly.

Sheri loved me tantalizingly and frustratingly slowly. I keened in misery. I leaned to take some pleasure from her nose as she had mine. Her eyes made it clear that was a very bad idea. Yes Ma'am. She sucked my clit whole into her mouth and destroyed me. It was hot and wild and evil and torturous and I reveled in every second of it. She wouldn't stop even after I crested the first time. She stuck a long finger into the pool of wetness. I felt it at the rosebud as her thumb entered my pulsing wetness. She slipped the finger slowly into my ass as her thumb sunk deeper. I was completely gone; one eruption after another, relentlessly, tore through me. I had been afraid of what pain there might be; perhaps I was so far into the pleasure I was oblivious to it. I was finally so frantic for breath I pleaded with her stop. I wanted it to never end. She didn't; it didn't.

I woke up on my back, soaked with perspiration, panting. Sheri's eyes were on mine. They showed concern. Fear? She waited as my eyes focused. "You fainted." Oh god; how spectacular. "Are you okay baby?" I think I nodded – I tried to. Her eyes teared. My concrete arms struggled to hold her. I brought her to my mouth and kissed her with desert-dry lips. She tasted so sweet and tangy. I opened my mouth in a request. She gave it to me, lovingly and sweetly.

It was dark when I awoke with a start. Sheri was next to me in bed; we were under the blankets. The room was dark. I looked at her in the moonlight. Her face was covered with her hair; I couldn't see her eyes. I thought about it. I may have loved Michelle, well, as best as I knew how back then, but everyone since had basically been a one-night stand, either literally or figuratively. Linda was the one who desperately tried to break through and I made goddamn sure to push her away. I had surrounded myself with solitude.

Driven in my work at the expense of everything and everyone I rose quickly. Since results had been what I was judged on, no one had ever complained (out loud) about my style. Turnover? Next!! Interchangeable pieces – pathetic was the word for it. A twenty year old had brought it all down around my ears. There was more to her story. I knew that. I wanted to hear about it ... every little morsel. I prayed I would be able to love her enough that she would share. I thought about the irony of my use of the word prayer. My prayers had been at the altar of promotion and money. False gods! Yes, I lived well. But it was hollow; scratch that – I was hollow. Sheri was filling me up. No, goddammit, I was filling ... UGH ... I was being filled up from both the inside out and the outside in.

I don't know if it was the intensity of my gaze or the sniffles that woke her up. She brushed the hair from her eyes, saw me, and smiled. "Well hi there pet. I didn't know an afternoon nap was on the agenda but it was." God how I love her!!

"The only agenda with you, my darling, is to not have you leave my life, for you have surely and thoroughly made it richer and better in every way."

"My beautiful pet, I must assess a misdemeanor for not referring to your Ma'am properly." BANG!

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am."

"Just kidding baby. You've really come quite far very quickly. Your little submissive self is blooming very nicely."

I beamed like a second grader being given a gold star on her assignment. "Thank you Ma'am."

"Julia, enough. What was once a necessity and a requirement is no more. I am your Ma'am. You are my pet. But our lives are much more than that." I smiled brightly. "I'm starving. Can we puhleez get some dinner." God I adore this woman.

To celebrate our rather wanton afternoon Sheri arranged my hair in pigtails, made me wear that too-small blouse, a plaid skirt and patent leather shoes. The pushy-up bra, way too much blush, and slut-red lipstick were a 'thoughtful' touch. When I complained she silenced me with the threat of wearing no bra and painting my nipples with lipstick. I told her she could – only if she licked them clean. Her eyes gleamed. EEK!

We went to a popular restaurant that is very friendly to the LGBT community. A delightful hush fell as Sheri pushed me ahead of her. Ahead of time we had agreed I would ask the hostess for a table for 'my Ma'am and her pet.' We had giggled furiously at it. Every eye was on us as he led us to a table in the middle of the room. Asshole. Sheri bussed him on both cheeks and cooed thanks. He turned a lovely shade of purple. "He did that on purpose," Sheri whispered. Out loud, "You look lovely pet." That was for the throng. Crimson looks fabulous on me I do believe. I felt the eyes burning into me from everywhere. The voices were only a couple of ticks below audible – more a murmur.

Sheri ordered for both of us of course. The server was very young and looked a bit like Ruth. I whispered it to Sheri. "Oh you mean that young one I sent you out to seduce pet? Oh my yes, that was a grand night." Aren't we fabulous?

We dined, paid the tab, and headed out. I paid; my Ma'am instructed the server to give the bill to her pet. I don't think they turned over a lot of tables while we were there. We laughed and laughed in the cab. Sheri had me unbutton my blouse and take off my bra; she painted my nipples. We were headed to a lesbian bar. It was in a neighborhood I didn't know about. Being taught by a twenty year old? My goodness, who is this trollop dressed in my executive skin? Sheri promised the bar was dark enough that she could, in fact, suck the lipstick from my nipples. I blinkingly trusted her. I could have balked I guess; but the lovemaking afterward would be so fucking hot (Shut up. I know it's repetitively redundant.) that it was worth the excitement.

The bass in the bar nearly buckled the walls. Sheri had to scream at me to follow and took my hand. Her height helped; she found a corner table. It was too dark to tell if the eyes were on her, me, or both. I didn't look to see. She leaned into my ear and screamed at me to get us drinks. Bitch! I did, under the hot stares of who knew how many. The bartender leered at me. I ordered for us both. She handed the drinks over. "You're a hot one, bitch. Newbie huh?" I threw a ten on the bar, leaned over it, and hissed, "I'll let my Ma'am know you like me. You better be carryin' heavy."

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