tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


Julie loves cock. She is very aroused by porn films. She gets turned on by men's penises. Seeing them makes her hot, seeing them getting hard makes her even hotter, and watching a man come makes her on fire.

That morning, I decided to give her a little treat and take her to a nude beach. She had never been to one and she was shocked when she saw all of the men walking around exposed. The first part of the beach was the most crowded, but I knew that this was the naturalist nudist part of the beach. They frowned on open sex acts here. I wanted to give Julie a real thrill, so we kept walking. We walked past a very muscular, well tanned, attractive man who had a very big, thick cock. Julie whispered in my ear that she would like to pull off her bikini and sit on his cock. He was wearing sunglasses, but I think he noticed Julie checking him out. I could almost feel his stare on Julie's hot body as we walked away.

We picked out a nice open spot and put down our beach towels. I stripped naked, but Julie said that she wasn't comfortable and left her bikini on. A few minutes later, the guy who Julie had wanted to sit on came and put his towel down near us. He was on Julie's side of course. Julie whispered to me that she could now look at that beautiful cock all day.

I cracked open the first of several quart sized Buds that I had brought and we started sipping beer. The hot sun, the cool morning breeze and the little beer buzz was making us feel real good.

A very friendly couple came and put down their beach towels very near to us. They were so close that I could have reached out and touched her. Then they started talking to us. At first it was small talk, what a beautiful day it was, and what a great beach this was. They introduced themselves as Rick and Sandra. Rick explained that he had just shaved Sandra's pussy, and to my shock, he had Sandra spread her legs wide open so we could have a good look. She had a beautiful pussy, and she was shaved as smooth as a little girl. Having that hot, sexy pussy right in front of me had an inevitable effect. I could feel myself swell uncontrollably into a full erection. I could tell that Rick and Sandra approved of my reaction. Rick was getting hard too. The situation made me feel a bit awkward, so I announced that I wanted to go for a walk. I grabbed a quart of Bud out of the cooler and grabbed Julie's hand and we headed down the beach.

We continued to walk, but my erection would not go away. Julie told me that she thought my situation was very sexy and I started to feel better about it.

My raging hard-on had finally started to subside when we walked into the gay section of the beach. The couples were all men-men here. Julie didn't mind that the men were gay. She still admired their bodies and their cocks. From time to time she would tell me that guy has a beautiful dick.

The friendly couple and the hot looking guy were just relaxing and another couple had come and set up near by.

He was nude and she was wearing an oversized sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, which I thought was strange for a hot summer day. She looked sexy though. She had a hot body and I knew she was nude under that sweatshirt.

Julie and I decided to go for a swim. We splashed around in the surf for awhile and then the new couple came in and started splashing near us. Her wet sweatshirt was now clinging to her body and she looked hotter that even. Her man came up behind her and reached up through the sleeve holes and started caressing her nipples. They were facing us and I could sense that they wanted to give us a show, so I led Julie close by and held her from behind to watch. My guess had been right. They continued to perform for us as he ran his hands all over her body under the sweatshirt. His fully hard cock was wet and glistening bright in the sun. The scene was very erotic. I untied Julie's bikini bra, reached in and started gently pinching her nipples. She responded by rubbing her ass against my hard cock. We were both completely on fire now.

I pulled her top off and led her back to our towels. Sandra and Rick were lying on their backs. Sandra's legs were wide open and Rick was stroking her beautiful pussy with his fingers. Julie lay on her back and did not protest when I pulled her bikini bottom off. I put my towel at her feet and came up between her legs and started eating her pussy. We caught the attention of the hot guy who turned on his side and started to masturbate. Julie watched in lustful fascination as he big cock grew hard for her. Her body started to shake and she let out a loud moan as she went into a powerful orgasm. I knew that she wanted another, so I continued to lick her gently. The hot guy had come closer and was on his knees stroking himself for Julie. Now he was coming, his thick, white semen spurting onto the sand just a few feet from her. Her body started to convulse again as she went into another orgasm, this one more powerful than the first. I climbed on top of her and started thrusting powerfully. In a few moments we were both coming together.

This was only the start of a really great day at the beach. I'll give you the rest of the story in part 2.

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