tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 06

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 06

byDecayed Angel©

I couldn't take it any more, I just had to give it up. I came so close to getting caught literally with my pants down, not just once, but twice. Don't get me wrong, it was an incredible turn on to watch Carla as she masturbated, or did her boyfriend, and it was a turn on knowing she was watching me and getting turned on herself. But the last few weeks had been simply too risky, actually masturbating in open cubicle while surrounded by others as they worked was insane.

After leaving a message on Carla's voice mail and dropping a handwritten note asking her to call me, onto her desk, all I could do was wait. With images of Carla's fingers sliding through the wisps of her pubic hair, damp from her juices floating in my mind I tried to convince myself of the reasons. Well, they were pretty good reasons, loosing your job, being embarrassed in front of your friends and for some, the repercussions at home.

I hoped to talk Carla into going back to coming in on Sundays for the exhibitions. It was incredible when she and her boyfriend did it there in her cubicle. Even when I did it by myself for her was pretty exciting. But damn, these last two sessions were simply too dangerous. I hoped I could convince Carla to get back to something a bit less risky.

My phone rang just before lunch and I answered, still pondering exactly what to say. Considering that most anyone in the general vicinity was going to hear the conversation, I was going to have to speak in a bit of code in order to keep our secret a secret.

"Marcus, you asked me to call," came Carla's voice.

"Yes, I just want to let you know I couldn't attend anymore of our meetings," I replied, confident she'd get my drift and either stop our little shows altogether, or else talk a little more seriously about coming in on the weekend.

"Gosh, I'm sorry Marcus, but today's meeting had already been confirmed. In fact I was about to send you an email confirming it."

"You know I'm not talking about just any meeting, our meetings..."

"Yes, I know which meetings we are talking about, but Angie is already on the way and I'll be holding the meeting with or without you."


"Sorry, got to run Marcus, Angie is here."

"But wait..." the phone went silent before I could finish.

I quickly grabbed the trim hiding our peek hole and pulled it aside. Angie was standing there, her skirt pulled up above her hips and her legs spread wide apart as Carla kneeled in front of her. Angled so I had a perfect view, Carla moved her head slowly forward lightly kissing Angie's pussy lips.

Immediately standing up, I looked Angie in the face. She remained expressionless, as if she was simply standing in Carla's cubicle while Carla was on the phone. Sitting down and peeking back through the opening, I watched Carla's tongue slide deep into Angie's wet opening and then slide upward to her clit. I stood back up again and looked back at Angie, who smiled at me, but showed no sign of what Carla was doing to her.

While still standing, I glanced around the office, and although there was a general bustle of activity in the cubicles in our area, no one was moving toward Carla and Angie, so for now, the coast looked clear. I felt my hands shaking as I peeked back through the opening. By now, Carla had grabbed Angie's ass with both hands and by moving her head back and forth, was fucking her with her tongue.

It was odd watching Carla's long, thin tongue plunge in and out of Angie's cunt, while her nose ground into the dark, curly pubic hair. I could swear I could hear the slurping, but Carla and Angie carried on oblivious to any noise.

"You going to lunch today?" a voice came from behind me.

"What?" I spun in my chair, "Oh Ralph, you startled me."

"What you doing there?" he asked.

"Nothing... oh nothing, to be honest, I think you caught me nodding off here."

"Damn, sleeping on the job, better not get caught doing that."

"Yeah, for sure."

"Well, what about lunch?"

"Nah," I replied, "I think I'll just stick around here."

"Suit yourself. Hey Angie, you doing lunch?"

I stood up and watched Angie shrug her shoulders and then shake her head, "No."

"Okay, what about Carla?"

Angie shook her head again.

"We'll it looks like I'm on my own," Ralph said, heading back out toward the main corridor.

I quickly sat back down and peeked through the hole. Carla was lapping Angie's pussy, running her tongue from her cunt, all the way up her slit and onto her clit. She lapped her again and again, until Angie fell back onto Carla's chair, clenching her mouth shut and came in complete silence.

While her face had remained somewhat expressionless and she came in silence, her entire body seemed to convulse as she bent her back and then arched it, backward and forward. Carla pulled her head away from Angie's pussy, but had burrowed three fingers deep into her cunt. Her hand moved as Angie did, sliding all over the chair.

When Angie finally calmed, Carla slowly withdrew her fingers, licked them one by one and then blew me a kiss. A moment later I heard her talking on the phone while giving Angie some instructions regarding a report due that afternoon.

My cock stayed hard for the longest time, in fact, I had to skip lunch. Only after concentrating on a few reports for at least ten, fifteen minutes did my erection subside. Damn, what was I going to do?

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