tagRomanceA Cure For My Headache

A Cure For My Headache


It don’t even remember why I had a headache that day. But I did, and I was in a rotten mood because of it. When Jason called, I almost didn’t even pick up the phone. I had met Jas about a month or so ago. He had given me my first tattoo. we talked on the phone every day since then. He knew I had a boyfriend, but neither of us could deny that we were attracted to each other. He said he knew how to make me feel better. I told him to bring it on. As soon as I hung up, I called Tyler. I told him that he had better start seeing other people, because I was going to. I wish I could have ended it with him better, but I didn’t have much time.

Jason was here in less than an hour. he had a bottle of bubble bath in one hand, and a box of dark chocolate dipped apricots in the other. I hadn't had a bath since I was in pig tails I told him. He laughed, and told me that this was going to be a little different. I wasn’t nervous. I was comfortable, even then, letting Jas be in control.

I led him upstairs to where my bedroom/ bathroom was. He ran the water, and poured in some bubbles. He sat on my bed, and took off his shoes, then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap. My heart was racing as he kissed me for the first time. He told me to get some towels, and asked me where I kept my underwear and pj's. I showed him my drawers. He picked out a nightie and some panties. he kissed me as he undressed me. taking off my t-shirt, my jeans, then he got on his knees and nibbled my panties down. He picked me up, carried me to the tub, and sat me down in the warm bubbles.

I watched him get undressed, then he got into the tub behind me. He kissed my neck and my shoulders as he wrapped his arms around me and caressed my breasts. He washed my back, my shoulders, neck, breasts, arms, and my belly. Then told me to sit up, so he could wash my twat. Now facing him, I took a sponge and washed him. Starting at his neck, I worked my way down to his belly. He took my sponge and held me close.

He sat back in the tub and told me to turn around. He put his hands on my hips, and pulled me closer. I could feel his hard cock rubbing up against my clit. I slowly slid my twat down on his cock. He sucked my neck as I slid up and down on him. He held my breasts. I reached back and grabbed his hair as I came.

We stayed there for a little while, me on top of him, snuggled up in his arms. After awhile, the bubbles were gone, and Jas got out of the tub, and held a towel out for me. I stepped out of the tub, and he wrapped me up in the towel. It felt so good to be in his arms.

We went into the bedroom, and he put his boxer briefs back on. Then he sat on the bed, and watched me put on the nightie and panties that he picked out. He picked up my hairbrush, and sat behind me on the bed, and brushed my hair. Then he let me brush his. He has great hair. He opened the box of apricots and put one to my lips. I had never had one before. I nibbled it. It was heavenly. We ate the whole box that night. we were curled up on my bed together, feeding each other chocolates, and watching TV. I don’t even remember what was on. All I remember is how close I felt to him, even though I had known him for such a short time. we have had many baths since over the past several years, and I don’t think I'll ever get tired of them, or him.

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